The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #1 The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #1
RJD brings the Action Hero Throwdown! A massive tournament with the greatest action stars of all time. YOU determine the ultimate action hero and... The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #1

Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowded the Ultimate Action Hero!

Occult specialist Archaeologist vs. Hobo with a shotgun.
The MARCH MADNESS tournament starts off with a Blade Runner rematch, and even though Ford is a massive favourite, don’t sleep on Hauer’s cult following.

Harrison#1) Harrison Ford – One of Hollywood’s most bankable actors ever.

  • Strengths: Shoots first, makes it up as he goes, Star Wars/Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Weaknesses: Apathy, bad choices, Ally McBeal, Hollywood Homicide.




#16) Rutger Hauer – Great at playing heroes and villains alike.

  • Strengths: Killed Gene Simmons on screen, became the tragic hero of Blade Runner stealing the film from Ford.  Wanted Dead or Alive,  Flesh and Blood, Lady Hawk. #
  • Weaknesses: Sunrise, tears in the rain, homelessness, no A-list film.
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One of the Magnificent Seven vs. one of the Dirty Dozen.
They have both been to Devil’s Island.  In the match up that creates the most upsets, this one is too close to call.

mcqueen#8) Steve McQueen
– King of Cool. McQueen was the most bankable actor in the 60s and his antihero persona defined heroes in cinema to this day.

  • Strengths: Charisma , toughness and tenderness in equal portions, Magnificent Seven, best chase scene ever.
  • Weaknesses: Burning Buildings, Ally McGraw, heart attack.

jm brown#9)
Jim Brown – Icon on and off the football field, a legend on the field, off the field, and on the screen. Great body of work for a ex pro-athlete.

  • Strengths: True tough guy, bigger and stronger than most opponents, Dirty Dozen.
  • Weaknesses: Bunions, bad scripts, early retirement.
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The Dragon vs the Black Private Dick.
Two very different styles clash in this match up of two action heroes whose impact was far greater than their number of films. For me this is an extremely tough choice. If you think this is an easy match up, shut your mouth. 

lee#5) Bruce Lee –  A true icon in martial arts, Lee made several great films before his untimely death. His body of work is small, but his impact is gigantic, influencing films, TV, video games, and even whole genres.

  • Strengths: Enter the Dragon, yellow jump suit, lightning fast reflexes, Most well know martial artists of all time.
  • Weakness: No known weaknesses except lethal dose of pot.

shaft#12) Richard Roundtree –  The man who played Shaft, a “Top 100”- character of all time, influenced countless other action stars. Shares the screen with two other “old school” tourney competitors Clint and Burt in the under seen City Heat.

  • Strengths: Sex machine, wont cop out, beat breast cancer. cool leather jacket, former fashion model.
  • Weakness: One major action role, no one understands him but his women, former fashion model.
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This is the American cowboy vs NRA president.
Rooster Cogburn vs the Omega Man. Heston has that weird SciFi- type thing going for him, but he is facing one of the most beloved stars of all time. Will the voters be old enough to appreciate both? Another match up I just cant decide on …

wayne#4) John Wayne – No actor defined “Cowboy” more then John Wayne. He was a son of Katie Elder, a Shootist, and he died at the Alamo.

  • Strengths: The man had True Grit, Green Berets,  iconic western after iconic western.
  • Weaknesses: Acting as anything other than John Wayne. Divorce. Cancer.


heston#13) Charlton Heston –  Ben Hur. Moses. Planet of the Apes. Chuckie Heston would have this match up wrapped up vs most contestants. the man who was El Cid as starred in more epics than most actors live to see.

  • Strengths: One of the last hard men. Gun rights. Biblical Epics. Wacky SciFi films.
  • Weaknesses: Michael Moore, Airports, Ramses, Soylent Green.
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