Shut Up Kids #68: Punisher War Zone (2008) + Interview with Lexi Alexander Shut Up Kids #68: Punisher War Zone (2008) + Interview with Lexi Alexander
WELCOME TO THE SUK MOTHERFUCKERS! Airdate: 30-November-2014 The Shut Up Kids are now part of the Supernaughts collective. To kick off their inaugural show... Shut Up Kids #68: Punisher War Zone (2008) + Interview with Lexi Alexander


Airdate: 30-November-2014

The Shut Up Kids are now part of the Supernaughts collective. To kick off their inaugural show on the site, they talk about the kick-ass action flick Punisher: War Zone and the director of the film, Lexi Alexander, joins them!

They chat about the movie, her stance on film piracy, women directing action films and a ton of other stuff.

In the Best of the Week, the guys cover the new Star Wars trailer, Jurassic World, Independence Day 2 and much, much more.

Show Outline

  • 0:00 – Intro / Opening Discussion
  • 6:43 – Best of the Week
  • 17:20 – Lightning Round
  • 24:53 – Punisher: War Zone Discussion
  • 42:45 – Interview with Lexi Alexander
  • 1:19:32 – Closing / Final Words



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The Shut Up Kids

  • Let’s get this paaarty started riiiight now

  • That was a Intro to end all Intros

  • You aren’t lying. That was amazing.

  • Almost fell from my chair laughing

  • “Sithscalibur”…?

  • We also had many rebirths, I feel ya

  • Hey I am not that old 😉

  • Age….is just a state of mind

  • So I take it you were censored?


  • Tell that when you get hernias and rheumatic.

  • You forgot FUCK.

  • Hey I work on fucking Stah Wahs! So don’t you be dissing my precious facking Stah Wahs!

  • Hey, you can’t say that! Edit it out of your comment!


    this is really cool. listening now

  • I hope that this is your last one.

  • Yeah Chris Pratt has trained raptors, but the trailer released removed many of the shots that show him commanding them to attack, and halting them from attacking Bryce Dalls Howard blah blah blah.

  • Me too. Conceptually there may be some changes coming up.

  • Just read some headlines, that the guy that Rourke fought is basically a homeless man

  • Oh exciting!

  • So “Mickey Rourke beat up a homeless guy” would be fact

  • Next week Shut Up Kids Podcast will be announcing they’re moving to my website.

    I haven’t got a website, but it’ll be called when I don’t make it.

    Thanks for reading this pointless block of text.

  • The trained raptors defeat the message of the first movie. Oh well.

  • Melancholia and Antichrist are his best.

    I don’t feel like watching Nymphomaniac, I’d rather just watch real porn, but I agree, uncut is the only way to go.

  • Asi plays with fire.

  • pyromaniac?

  • It’s always the foreigner that goes too far!! Teach me right to try to be the funny guy.

  • By brother once almost set the house on fire because he found lighted matches interesting.
    My thing was not playing with fire, it was vomiting everytime i ate cheese.

  • It’s never too late to start playing with fire, it’s all warm and burny n shit.

    I hear you cried tears of joy when you saw The Force Awakening.

  • Sometimes you gotta humanize a killing machine. A bit….

  • Yes!

  • You telling me i time traveled to Christmas 2015 and watched the movie already?

  • The teaser. I hear it made you cry with joy?

  • No, it made me shrug my shoulders and say “whatever”. It’s pure blandness. I reacted accordingly.

    And speaking of reactions, did you watched INTERSTELLAR?

  • I don’t see why it wouldn’t. JJ is going to revitalize yet another franchise.

  • You really don’t want that!

  • I really liked MELANCHOLIA.

    Have you seen one of his earliest, EUROPA? It’s pretty good too.

  • Extreme rhinoplasty.

  • Hmmm. You must be biased.

    Yeah I saw it ages ago, it’s good, could have been better had Nolan not removed/inserted and simplified the coolest aspects.

  • I haven’t seen it, I haven’t many of his features though tbh.

  • So, only the people who gush about the teaser are not biased? Hehe!

    I was appreensive about Interstellar but you told me i would loveit. You were right. I liked it a lot. It does help a bit if one knows something of the science that drives the plot of the film. I’m still not sure about those ice clouds, however.

