The Supernaughts family welcomes their newest member, Devin Faraci! The Supernaughts family welcomes their newest member, Devin Faraci!
Times change. People change. Therefore, websites change. Two years ago, The Supernaughts were close to shutting down. Thanks to Scott’s dedication, we were able... The Supernaughts family welcomes their newest member, Devin Faraci!

Times change. People change. Therefore, websites change.

Two years ago, The Supernaughts were close to shutting down. Thanks to Scott’s dedication, we were able to continue our geek-centric writing and podcasting with the help of crowdfunding – thanks to all the contributors again! Due to some clever money management by Scott we could even prolong our contract with the webhost for another year and more than fulfil all the promises we included in our crowdfunding plea.

But now that the end of the second year is looming -end of September 2017- I had to look out for other ways that guaranteed a continued existence of our little pop-culture niche in the web, or just close the chapter “SN” and be thankful for all the fun we had.

Forntunately, I really found an investor who agreed to sustain our site on condition that he could publish his own articles under our banner, which is actually a win-win situation as he is a brilliant writer and observer of pop culture.

This investor is none other than online geek legend and founder of BMD, Devin Faraci.

I know what you are thinking. But hear me out. I myself have made negative, even hateful comments about Faraci in the past. Which were, to be fair, not unearned, as we know by now. But I did not choose “People change” for no reason as intro. Because they do.

* A new site…a new man? *

In case I have not lost you by now -and I really hope I have not- you should probably know that I am not one who falls for tacky “self-reinvention” and “a man reborn” cliches, too many celebrity- drug rehab and “aggression therapy” stories turned me rather disillusioned in that regard. Ask my fellow Supernaughts and they will assure you that I am, with all my faults, a very sceptical and cautious person.

But I am also open-mined towards anything and was willing to give D. Faraci a fair chance, that’s why we sat down for a lengthy, very candid and intense Skype-chat that should decide if his future as Supernaught could be deemed as feasible for me.

With his permission, I will now present you excerpts of transcripts of our conversation and I hope I can demonstrate why I agreed to our future collaboration and maybe, just maybe, make you understand or even appreciate the human behind the name Devin Faraci, whom I now have the honour to call “friend”.

“Yes, in the beginning, I was really a mess. No, not just a mess, even worse, a cliched mess!” he says after I brutally confronted him with his past misdeeds and explained my stance of not buying into the usual “self-reinvention” hokum, “I really went through the whole program: the so-called sensitivity training, aggression therapy, even a few AA meetings […] I was desperate. Could it be that, my whole life, I have never been who I thought I am? Was my commitment to the social cause just a compensation for character weaknesses, a mask I did not only put on in front of others, but also when I looked into the mirror? One of the worst lies is being insincere to yourself […]”

“I am aware, fully aware, that I will be confronted with what I did -and you know what I did, I won’t use any of the oh-so ‘cute’ expressions such as ‘pussy grabbing’ twitter users and the media came up with- for my whole life, but that is okay, I deserved it. I know people don’t realize that this behaviour rather hurts the victim than me […] but unfortunately I am literally the last person who could, or should, do anything about that right now.”


“[…] I still shed tears over what I did sometimes […] but I realized that my tears serve no one but myself, fed my narcissism and self-pity […] The thought came to me that if the Devin who did that horrible thing was a part of my true self, then the other Devin, the enthusiastic geek and proponent of social justice […] yes, I know it has become a derogatory expression for some reason […] must be part of my true self as well. Would using my strengths for the good cause, my dedication and my writing talent not be a more adequate, productive and sensible kind of atonement?“

“I am still on my Nepal trip, but I did follow geek news on my phone […] once hooked, addict for life, I guess [laughs]. The whitewashing in Hollywood movies is still an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. When interacting with all these humble and friendly Nepalese women and men here, Hollywood’s arrogant stance towards Asian people hits me twice as hard and on a personal level. […] If you really want to change, be sure you are willing to make a difference where you can.“

“I am also fully aware that it wont be easy to earn the necessary trust again, no it will be the toughest task of my life but that is good and worth the effort. My hope is that I can win it back step by step under the tutelage of Dee. I am extremely excited at the prospect  collaborate with him, Scott Colbert, IAB and maybe, in near future, Drew […] oops, did I spill the beans? [laughs]”


I don’t know if I need to add anything. If we can grant Mel Gibson absolution for his missteps, then we can forgive Devin too. In both cases, it would be a sin to leave those extraordinary talents withering away. I cannot wait to read your thoughts in the comment section.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahtama Gandhi

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Published on April 1st, 2017


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