Spinning Headlines – Week 26: Weekend Box Office, Spider-Man, Creed 2, T2 3D, IT, Death Note, Game of Thrones, Cult of Chucky… Spinning Headlines – Week 26: Weekend Box Office, Spider-Man, Creed 2, T2 3D, IT, Death Note, Game of Thrones, Cult of Chucky…
Weekend box office, "Creed 2" tease, trailers for "Atomic Blonde", "Marvel's Inhumans", "T2 3D", "Death Note" and "Cult of Chucky", The continuous weird saga... Spinning Headlines – Week 26: Weekend Box Office, Spider-Man, Creed 2, T2 3D, IT, Death Note, Game of Thrones, Cult of Chucky…

Hi. Time once again to delve into the crazy world of movie/TV headlines. But first:



1 N Despicable Me 3 Uni. $72,414,390 4,529 $15,989 $72,414,390 $80 1
2 N Baby Driver Sony $21,000,000 3,226 $6,510 $30,029,105 $34 1
3 1 Transformers: The Last Knight Par. $17,000,000 -62.0% 4,132 +63 $4,114 $102,103,351 $217 2
4 2 Wonder Woman WB $15,700,000 -37.0% 3,404 -529 $4,612 $346,229,475 $149 5
5 3 Cars 3 BV $9,689,279 -59.8% 3,576 -680 $2,710 $120,879,378 3
6 N The House WB (NL) $8,730,000 3,134 $2,786 $8,730,000 1
7 4 47 Meters Down ENTMP $4,518,703 -36.3% 2,250 -221 $2,008 $32,427,715 3
8 22 The Beguiled (2017) Focus $3,162,535 +1,279.3% 674 +670 $4,692 $3,481,983 2
9 5 The Mummy (2017) Uni. $2,941,400 -51.5% 1,760 -1,220 $1,671 $74,658,240 $125 4
10 7 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales BV $2,525,546 -53.2% 1,674 -779 $1,509 $165,581,133 $230 6

Nothing really earth-shattering here; the Universal/Illumination Studios Despicable Me 3 took the top-spot with a wide margin. In light of the score of that, Edgar Wright‘s Baby Driver‘s $21 million might seem underwhelming, especially considering how good the word-of-mouth has been on that one – but that film was made on quite a low budget and counting together the worldwide box office, could technically be considered to be in profit already (his 2010 film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World cost nearly three times as much as Baby Driver after all and that one was a spectacular flop at the time). The third new release past weekend was The House – a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler – and considering their track-record, it most definitely had an underwhelming opening.

This week is the week of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and if nothing earth-shattering happens – like, you know: the earth ACTUALLY shattering – it will probably take #1…



Kevin Feige was talking to The Toronto Sun and said that the MCU Spider-Man currently has a mapped storyline to cover five films (one of which has already been seen): “We are looking at a five-movie storyline — Civil War, Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, untitled Avengers, Homecoming 2 — or whatever we end up calling it — as an amazing five-story journey for Peter Parker. In the way that the events of Civil War directly inform the opening of Homecoming and his state of mind as he goes back to high school, so too will the events of the next two Avengers movies as he continues with high school.

And, it will be Spider-Man who will open the MCU Phase 4 (or whatever they will end up eventually calling it): “This original 22-movie arc ends with the untitled Avengers in May of 2019 and then two months later it will be Peter and Spider-Man that usher us into the aftermath and how things proceed from there.

Also, in the same article star Tom Holland adds some more fuel for the fire that is the back & forth of whether Sony’s Venom will take place in the MCU, SpiderVerse of whatever by saying very clearly that he will NOT be a part of Venom. “No,” Holland says. “They exist in a different world.” And this week Kevin Feige seems to agree: “No, what [Sony] is doing is completely separate.

Probably for the best, after reading what the Sony plans for that movie are – producer Amy Pascal said that the reason Zombieland-director Ruben Fleischer has been signed to do it is — to make it like Zombieland, apparently. “Well, Ruben is a very talented, ironic, funny guy. He did a great job with Zombieland, so when you think of that mixed with Venom, I think that tells you what it should be,” Pascal said.

This just in: Sony still hasn’t found the plot. They continue to have it lost.



Is it weird that every time I see Iwan Rheon, I just see Ramsay Bolton…? Anyways, I have to wonder if all the scenes here are from the pilot, and after the budget was spilled to that, it will just be a totally earthbound series.