  • Nick forgot to say the worst swear of them all: “Michael Bay”.

  • The Wayne murder scene is filmed in IMAX, so it won’t be a short flashback, I am afraid.

  • Why do people hate hate parkour? It was overused for a while, but it is still cool.

  • My prediction for BvS.

    Batman and Superman start kissing mid fight and it turns into a really weird sexual fumble. Turns out Superman has a womb and Batman’s enhanced vigilante sperm were the only sperms that could penetrate his super eggs.

    The after credits teaser is Superman giving birth to Wolverine who cuts himself out of supes womb, but was actually sent back from the future via Ellen Page’s telepathy to save the human race from Zack Snyder’s Justice League by killing anything that isn’t Marvel!

  • Maybe it’s the end scene. Superman finally says “fuck this”, and actually DOES save Bruce’s parents from dying. That would be the ultimate in-joke

  • You should read the original script, now that you’ll love even more, it’s a damn good film though, and I’m still amazed a production like that even gets made.

    I know for a fact you’re going to love The Force Awakens.

  • Nick is not as obsessed with SW as most people around. As if i needed more reasons to like the guy.

  • You are giving Snyder too much credit. If only Snyder had that much imagination as a filmmaker.

  • Every podcast can shut down now. After that beginning, no one else is gonna top that.

  • thats such a Frank Castle scene

  • Somehow i think you are saying that with the tongue so firmly stuck in the cheek it punctured it.

  • check out our gratuituos sex and violence episode for a great review of that film from FX downloads host

  • I laughed so hard I think I sprained something

  • Scott

    they came to chew gum and kick ass.

    and they are out of gum

  • “You can bomb the enemy but you can’t write “fuck”.”

  • I have some i can give to them.

  • Will do.

  • What makes you think we read i….oh, well I screwed the pooch on that one, huh.

  • (This “fuck” is not awaiting approval in any webplace)

  • You know, Lexi Alexander is a pretty good looking woman

  • I think [censored] might be good for [redacted] because I can sense when a [classified] is ripe for [removed].

  • I hope Chris Pratt gets eaten by a T-Rex in the new Jurassic Park movie. Or Raptors.

  • come on asi shes soo much more than a pretty face

    she and the original twilight director have to be the poster child for hollywoods shitty attitude toward women in power positions even though all they have done is really good to great work

  • ” awaiting approval ”

    is that the name of a new show ?

  • He plays the son of hunter dude who died in the first one.

  • I’m not used to see directors who look as good as her, so there’s that novelty factor. What can i say, i like pretty women. Female beauty fascinates me.

  • If i was the hunter, i would had aborted him and save the pain of having that for a son.

  • wait

    you hate chris pratt now too ? and chris pine? and chris evans ?

    do you hate all ppl named chris

  • A different week a different site to host SUK. The itenerant podcast.

  • Nick likes Jurassic World as much as Dee does.

  • there are a few out there.

  • Chris Evans? What, the dude who plays Captain America? Why i woud hate him, he’s a darn good actor.

    It’s a coincidence that the Pratt Twat and the Pine Fuck are both called Chris.

  • Lol Nick confesses to pirating Punisher War Zone at first – to it’s director. Now that’s ballsy.

  • thats funny.

    but were not going anywhere. and were going to bust our ass to make sure these boys are permanent fixtures, as with everyone in the family

  • As in, they couldn’t care less.
    I likethe first movie, but i can’t be bothered with the sequels. This new movie, well, the trailer also left me utterly cold and uninterested. Not even Bryce Dallas Howard is making me interested, and that’s saying a lot.

  • In my country and in my home city there are A LOT! And yet i never get tired.

  • What do you mean “pretty good looking”?

    Let me correct you, that woman is not only a talented director, but she’s like a super hot female, you know, the kind of woman people dream about hitting on in a club but realise they probably wouldn’t stand a chance so don’t bother?

    Yeah, well I’m not like that, I would hit on her, You hear that Lexi? I would hit on you, (and twice on Sunday). Know why? >Alcohol< that's why, and the fact you're smoking hot. I would take your rejection with good grace too, because I'm a fucking gentleman.

