Pickle Comics: Score Bored Pickle Comics: Score Bored
Pickle Comics: Score Bored

Pickle Comics: Score Bored

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Booger T

Booger T is a demented misanthrope from Ann Arbor, MI. Denzel Jefferson is Booger's brother who doesn't believe the internet is a real thing. They write Alpha Men together in their parents' station wagon over cheap vodka and stolen weed. More comics available at ihatecomics.com

  • I think JJ’s face in the last panel is saying “WTF IS A CD?!??”

  • No, that’s the face of being owned.

  • Does Williams really wear a necklace?

  • JJ wouldn’t know if he was being owned.

  • KilliK

    ROFL! that was hilarious. love how that little shit sneaks out from the double bass case.

  • KilliK

    only when he conducts.

  • gives him the extra creative swag, eh

  • I_am_better


  • I_am_better

    JJ’s entrances to the story are becoming more and more hilarious

  • Pickles always emerges from the darnest places.

  • And surreal.

  • I think he does, which is where his confidence some from, as a take that from being humiliated.

  • Ghoul Tower

    I’m out guys. PG-13. Sorry. You’ll be fine. The movie looks actually terrific tbh. I think JJ was challenged and we’re going to get a very good film. But….I won’t be seeing it. And that’s a promise. Millennial out.