Shut Up Kids #70: UHF (1989) + Interview with Gedde Watanabe Shut Up Kids #70: UHF (1989) + Interview with Gedde Watanabe
Airdate: 14-December-2014 In this episode, the guys talk about the cult comedy classic UHF! They interview Gedde Watanabe about his role in the film,... Shut Up Kids #70: UHF (1989) + Interview with Gedde Watanabe

Airdate: 14-December-2014

In this episode, the guys talk about the cult comedy classic UHF! They interview Gedde Watanabe about his role in the film, working with Michael Keaton in Gung Ho, and more! In the Best of the Week Segment, they chat about the awesome Mad Max trailer, J-Law in Ghostbusters 3, and Number 1 directing Number 3.

Show Outline

  • 0:00 – Intro / Opening Discussion
  • 5:03 – Best of the Week
  • 12:54 – Lightning Round
  • 18:38 – Discussion about UHF
  • 34:00 – Interview with Gedde Watanabe
  • 50:30 – Closing / Final Words




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The Shut Up Kids

  • You guys are on fire this week. Killing me.

  • Sony’s spying on ‘ya, Nick

  • NSA’s got nothing on them

  • “Bronson” FTW

  • I picture Frakes coming to Bad Robot office and sitting to the table like a MAN

  • We can talk shit about Frakes, but his visual style wouldn’t be any worse than the SW prequels.

  • I liked “First Contact”. I think it’s solid.

  • I’m with you. I enjoyed it.

  • Sony should change their passwords and then decrazify themselves by firing a shitload of people

  • UHF – makes me laugh over and over and over again. “Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal system”?

  • …and Nick says that line rightaway. Lol

  • Oh, shiiiit!!!! Gedde was “Mr. Katsuji” in Gremlins 2. “I AM a camera!!!!”

  • The visuals of “First Contact” are not bad at all.

  • Hahahahahahaha!

  • “People listening, get this man some work” Amen.

  • I mentioned that. I enjoyed First Contact a lot.

  • Hey chief, lets talk, why not?

  • I read an interview with an Asian American who commented on this character.. he was not pleased with it.

  • Not exactly PC, no

  • I like how Nick asked him about that and he gave a pretty good response.

  • Yup. That was the 80’s, baby

  • “IceTunes”, lol

  • Well, I never was a big Hughes fan anyway.

  • The Willard

    I think Garfield is a fine Spider-Man too.

  • The Willard

    That “acquired copy” story is disconcerting.

  • It’s some seriously spooky stuff

  • Garfield > Dopeyface

  • The Willard

    I like Dopeyface too. Garfield in the Raimi films would have been great though.

  • The Willard

    I was way more into TNG than I’ve ever been into TOS as well. Just a timing thing I think.

  • Same, yeah. Lots of insomnia medicated with doses of TNG at 2am.

  • It’s constantly rerun in nighttime here too

  • The lead up to this scene is brilliant too. Homer at the library asks for the Osaka phonebook and then asks to make a call. The librarian asks if its local and Homer says yes before dialing 30 different numbers.

  • The Willard

    People don’t give it enough credit, no.

    Also it’s still one of my greatest movie-going memories. We went to see it at the Drive-In, and the other movie that was playing was something that we had never heard of: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Still the greatest double bill I’ve ever experienced.

  • The Willard

    I wonder if the box is empty every week?

  • The Willard

    “I think it’s on the floor there somewhere”

  • The Willard

    “Sometimes it takes them a little while to get it right”

  • That’s cool

  • The Willard

    “What better way to say ‘I love you” than with the gift of a spatula?”

  • The Willard

    Dammit you said it.

  • The Willard


  • The Willard

    Lloyd would have changed that whole movie I think.

  • The Willard

    Not for the better. And I love CL.

  • The Willard

    “Free toy inside! Free toy inside!”

  • I think it was one of the few lines he improvised there.

  • The Willard

    “Don’t let your mom know that you do this”

  • I thought the podcast with John Ary was going to air this week.

    I never saw UHF (younger viewers might no understand what the title means) but i saw the trailer and teh Gandhi 2 part always gets me!

    His parody music videos were very often gut-busting hilarious.

  • Yeah, scheduling conflict. He’ll be on next week instead.

  • The Willard

    See Birdman.

  • Could’ve been a “Week of Ary” here at Supernaughts….

  • I really liked gun ho

  • MONTH. OF. ARY !

  • UHF is one of the greatest unsung comedies off our time. Along with shakes the clown

  • Spatula city

  • That’s a really good double Bill

  • It’s great to hear an interview life that and find out an actor is just as cool in real life

  • The Willard

    Well anyone can do coke.

  • He “gets” the TNG attitude

  • The Willard

    It’s the unplanned nature of it as well. The spontaneity of it. And I was the perfect age for both of them (11). It can never be duplicated.

  • Yea I think … I can’t say it’s as good as Lexis episode but that one is perfect. But it’s Damn close. They are on fire. Glad they aren’t on another network

  • It’s a great network to be on. Kinda like our UHF-station

  • The Willard

    Great show fellas. Very cool interview!

  • That almost makes me cry.

    Let’s drink from the fire hose

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Nice! I once saw a drive-in double bill of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Terminator 2.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I think Lexi will be a highlight for a long time.

  • its pretty special

  • thanks for the shout out!

