Spinning Headlines – Week 10: Weekend Box Office, Man of Steel 2, Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, Atomic Blonde, Fate of the Furious… Spinning Headlines – Week 10: Weekend Box Office, Man of Steel 2, Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, Atomic Blonde, Fate of the Furious…
Another trailer-heavy ("Wonder Woman", "Baby Driver", "Atomic Blonde", "Fate of the Furious", Tran5formers", "Geostorm") edition of the Headlines, also with a possible director for... Spinning Headlines – Week 10: Weekend Box Office, Man of Steel 2, Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, Atomic Blonde, Fate of the Furious…

Hi. Welcome back to the Headlines. It’s going to be another pretty trailer-heavy edition again. It sure seems like the studios are having a bit of “March Madness” in regards of putting out trailer after trailer of all the bigger releases of the year. But before we get into that – let’s see what the numbers looked like…



1 N Kong: Skull Island WB $61,020,000 3,846 $15,866 $61,020,000 $185 1
2 1 Logan Fox $38,112,425 -56.9% 4,071 $9,362 $152,919,158 $97 2
3 2 Get Out Uni. $20,743,440 -26.5% 3,143 +205 $6,600 $110,725,285 $4.5 3
4 3 The Shack LG/S $10,007,551 -38.1% 2,888 $3,465 $32,226,242 2
5 4 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $7,610,000 -35.0% 3,303 -353 $2,304 $158,813,660 $80 5
6 6 Before I Fall ORF $3,000,782 -36.0% 2,346 $1,279 $8,929,594 2
7 7 Hidden Figures Fox $2,761,002 -27.8% 1,421 -161 $1,943 $162,861,188 $25 12
8 5 John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $2,671,997 -44.4% 2,031 -444 $1,316 $87,395,208 5
9 10 La La Land LG/S $1,773,669 -40.6% 1,578 +167 $1,124 $148,449,258 $30 14
10 9 Fifty Shades Darker Uni. $1,652,095 -53.6% 1,498 -707 $1,103 $112,945,330 $55 5

As it’s clearly seen, there really was only one big release this week. “Kong: Skull Island” took the coveted #1 spot…but NOT by as big a margin as “Logan” did previously. And people still lined up to see that one as well. “Get Out” also still continues to bring people in, and the ones that have shown some SERIOUS box office-legs, “Hidden Figures” and “La La Land“, are still in the top ten; after respective runs of 12 and 14 weeks. “Kong” also made another $85,100,000 in foreign territories, making it’s worldwide weekend profit $146,1 million. But it only opened in about 12 territories so far.



Well. The “Man of Steel 2“-project is getting some spin again. I recall some producer – might’ve been Charles Roven, but can’t be sure – saying at the time that “Batman V. Superman really IS Man of Steel 2“. Which really didn’t turn out to be the case, seeing how his character was (mis)handled in that movie. Now comes a rumor that Warner/DC are eyeing Matthew Vaughn as the director for the film. (Or if he passes that one – a director of A DCEU film). Now, this gets a somewhat mixed response from me; on the other hand, Vaughn did lift the “X-Men” franchise back on it’s feet with his “X-Men: First Class” – and he did a lot of work on the story of “X-Men: Days of Future Past“…

BUT. It’s also known that Vaughn does not exactly take a lot of shit from the studios either. When he was gonna get his first pass at “X-Men 3“, he left that project because the pre-production schedule got pushed up and became just too hectic (an event which also happened way back in “X-Men 1″…). At least that was the official reason. One can always speculate that there might’ve been too much of a “Committee” at work there. And we’ve all seen how Warner/DC works with it’s directors from the way the whole chaos that’s known as the “Suicide Squad-production” went. If they are willing to let Vaughn do what he wants, then by all means go for it.



As Edgar Wright‘s new film “Baby Driver” had it’s first screening at SXSW and is getting some major buzz, the first full-length trailer of it was released. I’m gonna be totally frank here: I hadn’t really read any description of this film while it was being made and just by title alone, I actually assumed it was gonna be some type of a baby-comedy akin to like “Three Men and a Baby“. Imagine my surprise. If there’s one thing I hope, it’s that it really isn’t just a continuous string of chase scenes played as music videos – as the Driver’s gimmick seems to be that he keeps his headphones on all the time. Other than that, it looks a’ight.



