Spinning Headlines – Week 32: Rock vs. Diesel, Old Man Logan, Rogue One, Denis Villeneuve, Dolph Lundgren, Star Trek: Discovery, Luke Cage… Spinning Headlines – Week 32: Rock vs. Diesel, Old Man Logan, Rogue One, Denis Villeneuve, Dolph Lundgren, Star Trek: Discovery, Luke Cage…
In this edition of the Spinning Headlines: The Rock vs. Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman looking Old, the new "Rogue One"-trailer as well as trailers... Spinning Headlines – Week 32: Rock vs. Diesel, Old Man Logan, Rogue One, Denis Villeneuve, Dolph Lundgren, Star Trek: Discovery, Luke Cage…

Hi. Another week has passed and it’s time for the annual “bullshit – or not?“-session. So without more jabbering, let’s get to it:

Of course the big talk of the week came from the last week of filming “Fast 8“, when DwayneThe Rock” Johnson made an uncharacteristically venomous Instagram-post, fully calling an unnamed male castmember an “unprofessional chickenshit candy-ass” (if I quoted that quite right).

The day after, news broke quickly that the target of this rant was Star/Producer Vin Diesel, and his diva-like attitude on set. And a lot of the crew quickly took sides with The Rock on this matter. There was a report that the two had some sort of an emergency meeting to try and patch things up, and Rock later released another post to try and cool things down a little.

And the latest to add in this is Diesel, now saying that he will “tell everything” soon enough.

Whatever this is, it just all reeks of kids in the sandbox. But you can’t say it’s not been entertaining. Gotta love the social media XD



The look that Hugh Jackman has in his latest Instagram post from the set of “Wolw3rine – or what ever they will end up calling it” says it all. Logan has seen better days. Also, Patrick Stewart told ITV this week that his character Charles Xavier will be “A very different Charles Xavier, that’s all I’m allowed to say. Nothing like the Charles Xavier you’ve seen in the past” and that this might be “the end of this franchise for me.” But he was fast to point out that “the thing about science fiction and fantasy is that you can never, ever say it’s the end, it’s over.



Look – I was sold on “Rogue One” the minute I learned of Donnie Yen being in it as a blind Samurai who mows down stormtroopers left, right and center. That was the ticket for me.




…it now turns out that there’s yet another “Star Wars“-universe backstory we’re about to see. Per The Wrap comes the news that the Alden Ehrenreich-starring, Young Han Solo-centric spinoff-movie is now casting for a young Lando Calrissian. So I guess we’ll get to learn the circumstances of how Han won the Millennium Falcon for himself.




The third “Bad Boys“-movie, to be directed by Joe Carnahan (“Smokin’ Aces”, “Stretch“) – now re-titled as “Bad Boys For Life” got it’s release date moved to January 12, 2018. This was due to both Sony shuffling the release dates of it’s other titles as well as Will Smith‘s busy schedule. Which was kinda a given – I can’t imagine Martin Lawrence having a busy filming schedule. Do you?



And no – it’s not a remake of the Charlie Sheen-film. Here’s the full lowdown of what this is about:

When mysterious spacecrafts touch down across the globe, an elite team – lead by expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) – is brought together to investigate. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers – and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity. In theatres Nov 11, 2016




I have not seen a single episode of The CW’s “Arrow“. Not one. But for this I actually might have to tune in: in the Television Critics Associations press tour the producers of the show broke news that Dolph Lundgren has been cast in the show to play an as yet-unnamed antagonist in the seasons Russia-set flashbacks (I have no idea what this means – I guess the regular viewers can fill me in as to what this flashback-business means) for three episodes, and he will have a fight with Arrow, says executive producer Wendy Mericle, “That fight will be one for the ages. They’re going to go and have a big old brawl.“.




