The Coolest Spaceships: My List The Coolest Spaceships: My List
Hello. I’m AsimovLives and I love Science Fiction. And spaceships. Science Fiction is so strongly linked to the imagery of space travel in the... The Coolest Spaceships: My List

Hello. I’m AsimovLives and I love Science Fiction.

And spaceships.


Science Fiction is so strongly linked to the imagery of space travel in the future that nothing is as iconic to the genre than the spaceship. Show a picture of a spaceship, even a caricature; you immediately know what genre is referenced.

And many of us have taken our first liking to the genre due to something to do with space travel or the image of a cool ship that enthralled us. Be they from TV or film.

And here is my list of the coolest spaceships. The first three listed are my all-time favourites and the rest are spaceships I also like a lot or find them iconic and just plain cool looking. Enjoy.

Eagle Transporter, Space: 1999


Even when the show got progressively sillier in the second season, it was still worth watching it just to get another glimpse of the Eagles. It’s a testament to the power of the imagery of this ship that one could even endure the second season.


U.S.S. Enterprise-A, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Pic4The most elegant incarnation of the iconic Enterprise, everything about her says grace and taste. I can believe a future starship would look like this. An effective balance between cool looking aesthetics and a sense of the practical that only the 1970s could provide. Maybe in the future an eccentric millionaire will create a working spacefaring replica. If so, I hope to be there.


Discovery One, 2001: A Space Odyssey


The grandfather of al realistic spaceships, it’s still as iconic and beautiful now as it was back in 1968 when the film awed audiences worldwide. Whenever any new movie or TV show creates a spacecraft of the realistic variety, this is still the reference, and will always be. This one is for keeps.



Imperial Stardestroyer, Star Wars


They say the devil has the best tunes. And in Star Wars, the villains have the coolest looking ships. Imposing, intimidating and good-looking in an Evil Witch way. The rebels have right on their side, but the Empire has the coolest toys.



U.S.S. Enterprise, Star Trek: The Original Series


The one that started it all. Its shape was a revolution at a time when spaceships were aerodynamic-shaped and with fin tails. The producers of Star Trek reasoned that in the vacuum of space there would be no need for concerns for aerodynamics so a spaceship shape should be designed with practical considerations… or to look cool. The Enterprise looks like a spaceship from the future could look like that. As an ambassador for a better future, it looks the part.


Klattu’s Flying Saucer, The Day The Earth Stood Still

KlattuIt’s still the most iconic flying saucer in cinema and with good reason. Robert Wise sure knew a thing or two about how to deliver an impressive looking spaceship onscreen.



The Nostromo Tug Rig, Alien

IPic9t’s a space truck. It looks purely practical. And yet as with so many industrial designs, there is often a cold beauty to them, and the Nostromo looks it. The interior is a friendly habitat for biomechanical extra-terrestrial beings that favour camouflaging before snacking on their prey.



Millennium Falcon, Star Wars

Pic10It’s a piece of junk, a rusting barely-held-together pile of scrap. It shouldn’t even be pretty or cool, and one would venture a guess that was not even George Lucas’s intention. But this spaceship caught the imagination of millions who saw the film when they were kids. The junk grew up to become a swan.



U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Pic11The first time I saw it, I didn’t like it. But with time, I was won over. At first I felt like it was an unbalance design but I ended up admiring the asymmetric beauty of this ship. It was a bold redesign of the iconic Star Trek ship, but what was at first strange, soon became familiar and beloved.



Starship C-57D, Forbidden Planet

Pic12It’s a flying saucer, but this time it’s the humans who fly it. With the unglamorous name of C-57D (that seems more like from a tax form) it’s not be a name that will be memorable or strike as cool, but it sure looks cool. Although the movie looks fantasist and retro, at the time, it was an attempt to show a pragmatic future. A precursor to Star Trek. And really, humans traveling in a flying saucer, it’s original.


Anastasia, Dan Dare

Pic13Future pilot Dan Dare, the British answer to Flash Gordon, has piloted many ships in his eternal fight against the mischiefs of villain (The Mekon), but none is more iconic then his favourite – Anastasia. Pure retro SF goodness, it’s a thing of beauty.


