Shut Up Kids #72: Die Hard (1988) + Interview with Al Leong Shut Up Kids #72: Die Hard (1988) + Interview with Al Leong
Hey, hey everyone, In this episode, we discuss the action film Die Hard. We also have a cool chat with Al Leong! Al, who played the... Shut Up Kids #72: Die Hard (1988) + Interview with Al Leong

Hey, hey everyone,

In this episode, we discuss the action film Die Hard. We also have a cool chat with Al Leong! Al, who played the candy bar-loving thief “Uli.” Al is an actor, stuntman and all around badass. He has been in a ton of great films including Die HardLethal WeaponBig Trouble in Little China and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We talked about Die Hard, dying onscreen, beating cancer, stuntmen and Oscars and more!

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-Dan & Nick

DanOur topic today is Die Hard and you played Uli, a bad guy with a taste for candy. Many people consider Die Hard to be a Christmas film, what are your thoughts on that?

Al: Well, if you like action, then it would definitely be a Christmas film. I was also in another film, Lethal Weapon, which would also be considered a Christmas film.

NickNow we can add “Holiday Movie Star” to your credits! So you’ve been known to die a lot on screen. 

Al: Yes, I’ve died a few times (chuckles). 

NickWhich death was your personal favorite?

Al: The one I like is Rapid Fire, with Bruce Lee’s son. The reason being is because they allowed me to fight. A lot of films, it’s not your choice on what you get to do. On that film, they allowed me to do a longer fight. Jeff Imada who was the stunt coordinator was great. I’ve worked with him many times. The director, Dwight Little, was great, Brandon Lee was great, and everybody in the film did a great job. 


Al and Brandon Lee squaring off in Rapid Fire.

DanThat’s awesome.

NickYeah, Rapid Fire is a solid flick.

Dan: You got to work with Brandon there. But you’ve worked with a lot of great people. You worked with Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China. Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted. The Rock in Scorpion King. And so many others. Anyone in particular was your favorite to work with?

Al: Well, what I do, which is different from a lot of other people, is pick out what I wanted to do. If there were a film I was working on that I didn’t like, I would leave the film. So pretty much everything I’ve worked on in the last however so many years I enjoyed because I got to pick and choose what I worked on. The Rock was great. Everyone on that film was great. That was a fun film to work on.

NickWe recently spoke to Gedde Watanabe who is known for his comedic, yet controversial depictions of Asian characters. You yourself were often cast as a villain.  What is your opinion of using racial stereotypes in film?

Al: You know, I wouldn’t know if I would call that a racial stereotype. First of all, what I have to say is this: Asians, for some reason, don’t seem like they support the movie industry.

DanYou continued to learn new things as it pertained to martial arts and stunt work. For example, you learned how to master a switchblade. In your book you made mention of the sloppy switchblade work in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. When you see bad stunt work or choreography, does it piss you off?

Al: I’ve seen directors tell the stunt coordinator what to do and what not to do. But I figure if you hire a stunt coordinator, hire someone who knows what they’re doing and let them run their part of the business. But yeah, I’ve seen movies where I thought it would be better to put a fight in here or there.


Al screams at bad stunt coordination in films.

NickSo Al, amazingly, you are a cancer survivor.

Al: Yes a cancer survivor and a stroke survivor. The strokes have totally torn me apart. It’s crippled my right side. I only have one hand I can use. The strokes have really slowed me down. The cancer? Yeah, it slowed me down in the beginning but I got back to work. After I had the strokes about 11 years ago, they told me that I couldn’t work anymore.

NickWhen you were initially diagnosed with the cancer, what did you think?

Al: Well, I thought I was dead. I was in the final stage of brain cancer. They said you have a 50/50 chance of beating this. We’re going to give you chemo and radiation at the same time because we have to try to knock this out. Luckily, I had a friend who hooked me up with a great doctor and I got through it.

NickThat’s amazing. You’re a real-life tough guy. A real-life bad ass. I know I’ll always remember you as one of the big badasses from the movies I loved growing up. What would you want to be remembered for?