During that same TCA press tour, showrunner Bryan Fuller gave some details on the upcoming TV-revival of “Star Trek“, “Star trek: Discovery”. Let’s just go through some of them in order:

  •  the series will have a 13 episode first season (and as Fuller has said before, will tell one continuous story).
  • will be set in the “prime” universe — meaning not in the J.J. Abrams movie universe — and takes place 10 years before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission.
  • will examine a “tantalizing” event already established in Star Trek lore, but not yet seen in any incarnations (your guess is a good as mine here – maybe the Romulan War and the creation of the Neutral Zone?).
  • will feature a human female lead, as well as “respect the already-established tradition of diversity in the casting of ‘Star Trek’

The filming is set to begin soon, so casting announcements can be “expected in the following weeks”. “Star Trek: Discovery” will make its debut on CBS in 2017. Subsequent episodes will be made available exclusively on paid SVOD service, CBS All Access.



So here’s the trailer of director Fede Alvarez‘s second feature film following his slightly underwhelming 2013 “Evil Dead“-remake. Looks to be very close to the visual style of that film, but at least THIS doesn’t have the enormous baggage of following in the footsteps of some major cult classics. So maybe this time we’ll see what Alvarez is really made of?



Kinda speaks for itself, doesn’t it?




The latest actor – which would be about the 6th one in the last two year – to be attached to play the lead role in the forever-in-development hell “The Crow“-remake/reboot/whatever is Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa. Yup – you read that right. From purely a visual standpoint, this seems like such a bad miscasting that it almost seems Relativity Media is pulling a Luthor.

We’ll see – this is still an “in talks” type news.



Looking good. The full synopsis for Netflix’s “Luke Cage“:

After a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City. But he is soon pulled out of the shadows and must fight a battle for the heart of his city – forcing him to confront a past he had tried to bury.




Sooooo – the current cast roster for the Gary Ross-written/directed, Steven Soderbergh-produced reboot of his own “Ocean’s”-remake franchise was announced by WB and it goes as follows: Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, with new additions of Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina.

As you shirley can count, that’s seven names. I guess the eighth Ocean will be announced soon, as the filming is set to start in New York in October.

There’s also still time to add Chris Hemsworth as a goofy supporting character.




Yes – the in-development 2nd reboot of the “Friday the 13th“-franchise (still coming from Michael Bay’s Platidum Dunes, mind you) has a director. He’s Breck Eisner, whom you might remember from such classics as “Sahara”, The Crazies”-remake and “The Last Witch Hunter”.

So they have that going for them.

Which is nice.




Well – that must be the news that Brad Pitt is desperately trying to court David Fincher as the director for the sequel of “World War Z (I wonder what they’re gonna call that one? World War II Z?)

Jesus Harold Christ. I hope that the current trend of Fincher’s projects being falling off to the wayside (at HBO and other places) has not made him desperate enough to accept this. And why does that movie cry for a sequel anyways?

I mean – with, for example, THIS cult-classic in the making to be crazing our cinema screens shortly and all:


That is all.

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  • Apparently Donald Glover is the first choice to play Lando.

  • I_am_better

    The funny crazy science guy in “The Martian”?
    I can see that. Kinda.

  • Captain Genius

    Awkwafina huh………i hate people

  • I_am_better

    Sounds like a sound effect from a Don Martin comic-strip

  • Captain Genius

    vin and the rock need to just fuck already and get it over with

  • Foster Breadford

    Z2 World War United

  • Tim XXL

    Star Trek peaks my curiousity.

  • Why isn’t Disney making a big deal about the female leads in their upcoming Star Wars films.

    Because Gal Gadot, Paul Feig , and others like them are trying to pass themselves off as being originals…..

  • I think Rock is pissed because he wanted to make that witch hunter movie, but Vin got the part ….

  • Frimmel

    “Rogue One” aside from the beauty shots of the Death Star and Star Destroyers looks like a generic shaky-cam action movie. No cellar and a low ceiling.

