DVD/Blu-Ray Releases: 6 – January – 2015 DVD/Blu-Ray Releases: 6 – January – 2015
Hey-hey everyone, Happy New Year! Dan here from the SUK. This is the first ever DVD/Blu-Ray release thingy I’m gonna do. Basically, I’ll list... DVD/Blu-Ray Releases: 6 – January – 2015

Hey-hey everyone, Happy New Year!

Dan here from the SUK. This is the first ever DVD/Blu-Ray release thingy I’m gonna do. Basically, I’ll list the main releases, write some snappy commentary about the release, link up to any reviews/articles on SN about it and you can click on the DVD if you want to buy it and then the money goes into helping SN keep growing.

It’s that simple!

If you have seen any of these films please let us know what you think in the comments and if the film is worth checking out.

Okay, let’s get this thing on the road.


I’m gonna check this one out! Who doesn’t like Idris? And its him being a bad mother fucker. So basically, Taraji Henson lets Idris into her house to make a phone call because of car troubles (has she not seen A Clockwork Orange?) and he starts terrorizing her and her family.

Yeah, biopics tend to all be the same (overcome adversity, become famous, self-destruct, get better, the end). But James Brown is pretty fucking cool. I never saw The Help, the Oscar-nominated film by the director of this (Tate Taylor) nor anything else he’s done, so not familiar with his style. Dan Akroyd is in it. Eh. He shouldn’t be acting anymore and just sell his shitty vodka. But I digress.

61WJCah4ADL._SL250_This one is top of the list for me to see for sure. John Ary discussed this one with us when he joined us to discuss 2014’s top films. Just seems like a once-in-a-lifetime movie experience. I mean, you are literally watching people grow up right in front of your eyes. Its a crazy concept and awesome that Linklater (and everyone else involved) had the guts to try it. All reviews seem to say this one is a must-see.

Wow, what the fuck! I think I have to see this on general principle. This has got to be fucking terrible yet awesome in its own way. This is a remake of the Kirk Cameron Left Behind movie (based on the book series of the same name) and deals with millions of people disappearing from Earth as a result of the rapture. How can you not want to see Nick Cage trying to land a plane after a bunch of people just got zapped off it and then running around run around New York trying to figure out what the fuck is going on?

51pnjwi9LjL._SL250_This one has the potential to be a hidden gem or utter crap. A soldier named “David” convinces a family to let him stay with them by saying he was friends with their son, who died in combat. Then people start dying. Maybe it sounds cheesy but I think something like this could be a throwback to the 80s and uses the “guest isn’t who he/she seems” plot as a way to poke fun at it.

Daniel Radcliffe is one horny dude. See what I did there? Okay, so Radcliffe’s character wakes up after a kickass drinking bender to find out he has horns growing out of his head and said horns make people confess their sins and give in to their impulses. This allows him to find who killed his girlfriend and get revenge. I like Radcliffe. I saw the dude seduce a horse in a Broadway show. Wasn’t a real horse, but still… I’ll check this one out. It actually sounds like such a batshit premise that it could work.

Yeah, probably won’t be checking this one out unless my wife wants to watch it. A dude and a chick have a one-night stand but a blizzard traps them in the dude’s apartment where they are forced to get to know each other.

Fuck yeah! One of my favorite shows on TV. While I think Season 5 wasn’t as laugh-out-loud funny as Season 4, it still delivered some great fucking laughs. Season 5 had the team trading in their espionage skills for some good ole fashion drug trafficking! If you’ve never felt inclined to watch Archer please do so. Its chockfull of great geek and music references including many trips to the “Danger Zone.”

A show about pirates produced by Michael Bay. One may be inclined to pass on this but I’ve heard very good things about this show from notorious Bay haters. No big names on this show but everyone involved seems to have some serious acting chops. Starz brought us Spartacus so its not crazy to think they could put out something pretty badass.

Yeah, no, not a fan of this show. My wife watched the first season and I caught a few minutes of it here and there and just really couldn’t fucking stand anyone on the show. Maybe that’s the purpose but I don’t care. I wonder if Season 4 will have Lena Dunham’s character admit she molested her sister and then it gets edited out of the show after it airs and causes people to say what the fuck?!?!

Have never seen an episode of this. Is this the last season of it? I think it is. Well, here it is if you want it.

This was a show that was on HBO. I only really watch HBO for Game of Thrones so only heard about this now.  Seems like its a comedy series set in San Francisco that looks at the bonding between men.

You know what was cool about Season 2 of The Bridge? No seriously, I’m asking. I’ve never seen it. Its on FX, I think. I saw the commercials for it. Anyone know if its any good?


