Breakfast on Planet X: Unpopular Movie Opinions (+interview w. Suzy Starliner) Breakfast on Planet X: Unpopular Movie Opinions (+interview w. Suzy Starliner)
We gathered to discuss our most unpopular opinions about movies and the film biz! Which movies are loved for inexplicable reasons, which ones unfairly... Breakfast on Planet X: Unpopular Movie Opinions (+interview w. Suzy Starliner)

Life is not a popularity contest.

…as they say. That’s why today’s round on BOPX, namely Detective Dee, Ronnie James Dio, I-am-Better and “Mr. Supernaught” himself, Slate Fistcrunch, are going to reveal their most unpopular opinions about movies and artists in the film biz.

We discuss:

  • The love for which movies is inexplicable in our eyes?
  • Which movies are unfairly maligned?
  • Does having an unpopular opinion make you a troll?

….and more!

We hope for some controversy and interesting reactions!


And:  “Geek Amazons from Planet X- Episode VIII”!

BOPX has a new series: In the upcoming weeks, we will present you interviews with women from the Geek Galaxy! The interviews will be attached to our regular episodes.

Cosplayers, actresses, female comic book fans and artists, geek models and more! We give you a glimpse into the female side of geekdom!

This time, Dio interviewed Suzy Starliner, an internationally published Pin Up model, pussycat for The Klaw Mark Kittens and Go Go Dancer .


Suzy Starliner as “Alex” from “Clockwork Orange”.

Credits for this photo:
photographer- Autumn Luciano
makeup/model- Suzy Starliner
hair stylist- Va Va Valentine

Suzy Starliner

Suzy Starliner


Credits for the photos above:

photographer- Autumn Luciano
makeup artist/model- Suzy Starliner
hair stylist for gold suit- Kelly Swanson
hair stylist for black swimsuit- Stephanie Strowbridge



Suzy’s links:

Drive-In Magazine (fb)
Klaw Mark Kittens (fb)

Suzy’s Facebook
Twitter: @SuzyStarliner
Instagram: Suzy_Starliner
Official Website

The interview starts around 1:06:40!


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Detective Dee reviews movies and sometimes TV-series. He likes to indulge in the Asian cinema, exploitation flicks and the horror genre but is no stranger to Blockbuster culture either. He writes whatever he wants, but always aims to entertain.