Well, it’s a spectacular way to tease; implying that the next movie in the continuing Rocky saga will go back into Rocky IV-territory and put Adonis Creed against some big Russian for some serious payback regarding the fate of his father. Surely not Ivan Drago, but perhaps his offspring. Unless all those steroids made old Ivan sterile….



Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 26 years and have no idea what Terminator 2: Judgment Day is, here’s James Cameron telling you to go see it now – in 3D.



Those two pictures of Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgard) from the upcoming movie IT were released in Mad Movies and Total Film magazines. Yup – he still looks fuckin’ creepy…



Gotta say, this one looks pretty cool.



Kinda interesting how the whole Middle-Earth franchise has been an almost endless vortex of lawsuits all around: As I recall, Peter Jackson filed some lawsuit against New Line Cinema after the Lord of the Rings-trilogy for unpaid revenues…then after New Line assimilated with Warner Bros, the Tolkien estate sued them for I guess the same thing. And that case was apparently one of the reasons the production start for the Hobbit-trilogy got endlessly postponed, and this week the news was in that ANOTHER Tolkien estate lawsuit regarding the Hobbit-franchise has been settled. Apparently THIS case was about WB’s “digital exploitation of the hobbits, wizards, elves, and other fantastical characters from the hit films in online slot machines and other games.” The Tolkien estate and publisher HarperCollins alleged the studio never had rights to license characters for such purposes and launched an $80 million lawsuit.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but a legal filing said the two parties had resolved their differences “amicably.” It also stated that no fees or costs are to be awarded by the court and that no party is entitled to recover fees or costs.

It would be interesting to know just how much money has been paid to LAWYERS during the entirety of the Middle-Earth franchise. I bet it’s a LOT.

Speaking of lawsuits, this was kinda interesting: apparently the 101-year old actress Olivia De Havilland has sued FX and Ryan Murphy Productions over unauthorized use of her name and identity in Feud: Bette and Joan. I guess it goes to show you it’s never too late…



Universal put out a “final trailer” – don’t you just love this “final” thing that’s become the new fad? Just call it “final trailer until the 15 TV spots”. But that being said, I still dig the vibe of this film. The one thing I wish though is that it’s not gonna be one of those “all the best things shown in the trailers”-movies. I hope there are still unseen surprises left there.



If this turns out to be true, yay. But the last season of Game of Thrones is still an undisclosed amount of time away – hell, even the YEAR when it premieres is still in question – but at the recent GoT-fan event Con of Thrones, sound designer Paula Fairfield told the crowd that the Powers that Be might make ALL six episodes of Season 8 feature-length.

So you know, even though there are only six episodes planned, the season could still be almost as long as the previous ones. Just like it’s with Season 7 which will start p-r-e-t-t-y soon…



I love me some Chucky. As has been stated on numerous occasions, the Child’s Play franchise has always been one of the most consistent horror-franchises – probably due to creator Don Mancini sticking with it though it’s entire existence – and the upcoming Cult of Chucky sure looks good to me.



-Whether you want it or not, the Top Gun sequel now has an official opening date: July 12th 2019. Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski has officially signed as director, Jerry Bruckheimer is back on board as producer, and the movie currently has FOUR credited writers. Four. I guess Hollywood is getting lazy…

-Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Luke Cage, Hidden Figures) has reportedly booked the lead role on the third season of True Detective. I think this marks the first bit of TD news since it was announced that David Milch (Deadwood) was signed as a co-showrunner with creator Nic Pizzolatto. Maybe the addition of Milch HAS given the show a creative boost after the messy second season…

-Well, the producers of Star Trek: Discovery seem to have had another “original” idea regarding their series. By “original” I mean “copying from the best”: even the major characters are not safe from death. Or as they put it: “Game of Thrones changed television, They almost made it difficult to fall in love with people because you didn’t know if they were going to be taken away from you. That show had an influence on all TV dramas that have come after it …. Death isn’t treated gratuitously on this show. It’s not for shock value. But when it happens we want to make sure that people really feel it.” Translation: if Game of Thrones did it, we can do it too.

Evan Peters is set to return as Quicksilver in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

-Another short from Neill Blomkamp‘s Oats Studios has been released. It’s called Firebase, and here it is:



Well, nothing came close to the fact that CBS’s Hawaii 5-0 just lost two of it’s four leads. To be exact – the ones who are actually portraying Hawaiian characters. Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park both left the show after not being given equal pay as the other two lead actors in the show, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. Now, I have never even seen an episode of this show and could care less about it, but this is just fucking ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous are the statements from exec producer Peter Lenkov and another from a CBS spokesperson. These people are fucking delusional. Just read them in the linked article – what a hoot.


That is all.

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