StudioHEAD #52 StudioHEAD #52
In this supersized edition of StudioHEAD, we tackle with complex subjects such as healthcare, dangers of caffeine, the afterlife and script revisions. StudioHEAD #52

Hi. Just a little backstory for this extra-long installment first. A large portion of this comic originates from about 4 years ago. I drew about 7 pages worth of a story that was, at the time, titled “Patient X”. I can’t recall exactly how it got it’s start, but after those seven pages I got kinda sidetracked with other things and then didn’t remember anymore what the end of it was supposed to be. If I even HAD any idea for an ending.

But anyway – this week I was skimming through the old files again, and when I was reading this I had a breakthrough and finally found my ending. So here it is:




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