Spinning Headlines – Week 3: Star Wars Episode VIII Title, Weekend Box Office, King Arthur, Logan/Legion, Terminator, Colossal, Star Trek: Discovery… Spinning Headlines – Week 3: Star Wars Episode VIII Title, Weekend Box Office, King Arthur, Logan/Legion, Terminator, Colossal, Star Trek: Discovery…
Star Wars Episode VIII title revealed, weekend Box Office, the ongoing confusion of Fox's X-Men-timelines, James Cameron "godfathering" the next Terminator, new castmember added... Spinning Headlines – Week 3: Star Wars Episode VIII Title, Weekend Box Office, King Arthur, Logan/Legion, Terminator, Colossal, Star Trek: Discovery…

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Without further yammering, let’s just get this thing started with the most recent major piece of news. And that is, of course, that Rian Johnson‘s “Star Wars: Episode VIII” now has a title. And here it is:

So there you go. “The Last Jedi“. Now the internet will fill up with the usual speculations over who is this ‘last Jedi” the title refers to? And – as I already noticed – the internet will also fill out of massive whining about “gee, that sounds all kinds of lame”. That latter routine has of course been repeated pretty much every time a new “Star Wars” movie has come out since “The Phantom Menace“…

I have no problem with this title. It’s Star Wars-y enough. What the hell were people expecting – “The Creeping Fear“?



1 N Split Uni. $40,190,000 3,038 $13,229 $40,190,000 1
2 N xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Par. $20,000,000 3,651 $5,478 $20,000,000 $85 1
3 1 Hidden Figures Fox $16,250,000 -22.1% 3,416 +130 $4,757 $84,238,751 $25 5
4 3 Sing Uni. $9,036,530 -36.5% 3,193 -500 $2,830 $249,361,725 $75 5
5 2 La La Land LG/S $8,350,000 -42.5% 1,865 +17 $4,477 $89,680,497 $30 7
6 5 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $7,036,000 -47.8% 2,603 -559 $2,703 $512,201,563 $200 6
7 7 Monster Trucks Par. $7,000,000 -36.1% 3,119 $2,244 $22,612,000 2
8 6 Patriots Day LGF $6,000,000 -48.3% 3,120 $1,923 $23,639,945 $45 5
9 N The Founder Wein. $3,758,000 1,115 $3,370 $3,759,266 1
10 8 Sleepless ORF $3,706,444 -55.6% 1,803 $2,056 $15,193,348 2

I guess it can now be officially called: M. Night Shyamalan is back! “Split” was the big winner of the new titles opening this weekend, taking in twice as much money than the second newcomer, Vin Diesel‘s x-games macho-fest “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage“. The third newcomer which managed to just squeeze in the top 10 was the Michael Keaton-starring “The Founder“, which tells the story of how an Illinois salesman Ray Kroc took over a small burger operation from two McDonald brothers and made it into the empire it is today.

In worldwide box office, “Rogue Onebroke that $1 billion-mark last weekend. It took 39 days.



Well. I think I pointed this out when the last trailer came out, but there’s just something so weird going on here that I don’t know how to feel about it. For some reason all the little glimpses of magic and dragons and shit just don’t quite gel with me. Anyways, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is set top open on May 12th.



…like that everybody’s favorite dead pool-guy said. So anyways, Director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman are marketing “Logan” like crazy, but they might have wanted to synchronize their stories a little bit better beforehand, as even they seem to be a bit confused over whether this film is a part of the already-muddled canon of the 20th Century Fox “X-Men” films or not.

First – here is what Mangold said at comicbook.com about the film’s setting: “It’s year 2029 when the movie takes place…There’s an epilogue scene in Days of Future Past which is 2024, or 2023, something like that. I just wanted to get far enough past. My goal was real simple: it was to pick a time where I had enough elbow room that I was clear of existing entanglements. Then, it’s impossible to do something fresh, meaning essentially you’re just a director on the 14th episode of a television show picking up where the last one left off and people are going to be really startled by any discontinuity or changes…The goal here was to somehow make a film that’s different: to be a filmmaker myself and go, ‘How would I bring myself to this? What would I do if I was starting from scratch? What would I explore? What have I seen not explored?’ Not only in the X-Men universe but in comic book movies in general.

Okay, so first off – Mangold must mean the epilogue scene in “X-Men: Apocalypse” and not the future scene in DOFP (because the only other epilogue in that movie takes place thousands of years AGO). Because if what we see in “Logan” happens 5-6 years after Logan wakes up in HIS future, things have gone sideways pretty goddamn quick. So he must mean the “Apocalypse”-epilogue, with the Essex Corporation logos and all that – which would make that post-credits scene happen about 40-ish years later than the rest of the movie – but still the Weapon X-facility being in the same state as in 1983 in the movie itself….

My brain hurts.

So anyway, while Mangold says (sort of) that the movie DOES take place after the previous movies, then Jackman says the following for Digitalspy: “When you see the full movie you’ll understand…Not only is it different in terms of timeline and tone, it’s a slightly different universe. It’s actually a different paradigm and that will become clear. We wanted to make something really different. Definitely tonally different…Early on we had the idea for the title not having anything to do with Wolverine in it but just being about the man. And what the collateral damage of being Wolverine your entire life would be.

Wait, what?