    Seriously though, hook me up SUK.

    EDIT. I don't actually drink, so probably wouldn't even try =(

    FURTHER EDIT. Wait, she's gotta be married.

    EVEN FURTHER EDIT. Yeah definitely married, no need to even google it.

  • I would upvote you a thousand times for saying that if i could.

  • Frodo got there first:

    Finish Him!!!!

  • I just love her reaction though.

  • Damn Hobbits!

    Lexi, I’d take you to Mount Doom, and I’d let you keep the one ring.

  • I don’t think would trend well anyway, probably for the best. Lol


    that’s exactly right

  • im with you because i really like BRYCE

    but its just … theres nothing new there its just the same shit over and over again

  • I guess when you are a fighter, you have a better sense for choreography.

  • Dio likes ” a knight’s tale ”

    theres a good movie there with allot of heart and great cast. You just have to look past the shitty shitty added classic rock music

  • She has sooo many similar opinions on things, that she’d fit right in with this crowd.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    She needs to join us full time!

  • I think you found a replacement to Colonhell

  • well that would be a dream come true

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    It takes a bad ass!

  • Nick your idea for B VS S is brilliant. it gives depth to Batman we havent seen … ever.

  • Great show, need to listen to the others soon.

    Well, I’ll catch you people in the shadows or the obituaries. Until we meet again.

    Yours faithfully, whomever the fuck I am.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Give my love to the missus!

  • I always shout your name at the point of orgasm, she loves you.

  • #1 at my “mediocre movies” article!

  • kill count

    the punisher dolph lungren 76
    the punisher thomas jane 23
    the punisher war zone lexi alexander 97

    oddly enough these number double as a score out of 100 for the films


  • Lars Von Trier’s DOCTOR STRANGE!

    Wait, that actually makes sense!

  • A Knight’s Tale??? What, the king arthur movie with Richard Gere and Sean Connery?

    That movie is such a mockery of the historical genre and so dumb, i was expecting the Airplane did that directed it was actually making a mock comedy like Airplane or Top Secret! he did before.

  • Hey has anyone seen Time Crimes?

    I’ve been meaning to see it, recommended? Or nay?

  • That was First Knight.

  • Timecrimes is great! Very clever movie.

  • also on my mediocre movie list

  • Cool, I shall check it out.

  • Oh, right, A Knight’s Tale is that bad movie that makes a mockery of the historical genre but which, wierdly, the jokes actually work. Still sucks, but it’s funny.

  • The chandelier scene was my least enjoyed scene in PWZ, and i still liked it.
    For me, it’s all to do with Ray Stevenson, the man commands the screen and he’s such a great actor.

  • it is mediocre

    but with some cuts and better music it could have been a real nice film

    that cast is amazing

  • True. The plot could have been different and the dialogue. Also the look and the music. And the direction. Then it could have been nice.

  • Hey Nick, have you seen Blue Ruin yet?

  • It’s a spanish movie, but it’s so good. If you can, watch it in the original spanish language.

  • You said it.

  • She was perfect. Totally no-bullshit attitude

  • The parkour guy that gets blown up is indeed a brillant moment of black comedy. Me and my mates were rolling in the floor laughing when we first saw it, it was so out of the blue, so insane!

  • yea i enjoyed the humor and i thought heath and paul were stars in the making ( and sewell too )

    if they had dropped teh shitty music i think it would have been a cool ( yet fantasy ) film

    ok enough love for that one …

  • the whole scene where he goes through the apartment building its brilliant and soooooo much like the comic

  • It’s badass. Totally badass

  • I think the violence in PW is like in the new Dredd movie and Robocop, it might look over-the-top, but it’s so integral to the story it tells it would be nonsensical otherwse.

    Most entertaiment movies have violence but they have this strange pasteurized type of violence, that to call it cartoony would be an insult to cartoons. It’s this kind of violence that gladly shows lots of killing but no sense of consequence or the impact or how harsh and dammaging viollence is to those who suffer it. When people who fancy themselvesas moral guardians complain about the desentiviation of violence in today’s viewers, that’s due to this type of bland depictions of violence form so many of this type of bland action movies, not movies like PW which does make us cringe even when we find it funny.