Rocket X-FLR6, Objectif Lune aka Destination Moon (Tintin comic)

Pic14Tintin also went to the moon, on board of a classic designed rocket, those that sustained upright and landed on their fin tails. The ship took its inspirations from the V-2 rocket bombs from WWII, but for a more peaceful purpose. Creator Hergé took pains to attempt a great deal of authenticity, as much as it could be made at the time and the ideas about space explorations before the Apollo Missions.


Europa One, Europa Report
Pic15It’s funny that we never get a proper full look at this spaceship given the nature of the film itself. It’s one of those found footage films but set in space (made from the editing of different placed cameras on various parts of the spacecraft, interior and exterior, and the astronauts helm cams). It still gives us one of the best-realized, plausible spaceships that could exist in the near future for manned exploration of the Solar System. For its plausibility, I give it cool points.


Icarus Two, Sunshine

Pic16Like the film itself, it’s a mixture of believability with fantasy. The ship shouldn’t make any sense. There is no obvious realistic means of creating artificial gravity and yet the crew walks across the length of the ship like from a ship out of Star Wars. But it has its own undeniable cool factor. It’s plausible enough to accept as long there’s no scrutiny. The movie knows it has a cool ship on their hands and they make every excuse to show her off. We do not complain.


Superstardestroyer, The Empire Strikes Back

Pic17What the rebel pilot said about the Death Star I say about this one: Look at the size of that thing! Introduced onscreen by projecting shadows over the already pretty big Stardestroyers. This ship fills the big space thing made by the empire in the absence of the Death Star and it sure impresses the senses. Serving as Darth Vader’s flagship and centre of operations, it visualizes just into how much trouble the heroes are going to get.


Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica

Pic18I’m going for the original 1978 series and not because I don’t like the design of the reimagined show’s namesake spaceship, but as homage to where it all began. For those like me who hadn’t seen Star Wars back in the day, this was the space epic and aired on a weekly basis! For those who had a taste for Star Wars and wanted more of the same, this filled that craving until the sequel arrived. And on its own, it was a neat show, with one of the most iconic big ships ever designed (essentially an aircraft carrier in space). And aircraft carriers are cool; in space they are twice as cool!


Normandy, Mass Effect

Pic19In lieu of a proper Star Trek these days, the videogame Mass Effect gave us a good alternative, and as a bonus, a modern iconic starship. The design is simply beautiful. Sleek but sensable, this is the kind of ship one would love to own so we could go star hopping with Yvonne Strahovsky at your side.



T.A.R.D.I.S., Doctor Who

Pic20It’s a police phone box. This shouldn’t make any sense. The image of a phone box crossing the galaxy, flying through the air and conjuring out of the thin air is ridiculous, something that the show has often acknowledged and used for comedic value. This strange ship, the T.A.R.D.I.S., is piloted by/the property of a Time Lord alien who calls himself The Doctor. It is a mystery of who he is and the fans like it that way. Equally mysterious is his space-time traveling ship, whose technology is not even fully understood by The Doctor. If one can overcome the silliness, it’s quite a gripping show and you get to love it. Probably the best way to depict alien-ess is to put ordinary things out of context in extraordinary circumstances. Like a time-traveling blue police phone box.


Darth Vader’s Personal T.I.E. Fighter, Star Wars

Pic21As previously mentioned, the villains of Star Wars do have the coolest looking ships, and gets to dandy it up by piloting the coolest of the TIE fighters. The TIE fighters invoke imagery of the German biplanes of WWI, and Vader’s fighter allows him to pull a Baron Von Richthofen. A space fighter befitting a villain.



Endurance, Interstellar

Pic22Even among the practical designs, this is probably the most radical design ever committed to film for a spaceship. But it makes sense. With no concessions to aerodynamics and aesthetics a no-concern in the vacuum of space, all it remains is practicability. Considering the needs of the crew (who have a two years journey to the planet Saturn) gravity, an imperative to the health of a crew, there is nothing that prevents a ship from being a modular centrifugal wheel with rocket engines. As with many industrial designed things, it has a cold beauty to it added by its most unconventional design. I deem thee a cool ship.


Valley Forge, Silent Running

Pic23It is industrial ugly, all business-like, makes no concessions to aesthetics. It’s the power tower design taken to spacecraft design. And soon enough Douglas Trumbul will have you convinced it’s so cool that it is worth spending so much of the movie’s running time just looking at it. And he does.


