Spinning Headlines – Week 23: RIP Adam West, Weekend Box Office, Cars 3, Coco, Black Panther, Game of Thrones, Deadwood, Flatliners(?!!?)… Spinning Headlines – Week 23: RIP Adam West, Weekend Box Office, Cars 3, Coco, Black Panther, Game of Thrones, Deadwood, Flatliners(?!!?)…
RIP Adam West, weekend box office, trailers for "Cars 3", "Coco", "Black Panther", "Flatliners" and "Tran5formers", some new "Game of Thrones" stills and episode... Spinning Headlines – Week 23: RIP Adam West, Weekend Box Office, Cars 3, Coco, Black Panther, Game of Thrones, Deadwood, Flatliners(?!!?)…

Hello. Time to dissect the weeks’ worth of Headlines again.

But first it’s time to say farewell to another childhood (and later in life, as well) icon; last weekend started out with the tragic news that Adam West had passed away at the age of 88, after a short battle with Leukemia. To me, as I imagine pretty much everyone else, West was the first live-action Batman I saw after only knowing the character from the comics before that. One of our networks started to show the 60’s Batman-TV series in reruns during the late 80’s, and it’s been pretty much standard airing ever since, on various channels. And of course West has been a stalwart on Family Guy – playing the slightly exaggerated and hilariously self-deprecating version of himself as Mayor West.

Out of all the tributes that have been pouring over the web, I think this one here has been the most poignant:



1 1 Wonder Woman WB $58,520,672 -43.3% 4,165 $14,051 $206,343,175 $149 2
2 N The Mummy (2017) Uni. $31,688,375 4,035 $7,853 $31,668,375 $125 1
3 2 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Fox $12,180,704 -48.9% 3,529 +95 $3,452 $44,443,216 2
4 3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales BV $10,704,103 -51.5% 3,679 -597 $2,910 $135,830,397 $230 3
5 4 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 BV $6,312,367 -35.8% 2,911 -596 $2,168 $366,431,539 $200 6
6 N It Comes At Night A24 $5,988,370 2,533 $2,364 $5,988,370 1
7 5 Baywatch Par. $4,648,207 -47.1% 2,832 -815 $1,641 $51,113,342 $69 3
8 N Megan Leavey BST $3,810,867 1,956 $1,948 $3,810,867 1
9 6 Alien: Covenant Fox $1,826,579 -55.7% 1,814 -846 $1,007 $71,238,791 $97 4
10 7 Everything, Everything WB $1,627,295 -50.7% 1,546 -829 $1,053 $31,739,247 $10 4

To no surprise at all, The Mummy: Cruise Control did not take the top spot during the weekend. Why wasn’t it a surprise? Well, after what I imagine was some review embargo lifted on last Thursday, there was a downpour of almost exclusively negative reviews I have not seen very often (and that continued through the weekend: the current RT score of the film is 17% – on Friday/Saturday it was around 22%. Ouch). Nothing much else was happening – Wonder Woman had another solid weekend, but newxt week is the opening of Pixar’s Cars 3, which might shake up the list somewhat. Speaking of that….



Well, like I have raid like a broken record; as long as there isn’t any international spy-bullshit, I could see myself seeing it…at least once (I’ve never been a fan of the Cars-movies so whatever). Some early reviews that have come in ARE saying that it’s not quite the Holy Savior that the series needed after Cars 2, but it comes pretty close to part one.

One thing though. Couldn’t they have used THIS song?

I’m a dumbass, I know.



…the second trailer for Coco also arrived. I am really digging the Land of the Dead – kinda brings back to mind the classic adventure game Grim Fandango (if anyone doesn’t know what that is, do yourself a favor and check it out. Thank me later).



Marvel is not playing around: the opening date of Ryan Coogler‘s Black Panther isn’t until next February, but they went and blew up the internet (89 million views in the first 24 hours of its debut) with the release of the first trailer on Friday. And it definitely does the job – just like the first trailer of Thor: Ragnarok, released a couple months ago, the trailer is more about setting the mood and the world in which the movie takes place in than actual plot elements. As far as I’m concerned, this should be the ONLY trailer that’s put out. But that’s the nostalgia speaking again; I just miss the old days when there was just the one trailer and that was pretty much it.

Meanwhile the star Chadwick Boseman is currently filming Avengers: Infinity War:



And just in precaution of any spoilers, I will again just post a link to them and use an old pic from season 6 instead. See them HERE.

