Ghostbusters 3 (Pages 10-12) Ghostbusters 3 (Pages 10-12)
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Booger T

Booger T is a demented misanthrope from Ann Arbor, MI. Denzel Jefferson is Booger's brother who doesn't believe the internet is a real thing. They write Alpha Men together in their parents' station wagon over cheap vodka and stolen weed. More comics available at

  • I_am_better

    The Venkman!!!!

  • That nerd with the bowtie hahahahaha can’t stop laughing at him

  • franks_television

    Pretty amazing stuff.

  • Orcus

    Outstanding work so far. You might want to post a link to the first part for easier access. Also, when you are done, you might want to compile this into a PDF to have it as something all inclusive.

    How is this done? So far it looks like scanned pencil work for the base. Was it inked by hand or through photoshop or similar prog?

  • CoolHandJuke

    someone should shoot Peter so he can come back as a ghost and save the day at the end and also bring Jesus with him…