Earth Cruiser, Il était une fois… l’Espace aka Once Upon A Time… Space

Pic24A French animation series probably not very well known in the USA, it featured many space adventures and many cool ships, and my favourite was the cruiser from which the heroes would launch in their shuttle craft to their adventures.



Odyssey, Ulysses 31

Pic25I discovered the works of Homer, namely The Odyssey, thanks to this French-Japanese animation series, which was a retelling of Homer’s best-known work in space. And I couldn’t get enough of this ship.





X-Bomber, Ekkusu Bonbā aka X-Bomber/Star Fleet

Pic26The main ship from the Japanese puppet animation series X-Bomber, which also served as a carrier to three minor fighters who would co-join to become a Mecha robot! Missing an episode was not an option.




Vampire ship, Lifeforce

Pic27When you first see it you just don’t know what are you seeing. Then it opens a batwing umbrella and things get scary. It causes terrible mischief on Earth through the agency of its ghoulish crew. Inside resides the most perfect specimen of female who will try to convince you to side with their evil schemes, and you might just agree with her. It’s alien, it’s scary and it will return.


X-Wing, Star Wars

Pic28Say what you will about Star Wars, but even its detractors have to agree that the films have created quite a few memorable spaceship designs. And one that struck the most to the imagination, as Luke Skywalker’s vehicle of choice, is the rebel X-Wing fighter. If the Empire had the cool sleek ships, the rebels had the tuned-in recycled oldies that could still kick around. The ship’s unglamorous glamour is a call back to the American WWII fighters Grumman F6F Hellcat and Vought F4U Corsair, and it’s duct taped scraps nature to the British de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito.


Thunder Fighter, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Pic29After the huge success of Star Wars, a flood of imitators came about trying to capitalize on the SF craze. The Thunder Fighter is an obvious rip-off from the X-Wing. But when a rip-off comes this stylish, it’s hard to complain. From a rejected design for the fighter ships for Battlestar Galactica, what was that show’s rejects became one of the most iconic and best loved elements from the 1970s Buck Rogers TV show. Erin Gray, as the gorgeous badass Colonel Wilma, piloting them only helped sell their cool. I have a particular fondness for this design.


USS Cygnus, The Black Hole

It looks like a cathedral in space. Or the ultimate Gothic house in space. The imagery is deliberate. Scarier than the titular black hole itself, and yet so striking and amazing to look at. The film production team sure knew they had a winner on their hands when the special effects were complete, so much so they pulled a Star Trek: The Motion Picture and let the movie run a long scene where it’s nothing but a slow paced flyby of the ship. I wish movies did things like that again.


The Mothership, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Pic30I’m going to use this as the piece de resistance to close the list. One of the most impressive achievements in 1970s special effects, it still holds up to this day, courtesy of special effects wizard Douglas Trumbul. In arguments regarding CGI vs. practical model effects, it’s often brought up for the later, with good cause. The first time the thing is seen on the big screen is an event in itself, once seen never forgotten.


This list doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive nor complete, merely demonstrative of an opinion, mine, and it’s not even exhaustive. Much was left being said, like the art works of Chris Foss for example, the focus being on comics, film and television.

I invite the readers to come up with your own examples and also to say your opinions about the examples provided above, either in agreement or not.


But this is not the end yet. As it was with images and mentions of cool spaceships, this article should also provide some images and words about the very opposite, the ones that tried but failed at cool. As I started with my three favourite spaceships, I shall end with my three most disliked and uncool spaceships – I had an eyesore watching them, for my sins. Here’s the Hall Of Shame for the Uncool, in no particular order of awfulness:


The A.S.S. Abramsprise, Abrams Trek

Pic32It’s ugly, it’s weird looking, it’s ungainly, and it’s as if the people who made the movie couldn’t be bothered or had any interest about Star Trek much. The design is as if made of five different sets of designs all put into a blender. As if the filmmakers couldn’t reach a consensus of which design to give the ship so they just made a cut and paste collage without rhyme or reason. It’s almost surrealist. And to cap it off, the filmmakers couldn’t decide which was supposed to be the size or scale of the thing, so it differs from each scene, in some scenes is 350 meters and in others is 750 meters long. This is supposed to be the new look for the new incarnation of Star Trek. Give me my daddy’s Enterprise instead, please. Daddy knew best.