  • Frimmel

    Star Trek sounds like they completely don’t get what the hell the point of the diversity in TOS was about. Sulu and Uhura aren’t on the bridge to fill a quota on a diversity checklist. That’s not the vision of the future being pushed.

  • Frimmel

    Will Luke Cage have a bunch of the same directors as Daredevil? I quit season two a few episodes in because of the shaky-cam style. Looks like for every locked down scene they’ve got one where they bounce it around.

  • CoolHandJuke

    We need to figure out an 8 style version of fuck, marry, kill for the Ocean’s movie…

  • Dee-abolik

    Jackman’s make up is too good. He doesn’t look like a movie-badass-old-man like JK Simmons but like a real decrepit old man from the street. Was that the intention…

  • Bop

    I am surprised by Rock’s lashing out at Diesel, but I guess Diesel had it coming.

  • Bop

    The Don’t Breathe trailer looks cool. Might be a cool movie.

  • Bop

    Am I the only one who likes Momoa? Looks like a perfect fit for The Crow.

  • Bop

    Luke Cage needs to be living among the pimps and hos.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    It’s not makeup. He’s just let himself go in the past few years.

  • KilliK

    and he has cancer.

  • KilliK


  • CoolHandJuke

    I want his dick in me!

  • KilliK

    I bet.

  • Toruk_Makto


    The whole Star Wars scenario reminds me of a talented DJ (Lucas) and his not-so-talented cousin Maurice (Abrams,[insert other jabrones here] etc.) who wants to be a DJ…but just doesn’t possess the requisite sensibilities.

    Constantly, Maurice harasses and begs the DJ to let him play on one of his sets and that he has “So many awesome ideas” regarding musical arrangements.Periodically the DJ will say to him
    “Okay, let me hear what you would do.”

    Maurice will then go on about all the ‘cool combinations’ he would do with this band and that guy or this woman.

    Invariably the DJ would cringe and attempt to explain to him why most of these combinations would be acoustically horrific.

    “You have a lot of great picks for songs…in and of themselves. But you’re not seeing…or hearing how that does not guarantee they will compliment one another musically. A good set should flow from one song to the next like paragraphs in a novel. The theme of the songs, while not literally the same, should at least feel the same in a tonal sense. The melodic dissonance should be kept to a minimum by ebbing and flowing as opposed to sudden, jarring breaks. Unless..there is a very good reason for changing the mood.

    Does that make sense? How while you can put anything together…it doesn’t necessarily mean you should put them together? “ The DJ explains.

    The DJ watches as his explanation attempts to permeate Maurice’s cranium. He affixes the DJ with his customary vacant stare as the payload is delivered and the process concludes. Multiple blinks and a shake of the head are the tell-tale signs that once again, comprehension of this dynamic…was not achieved.

    “I don’t know man, I still think it’d be great.” Maurice says.

    “Yeah…well feel to do it on your own set, but not on mine.” The DJ replies.

    One day the DJ has an especially important gig and lets Maurice tag along. The gig is going well. The dance floor is full, the music is pumping. As Maurice stands by his side the DJ hopes that what he is doing is educational in some way to his cousin. Midway through…the DJ’s stomach starts to twitch violently. Something he ate at the party is obviously not sitting well. He realizes that he isn’t going to make the whole set without dealing with this so he is forced to entrust Maurice with things while he goes to the bathroom.

    “Just follow the play-list I have laid out, you’ll be fine!” He bellows as he stumbles away towards the rest room.

    In a stall the DJ is hunched, grunting and groaning as the muted music he left playing suddenly stops. He raises his head…wondering what could have happened. Technical issue?

    As new music begins to play he realizes with dread that matters are far, far worse. In what seems like an eternity later, the DJ emerges from the rest-room, brow damp with perspiration, to see that indeed Maurice has taken the reigns and is going to town.

    It is every bit the shit-show the DJ was afraid it would be.