Al: I don’t think there is anything I want to be remembered for. I just wish I could get back to work. There is just so much more that I could do.

Al Leong: Badass

Al Leong: Badass

DanFor almost 25 years now there has been a movement to get stunt coordinators recognition in the Academy Awards. What are your feelings on this?

Al: There is this thing called the Taurus Stunt Awards, which are given out by Taurus. And I think actors don’t want to be known for being doubled. I don’t think the actors want the stunt guys at the Oscars. It makes it known that the actors didn’t do it all. It’s an action movie but the actors weren’t the main ones doing the action.

Also check out his book The Eight Lives of Al “Ka-Bong” Leong.

It’s a great autobiography that Al did after his strokes. It contains great behind-the-scenes stories and pictures.

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  • Asians are less vocal as a minority.

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  • As an action movie, it’s quite entertaining. The reason why it fails as a Die Hard movie is that Die Hard was not only just action, but it was constructed as a thriller. The action was spectacular and sometimes outlandish, but overall it always adhered to the structure of a suspense movie.

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  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’ve only seen 1-3 one time each upon hitting VHS. I hated 2 but enjoyed 3.

  • Sounds about right.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Both parties are at fault for the situation but the lady did what was best for her kids. Bruce didn’t have to stay behind, he chose to. Fuck him.

  • Directed by John Moore, what did you expected?

  • True. Like I stated in one podcast, the man does not know how to stage a scene

  • Was it a deliberate coment by Nick for shock value or it’s his genuine opinion?

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  • Controversy thou name art Nick Nightly

  • Yeah I thought his hectic shooting style in that movie was about covering the low budget, but…no.

  • I can almost understand Nick’s opinion of Die Hard if his reaction is against the hype.

    The problem with the geekdom, and the segment in particular which i call the geekoids in despise, is the mindless hype they promote on even good movies but because of the mindlessness of the way they hype, it taints the movies, and this is particulary tragic when it’s done to properly good movies. But because of the mindless stupid nature of this overhype by this geekoids, this does more harm them good to this ovies, movies which are good but they get tainted by the adolation of this dumb fandom.

    Movies which are in danger or have suffered terribly from this type of dumb geekoid-dom are movies like Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan, Die Hard and Empire Strikes Back, to name just three. This are genuinely good movies, but there’s times i just want to hate them just as a counter-reaction to this mutant geekoids nd their mindless over-hyping. That they almsot make me want to hate movies i truly love and admire only makes me scorn and despise for them even more pronounced.

    Sometimes the worst thing about a movie is the fandom.

    You know what i mean?

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    Nothing. Might be on a podcast soon. But the prospect has people frothing at the mouth so maybe not. Hey remember your first appearance on SUK? That was awesome. Golden era of TB. And we didn’t even get t-shirts.

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    I do remember my first podcast. I’m kinda embaraced by my participation, but i loved every minute of it. I love to podcast with the SUK guys, they are great fun.

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  • But it’s still only my second favourite Alex Proyas-film. Dark City is a masterpiece

  • That cunt wanted to be Michael Bay 2.0. Suffices to say, i have nothing but scorn and despise for anybody who emulates Michael Bay’s filmmaking style.

  • I did a quick survey of the oldest SUK podcasts, and it looks like the posted coments didn’t migrated to the new site. Pity.

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    He’s a good guy at the end of the day. I’ll work on it.

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  • Probably. Will depend on scheduling since we’ll record the shows at different times often.

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  • Genuine. And caught me off guard.

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  • Bop

    I don’t understand the dislike for DH4. That was a very enjoyable movie. Definitely felt like a Die Hard movie. Agree with the end, though. When you have badass Timothy Olyphant in there you better make him go in a blaze of glory.

  • Bop

    I found that awesome. Unrealistic, but awesome.

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    You will enjoy 4, I think. Give it a shot. Unless you dislike Justin Long. I don’t.

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  • Neuromancer

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    Al Leong was called Uli in Die Hard? An Asian guy with a German name. So funny.

