Say it loud! The greatest Black characters of Cinema Say it loud! The greatest Black characters of Cinema
Stalks, Dee and Bop crown their favourite black movie characters! #BlackHistoryMonth Say it loud! The greatest Black characters of Cinema

So, after my great article “The Revolution will now be televised” I decided to do a follow-up and since we’re still in the month of February which is Black History month, why the hell not?

This time however, I’ve enlisted two among my coolest “Badass” cats & colleagues since Talkbacker-Bop and Dee and we’re here to list our picks for the greatest Black characters of Cinema!

Remember, these picks are from our own personal opinions so you fuckers have no choice but to grin and bear it ya Jive Turkeys. Buahuha!

Let’s get this party started with the main Meng, who is an aficionado of obscure actions films and television.


Wesley Snipes as Blade in Blade  (protagonist)

"Some Motherfuckers always tryin to up skate icehill".

“Some Motherfuckers always tryin to up skate icehill”.


Need I say more? I saw this movie in the cinema and the sheer badassness in the opening scene will never ever be trumped. I will never ever see something like that in the cinema again.
Not only that, the movie was very enjoyable and it has been said a lot of times and I will repeat it. Marvel should thank Wesley Snipes on their hands and knees for showing you can make a good comic adaptation and for saving Marvel’s ass. Too bad Marvel let its ass get fucked by the mouse.

Pam Grier as Coffy in Coffy (protagonist)


Lovely Pam Grier. Need I say more? Girl power right there. Should have gotten morerespect than she received.

Danny Glover as Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon series (protagonist)


I miss movies like Lethal Weapon. That movie had it all. Part of why the movie was cool was definitely the Roger Murtaugh character. “I am too old for this shit” might even be one of the most famous movies lines ever. Roger Murtaugh was a no-nonsense, level-headed character that kept crazy Martin Riggs in line. Not an easy task.

Fred Williamson as Nick in Vigilante  (Supporting character)


This was the first time I ever saw Fred Williamson in a movie. The guy was an asskicking machine taking care of scum roaming the streets. Nothing short of a real life superhero if you ask me. I am even wondering if this guy was the first black badass I saw in a movie, because I saw this movie at a young age.

Steve James as Sgt. Curtis Jackson in American Ninja 1 + 2, (supporting character)


Looking back at Fred Williamson, the other candidate for the first black badass I ever saw in a movie might as well have been Steve James. That guy was cool, badass and very charismatic. I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed the first 2 American Ninja movies as much if Steve James hadn’t been in it.

He added a whole new level of coolness to those movies. It is a shame Steve James never got a supporting role in a Jackie Chan movie and shame on that, Jackie, because Steve James wanted to make a movie with you badly and you didn’t give him a chance.

Richard Roundtree as Shaft in the Shaft franchise (protagonist)


Not the Samuel L Jackson one, hell no. The Richard Roundtree one. It is unbelievable how many times I still use the expression “Don’t jive me, man.” Roundtree brought a certain coolness to Shaft movies that was never duplicated. All those annoying lotion boy, Twilight-like, charisma vacuums of actors of today wish they had
a scintilla of the coolness Richard Roundtree has.

Julius J. Carry III as Sho Nuff in The Last Dragon  (antagonist)


If you can’t answer the question: “Who is the master?” you missed out on something cool in your life.
If you call yourself a movie fanatic and don’t know Sho Nuff your movie fanatic card will be revoked. It is a crime of the highest order. Sho Nuff was a badass bad guy with style and he was the Shogun Of Harlem, damnit!

Without Julius J. Carry III, The Last Dragon would have been a boring movie and he totally stole the show. It is a shame he never got another chance to be a great bad guy. In fact, why the fuck was there never a Shogun of Harlem origin movie?

Jim Kelly as Williams in Enter the Dragon (supporting character)

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly was the reason I’ve always wanted an afro. Unfortunately my hair was never good enough to have an afro and it is something I will have to accept, damnit.
How cool it would have been… Anyway, Enter the Dragon was a movie that I enjoyed more because of Jim Kelly than Bruce Lee. That is how cool Jim Kelly was in that movie.
And I am sure that if you ask people who saw the movie whom they remember from that movie Jim Kelly will definitely be one of them.
Jim Kelly as Black Belt Jones in Black Belt Jones


I love this movie. It is not the best movie around, but Black Belt Jones was a cool character.
Cool look, charisma and Blaxploitation cinema as good as it gets. At least in my opinion. Jim Kelly needs to be mentioned twice because he is Jim Kelly, the coolest cat in the building.

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  • I_am_better
  • Jack Randomm

    Where the fuck is Lando?

  • I_am_better

  • Dee

    Yeah Stalks already chose him for his favourite Star Wars characters. I would have liked to write more, sadly I’m a little sick at the moment.

  • I_am_better
  • Leon Isaac Kennedy as Too Sweet in the Penitentiary movies.