    That’s what i have to say.

  • That was a kickass way to start things up. Great ep. Great guest. Mazel tov

  • comparing the PW and Dredd is a complement to both films. i love both.

    this film should have been as far away from christmas as possible

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Thank you!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    DAMMIT NO! It’s now officially lined up for tomorrow night’s viewing.

  • I think I’m gonna spin my Punisher:War Zone-disc now. I got the olde itch again…

  • I’ll just download it from piratebay.

  • You naughty Austrian

  • I just got the official blessing

  • True. I own it, but I guess I still shoud DL it

  • That it was release at christmas is in some way a brillant piece of dark comedy del art. Sadly it didn’t worked. But talk about counter-programming!

    Well, it is a bit of a story about redemption… with carnage.

  • whose voice you were trying to imitate? Lincoln? MLK?

  • You might not believe it, but Frank Castle actually uses real combat tactics for room by room sweep.

    One detail i loved is when Castle opens his mouth so he can improve his hearing and listen better to locate his adversaries. This is something that soldiers actually do in lound noise conditions, so that the inner ear can receive sound waves entering from the mouth when the ears are either blocked or traumatised by a loud noise. Very clever detail.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Just the great speakers of the past. No one in particular.

  • it was really good

    ” cold chills “

  • Yeah, those speakers of the past had this strange cadence to their voices when they did public speaking. Probably something to do with the absense of microphone technology back then, so they had to project their voice, ence the theatrical style, speaking for the back seats type of thing.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I had to tell my lady to remove the kids for a little bit.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    And it’s fun!

  • I bet!

  • Guys, none of you comented on the fact that today is Ridley Scott’s birthday. And that Scott anouncement that he will not direct Blade Runner 2.

  • You know who’s also a huge fan of PWZ? Patton Oswalt. He couldn’t stop raving about it in his blog.

  • She still retains her native german accent. It’s quite cute.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    Punisher Warzone sucked. If anyone should playing Punisher it’s Sly Stallone, especially at the age he is now since Frank is the only character in the Marvel universe who ages realistically.

  • We like our accents here

  • I hate my accent. I hate my voice.

  • “I see some boos from the peanut gallery.”
    Exorcist III

  • Ray Stevenson will always be Titus Pullo to me (Rome).


  • HBO’s ROME

    10 out of 10

  • Probably my favorite fiction series ever. The show was as if deliberatly made for me in mind.

  • it was special.

    i really really loved it.

    great start to a great episode

  • Antoine R Hicks

    Slyvster Stallone should have been the Punisher. Take “Get Carter” and combine it with his “Expendable” character and that’s Punisher in a nutshell. Punisher Warzone sucked and it didn’t really scream Punisher, but a guy walking around with a Punisher costume calling himself Frank. And yes, sometimes a movie does need a origin story. Batman needs one, superman needs one, Frank needs one. X-Men is different story since it is a group of Superhero and each have their own stories.

  • Antoine R Hicks


  • There’s only one Get Carter and it was made in 1971.

  • Exactly. It’s not unexpected your reaction.

  • Hicks was made AFTER 1971

  • Not familiar with Hicks. But i know Get Carter very well.

  • you might enjoy his take on the dark knight

  • its great and yet sad hearing Lexi saying the same things as El in our last episode, which is they do not respect women in the comic book films, and use them as comic relief.

  • Stallone has been a joke of himself since Cobra

  • The story about James Gunn and what he and the studio did to the original writer is so weird and sad.

    You know, this is what irritates me about this new attitude Holywood has now that pretends everybody is now friends and nice with everybody and how everybody admires everybody, and yet backstage they are still skinning each others like they always did, but they go to the making off docs and audio comentaries and kiss each others ass. Makes them sound like a bunch of phoneys.

  • So true. He’s a pretty good director, but if only for his enormous ego!

  • “so and so wus just a DREAM to work with(said with a fake smile)…”

  • its weird and another example of marvel being lucky, its better to be lucky than good any day … movies i wanted to see before GOTG

    Black Panther
    A man called Nova
    Captain Mar Vell

    Marvell Knights
    Cloak and Dagger
    The Shroud

    Moon Knight
    Alpha Flight
    West Coast Avengers

    Beta Ray Bill
    Silver Sable

  • Ray looks so fucking SUAVE

  • oh i am a huge fan of his early work and think hes a great actor. acting … its subjective. hitting meat in the locker in Rocky is a acting and he kills it .