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    I am really curious what Al Leong could do if he could direct a martial arts movie.

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  • Yea I was just quoting buffet.

    The next lyric was

    “But I know it’s my own damn fault”

  • He directed one movie. A friend offered him 1million to do it. Al did it for 30k, ha.

  • Bop

    Fucking Hollywood. Why don’t they give Al some more movies to direct when he can do it for that little money.

  • Bop

    Thanks for the shout out, SUK guys.

  • Neuromancer


  • Bop

    Al Leong is definitely the bad guy of the 80s.

  • Bop

    Die Hard was ok, but I loved Die Hard 3 more.

  • Bop

    James Remar coming up. Great. Fucking Ajax and Raiden

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Crocodile Dundee is the most badass romcom, ever.

  • Bop

    Al Leong as Djenghis Khan was definitely my favorite.

  • Kudos to you for making that list, mang

  • The 80’s. Lol

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  • Tikkanen

    Marilyn Manson is my all time favorite guest on Talking Dead, the Walking Dead after show. He was so unintentionally(?) hilarious that his appearance belongs on some talk show hall of fame, along with Bob from Chattanooga.

  • He totally owned an O’Reilly appearance 10 or so years ago. To the point where Bill even said later on that Manson was one of the smartest guests he had had on.

  • Tikkanen

    I last saw Rapid Fire in the early 1990s, but I recall thinking that it decently showed off Brandon Lee’s fighting skill, especially his fight with Al Leong, and his on screen charisma, which was reminiscent of his father.

  • You mean Genghis Khan? Or is that the german language variation of his name?

  • Dexter’s Dad.

  • I’m going to upvote you for that unconventional opinion. And i can’t criticise you for it either, because i love both movies equaly, so to have one as preference is merely a matter of personal taste.

  • Many asians have english first names, so why not one have a german name? Maybe he was mi heritage.

  • That would be fantastic. And he’s a great conversationalist and very articulate and polite. Quite a deadpan snarker too.

  • His physical expertise was beyond question. But his acting skills took a huge jump forward in The Crow.

  • Dark City is better in the director’s cut. I now don’t even watch the earlier cut anymore.
    Dark City might be the better movie, and i don’t contest that, but i have a stronger emotional affinity for The Crow. Love both of them, however.
    Ale Proyas needs to get his shit back together and return to his first two movies glory.

  • Thanks. I’d love to be another european in Breakfast On Planet X. You guys have a lack of latin european presence in that podcast, i could fill the quota.

  • “I hated 2 but enjoyed 3”

    That’s my boy!!!

  • The hell???

  • Bop

    Dexter does not exist in this dojo.

  • The thought of Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons as brothers is awesome. Loved that connection from DH3 and DH1.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    It’s satire. White people are ignorant. It’s just silly.

  • The first 5 seasons of Dexter are great. Season 7 was pretty good. But seasons 6 & 8 can go fuck off.

  • We’re a podcast for the people. And Bop is like an honorary SUK member. He’s co-hosted more times than anyone.

  • Dark City was one of my favorite movies. Been a long time since I’ve seen it. Must rectify that.

  • Its a really interesting book. Some great behind the scenes photos and stories.

  • Eh, I thought it was funny…

  • Be funny if Tom Cruise won a stunt Oscar and never an acting Oscar, ha.

  • Al goes more into it in his book but he basically walked off set if he felt an Asian character was too stereotypical or offensive.

  • Yes. The restraint has to do a lot with the cultural background but things are changing slowly.

  • Stalkeye

    Upvote for Ajax but Raiden, Fugg no.

  • Stalkeye

    Satire is a beautiful thing.

  • Stalkeye

    Besides you and Nick, i had co-contributors such as Bop and Asi as examples of team effort when posting on the other thread. SUK is the Podcast for the peeps!