Also, HBO put up the running times of the seven episodes, and the season seems to feature both the longest – and the shortest episode in the series so far:

Episode 1: 59 minutes

Episode 2: 59 minutes

Episode 3: 63 minutes

Episode 4: 50 minutes

Episode 5: 59 minutes

Episode 6: 71 minutes

Episode 7: 81 minutes



Honestly, I had forgotten there WAS a Flatliners remake in the works at Sony (surprise!). Ignorance is bliss. Well, here’s the trailer and it does look like the trailer for a Flatliners remake all right.



Talking with Variety the actor, who’s currently starring in Starz’ American Gods, said that Deadwood creator David Milch has turned in a script for a TV-movie that would wrap up the HBO show, after the story has been hanging in the air for 11 years that have followed it’s cancellation after the third season.

McShane said: “There are signs that HBO are quite keen to make it. They’ve got the script. It’s when they’ll make an offer and when we can fit it in. We probably won’t start ‘American Gods’ until probably the end of the year or early next year, so there’s a window when we can do ‘Deadwood,’ but they need to get everybody together. I mean all the characters that David [Milch] wants to put in the show. I’m probably going to have breakfast with him later this week. But no, they’re keen to do it, and I’m sure it would seem not only artistically a perfect time to do it but also commercially because there’s always been a revised interested in ‘Deadwood’. It went off the air far too soon for all the reasons you say, but that’s a long time ago. It seems like a two hour film would be a nice thing for all the people that want to see it and all of us who were deprived of the gig too early.” McShane also talks at length about American Gods and where it might go in season 2, so check out the whole interview.



Ahhhhhh – I’m not sure if I even watched it or not. Does it give any clearer picture of what the hell this weird concoction of a movie will be about? Nnnnno, not that much. Does anyone remember when they so publicly announced the Transformers writers room? The movie is definitely looking like that; like about 7 different writers all wrote a Transformers 5-script and then they threw all the pages up in the air and gathered it together in one single volume.



James Gunn is taking a somewhat larger creative position at Marvel Studios, as he is now set to be overseeing (with Kevin Feige) where the whole Marvel Cosmic Universe will go post-Infinity War, while also directing/writing Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3. “We talk about it all the time. It’s already a part of what I’m doing with Marvel and the conversations that Kevin and I have every day. When we’re talking about ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3,’ and that story, that’s a story that will lead to other stories. It’s innate to the DNA that that’s the end of a trilogy but it’s the beginning of a whole other element of the Marvel Cosmic universe. That’s a part of what I’m doing now,” says Gunn.

-While doing press for his upcoming movie Baby Driver, Edgar Wright said to Movieweb that a sequel for Hot Fuzz might not be out of a question. He said that he and co-writer/star Simon Pegg have thrown around some ideas over the years and it’s NOT imposible – but difficult: “Hot Fuzz I think is the only one of the Cornetto trilogy that you could do a follow-up. The tricky thing with a lot of sequels, and especially comedy sequels, is once characters have finished an arc. You know, in Hot Fuzz Danny Butterman especially, Nicholas Angel becomes less of an automaton and becomes more human and Nick Frost’s character becomes less of a simpleton and more of a badass. So then the thing is like, when that’s your starting point for the next one, where do you go from there?

-The Dimension Films/Blumhouse’s Amityville: The Awakening must be REALLY bad. Why else would it be pulled from release schedule again? The movie was set to open on June 30th – but that was just the most recent release date for the movie that has been delayed, rescheduled, recut, retooled for PG-13, retrofitted for smell-o-vision and shuffled around since, I believe the late 2014. I mean, it MIGHT have had some clout once upon a time as it is directed by (or at least credited to) Franck Khalfoun – who actually has some good credits under his sleeve; P2 and the Maniac remake.

-I kinda forgot about this for a while, but TNT is still making the Snowpiercer TV adaptation; in fact they just made a major coup as they have cast Jennifer Connelly in it. She is set to star as Melanie Cavill, a “First Class passenger who works as the Voice of the Train – responsible for making the daily announcements over its PA system“. Scott Derrickson is set to direct the hour-long pilot for the show.



According to news that came out TODAY, Rawson Thurber (Central Intelligence) has signed on to direct a reboot of the 1981 film Cannonball Run for Warner Bros., with Reno 911-stars Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant on writing duties.

Oh, fuck off.

That is all.

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