  • KilliK
  • CoolHandJuke

    enough of Blade. Snipes’ best role was Willie Mays Hayes…

  • CoolHandJuke


  • Bop

    Bloody hell. How could I forget Roger Hill as Cyrus in The Warriors?

  • Stalkeye

    Y’know Jack, I asked myself the same question while watching The Force Awakens.

  • Stalkeye

    It happens to the best of us meng. There was so many to choose from that only a few will slip through the cracks.

  • Stalkeye

    There can never be enough of Blade…!
    Well after watching Trinity, I said “that’s a fucking wrap! Enough of this shit”!

  • Stalkeye

    You know it’s not a official Blaxploitation trailer if Adolph Ceaser isn’t doing the narration. (;’

  • Stalkeye

    Great choice, K!
    Its funny that AIP was the predecessor to Canon Films.
    JC should’ve added more of TT’s coolness to the Duke of NY who only had a few snippets of dialogue here and there.

  • I_am_better

    And the movie has Nichelle Nichols and Yaphet Kotto as the villains!

  • Stalkeye

    Before the Punisher and the A-Team, the was Gordon’s War!

  • Stalkeye

    <—-Smacks self in the head for not doing a full Blaxploitation piece.
    I need to re watch Turner soon. Tis been awhile y'know.

  • CoolHandJuke

    is Black Devil Doll supposed to be a real movie, or just softcore porn disguised as a commercial?

  • KilliK
  • Stalkeye

    Paul Winfield had a decent career and I yes, Lt. Traxler is one of my favorite JC supporting characters.
    It was sad to see him go in the director’s cut of Terminator.

    Paul kicked ass as Gordon who can be compared as The Black version of Exterminator (Robert Ginty Avco film 1980.) Highly recommended!

  • Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction
    Frank Lucas in American Gangster
    Alonzo Harris in Training Day
    Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave
    Django in Django Unchained

  • Stalkeye

    Great Picks, Moonie!
    Although I already dropped Jules in my section, I would have easily placed Lucas, Django and Alonzo in the mix had it not been for time and space. (Article wise.)

  • Also,
    Ellis Boyd Redding in the Shawshank Redemption
    and that dude in Hotel Rwanda. 🙂

  • Stalkeye

    Oh, “we” have something planned for Redding soon. (0:<
    *Rubs hands while grinning*

  • I loved the best of 2016 article. LOL! Too many Mad Max fans. Great cinematography but I didn’t like the film. What do you think about the Bridge of Spies? 🙂

  • Stalkeye

    Didn’t get around to it although my good friend Tarmac offered me passes to catch the screening awhile ago. Eventually, I’ll get around to it.

  • You should absolutely watch it. Fantastic film with some great acting. One of Spielberg’s serious and intelligent masterpieces. 🙂

  • Jen ❤️

    So dig the way you write – you even make characters I do not know into something I do 😉

  • KilliK

    heh, Bishop cared too much about his partner. I wonder if Jim intended some kind of hidden homoerotic attraction between those two.

  • Scopedog

    Man, Stalkeye….all three of you hit this one out of the park and past the motherf#@!ing moon. Well done!

    And speaking of Black Dynamite….go and check out the animated series ASAP. But don’t blame me if you rupture something from laughing!

  • Stalkeye

    Thanks, Bro!
    I really have to give props to both Bop who despite having a very busy schedule, stepped up and gave more than I asked for and Dee who was feeling under the weather, dropped 2 interesting picks, edited and added a last minute suggestion.

    They do me proud.

    I have added Black Dynamite to my Hulu plus queue. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  • Stalkeye

    Hey, J gud to see ya after all these years!

  • Stalkeye

    Well, I heard that Winfield was Gay in real life so anything’s possible.

  • Jen ❤️

    hmpf….;) even got an avi change since I last saw u 10 years ago! 😀

  • Stalkeye

    That avi, my dear, is in honor of Black History Month and my upcoming article based on the first Black Superhero. Since its the last day of BHM, I might as well end it on a cool footnote. (0=

  • Jen ❤️

    Well, as u know I am a Stalks avi groupie :D…its quite smashing!

  • Stalkeye

    Awww, ya makin me blush, Jenz. (0=
    If anything, I pride myself on the video promotional material which is a labour of love. Happy to see u around these parts and needless to say, I hope all is great!

  • Jen ❤️

    well, its always gud stalks ;)….and yeah – all is perfectly well, and u would know wot i mean 😉

  • Stalkeye

    Gud to hear and i know exactly wot you mean. (0=

  • Stalkeye

    Anyone who can kick Half Dead’s ass, deserves a mention!

    Nothing is as scary as a Big Mofo saying-“You my stuff”!!!

  • Jen ❤️

    *hugs 😉

  • KilliK

    yeah, he was gay.

  • Dennis O’Keefe

    Bishop is the name of Lance Henriksen’s character in Aliens. Do you take lessons to be this clueless?

  • Stalkeye
  • Indrid Cold

    The O.G.