  • Stalkeye

    Very good episode but felt a bit short during my 50 minute commute to Work but hey, less is more!
    Al is definitely a badass! Cancer and a Fucking stroke and yet he pulled through??
    “He never gave up, he stayed till the fight’s won”..Props, meng!
    I loved his parting words, very positive man and wish him all the best.
    If G.I.Joe would get a well deserved reboot, I would cast him as Snake eyes’ Sensei; The Hard master. I was hoping that he would talk more about worst swordfighting scenes from various Films, but hopefully he’ll return to discuss more of that topic.

    And yes, KOTC sucked Donkey Dick! One of the worst franchise sequels in a lonnnngggg time (Next to Transformers 2 of course.)

    I give Nick props for doing something different like his soul Hole series back in the day, and there is a new song from D’angelo that is true soul and not fluff shit like Farrell’s Happy song. (AAAHHHHGGGGHH MY EARS!!)

    Now Nick, Die Hard was a great series until the 4th one. Yeah, plenty of the Shit was far fetched (An ordinary Cop taking down “terrorists”.) but its a check your brain out the door Film that entertained without the CGI and men in tights genres.

    As for Brandon Lee, I really liked Rapid Fire, Showdown in Little Tokyo and The Crow. This guy had potential and because of his untimely death, we were stuck with that bloated Ego fuckstain, Steven Segal. (Take that, Nick! :P) Lee dies and he lives?? There truly is no god. I had the privilege to talk to Crow creator James O’ Barr during an advance screening of The Crow and man, was he in a Funk as if he blamed himself for lee’s death. I mentioned a few conspiracy theories and his publicist was quick to shoot them down. But its more than just some quirky coincidence of how he died.

  • Stalkeye

    Degrasse-Tyson, FTMFW!

  • Stalkeye


  • Stalkeye

    I loved Jeremy Irons’ credible dialog especially when he told McClaine,

    “There’s a difference between not liking ones brother, and not caring when some dumb Irish flatfoot drops him out of a window.”

    And how he dissed SMJ and made McClaine wear that fucked up sign proved that he was not to be fucked with.

    “We are soldiers, not Monsters”

    Unfortunately, the original ending was cliche and felt rushed. I liked the alternate cut much better.

  • Stalkeye

    Did you include the legendary Keith David?? cause that’s the Guy who would make my top of the list.
    His resume kicks all kinds of ass: Spawn, Gargoyles, Justice league, HALO, Call of duty and that’s just the voiceover work!!

    The Thing and They Live fucking owns!!!
    Oh, and there’s Platoon and Dead Presidents.

    The Cape? aww Hell naw!!

  • Stalkeye

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I love this guy. And he used to be a bad ass wrestler!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I did like Brandon Lee, actually. I just like to joke about some of those line deliveries in The Crow. Rapid Fire was a kick ass movie and I’ve often expressed my love of Showdown In Little Tokyo. Poor Brandon and his penile dialogue.

    I would imagine O’Barr’s got some weird feelings where the Crow in concerned. It was inspired by the death of his girlfriend or fiance, right? Then toss in Lee’s death and shit gets heavy. But I’m sure he got paid.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    And I’m loving this new D’Angelo! FUCK PHARRELL

  • Stalkeye

    Yup, The drunk diver who killed O’Barr’s fiancee and beat the rap was the main influence behind the Crow. Talk about bad luck.
    But yeah, Jimmy got paid but its unfortunate that the sequels drove the franchise further into the seven depths of Hell.

    Speaking of hell, I loved your New Year’s rant and the way I see it, it’s a reason to celebrate making it to another Year. The resolutions are Bullshit because no one really adheres to them after the first Week.

    Christmas is cool, because its the only time of the year that most people are merry or positive. Then go back to being Assholes the day after. XD

    Oh, and of course the X-mas bonuses are another reason to celebrate. CHA-CHING!!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    And he was creepy as hell in Requiem For A Dream!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I live for Christmas!

  • Stalkeye

    And CeeLo Green too (Rapist!) which both are from The Voice. The Misses’ favorite Reality show.

  • Stalkeye

    So does AICN’s Harry. “Pweseants”!!

  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO best scene; Ass-to-Ass!!

