Breakfast on Planet X: Hannibal Lecter, Pt.1 – The Movies (+ interview with Arielle Brachfeld) Breakfast on Planet X: Hannibal Lecter, Pt.1 – The Movies (+ interview with Arielle Brachfeld)
Today we discuss one of the most (in)famous movie characters ever: Hannibal Lecter! All movies featuring Lecter are thoroughly examined by Dee and his... Breakfast on Planet X: Hannibal Lecter, Pt.1 – The Movies (+ interview with Arielle Brachfeld)

This episode we discuss all movies featuring one of the most infamous, yet fascinating movie characters of all time: Hannibal Lecter!

Co-founder and editor Detective Dee and his guests Dan from the Shut Up Kids!- podcast (for which he already interviewed Manhunter– villain Tom Noonan) and TheSupernaught’s resident SciFi-buff AsimovLives examine all the movie outputs by the cannibalistic doctor, from Manhunter to Hannibal Rising.

Our favourite Hannibal- incarnation, how we rank the movies featuring Dr. Lecter, the appeal of the character …. and more!

PLUS: A few minor spoilers about the upcoming Shut Up Kids episode featuring the Nicolas Winding Refn-interview, to be published tomorrow, Wed, Feb 25th!!!

Featuring soundbits by Tom Noonan and Nicolas Winding Refn!

NEXT WEEK: Part 2- The Series- we discuss the series with Mads Mikkelsen!

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Our 5th guest is Arielle Brachfeld, an actress mainly known for her work in the Horror- and SciFi- film genre.

Arielle Brachfeld is an actress and writer, known for her work in genre films such as The Haunting of Whaley House (2012), Return of the Ghostbusters (2007), and LOVE: As You Like It (2012). She is actively involved in several charity organizations including The Horror Starlets, a genre based group that fund-raises to fight breast cancer, and The Young Storytellers Foundation which encourages literacy through the arts.

She was fortunate to grow up being surrounded by the arts and was encouraged to pursue her interests. Arielle was active in the Colorado theater and film community before making the jump to Los Angeles. (imdb)


horror starlets pic

Her project “Sock Puppet Shakespeare”
Her film Day For Night (facebook)
Her film Good Family Times, produced by Michael Biehn’s production company Blancbiehn Productions
Arielle’s imdb
Her movie The Letter Red

Arielle’s interview starts at 1:02:00

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