Spinning Headlines – Week 5: Weekend Box Office, Superbowl Trailers, DGA Awards, Ryan Murphy’s next anthologies, Headshot, new Freddy Krueger-documentary… Spinning Headlines – Week 5: Weekend Box Office, Superbowl Trailers, DGA Awards, Ryan Murphy’s next anthologies, Headshot, new Freddy Krueger-documentary…
This time; the multitude of Superbowl Trailers, Weekend Box Office, the ASC Awards and the DGA Awards, a new Freddy Krueger-documentary in the making,... Spinning Headlines – Week 5: Weekend Box Office, Superbowl Trailers, DGA Awards, Ryan Murphy’s next anthologies, Headshot, new Freddy Krueger-documentary…

Hi there. Super-sunday has passed, and I guess there’s no better way to start going through this past week’s news than take a look at some of those bigly expensive Superbowl-ads for some upcoming films/TV-series and provide some commentary on them.


I guess the main thing that’s revealed/hinted in this one is that both Michael Rooker‘s Yondu AND Karen Gillan‘s Nebula pretty much seem to be a part of the team here. At least momentarily.

Eleven lives!!! Not that that was really a surprise for anyone. And what the fuck is that Cthulhu-like giant monster that’s glimpsed there? Halloween seems like almost a too-distant time at the moment, but I guess one has to try and manage…

This one had not that much new footage; maybe some little scene extensions and some more tension between Jason Statham‘s Deckard Shaw and the team – especially Hobbs. That’s still my biggest question about this film: how in the hell does Kurt Russell‘s Mr. Nobody get these opposite forces to work together after what went down in “Fast 7“…? Maybe they will go full meta and have him inject Statham with some micro-explosive?

Welcome to another episode of “Michael Bay’s Cinematic Collection of Fetishes“. Kinda amusing to see a post-Westworld Anthony Hopkins to deal with another War of the Machines, though… Oh – and Michael Bay wrote a long-ish open letter last week, saying that this will really, really, honestly be the last time he’s going to direct one of these.

You know what’s amusing? That it took them until the end of the second teaser to give any kind of glimpse at Johnny Depp‘s Jack Sparrow. It almost feels as if even Disney sort of realized that the audience MIGHT have grown tired of this character by now. I don’t have anything else to say bout this, what I didn’t say in a Facebook-comment earlier today already: “Based on that trailer, I’d be willing to bet that Geoffrey Rush gets killed in the beginning, and then they have to track Jack Sparrow down because untold unnecessary backstory Black Pearl something something ancient curse mystical artifact blah blah blah…

Nothing much new here – pretty much just a truncated version the previous few teasers.

I only just now realized that “John Wick: Chapter 2” is this years’ Valentine’s Day-weekend movie. Last year it was “Deadpool“. Am I detecting a subtle change in the studios’ reaction towards that holiday? Maybe not filling it with awkward and corny romantic comedies and giving people movies they REALLY wanna see could actually turn to be profitable…?

Nothing much new here. Maybe a longer glimpse at Stephen Merchant as Caliban? Some added moments where Professor X is using the last of his remaining psychic powers?

Well, this caught me by complete surprise. This one was completely off my radar for some reason. There’s also a fairly new complete trailer out for this one – I’m just wondering if it’s actually spoiling the plot a little bit too much:

Sort of like a “Gravity” meets “Alien“, is it not? Might be interesting…

…aaaand then there’s that one.



1 1 Split Uni. $14,424,195 -43.8% 3,373 +174 $4,276 $98,540,660 $9 3
2 N Rings Par. $13,002,632 2,931 $4,436 $13,002,632 $25 1
3 2 A Dog’s Purpose Uni. $10,509,170 -42.3% 3,178 +119 $3,307 $32,610,435 $22 2
4 3 Hidden Figures Fox $10,189,588 -27.2% 3,401 +50 $2,996 $119,491,683 $25 7
5 5 La La Land LG/S $7,372,066 -39.7% 3,236 +100 $2,278 $118,228,990 $30 9
6 4 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter SGem $4,701,302 -65.4% 3,104 $1,515 $22,053,077 $40 2
7 7 Sing Uni. $4,052,190 -36.8% 2,293 -409 $1,767 $262,878,670 $75 7
8 6 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Par. $3,875,479 -54.9% 2,478 -1,173 $1,564 $40,200,366 $85 3
9 N The Space Between Us STX $3,775,596 2,812 $1,343 $3,775,596 $30 1
10 14 Lion Wein. $3,760,097 +60.1% 1,405 +830 $2,676 $24,465,771 11

