Star Wars Uncut – When Fanfic Meets LucasFilm Star Wars Uncut – When Fanfic Meets LucasFilm
That time when Lucasfilm encouraged fans to film their own version of their favourite Star Wars scenes and editors cobbled them together into a... Star Wars Uncut – When Fanfic Meets LucasFilm


It’s Star Wars as you know it… but with a twist!

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A few years ago LucasFilm issued a challenge to the Star Wars fandom: to create home videos recreating parts of Star Wars: A New Hope and send to LucasFilm, where they would select and edit them  into a recreation of the original film. The end result was Star Wars Uncut.

Star Wars Uncut is as long as the original film. Scene by scene the original film’s edit was retained, the difference being the way it was filmed. The filmed segments are of different types and styles, which can be divided between home video quality, recreations deliberately made to be humorous and professional quality animation.

Of the home videos, some are just people filming themselves with not even making an attempt at suspension of disbelief, or filming their children or pets cos-playing the famous characters and saying the film’s lines.

The humorous parts have more work to them and are often imaginative alternative takes to famous scenes, like a group of girls who portrayed the entrance of Vader and his Stormtroopers on Leia’s ship as if it’s a fashion cakewalk, or Obi-Wan’s exposition of what is the Force as if it’s a live radio show spoken in Spanish!

The animations are often the stand-out moments in the movie, some of great professional-like quality that can range from dramatic to comedy.

The end result was one of the most original and successful collaborations between fandom and a film’s production house. It offers a unique way to see Star Wars and yet, the spirit of the original film was retained, it is an alternative version of the film where the story stays the same and the love of the fans is contagious.

So successful was this experience that later LucasFilm repeated the challenge, this time with an Uncut- version of Empire Strikes Back. The results were as positive as the first time around. Some participants from the first Uncut returned, most notably in the animation shots.

Sadly, no announcement for an Uncut version for Return Of The Jedi has been made since. That this coincided with the sale of LucasFilm to Disney doesn’t seem to me to be a coincidence at all.

One notable thing about LucasFilm was their attitude toward fanfic: As long as the creators of fanfic were not making profit out of Star Wars properties,  they let the fans make use of characters and designs from the films with no threats of legal actions regarding copyright infringements (in contrast to other more skittish franchise owners). It is to be seen if now under Disney, LucasFilm still retains that lenient attitude toward fanfic.

Because it would be a pity if there wasn’t an Uncut of Return Of The Jedi, if at least for completion sake.

Fortunately, Star Wars and Empire Strike Back Uncut can be watched on Youtube. Here’s the links, so you can enjoy watching them:

Star Wars Uncut:


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut:

This Uncut films is where fandom is at its best, fans not just being mere passive consumers but using their love for a property as a way to express their creativity and having a blast doing it and by extension, we having a blast while watching the results.

I hope you enjoyed this. As always, thank you for reading.

This is AsimovLives, signing off. Have a better one.

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  • I remember watching part of the first one but couldn’t really get into it at the time. I have it saved for later and I’ll give it another shot someday.

  • Watched the TESB version, alternately impressive, cute and charming. Thanks for recommending me this gem!

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    nice, but where are the porn versions of SW?

  • The recent one by Axel Braun was horrible.