  • he should be a fucking huge star

  • Hear, hear

  • I feel so tempted to talk about you know who about fake smileys and the wonders of pretending they enjoyed working with him (nothing to do with bitting the bullet to to take shot at stardom art all, of course) and what a genious director he is and he even has an award that calls him a visionary (properly trademarked).

    But i’m not going there.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    I’m saying if took Stallone performance in Get Carter and combined it with his expendable character, that would be Punisher. Also Punisher has been a bad character for a while just like daredevil.

  • Stallone was pretty good in F.I.S.T. and COPLAND.

  • Anti-heroes.

  • Damn right. He’s a fantastic actor, as anybody who watched ROME can testify, and he has the build to be an action hero. A shakespearean action hero. PW more then proves that good acting is also quite important even if playing killing machine action characters.
    I say the same about Karl Urban as Dredd, another shakespearean actor whio kicked ass playing an action hero.

  • Lexi sounds like a really cool lass. I can imagine that any of us could found ourselves drinking a beer with her and just talking shit and having a good time.

    She also proves that germans are not just prussian thigh-asses types.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I was shocked when she came out with that. Not at all a surprise though…

  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • I liked that thing she said of “it would be good to remain nice to people in this business, but Jesus Fucking Christ it’s hard to get people to hear that”
    (I might be misquoting a little, but…)

  • Yes, Lexi returning, please! Unreal to listen to the director of PWZ.

    SWe hear about this directors and we imagine them be this distant figures and then it turns out some of them, like Lexi, is just one of us, a cool gal that talks like us.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’ve never heard of the entertainment business as a pleasant experience. My lady used to work in theater as a stage manager back in NYC/NJ and she’s got some stories!

  • That’s what she said. I think part of the reason there is so much assholery in Holywood has to do with how many cocaine addicted there is working there. Cocaine is the drug that turns people into assholes, or augment their own natural assholery.

    And their demented notions of competition and being fucking number one, crap like that.

  • now were fucking talking

  • Still, it’s kinda disappointing that Gunn did that, since he himself started as a writer who struggled to make a name, and now he tried to take a name away from a starting writer.

  • if you check out the Horror cast of Planet x … forgive me dee i dont know which version this is on, i mention a great little know horror flick


    its the first time i saw Karl and ive been a fan every since

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I lost a bit of respect for him after hearing that.

  • and several movies inbetween. ” take a shower with sharon stoen and blow shit up ” was not one of them

  • There’s an old saying about Holywood people that goes something like this: “Never meet you heroes”.

    I guess i understand why now.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Great saying. Heroes are fuckfaces.

  • Pretty decent thriller. Hauer is death in the movie. The ending is surreal!!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    It’s been years. I’d like to see it again.

  • Well, taking a shower with a then young Sharon Stone is not one thing i would complain about. Good for Sly!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    That’s a hot scene, but it’s difficult to masturbate with Sly on screen.

  • They always disapoint.

    Which is why i which everybody who idolatrises Jeffrey Abrams or Mickey Bay should met them (outside conventions and photo ops) and have to work for them for scale.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m weak that way.

  • Stone brings the sexy for both of them.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    There isn’t much else to say, but trying to Punisher could have been go without Sly Stallone is just ludicrious. I like Ray, but not as Punisher. He can do the part of a tough guy, but not the punisher. That guy who play Flash in Spiderman and played that werewolf in True Blood could be the punisher if he keep the beard.


    Stevenson can rock wearing a bulky bullet proof vest and not look like a dork.

  • Even I can’t whack it to Sly, and I once beat the meat to a scrambled pic on cable.

  • i actually like the idea of the the wolf from true blood .. Joe Manganiello in a super hero film. hes pretty good

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    There’s no one else I care to see in this role. This is simply one of my favorite action movies.