  • Stalkeye
  • Stalkeye

    Say whaaaat??
    I need to look into this.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    He wrestled for Harvard.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    White people can’t dance.

  • Stalkeye

    Hah-hah-hah! Holy shit, the Pic on the right looks like Tyler Perry!!

  • Stalkeye

    And some blacks too. *looks in the mirror*
    However, I faked it till I made it. (Hooking up with random chicks during my Club hopping days.)

  • Stalkeye

    But would get his Arse handed to him by either Col.John Matrix or John Rambo.

  • Bop

    Rambo is a pussy according to Ray Tango.

  • Bop

    Dude. I hope I don’t shock you, but I don’t know him.

  • Bop

    I managed to finish the first season, but wish I hadn’t.

  • Bop

    Dutch variation. And dutch is not german. Deutsch is german.

  • *facepalms* What a faux pas i did there!! So sorry!

  • Stalkeye

  • Stalkeye


  • Stalkeye

    Sly mocks himself? Great!
    Its been awhile since I watched Tango and Cash.
    Cool Buddy action flick in which we see both Rambo and Snake Plissken team up to take out the trash.

  • Stalkeye

    I only got to 4 eps of the first season. Now working on The Wire and it seems promising but I still think it cant hold a candle to The Shield.

  • Bop

    I can watch that movie every time. It was one of the best team ups ever, him and Russell. And Teri Hatcher when she wasn’t annoying. And Robert D’Zar. Russell was really on a roll in that movie. You should watch it again. 🙂

    The beginning scene with the truck Stallone stole from Jackie Chan’s Police Story.

  • Bop

    Oh, shit. That guy was hilarious in Men At Work.
    And he fought Piper. 🙂

  • Bop

    Don’t worry. Many make that mistake.

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah, I’ll check it out again someday. As for ripping off of JC, why not imitate one of the best Action Stars in movie industry?

  • Stalkeye

    He’s a Gawdamn Legend!!

  • Bop

    Of course The Wire can’t hold a candle to The Shield. I am really tempted to watch it again, but I only have so much free time.

  • Bop

    They also can’t jump.

  • Stalkeye

    Well, when you’re all settled in, give it a repeat binge watch. I meant to see the entire season 7 Years ago since everyone was telling me how much of a Badass Omar is.

  • Target Demographic Dog

    Way back in the early days of Talkbacker, I started a series of articles called “Six Degrees From A Decent Movie”. One of them was a thorough breakdown of the Die Hard franchise, every twist & turn:

  • Bop

    Stallone should have gotten Chan in a movie and let Chan do his magic.

  • It was hinted that they were from the DDR. The DDR had a lot of Vietnamese guest workers.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    The talk you guys are having right now is bringing a smile to my face.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Board games. Used to play Candyland a lot. Operation, man that game kicked my ass.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Die Hard. Al Leong. Yes.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Boo Nick.

  • Godzilla Fanboy


  • Godzilla Fanboy


  • Godzilla Fanboy


  • Godzilla Fanboy

    You’re right Dan, that’s why I like the character. He always beats himself up whenever it comes to his wife. Except that, y’know, he has to deal with thieves posing as terrorists.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Huh, looks like I’m not the only who likes Die Hard 4.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Boo Nick Boooooooooooooooooooo-Nah I kid, I don’t really care if you hate the Lethal Weapon franchise.

  • Tikkanen

    I loved him as the crazed Vietnam vet in Emilio Estevez/Charlie Sheen’s Men at Work.

    He also played Gus’s dad on Psych, splitting the role with Ernie Hudson.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Al Leong is so awesome. Even in that shitty movie Double Dragon.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Dammit, I need to hear that pods with Gedde Watanabe.

  • Godzilla Fanboy


  • Godzilla Fanboy

    He was in KOTC? Mind blown.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Fuck, he was almost on that list of dead cast members……………..

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Al Leong is a real badass.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Fuck yes they should be recognized by the Academy.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    I will read this Goddamn book.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Boo Nick Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Hell yeah I’m gonna marathon them now.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    When did he never curse?

