Monday Morning Paperback: Captain America Monday Morning Paperback: Captain America
It’s July 4th and in honor of Independence Day or even better, the 75th anniversary of Captain America, here’s a breakdown of why he... Monday Morning Paperback: Captain America

It’s July 4th and in honor of Independence Day or even better, the 75th anniversary of Captain America, here’s a breakdown of why he is among my all-time favorite Superheroes ever!



  1. The Ameriknight:


Steve Rogers always fought for American principles and the dream but more importantly, he stands up for what he believes is righteous whether it’s turning in his shield as a refusal to work for the government or going up against his best friend Tony Stark (Civil War) when a questionable legislature demand that either superheroes register and reveal their true identity in public or be imprisoned within the Negative Zone. Cap being the conscientious objector, opposes this mandate and in doing so, goes against one of the most powerful Avengers; Iron Man!  This demonstrates Rogers’ Courage of conviction and that, is what I see as a true measure of a Hero.



  1. Leader of Earth’s mightiest Heroes, nuff said!



Although he was not a founding member of the Avengers, not only did Cap quickly assumed the role as leader, but he trained Ironman, Hawkeye, and many others in hand to hand combat. An exceptional strategist, Captain America leads the charge with the infamous battle cry: “Avengers Assemble!” Only a living legend can command a God of Thunder.


  1. One of the best threads in the Marvel Universe. FACT!©


Captain America’s uniform proudly resembles the American Flag with his red and whites centered between, for the most part, a blue motif. Co-creator and legendary Artist Jack Kirby based Cap’s cowl wings from Hermes but for the life of me, I can’t fathom his reasoning behind those buccaneer boots.


Besides protecting Rogers from bullets and other projectiles, his shield also serves as a weapon. When Captain America throws his mighty shield, to those who chose to oppose his shield best damn well yield!



  1. First interracial superhero team up (game changer!!)



During the post counter culture revolution of the 60’s African Americans became more prominent in pop culture and this was not exclusive to television and cinema. Created by Gene Colan, the Falcon debuted in Captain America # 117 (1969) and became one of Cap’s most trusted sidekicks. Sam Wilson aka The Falcon became part of one of the most recognizable crime-fighting duos but he is also the very first African American Superhero.


  1. Not as strong as Hulk or agile as Spidey but can still kick your ass!

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Cap has held his own against many opponents who at first seem to have the overall advantage, but thanks to his shield, strategic thinking, fighting skills that consist of various forms of hand to hand combat (boxing, kickboxing, and judo), and of course the super soldier serum running in his veins, Rogers can and has defeated many who would go against him.


He’s perhaps the ultimate fighting machine who doesn’t need to rely on a magic hammer, trick arrows, adamantium claws or a utility belt to lay the smackdown on criminals, supervillains, terrorists, and other various evildoers.


A man of principles who always fight the good fight, when the duel is due for the red, white and blue.

Happy 75th to the living legend of Comicdom: Captain America!



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