Stuntman Mike Stuntman Mike
A poem dedicated to one of my favorite movie villains/heroes? Stuntman Mike

It takes a total asshole

to kill off some hot pieces of ass,

but the good kind of asshole, you know?

The kind you don’t mind running into

at a bar like this on occasion

and stirring up old shit

over a pitcher or two,

but then you never…ever…

want to see that bastard again.

A man who can frighten

with a couple tons of engineered metal

or one lone scar.


Back in the all or nothing days

when men were men

and women were easy

guys like this

who made Eastwood look so fine

who sat so relaxed

as hot Italian ass

straddled his cock

to the rhythm of The Coasters.


In my book, you’re OK.


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when not prowling the country backroads for fat chicks, coolhandjuke can be found wasting his life in an assortment of emasculating tasks.