  • i cant either.

    well maybe the Rocky 3 running on the beach scene.

    but only once

  • you guys will be new best friends before this is over

  • There was a time it was fashionable among the geekry to talk bad and joke about Karl Urban. Until the first Abrams Trek, because the geekry turned into total cowards who were affraid to speak bad of that movie and the people in it, like frightned little limp wristed girls. But that it took such a stupid bad movie to make people finally realise that Urban was always a damn good actor is pathetic.

    But some good come out of it, at least. Silver linings. Now Urban is a respected actor, as it should be. I truly hope he makes another Dredd movie, he nails the role to pefection.

  • where do we bombard marvel with that attitude before they recast w zac efron

  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • ive liked his in everything ive ever seen him him. hes a solid actor and really good in bog tent pole films. fuck he was great in the tower towers. i needed more eomer

  • When i first heard of him in the role, i admit i rolled myeyes because, one, i could just see him as Titus Pullo, and seocnd, i though he was wasting his talents for some unnecessary remake of The Punisher. I’km so glad i was proved wrong twice on that. He nailed the character he is Frank Castle, and the movie is all kinds of balls crazy awesome. Not unnecessary at all.

    i still admit that i loved Thomas Jane as the punisher, and unlike many, i don’t have a negative opinion on his movie. But PW is closer to the original material and so much more bug nuts crazy!

    Still, the Thomas Jane movie had that crazy fight scene with the gigantic russian which is absolutly hilarious! And the guitar playing assassin was cool, and the tricked out car.

  • Don’t… give… them… ideas!!!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    That Thomas Jane one annoyed and bored me to no end. I saw it in the theater but only because Kill Bill 2 was sold out.

  • I think Roy Scheider would’ve been a better Punisher in that movie than Jane

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Ned Beatty.

  • I loved his silent russian hitman (actually a secret agent) in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. He could sell the idea he would be a match for Bourne and he would be hard to shrug off.

    I truly believe that a proper good actor is better for action roles then muscled boys or martial artists – unless those are some of the rare cases tnhey can actually act, like The Rock. But even for an action movie you need to be convincing, and good actors do that. It’s easier to muscle up and train a good actor into an action hero then to try to turn a muscle boy into an actor. Unless you are a genious writer like John Milius and are able to write around the muscleboy’s limitations and turn them into advantages. Those circunsrtances are rare.

  • Hush your mouth, Thomas Janes is a damn good actor. See him in THE MIST or STANDER and repent.
    And i’m one of the repented, because i used to have a poor opinion of him, but that was due to the fact i first saw him in the fucking shark movie made by fucking Renny Piece Of Shit Harlin, everybody in that were fucking awful, as befitting that no-talent fucking joke of a director. I then watched STANDER and saw the error of my ways.

  • I just hate my voice. And I noticed that I talk waaay more high-pitched than normal in the podcasts. I put that to nerves

  • I think the movie needs a reavaluation. Aparently the director’s cut is a big improvement.

  • His speciality is punishing rapist appalachian hicks.

  • I’m not against Thomas Jane the actor – just him as the Punisher. It just don’t work

  • Of all the things you can fault the film for, him as punisher is not one of them.

  • I just notice… either Lexi is wearing very tal shoes or she is one pretty tall lady.
    And i like tall ladies!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Michael Bay is a builder of worlds. He takes you on an emotional ride.

  • i think you got that backwards son

  • Rewatch the movie and notice how coldly he is in deciding the fate of the hicks. No spitting raging, just ice cold .

  • Antoine R Hicks

    That would be a huge jump since he was the bully at one point.

  • But telepromts are the bane of his existence. His kryptonite.

  • Nothing like an inicial duel to spark a long lasting friendship.

  • Demagog Dog

    Sounds like a job for JML!

  • The movie is just ineptly directed. Bad action, bad cinematography. I cannot imagine the DC saves it.

  • Demagog Dog

    Yes I can

  • Demagog Dog

    At no point does he come off as Punisher-esque. He’s not physically intimidating…in fact, he’s more charming than anything. Pretty much the exact opposite of the character, honestly.

    And the movie is terrible pretty much on all aspects…except of course Rebecca Romjin. She stole every scene she was in (not that that was hard).

    Travolta was a ridiculous villain.

    Moving the whole thing to Florida made no sense…and took all the grit and grime away from the NYC setting.