So when does “Logan” take place? Who the fuck knows. Let’s just call it a “stand-alone” and call it a day. Anyways, here’s that latest Red Band trailer for the movie:

Oh – and if that was not enough it was also revealed that the soon-starting Fox TV-series “Legion“, focusing on the character of David Haller (the son of Professor X) will ALSO not be a part of the cinematic “X-Men” universe. This was told by producer Lauren Schuler-Donner. “The cinematic universe will not worry about Legion. They will not worry about these TV worlds as all. They will just continue in the way that they have been continuing, and there is some great stuff that we are developing. I can just say it’s going to be new and different, and yet Legion and our other show, we’re not going to get in each other’s way.



I’ve been wondering over the last couple decades, how has James Cameron REALLY felt about the Terminator-movies that have come out since 1991? His comments to the media whenever a new sequel/reboot has opened, have always been very neutral. Well – this week it was reported that the rights to Terminator-property will return to Cameron in 2019, and he WILL have control on whatever comes next. And something is coming: David Ellison from Skydance (who co-financed “Terminator: Genisys”) is developing something – whether that is a sequel or yet another complete reboot is not known, the report calls it  “a reboot and a conclusion of one of cinema’s great science fiction tales” which is all kinds of confusing – and “Deadpool” director Tim Miller is now said to be “in talks” as a director. But what is the selling point is that Cameron is “godfathering” the project. What “godfathering” means is a whole other question; it may mean that Cameron will have story/design/casting approval or something. Then again, wasn’t it said a while ago that Christopher Nolan was “godfathering” on “Man of Steel” – and yes: he has a “story” credit and a producer-credit on that, but does that movie have any visible Nolan fingerprints on it? Not really.

I guess time will tell…



Now this is interesting. Seems like a kind of spin on the whole Kaiju-genre that at least this poor schmuck has never seen. I like this teaser. “Colossal” opens in US theaters on April 7, 2017.



It’s kinda been a constant “good news/bad news” juggle regarding this show, hasn’t it? For example, with the previous casting-news about the lead roles, we got the news that showrunner Bryan Fuller had stepped down and exited the show. So – THIS time, it was reported that British actor James Frain (“The Tudors”, “True Blood”, “Orphan Black”, “Gotham“) has been cast as Sarek. Who we all of course know is Spock’s father. Now – this raises an interesting question: since it’s been told that the show takes place about a decade before the Original Series and is said to “revolve around an incident and an event in Star Trek history that’s been talked about but never been explored” – what the hell is Sarek’s role in this event?

Anyways – the bad news: the series will be delayed further. After having the premiere date pushed from January 2017 to May of 2017, that latest premiere date has also been now discarded. At the moment, the production is underway, but there is NO official premiere date.



…here’s another Netflix Original film that’s looking fairly interesting. The synopsis:

What would you do if there was proof of an afterlife? The answer to this question is rivetingly explored in The Discovery, where world-renowned physicist Doctor Thomas Harber (Robert Redford) is able to scientifically prove the existence of an afterlife—but with dire consequences. His estranged son, Will (Jason Segel), tries to confront the situation by returning to the New England–esque island where he grew up. He crosses paths with Isla (Rooney Mara), who’s returning to the island for mysterious reasons of her own. The tale unfolds over the ensuing days as the regret of past choices forces these lost characters to reflect on how they’ve gotten to where they are.

Director/co-writer Charlie McDowell (2014’s The One I Love) returns to the Festival with another metaphysical thriller that uses a fascinating premise as a launching point to explore complex issues in a deftly absorbing fashion. Enlisting a world-class cast who use their unique qualities to infuse humor and humanity, The Discovery plays to both the head and the heart.



– Michael Keaton revealed some insights onto his “Spider-Man: Homecoming” character Vulture, while giving interviews on “The Founder. he had this to say: “The character actually has more relevance. I know there’s this issue that comes up about how timely The Founder is, in terms of where we are now in this country. My character, actually, is, if not more relevant — and I’m not going to say more than that. There’s a B-story to this guy that’s kind of really interesting and really relevant. I would be lying if I said that’s why I took it, but as we talked about it and did, I went, ‘Whoa, there’s some layers to this guy.’”

– ANOTHER Neil Gaiman-property is coming to the small screen. As “American Gods” is set to start on Starz soon, Amazon Studios announced that it’s going to produce a miniseries of “Good Omens” – based on the novel “Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch”, written by Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett and published in 1990.

– Dwayne Johnson is getting a solo movie in the DC Extended Universe. While he expressed interest earlier to play the villainous Black Adam in a “Shazam” movie that’s high up in the DC development-pile, apparently the Powers That Be decided that it would be best to split the project in two and give both Shazam and Black Adam their own separate movies.

– Patrick Stewart will provide the voice for the Poop-emoji in “The Emoji Movie“.

– Thomas Tull, the founder and CEO of Legendary Pictures, will be stepping down from his position. This comes a little less than a year after the studio was sold to China’s Dalian Wanda Group for $3.5 billion.

– Pete Travis, who shook the nerdom with his 2012 movie “Dredd”, has a new movie coming out. Here’s the trailer:



Well – I guess if you make the mistake of giving Adam Sandler a carte blanche of doing whatever he wants (which has been plain and simply “not really giving a shit for the past 15 years”), this is what it buys you…


That is all.

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