Update #1: I totally forgot this one and am filled with much shame… Great fucking film. Just look at that DVD cover! Mifune is a badass and this is the closest thing to Kurosawa you can get without watching the real thing.

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  • ahh, images!

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I cant see any images or links.

    Otherwise you are doing the Lords work, Dan, if you intend to do a weekly column on this.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    “…about the bonding between men.”

    I’m picturing a bunch of gay dudes camping, hunting, ice fishing, etc.

  • Yeah, on the nose, ha.

  • You probably have an ad-blocker on… I put a new warning in the intro and will change some settings to avoid it altogether in the future.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Or maybe in “Girls” Lena Dunham will get drunk (again), have consensual sex with a guy, regret it, and then cry rape because poor baby can’t take responsibility for her actions.

  • Hey, if you refresh do you see the “No Good Deed” image now?

  • 1) “The Guest” represents exactly that kind of subgenre I don’t want to make a comeback. (Hand that rocks the Cradle, The Good Son…)
    2) So they put two images of Olivia Wilde on the cover of “The Longest Week”, but none of Jenny Slate?

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I thought you liked some freshly brewed sadism?

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Yes. Only one though. I guess I will have to turn ad blocker off then.

  • Archer stands heads and shoulders above everything this week.

  • No, I’m fixing them all now. I used Amazon provided links for images – which are considered ads. If I upload new images, they will appear.

  • I call them “Housewife thrillers”.

  • New season this Thursday too.

  • How about now with a refresheroo?

  • “Boyhood” and especially “Horns” are the ones I wanna see. About that James Brown-biopic…I think the only good musician biopic I’ve seen is “Walk hard”.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Cadillac Records was really good. It had all the tropes of a biopic, but there was a large focus on that great fucking music.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    That’s actually an interesting angle for a show. There are plenty of gay “man’s men” out there. Where is their representation?

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m quite interested in “Horns.”

  • I read the book a couple years ago and I thought it was fucking great. It clearly showed that talent didn’t skip a generation in the King family. And I really like Alexandre Aja’s films

  • Bop

    That James Brown biopic I will see sooner or later. That guy is a legend and had mad dancing skills.

    One of the coolest things I ever saw was Ernest The Cat Miller in WCW saying he would get James Brown in WCW. Nobody did and lo and behold: James Brown appeared.

  • Bop

    FX: The Network that promotes scum and I love it.

  • Bop

    I can’t wait for the Motley Crue bio-pic.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Dude, up until a few months ago my lady had no idea about James Brown’s dancing. Her mind was blown when I showed her some videos.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    You just solidified my viewing of the film asap.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Did you read “The Dirt?”

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Yup, that’s the puppy!

  • Bop

    Tell us how you really feel about Lea Dunham, Nick.

  • Excellent

  • Bop

    I did. I enjoyed but didn’t find them really sympathetic. Funniest thing I read was that they were scared shitless of Blackie Lawless of WASP.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Its a great rock n roll book. The part about Vince Neil’s daughter dying of cancer was upsetting.

  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    Dan!! Yay nice work but how could you miss Sword of Doom its a fucking classic!

  • Bop

    Oh, it was definitely rock and roll. McGhee had lots of headaches with them.

    As for the daughter dying of cancer. Things like that are never cool.

  • Ahhhhh shit, yeah. I had it on my list! Need to add that in.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I feel terrible for not harassing him about this. I’m expecting mine in the mail today!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I read the book just a few months after my first daughter was born so it fucked with me.

  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    yeah i want it but am going to wait for the next criterion or B&N sale…sure it will drop to the 20 mark.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I hear ya. Criterion is wonderful but that $30 price tag is tough to get past.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Dan? DAN!

  • Bop


  • Bop
  • The Real Slim Peachy

    Very nicely done, Sir!

  • coolhandjuke

    I miss fat Pam. Although, skinny Pam still had nice tits. Plus outlaw country!!

  • And also this week. The following screener dvds were released online by one very nice academy voter

    – The Hobbit The Battle of the five armies
    -American Sniper
    -The Imitation Game
    -Big Eyes
    -Into the Woods

    Good times.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Oh boy, where does one find the time!?

  • ColonHell

    It was called “Bonanza,” motherfucker.

  • Stalkeye

    Nice feature, Danny Boy!
    I enjoyed get on up for what it was and Boseman did not disappoint one bit.
    Can’t wait to see what he brings to the role of Black Panther!
    My Wife and I hated…HATED No good deed. WTF was Idris thinking? He’s much capable of having better roles; Luther, Stringer-mothafukin-Bell!!
    This was a huge letdown from the Man who should be Bond.

  • Stalkeye

    Long time no see Motherfucker! (0:<

  • hmmmmmm

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Sags take on this movie is unique…………….