Well, there it is. After years of going back & forth with what the hell are they going to do with the Stieg Larsson-written “Millennium“-trilogy adaptations, Sony finally announced that they are (drum roll, please – act really surprised) REBOOTING it. But here’s the catch – they are starting with the “official” fourth part of the book series, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web“. I put “official” in quotes, because in all honestly it can be best described as a piece of fan-fiction, written by a workhorse writer-for-hire who got paid a mint because the publishers still wanna piss on the late Larsson’s grave. Really – it still features the same lead characters (Mikael Blomqvist, Lisbeth Salander) than in the trilogy of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest”,
but that’s where the connections end; it’s an over-convoluted bore, with all the possible spy-triller/human trafficking/shadow government-tropes you can shake a leg at. Oh – but this is a SONY project. Never mind…

Anyways, ” Don’t Breathe”-director Fede Alvarez has been hired and they are now beginning to search for actors for the main characters. Names like Alicia Vikander, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanssen are being thrown in the mix.



Well, it definitely shows more of the character background of Diana (as an “official origin trailer” should. Duh. Read the description next time, IAB), but there’s something about the joke at the end that just almost makes me look for a “needle scratch” sound.



It was kinda already hinted at a lot of times, but HBO and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did finally make it public last week, right after their already-infamous “melting the ice” teaser campaign that showed the official starting airdate of Season 7 (which is July 16th, by the way); the final eighth season will only have SIX episodes. So add to that the SEVEN that will comprise season 7, there’s not a lot of “GoT” left out there. Just 13 episodes. But…let’s keep in mind that it’s pretty bloody(see what I did there?) likely that several of these will probably be more than hour-longs.



Well – I can certainly see now why David Leitch decided to pass on the “John Wick“-sequel and let his former co-director take over that one. This film could basically take place in the same universe! I was actually already joking online that maybe they should reunite later on and combine the two series and their protagonists.



If you though the previous “Fast & Furious” movies were getting more an more outlandish…there’s MORE. Apparently Theron’s character can control EVERY car in the city!



Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are officially hired to write Bond 25. I know they have previously talking about the difficulties of coming up with a new scenario, but apparently they were not officially attached to the project at the time. Now they are, but Daniel Graig is still undecided:

– This got already covered a lot in the comments in the last Headlines-article, but James Cameron confirmed that the planned Christmas 2019 release date of “Avatar 2” is not happening. It’s really not that big a surprise as the mocap for all the four sequels is set to start only this summer and if you are aware from the preduction of the first movie, there’s quite a lot of work to do after that. And multiply that by FOUR.

– Director Taika Waititi says that “Thor: Ragnarok” takes some inspiration from a much-loved classic: John Carpenter‘s “Big Trouble in Little China. “Big Trouble in Little China was one of those films where Jack Burton is a buffoon but he’s lovable and you’re with him the entire way.” the director told EW. “I thought Thor has got to be the one you want to be with in every scene.”

– Apparently Ridley Scott has some other movies planned than just multiple “Alien” prequels; he is looking to make a movie based on the real-life kidnapping and ransom of John Paul Getty III, the grandson of oil tycoon John Paul Getty. Scott is looking to Natalie Portman to play the role of the boy’s mother Abigail Harris and Oscar-winner Jack Nicholson is hoped to play the senior oil tycoon. The movie is titled “All the Money in the World“.

– The cast list of Shane Black‘s “The Predator” kept growing over the week: Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Jake Busey and Natasha Rothwell have been added to the cast.



I’m kinda amused by this. Is that the 2014 “Robocop” version of ED-209 patroling the streets there? Would be more than fitting if that film exists in the “Transformers“-universe…


OH – and I have to share this. The directorial debut of writer/producer Dean Devlin (“Independence Day 1 & 2″, “Stargate“), “Geostorm“, finally got it’s first trailer after being pretty much finished since a year ago and getting $15 million worth of reshoots last summer (by a director who was NOT Devlin, apparently). And it looks–

As expected, really. Have a look:


That is all.

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