  • Tom Hardy is cool.

  • GB3: DOA.

  • Cuba Gooding Jr. is a bad actor.

  • Higher Learning is not by the Hughes Bros, folks.

  • Never.Seen. UHF. 🙁

  • Hate “Problem Child”

  • Love the “Mr. Sparkle” episode.

  • Gedde…giddiness… I think I geddit!

  • Think of Fast & Furious what you want, but it proved that a multicultural cast can make a successful movie.

  • Michael Bay ain’t stupid. He just has a minimum level of talent.

  • ah you just said it

  • Gedde Watanabe is a cool down-to-earth guy.

  • Singleton, arrrrggghhhh.

  • There’s some kind of meta joke there about the film busting itself.

  • Great episode again. Now I have to check out UHF though.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    YES! Thanks!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    As did “Police Academy!”

  • Pacino during his baking era.

  • He’s quite funny and easy-going, isn’t he? I quite liked him.

  • Michael Bay IS stupid. He just lucked out on sucess. There’s nothing planned about it, he just fell into sucesss and he has been incredibly lucky so far, helped by the fact so many people act like morons in regard to what they consider film entertaiment..

  • UHF = One of the greatest comedies EVAR

  • Tobey McGuire sucked.


  • Bronson is so fucking great.

  • I quoted Nick on the PE Orci article, then Nick quoted my quote of his quote.

  • Jennifer Lawrence 4 life

  • Fuck the new Ghostbusters though.

  • Sony should just die.

  • Watched Problem Child 1 and 2 back to back about a month ago. So, so bad but good IMO.

  • Six degrees of Gremlins 2.

  • It’s all very confusing

  • You NEED to

  • Tim something


  • Fact Checks

    1) Higher Learning was directed by John Singleton and not the Hughes Brothers – Detective Dee
    2) Omar Epps, and not Omar Gooding, was in Higher Learning – Stalkeye

  • Did you see the story about Joel McHale trying to get a discount on a TV after Community was cancelled? Funny stuff.

  • Well, as Nick said, two of her assets will be frozen in time forever.

  • Another Sony leak thing is apparently Bill Murray may get sued for not doing G3? If so, stupid.

  • I have no idea what you’re talking about here. First off, what is “PE”?

  • Mad Puck in the Thunderdome sounds like a hockey movie.

  • We probably spoiled nothing for you, too. That’s the kind of movie it is.

  • I found out that was him while researching for the in interview and it made me so happy.

  • See the featured comment. I think it’d be cool to do this. Sometimes I catch mistakes we say when I am listening a few days later.

  • OJ Simpson was a better actor for sure.

  • And apparently he’s a slut. And will bang girls and dudes and even couches.

  • “You got it dude!” – Michelle Tanner, Full House

  • Thanks, dude. He was the first person to come to mind when I thought of this episode. But I also figured Weird Al would be too busy and Michael Richards too racist.

  • That’s a lot of pound cake to bake.

  • A land of fascism.

  • Its on the list. I kinda want to play hookie from work and go see like 4 movies in a row (Birdman, Boyhood, Inherent Vice, Interstellar) – but my wife would be irked I went without her, ha.

  • I was saddened to be forced out of that place. But glad you are still happy there and seems like a lot new content there now that we’re gone. I like what we have going on here, though.

  • Ha, that was the plan, yeah. Oh well. You’ll get Gedde and like it! 🙂

  • Agreed.

  • Man, I still bet people risk it. “This week is bound to be the week they change it!”

  • Wow, great double-feature!

  • Well that’s cool too!

  • Solid movie memory! That would make a good show or article. Just great movie memories. We all have them for sure.

  • Got an explanation about it. Sony had those anti-piracy settings built into their machines and others now too. Crazy, though.

  • There are so many jokes we didn’t mention in the episode too. Weird Al does some great physical comedy in it too – stuff I bet that Jim Carrey copied.

  • RJ Finncher said that our show is a festering bowl of dogsnot.

  • I’m happy pretty much anywhere really and I dig this place too. The new content so far is not bad. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things for my own writing and the videos are on hold until after Christmas at least.

  • He has lots of mouths to fee.

  • Omar Gooding was a DNA project where they took the best parts of Cuba and Omar and made a average actor.

    just kidding. THE PROGRAM 4 life

  • best memory ever if you lost your virginity the same night there.

  • A Willard Runs Through It

    Little 11-year-old Willard wasn’t quite at that level yet.

  • i had a comment but i deleted it

  • The_Troll_King

    Wow. You guys move around so much it’s like a homeless encampment. Hopefully this will be somewhat permanent as I really enjoy the interview and general shenanigans.

  • The_Troll_King

    1991. It’s like bringing up old war stories it seems. “Remember before the internet when there were no such thing as spoilers? These kids don’t know what it’s like. I’ll tell ya, back in my day…”.

  • Yup, this is our permanent place! Podbean was a landing pad before we scored a new pad. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Bop

    Son of dork was added to my English vocabulary after I saw the first one years ago. 🙂

  • Bop


  • Bop

    You didn’t see it? 🙂

  • Bop

    Not only that. It proved that Hollywood can still make enjoyable action movies.

  • Bop

    So what’s stopping you from watching this classic?

  • Bop

    Carrey didn’t have the guts to be launched into orbit, though. 🙂