    The only thing that worked (at least on paper) was killing all of his relatives, instead of just his wife and kid.

    All in all, a solid 12 out of 73 Quackaroonies.

  • Demagog Dog

    Anyone who saw The Purge: Anarchy knows that Frank Grillo could play The Punisher in his sleep…too bad he’s already locked up in Captain America…

  • Demagog Dog

    WTF are on about? Punisher started as a Vietnam vet…his origin gets updated with every major war…won’t be long before he’s moved on from being a Gulf War vet to being an Afghanistan vet…

  • Demagog Dog

    Maybe you should listen to Patton interview her about Punisher on the HDTGM? podcast a couple years back…

  • Demagog Dog

    She’s stated previously that she was told by execs not to include any parkour, since they felt it was being overdone at the time. That’s the only reason they’re in the film, and the reason why they die so ridiculously.

  • … Obama?

  • “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”.
    William Shakespeare

  • Christ! So my country was the only one that got the decent version, then?

  • Peter Parker’s girlfriend?

  • Grillo means crickett in spanish. It’s also slang for penis.

  • Demagog Dog

    Having an action star named Frank Cock is even better! Make it happen, Capt.

  • Frank Penis.

  • Demagog Dog

    I finished making this piece last night…total crazy unplanned coincidence…

  • Demagog Dog

    Close to a joke…her name is Mary Jane Watson.

  • same difference kinda like

  • Demagog Dog

    I’m not nitpicking or seeing things that aren’t there. The film is wrong on every level, from soup to nuts.

  • Demagog Dog

    I’ll give you a D+ for effort

  • Lexi is 5’8 (1,73 m) tall.

  • Don’t you like the Punisher’s quirky outsider surrogate family?

  • Love it!

  • Demagog Dog

    Thanks, bruh! Maybe soooomebody can tweet it to Lexi… 🙂

  • A behind the scenes image courtesy of Lexi.

  • Demagog Dog

    No. The point of Punisher is that he has no family.

    The comic storyline they lifted for that movie was just as bad as what they turned it into on screen.

  • Yeah I was kidding it was a shit idea.

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!

  • Is it on your site yet?

  • Demagog Dog

    Gimme a minute…I’ll let you know

  • You know what, wha the heck, i’m going to rewatch PWZ. I want to laugh again at the parkour guy getting blown up by a RPG.

  • yer too kind

  • Shall i have to quote The Dude on this?

  • Cool. I Tweeted this at her and she just re-tweeted.

  • One of those rare occasions where executive meddling was actually a good thing.

  • Fantastic. Thanks.

  • Demagog Dog


    I got it up live now:

  • Demagog Dog

    I know

  • Demagog Dog

    Ha! I thought Asi said that…glanced too quickly 😉

  • well they had it comin

  • The Willard

    Nice intro!

  • lol

  • The Willard

    I love that she guesses your wife’s last name.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    There’s a PWZ director’s cut that will probably never see the light of day.

  • Yeah, we overlapped a tad bit, but I do think our interview stands on its own (especially since we had the piracy conversation and progress of women as directors in action films).

  • That’s fantastic

  • “Uncut is the only way to go.”
    [email protected] is apparently anti-circumcision (badoompsha!)

  • Poor grammar on my part. Take it the Austrian to point out my bad English. Granted, I bet most ESL peeps have better grammar skills than native English peeps in the US.

  • I don’t think so… just an opportunity for me to crack a bad joke.

  • Oh really? Intriguing!

  • I really wonder what the inhabitants of the Appalacians think of the film.

  • Damnation! I though i had a copy of PW, but it turns out, it was not mine but a friend of mine, which i had returned some time ago. So ididn’t ended rewatching this movie. I need to steal that copy from my friend then.

  • Lexi has extraordinay powers of awesome.

  • Tim something

    Potty mouth.

  • Or pirate it. Lexi won’t mind.

  • Yeah, she’s cool that way.

  • hey dog

    how long did it take to do a logo like that ?

  • Demagog Dog

    It depends on the design. The punisher one was fairly simple, maybe a couple hours to get it right. The more complex ones can be a full work day…but most of that time is trial and error, you know? Just figuring out what works and what doesn’t…