  • Godzilla Fanboy


  • Godzilla Fanboy

    I’d rather not take him deep inside me………………………

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Clean slate, mang.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Fuck it, Nick, I love you mang. You can call bullshit on me but I really do love you.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Happy New Years, guys.

  • Godzilla Fanboy


  • Happy new year to you!

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    And to you as well!

  • Stalkeye

  • Stalkeye

    Tikk! You sonofabitch!

    Welcome back, Brother!

  • Stalkeye

    Nah, that would downplay Sly’s ‘credibility” thus interfering with that ego of his. 😛

  • Stalkeye


  • Stalkeye

    A much better guest than say, Dave Navarro who bitched throughout the TD segment. “Where’s the Zombies, Man”??

  • Stalkeye

  • Stalkeye

    As for GNR, the best song from that whole Damn Chinese Democracy album goes to..

  • Mr Nick Nightly
  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I love you too, my furry friend. Have a gift from me.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    And I love you too, my furry friend. Have a gift from me.

  • Stalkeye

    Awwww, you flossin your romantic side Nickster? Not bad, Sir.

    I never had a chance to listen to that song or Street of Dreams….well actually, I did play SoD and i thought it would be a cover of The Damned’s 1985 song, sadly, it was not the case.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Great song!

  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • Stalkeye

    The whole Album was practically great IMO. Trojans was nothing like I have heard before. Shadow of Love was too “pop” for my tastes but Eloise was a cool Love song and had that true British flair about it.

    I liked their follow up Anything better than the Phantasmagoria album despite the reception wasn’t as well received as the previous Album.
    These guys became Goth before The Smiths and sound way better too.

  • Stalkeye

    OK, This is the new D’Angelo song that brings back the Soul unlike some of the recent crap out there. (I’m looking at YOU Jennifer Hudson and R.Kelly!)

  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO I want that game!!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Fuck yes! One of my favorites on this album.

  • Bop

    That would be funny as hell.

  • Stalkeye

    I have to snatch the rest of the album and if it’s all good, I may purchase it via amazon or iTunes. Unlike recent recording artists, this Cat is investing more talent into his work.

    So i heard you’re going to use a song from Disturbed’s catalog?

    Could it be down with the sickness? nahhh, its been done to death.

    Personally, I like Decadence, that’s mah shit right thar!

  • Tim R.R. Something

    I see I missed the fun. I’ll just say great work!

  • Stalkeye

  • Stalkeye

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Crystal Skull?

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    The Disturbed comment was a joke between Dan and I because he knows I’m not a fan. I like to poke fun at the popular rock bands of ’97-03.

    Man, the entire D’Angelo album is good. Well worth your money.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Mother Winslow is an unlockable character.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Mother Winslow is an unlockable character..

  • Stalkeye

    Thanks for the recommendation, Nick!
    I have credits left on my Amazon MP3 account, so i’ll grab the entire album just to fully support this cat.

    Hey, I like some of disturbed songs, especially their cover of Shout.
    They are a bit overrated but songs like indestructible, Fear, droppin plates, etc. is my jam.
    I hate Staind and limp Biskit with he exception of Rollin; Air Raid Assault vehicle. other than that, as my ex GF Carmella would refer to them as “Limp Dicks’. Hah-hah!

  • Mr Nick Nightly
  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • Stalkeye

    That’s sick!
    It harkens back to the good of days when Price was on top of his game.
    Now this is what Neo soul should sound like.
    Me, likeky! (0:’

  • Stalkeye

    Happy new Year! Yeah i know it’s tradition, but needless to say, that I wish my Homies of SUK all the best. So Fuck it!

  • coolhandjuke

    Celebrating another year of not getting crushed by my fat wife in the sack…

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    My lady showed my this song and I’ve been digging it.

  • Bop

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • Bop

    Just don’t get your sack crushed.

  • Bop

    You are definitely not the only one. I love that movie a lot. And Maggie Q is also in it.