U.S.S. EvilRobocopPrise, Sexually Transmited In Desease aka STID

Pic33It’s like really big and evil because it’s painted black, dude. Black is evil! This is your idea of what an evil ship might be like if your only references are spending way too much on Star Wars and nothing else. And really, it’s really big black evil, like, dude. Maybe the intention was to scare away the Klingons so they could save on the torpedoes. The economy and all.

And here’s a bonus, two god awfulness for the price of one, with added lens flares for good measure (just because):




Rockz the kewlz, yo!

And last but not the least…

Nero’s Evil Spider-Ship, Abrams Trek

Pic35You can really tell who is in this ship is evil because it’s black and looks like the cross between a hairy spider and a cannibal squid. There is not a single lack of subtlety that JJ Abrams has not liked and that went beyond the call of duty with the design of the ship of villain Nero. The thing is supposed to be a mining ship, but one has to ask why a civilian ship needs to look so damn scary and spiky. Do they extract ore through the process of intimidation? Apparently the thing is explained if you are a sap enough to get ripped off by buying extra material in comics and whatnot for stuff that the filmmakers couldn’t be bothered to put in the movie. Paying more for the privilege of getting half movies, it’s the way of the future.

Its yin and yang, there is no cool and pretty without ugly and shameful.

Spaceships are always in my imaginarium of Science Fiction. There is so much more to the genre, but few things say cool more than a good nice looking or cleverly designed spaceship. And to love Science Fiction is also to dream that one day, someday, reality will catch up with fiction. And who knows what they will come up with then. As much as the Apollo and the Space Shuttles were different from the earlier classic age designs for spacecrafts to the moon and Earth’s orbit, so we can assume, with certainty, that the future spaceships to be will be like nothing we have though yet. Ah but to live to see such days!

And this concludes another SF article for The Supernaughts. I hope you have enjoyed it.

This is AsimovLives, signing off. Have a Better one.


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Hailing from the atlantic lusitanian shores, AsimovLives is a native of Portugal (it's in Europe). An enthusiastic fan of Science Fiction and Cinema, together with varied interests in Science, Astronomy, History, Arts, Gastronomy, Wines & Spirits and all things Beauty. Unshakable convictions of humanism, secularism and rationalist kind. Tireless supporter of intelligent and honest-hearted entertainment. Staunch enemy of superstition and all dumbed down shallow hack made cynical cash-grabbing cinema and tirelessly calling out on their supporters, no half-measures. Passion is the game.

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  • Love the “Sunshine” ship, but I also always wondered why they made it so fragile.

  • because, realistically, all spaceships are fragille, now or the near future.

  • It’s basically an arrowhead – or a spearhead – when you think about it:

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  • me and my friends call her “A Seta”, translated as “The Arrow Tip”

  • Nero’s ship is as timeless as a tribal tattoo.

  • you mean it dies with the user and gets forgotten.

  • It was ugly and made no sense anymore the moment it was completed.

  • Also one of my favourites; Moya from “Farscape”. A living entity, actually, but also a ship:

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    “The A.S.S. Abramsprise, Abrams Trek”

    Yup, that’s asi, alright!

    Dude, no love for Yamato?? WTF!

  • Wabbit Season!

    Another excellent essay!

    I would have to give some love to The Jupiter 2, which was actually three models and three mock ups that all differed over the 3 seasons that the show was produced. Producer Irwin Allen notoriously did not care about continuity errors.

    As a kid I still loved it despite knowing even then that nothing matched up, that the interior set was way bigger than could be contained inside the fx models.

    Lost in Space regular the Space Pod was also awesome, and the Chariot was only a space buggy but with sliding top bubble dome and tank tracks it rocked hard.

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    great concept there

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    Arcadia or GTFFO!

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    SDF 1 Robotech, Bitches!!!

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  • Wabbit Season!

    The actual IJN Yamato was the largest big gun battleship ever deployed. Her record was, however, “disappointing”. Her only surface action was at Samar in the Phillipines where she was run off by a handful of tiny US escort ships. USA! USA!

    Later she was caught by planes and unceremoniously sunk.

  • Wabbit Season!

    Couldn’t figure out what made it so tough. Looks like a space pinecone.

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    You could-(and maybe shouldn’t) do a whole article on JJ’s crappy 1701. It bugs me too- the scale issues, the brewery, the tiny little phaser squirts. On and on.