    Salt-N-Pepa’s “push it” smashes headlong into Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” which all-too-quickly is run over by Los del Rio’s “Macarena”.

    The arrangement is a musical catastrophe, an acoustic monstrosity, an abomination to the cultured ear…but the crowd doesn’t even seem to notice or care. They continue to bee-bop along as they did earlier. Oblivious or apathetic.

    Maurice notices the DJ and with a slack-jawed grin gives him an enthusiastic thumbs up.

    The DJ…in shock…wonders why he even bothered to give a damn all these years.

  • Toruk_Makto

    In other news…Chelsea gets her tits out on Netflix and they are lovely : ).
    Naked female talk show hosts…Another reason why Netflix >>>>> all the rest.

  • I_am_better

    I don’t dislike him. Just seems a bit too “built” to be The Crow

  • I_am_better

    Diesel was one of the prime reasons James Wan left the series after directing just part 7. Well – that AND the otherwise already insanely stressing production

  • Dee-abolik

    Rogue One trailer looks better than TFA already, but I cannot get used to hovering star destroyers and Tie-fighters.

  • Great news segments, Kim!
    Shit, I don’t know where to begin..let’s see…
    1.Iv’e got nothing against Vin Diesel and enjoyed the first Riddick Movie (Pitch Black) and thought the character had the potential to be a real badass until the sequel shat all over his legacy. xXX was one of the dullest action films I have seen from the early 2000s and FnF is some overhyped nonsense.
    That being said, I can take Johnson’s word for VD (see what I just did there?) coming off like a “Candy ass”.

    2.Rogue One looks promising but then again, i felt the same way after watching the trailer for TFA.
    Please, Disney don’t fuck this one up or they’ll be Hell to pay!

    3.Lundgren was one of my favorite underrated action stars back then and I’m glad this Karate Kicking M.I.T. grad is getting some work. BTW, He’s still the best Punisher! that’s right, i said it!

    4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter……………

    5.Luke Cage sounds cool and hopefully it will be much better than Jessica Jones as I can’t see why not.

    6.Female Oceans 8? Ruh-roh! I sense a shitstorm coming! Can’t be as bad as Charlie’s Angels or can it?
    Never cared for the Ocean’s series, just give me a female’s answer to The Dirty Dozen instead and I’m good.

    7.Another F13 reboot? Why am I not surprised?

  • Fiddy cent was all up in dat ass. Personally, i don’t find handler that attractive nor funny but I bet she’s wild in bed!

  • LOL

  • *Winces* I thought Tom Hiddlston would’ve been more suitable for the role as Eric Draven.
    Momoa sounds like an name for some gourmet Cookie! X)

  • I hope not.

  • That guy from HBO’s Girls and Community? Aww, Hell naw!

  • Dee-abolik

    Asexuals don’t count.

  • that’s racist and/or sexist ( maybe ? )

  • Bop

    Hiddleston an Eric Draven? You are pulling my leg.

  • Bop

    Never knew Diesel had an ego,.

  • Bop

    He, he. You got a point there

  • Hiddleston was offered the part however, the producers had a change of heart.
    I think Tom has a more Harlequin Dravenesque aesthetic than Momoa.


    If he can deliver as Loki in the MCU films, he would kick ass in the remake. Yup I’m convinced.


  • Toruk_Makto

    I’m most excited about the potential opportunities this opens up for future female guests and her inner circle of Hollywood Bffs.

    Woman can be very competitive..especially among friends. This is the kind of cold war escalation I can get behind.

  • luke cage looks “good” but i have to say that the main reason i like that character is the blaxploitation 70s aesthetic, which is, of course, absent. i feel mildly uninterested.

  • dont breathe looks dope af

  • Come to think of it, he looks like he DOES!

  • Both compeititve and catty. I need to search for handler unhandling her sweater pups.

  • Toruk_Makto

    Happens in the episode when she goes to Russia.
    Note to self…never go to Russia.

