The Storage Dilemma: Is Physical Media Dead? The Storage Dilemma: Is Physical Media Dead?
Do you remember those days when making a trip to your local Blockbuster video store, just to rent or purchase a new released movie... The Storage Dilemma: Is Physical Media Dead?
"I'm taking it back!"

I’m taking it back!

The Storage Dilemma: is Physical Media dead?


Media Storage Pros Cons
Physical: DVD, Blu-Ray, CDs
  • Portability. You can take it anywhere and play the media at your friend’s house.
  • Looks great inside your curio cabinet.
  • Used media can be sold or given as a gift.
  • Physical discs can be lost, stolen, scratched or broken.
  • Can take up space depending on how big your collection is.
  • Can be a pain in the ass when getting up to put a disc in a player.
Digital: Streaming / Internal storage
  • Easy accessibility to files and programs. No need to take a trip to a video rental store when you can just click a remote.
  • Environmentally friendly; No physical materials such as plastic or paper needed to manufacture media.
  • Media files load faster than Discs.


  •  Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. rely on subscription fees and strong Wi-Fi bandwidth.
  • Once you purchase a movie, game, etc. you cannot sell or lend. Basically, you’re stuck with it!
  • Digital media poses a threat to brick and mortar stores and disc manufacturing businesses.


Do you remember those days when making a trip to your local Blockbuster video store, just to rent or purchase a new released movie available on DVD? Or how about buying the latest Rap, Pop or Rock Album from a record store? Ah, memories…

…Fuck that noise!

Charge Thousands of Dollars for Late return Fees eh? Karma is a Bitch indeed. Buh-bye!

Charge thousands of dollars for late return fees eh? Karma is a bitch indeed. Buh-bye!

Nowadays, it’s all about convenience. Why get out of bed, get dressed, drive or take public transportation to purchase a physical copy when you can gain access to media with just a click of a keyboard or a remote? Now that the age of the Internet is upon us, therein lies a slight dilemma for collectors and perhaps brick and mortar outlets.

Which is best or affable to the consumer? Well, that depends on the individual. If you’re into saving space by removing clutter from your curio, then it’s best to go the digital route.

Conceptual image about how a CD or DVD was then a prominent a storage  to save data, song, picture or movie

Conceptual image about how a CD or DVD was once a prominent storage device to save data, songs, pictures or movies.

However, keep in mind that digital media such as games, movies and even comics is accessible only to you via a device’s account. No lending to friends unless you give them permission to log into your account. Almost everyone here has some sort of collection that looks cool when displayed within their curio. However, is it really necessary to buy every DVD/Blu-ray and how often would you rewatch a movie or TV series? If these questions have no effect, then you’re gonna need a bigger cabinet.

As of this writing, my collection of discs is getting smaller and smaller due to the fact that they have taken up too much space and not to mention that I rarely utilize my Blu-ray player now that most of my set top devices are capable of streaming films and such.

The Incredible Shrinking Disc Collection!

The Incredible Shrinking Disc Collection!

Streaming has gained so much momentum, and most importantly, there is a shitload of content without the need for digging through one’s collection or renting discs via Redbox kiosks. Many have predicted that discs will be obsolete within the next three years and perhaps they are right!


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