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    The Eagle was such a great design. Interchangeable mission modules, nuclear rocket engines, command module. Classic .

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  • She was 80,000 tonnes!! That’s 4 times heavier then the Bismark, which was no small battleship herself.

    Yamato is named after the poetic name the Japanese give to their own country.

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    I’m just going to leave this here.

  • It has the awesome power to make the audiences laugh at it.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Exodus part 2. Basically the greatest ever hour of sci fi tv out there. 🙂

  • I have been planning to do a full review of the two Abrams Treks for some time now. They would need to go epic, as befitting those movies. It would be a great endeavor, which mean it would take me a lot of time. Meaning, i’m still warming up presently.

  • Battlestar Galactica Reimagined, so many moments of pure awesome, it’s hard to pick each for best.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter
  • eeeew

  • It’s a gonk, meaning, it’s something that’s ugly and yet strangely beautiful

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I can!

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I always thought Stargate had a good visual style.

  • I only watched the pilot of that show.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I really liked it. It was quite low budget, but they made it their own. Stuck to a set of rules and had some genuinely interesting baddies in the Goa’uld. It reminded me quite a bit of early ST:TNG, and it had some episodes as good as any of the best ST episodes. It ran for over 200 episodes so they must have got something right.

  • Yes! This might have been my favorite moment of TV ever.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I’m not joking when I say I think Exodus pt2 is the best hour of tv ever. I just cannot think of any episode of the best show I love that had as much going on in the ep. Both the killer “brace for turbulance” drop scene and the death of Pegasus.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Good call on Ulysses 31. I loved that cartoon so much as a kid. And a great Ancient Greek history lesson too. Have you seen the live action lo-fi video someone made of the opening credits of it? Absolute genius!

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Always a good time to repost this vid for anyone who might not have seen it,

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    And the original to show what a bloody clever job they made of it lol

  • I have to try and separate how good the show was to how bad it became.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    It was so good that I forgave it for any shortcomings. And apart from Starbucks storyline, I didnt mind how it ended. And when you rewatch it, Six says in episode one “I;m an angel”. So I guess it was god after all.

    I possibly have Stockholm Syndrome. But it’s fine. Im happy with it 🙂

  • I really wonder what the original ending was going to be before Moore rewrote it during the writer’s strike. I have a feeling it would have fit more.

  • No i haven’t

  • Spread the love

  • for me there was only one weak episdoe of BSG,and it was not even bad in itself, just one of those you would never rewatch again

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I bet it would have had a mystic touch to it. It seems it was always going to have to be some version of “God” in the tie-up. “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.”. They sort of always said shit was mystic. It’s not the best ending of a show I can think of, but they did their best lol.

    Awww, I miss BSG. There have been few shows since that have had me so enraptured with them. Although Person of Interest keeps pulling some crazy 10/10 episodes. For a network show they don’t half have some clever writers in there.

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    I love the cheesegrater rocket! lol

  • it’s a french show, after all

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    This vid is the live action versions. The vid I’ve posted underneath it the real cartoon intro for comparison.

  • Stalkeye

    Damn, you missed out on some awesome Shit, Asi!
    Space Cruiser Yamato/Starblazers was one of the best animated series ever! I shit you not. It also influenced Star Wars. (Aside from The Hidden Fortress.)

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Where he scrapes the ship down the wall of the space dock try to leave is one of my favourite scenes!

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Great ship and great show!

    I still think it’s ripe for a remake. It’s a great story and universe they created.

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    Zing! 😀

  • Well, he wrote a beast of an article as it is and was hoping people would comment / post their favorites. So I think … success on his part, ha.

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    *Ahem* Yes his article was very goodand I’m not taking anything away from his picks/piece. However, I was surprised by the omission of The Yamato. However, in his defense Asi was not aware of the series.

    Any design that can make a Battleship look cool as a Spaceship, deserves a shout-out on any Ship List!

    This, I COMMAND!

  • Yeah, I got that after I already commented but opted not to edit, ha. Just misread the thread. My bad.

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    That’s Ok. However, as punishment for your misunderstanding, you shall be forced to watch this clip a Hundred times over!

    Yes, I can be a sadistic SOB . (0:<

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  • me too. loved space 1999 !