  • No as long as Putin is in charge!😉

  • So that’s where Jorah went to find his cure.

  • You though that TFA looked promising???
    But… you are not a newbie in this business! You should had known better!

  • Anything would look better than TFA. A film of Luke taking a shit for 2 hours would be better than TFA. Anything would be better than TFA because the only way is up now.

  • Its OK, nothing special. The movie is getting all this hype because compared to thw previous two Nu Treks it is a great improvement, which is not so much a praise on ST Beyond but a testement on how low the other two are. It borders on damning with faint praise the call ST Beyond a good movie.
    But it’s not a bad movie either. Its OK, its there and that’s it. Entertaining time waster but forgetable. But it does feel like a Star Trek movie, the people who made iut and especially who wrote it understand (though might not love) Star Trek.
    I call it a decent begining with room for improvements. This should had been the first of the reboot, an humble start for a promising renewal of the franchise. It has all the problems and flaws a modern blockbuster has, but there’s a spark, so absent in the previous Star Trek In Name Only abominations made before.

  • As long it’s not Will Smith…

  • Slate_Fistcrunch

    I have to admit I’m curious to see what they do too.

  • Depending on whose SS review you have read, he was pretty convincing as Deadshot but Lando, IIIIIIII don’t think so.

  • You can blame the trailers for once again, misleading the public.
    I tried to give JJ the benefit of the doubt and I was proven wrong as you may well know from my critique of TFA via review. He’s out of the SWEU as for now so hopefully Rogue One will fare much better!

  • Toruk_Makto

    TFA was so fucking horrid that it destabilized the prospects of the upcoming movies. The pressure for these movies (from jaded fans) to make up for that cowardly, disgusting, retread is unbelievably high.

  • And yet the only way is up. So there is hope, a new hope.

  • I found all the trailers of TFA to be uninspiring and bland and obvious nostalgia traps. That alone served as a warning for things to come. But since this is Abrams, he always manages to make a movie worse that even my lowest expectations.
    Rogue One looks a must.

  • I can’t fucking stand Will Smith.

  • Most of us can’t especially after Wild, Wild West and MIB. Also him pimping his kids out there does not make for favorable opinions on the Smiffs.
    BTW Havent seen you in a while. Traveling the globe or sumthin?
    Also, it’s Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary!!! Anything planned on your behalf?

  • I did had vacations abroad, i traveled to Denmark and Sweden for the summer holidays. I love Scandinavia!
    No plans for the 50th Aniversary of Star Trek. The way Paramount handles this franchise, it would be like celebrating a funeral not an aniversary. As least as ST movies are concerned. Lets hope for the new television series to be.

  • Glad you had a blast traveling around Europe. Did you run into any Scandinavian Women? Also, I remember hearing that the swedes are more “open minded”. As for Star Trek, I was looking forward to your input for it’s big anniversary but if you’re that disgusted wiht the recent crop of films, I can’y help ya there bro. I only prefer TOS and three of the films from the original cast. I’m watching the eps on both Netflix and Amazon Prime to commemorate the big 50. Never cared for TNG but will give the upcoming series a try.

  • Thanks to the Star Trek In Name Only that Abrams defecated to the cinemas, i now can tell without any hint of irony that i like all of the first 6 Star Trek movies, including the much maligned Star Trek V.

    The latest Nu Trek movie is… well, compared to the other two Nu Treks it’s a huge step forward, compared to the other Trek movies its shallow and too dumbed down and action movie style, which says a lot about how terrible to other two Nu Treks really are.

    Well, all that “open minded” stuff of the Swedish women (wink wink) well that has a thing of the past and ended when the ABBA stoped making music. Sorry. But they are exceedling nice and polite and their beauty surpasses the myth, they are even better than what’s been said. Most beautuful women i ever seen.

    I can’t get enough of Sweden, i felt inlove with the country, and i want to return next year.