You got to hand it to him: when M. Night Shyamalan is back, he’s really BACK. “Split” took the pole position wor the third consecutive week – beating the over-a-year-in-release date-limbo second sequel to “The Ring“-remake, “Rings“. Then again, this was not a particularly profitable weekend, mostly due to that little sports-event on Sunday. I guess the most amusing box office-news of this weekend is, that the “Resident Evil“-franchise passed the collective income of $1 billion this weekend…



Directors Guild gave out it’s awards and here’s the complete list of winners:

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Feature Film

Damien Chazelle – “La La Land”

Outstanding Directorial Achievement of a First-Time Feature Film Director for 2016

Garth Davis – “Lion”

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series

Miguel Sapochnik – “Game of Thrones,” “The Battle of the Bastards

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television and Miniseries

Steven Zaillian – “The Night Of,” “The Beach”

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series

Becky Martin – “Veep,” “Inauguration”

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Variety/Talk/News/Sports (Regularly Scheduled Programming)

Don Roy King – “Saturday Night Live,” “Host: Dave Chappelle”

Variety/Talk/News/Sports (Specials)

Glenn Weiss – The 70th Annual Tony Awards

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs

J. Rupert Thompson – “American Grit,” “The Finale – Over the Falls”

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children’s Programs

Tina Mabry – “An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win”

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials

Derek Cianfrance

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary

Ezra Edelman – “O.J.: Made in America”


No surprises there. I am glad that Miguel Sapochnik got the recognition for his work on “Game of Thrones”. Though – In my mind he really shares that award for both of those final two episodes of season 6…because that first 16 minutes of the season finale was some of the most hypnotically intense slow-burn I’ve seen filmed in a LONG time.



Ryan Murphy just keeps on rolling on the anthology-series train, doesn’t he? After both “American Horror Story” and “American Crime Story” comes “Feud: Bette and Joan” – the first installment of a new anthology series, that centers on the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) during the filming of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” and after filming ended. I guess there are enough of legendary feuds to keep this one rolling on for many, many seasons if it attracts enough of an audience.

Speaking of Murphy, another season of “American Crime Story” – titled “Katrina: American Crime Story” – is also in the works, this time focusing on the Hurricane Katrina(the name kinda gave that away) and it’s aftermath. The latest news on that is the casting of Annette Bening as Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana at the time.



Here you have your first glimpse of Alicia Vikander as the latest generation of the Archaeologist/adventuress/heiress Lara Croft, from the actresses fansites Twitter-account.



The American Society of Cinematographers  also handed out their annual awards and here’s the list of the nominees/winners:

Theatrical Release Category

  • Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS, “Lion” – WINNER
  • James Laxton, “Moonlight”
  • Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC, “Silence”
  • Linus Sandgren, FSF, “La La Land”
  • Bradford Young, ASC, “Arrival”

Spotlight Category

  • Lol Crawley, BSC, “Childhood of a Leader”
  • Gorka GómezAndreu, AEC, “House of Others” – WINNER
  • Ernesto Pardo, “Tempestad”
  • Juliette van Dormael, “Mon Ange” (“My Angel”)

Regular Series for Non-Commercial Television

  • John Conroy, “Penny Dreadful” (The Day Tennyson Died)
  • David Dunlap, “House of Cards” (Chapter 45)
  • Anette Haellmigk, “Game of Thrones” (Book of the Stranger)
  • Neville Kidd, “Outlander” (Prestonpans)
  • Fabian Wagner, BSC, “Game of Thrones” (Battle of the Bastards) – WINNER

Regular Series for Commercial Television

  • Tod Campbell, “Mr. Robot” (0_unm4sk-pt1.tc) – WINNER
  • John Grillo, “Preacher” (Finish the Song)
  • Kevin McKnight, “Underground” (The Macon 7)
  • Christopher Norr, “Gotham” (Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze)
  • Richard Rutkowski, “Manhattan” (Jupiter)

Movie, Miniseries, or Pilot for Television

  • Balazs Bolygo, HSC, BSC, “Harley and the Davidsons” (Amazing Machine)
  • Paul Cameron, ASC, “Westworld” (The Original)
  • Jim Denault, ASC, “All The Way”
  • Alex Disenhof, “The Exorcist” (Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee)
  • Igor Martinovic, “The Night Of” (Subtle Beast) – WINNER



This might be something interesting. Robert Englund has always been very open and candid about his career, and this might be the final tell-all about his time as Freddy Krueger – focusing especially on the makeup-aspect of it. Very interested to see this one.



Well, it hasn’t got Gareth Evans sitting in the director’s chair, but this new Iko Uwais-starring action movie sure looks to be as aggressive and hard-hitting as the “Raid“-films.



I dunno, actually – the Falcons fucking up a solid lead in the second half of the game…?


That is all.


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