  • i knew this girl who had a toy just like that …

  • great essay so many classic.

    thank you for including the super color buck rodgers star fighters as well as the forgotten masterpiece the black hole. still holds up today.

  • i miss that show

  • it was from the 90s

  • I’m glad you enjoyed. I think the Black Hole SFs will live on. I do not take too lightly seeing being being very critical of that movie. As for Buck Rogers, i do have a nostalgia feeling for it due to it was such a major entertaiment show for me back in my late childhood/early teens. Hell, i discovered the sexy thanks to Erin Grey as Coronel Wilma. She was my first screen crush. And she piloted badass space fighters. Babe on a spaceship.

  • Nice choices. The Last Starfighter, hem? Cool.

  • The pilot had full frontal female nudity. I couldn’t believe they managed to get away with it.

  • Of course a Brit would feel nostalgic for Blake’s Seven.
    I never watched a single episode, but i have read lots of descriptions of the show plot and mood. I have to say, the way the Brits found a way to give their answer to SW was to make a dark moody adult’s SF show. You got to love the British way of doing things. Damn badass if you ask me.

  • I am aware of the series but because i never watched it, i felt that i shouldn’t be in any position to make a judgement about it, pro or con. I do think the ship is very cool looking, as since it’s based on a WWII battleship, and i love those old time battleships of old. I nearly included in the list, but as i said above, since i haven’t watched the show, i don’t think i have much reason or right to talk about it. I was hoping somebody else who had seen the show would.

  • It’s still better then to rewatch STID… kinda.

  • Wabbit Season!

    The whole thing lost direction after that. 🙁

  • Wabbit Season!

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah, and that’s where I came in.
    Happy to provide assistance.

  • Stalkeye

    You’re not getting off that easy!
    As an alternative, you can watch BBW Midget pron. Nick will happly supply you with the files from his collection. 😛

  • Wabbit Season!

    She was so big and powerful that the Japanese were unwilling to commit her to combat until it was too late ( for fear of the shame if she was defeated).
    She spent the early war years, when she could have made a difference , acting as a floating office building for Admirals in far rear areas.

  • You could say the Japanese knew how to build her, but not what to do with her.

  • They were also spaced-out.

  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    That was awesome loved that show !! Loved the visual style, the music was great and the show had a conclusion!! Despite the comedy robots it was very watchable, there where some great episodes, the Sisyphus and has labor springs to mind but there were many more my memory fails me its been a while .Thanks for sharing that was great! Now i must dig out my DVDs.

  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    Well I think and not to get political but Margaret Thatcher and the atmosphere of country at the time helped shaped that show. A female supreme commander ruling a subjugated people, I see the parallels well except Servallan was strangely sexy.

  • Stalkeye

    Better him than Killik.

    Wha….too soon?

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    Yessir, a good ol’ fashioned Gunstar.

  • The same couldn’t be said about Thatcher.

  • My friend Helder is a proper human being, if you know what i mean.

  • Person Of Interest is pure total awesomeness. I can’t believe the show never had a single weak episode, it’s all gold.

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    Great idea for an article and very thorough. I notice a trend in the bad looking ships category.

  • Helderhugo

    The second is from The Last Starfighter. And the first one is from where?

  • Kylo Ronin

    Martian Successor Nadesico.

  • Helderhugo

    Gun like Spaceship. Often been described as a ‘gun in space’ due to the elongated form resembling the pulse rifles used in the movie. Does this model. This model was not only built on one side or I am doing confusion with the first Enterprise?

  • Helderhugo

    I don’t like the Stargate visual style.

  • Helderhugo

    Star Wars music and sounds??

  • Helderhugo

    Why everybody on the Internet are always calling me Hugo? hummm.

  • Helderhugo

    A proper human being? thanks AsimovLives! I’m drooling me. But I am turning into something else with the passing of the years. Loosing human things and getting prosthesis all over the body. Tooth, glasses, screws, metal parts, etc. That’s not how I always dreamed since kid? become half man half machine? A MAN MACHINE.

  • Helderhugo
  • We Are The Robots

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if true, as a money-saving measure. Cameron had to count all his “tostões” when he made the movie.

  • They assume it’s your last name, like Mr Hugo. Or maybe because the name Helder is not well know in english language countries, but Hugo is.

  • I’d say the Nostromo was probably as large, if not more so.