Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 5 Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 5
AsimovLives recaps Season 5 – Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 5

Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives

Season 5 – Episode 5

Hello. AsimovLives here and I’m a regular sci-fi contributor to this website. But I also love Game of Thrones! So this is my series of recap articles about the episodes of the season 5 of HBO’s television series Game of Thrones, for your pleasure.

“Nessie can fly??”

Game of Info:

Series: Game of Thrones
Created by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss
Based on the fantasy novel series A Song of Fire and Ice by author George R.R. Martin
Network: HBO
Season: 5
Episode: 5
Episode title: Kill the Boy
Written by Bryan Cogman
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Original Air Date: May 10 2015

Game of Synopsis:

Beware, spoilers ahead

The episode opens with the Dyson sphere globe of the world of Westeros showing the locations of King’s Landing, Winterfell, The Wall, Braavos, Meereen and Dorne, where the action takes place (actually, no scene is set in King’s Landing, Braavos and Drone, and there’s one in Ancient Valyria).


Despite the title, no child is killed in this episode.


“Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.”

Grey Worm wakes up to find Missandei standing vigil. He says during combat his only fear was to never see her again. She’s moved to tears and kisses him (about time!).

About bloody time you two! And you already have a room.

Hizdahr zo Loraq offers his condolences to Daenerys for the slayed Ser Barristan the Bold. She arrests him and all the heads of the masters’ houses and feeds one to her smaller dragons to display her authority. Missandei advices Dany to do what she does best: finding a 3rd option in a dilemma. Dany visits Loraq in his cell and as a gesture of conciliation she will re-open the Fight Pits and marry into one of the master’s house, and Loraq will serve just fine.

“I can’t believe how good I look in this episode! God, I’m hot!!”


“I didn’t know what day it was/When you walked into the room/I said hello unnoticed/You said goodbye too soon”

Brienne works her way into the circle of the still faithful to the Starks via her innkeeper.

Myranda shows her jealousy for Sansa, which Ramsay sways through seduction/coercion.

The old lady servant tells Sansa she has friends outside ready to help her, if she lights a candle on the top of the high tower.

Myranda finds her there and feigns sympathy but Sansa is wary of false niceties. Myranda has a surprise to show her in the kennel: Theron, now Reek.

“So, you and me, how about it?” “Yeah, OK” “Sweet”

In the award for the Most Awkward Family Dinner From Hell scene this season, Ramsay turns the dinner tense when he demands Theon to apologize to Sansa for killing her younger “brothers.” Dad Bolton strikes back by announcing his Frey wife is expecting a baby. Ramsay takes that as being relegated to a heir spare part, but Bolton sways him back to loyalty with a tale of when he first met him as a baby.

“Errr… for know, for two hours now I’m trying to make you notice I’d like you pass the salt”

The Wall:

He’s Jon Snow. He knows nothing. He’s in command. Makes sense.

Samwell reads to Maester Aemon about Daenerys, his grand-niece. He laments her loneliness in the world without a family member by her side, just like himself. Jon Snow asks Aemon for advice but he shuts Jon, not wanting to know a word from him. As commander, Jon must do what he thinks is right, even if unpopular. Kill the boy in him and become the man he needs to be, he tells Jon.

“Dude, Solitaire is boring!”

Gilly is curious about books and the libraries in the world, her mind expanded by her newly acquired literacy. Stannis enters and asks Samwell for information on how he killed the white walker. Samwell tells Stannis about the white walkers army he personally saw. Stannis orders Samwell to keep researching for a way to deal with phantom menace.

Jon announces his intention to deputize the wildlings to protect the wall together with the Watch. This is met with much opposition even among Jon’s closest friends.

“Yes, I made a self-referential joke, what of it?”

Jon convinces Tormund to side with him, freeing him as a sigh of good will. Tormund agrees but only if Jon meets the wildlings himself.

“So… hum… you and the fat guy… are you two together or something?”

Team Stannis leave the Wall toward Winterfell, taking with him even his women and child.

“The young rides but the old walks? Really?”

Ancient Valyria:

Tyrion notices that Jorah is taking them toward the ancient ruins of Valyria, the ancient home of House Targaryen, once a mighty empire that dominated an entire continent, destroyed by a sudden cataclysm. Jorah takes them through Valyria because he knows the pirates are superstitious about the place and this way, they avoid unwanted attention.

“I have a friend called Bronn. We started as him being my captor. Just like you. We became friends and I paid him well.” “And where is he now?” “In his castle, he sold me out.” “Just like me, hem?”

Inside the melancholic ruins of the Valyrian capital, now reclaimed by the wild, Tyrion can’t help but philosophize about the ephemerid of life, where even the mightiest of empires can fall in a swift turn of fate. The book-learned Tyrion recites a moving poem about the Doom of Valyria. To his surprise the poem is finished by Jorah. Jorah proves he is not just a man of brawl and practical wisdom but also of culture and learned.

From the mist of the boiling sea, Drogon makes his appearance to a stunned Tyrion. Drogon flybys the boat and disappears back into the perpetual fog.

“Hold still! This one’s going for the trailer!”

Condensed awesomeness.

Their reverie is cut short when they are attacked by men severely infected by greyscale, who have turned feral from the ravages of the disease. Jorah manages to fight off the attackers, but still Tyrion is dragged overboard by one of the infected and sinks toward the deadly bottom.

“Can I interest you in our summer offers, sir?”

Luckily Jorah saves him from a watery grave and they recuperate on a sandy beach overlooking the now distant Valyria. Tyrion is reassured he was not infected. Tyrion laments the fate of those poor men, reasoning death to have been a kinder fate. Tyrion thanks Jorah for saving his life, in his traditional backhanded yet sincere fashion. The sea now not an option, it waits them a long journey by land until Meereen. Jorah leaves to find some wood for a fire. As he looks away at the gloomy distance that nearly become their final resting place, Jorah checks his wrist and verifies he has a symptom of early stage infection of greyscale… What?? Oh for fu… No, man, no!! No!!

Game of Opinion:

This episode could have been called “Lots of things happen in the North… and some other stuff too.” The North dominated this episode, perhaps for the first time since the very first episode of the show.

Ser Not Appearing In This Season

It’s a sign of the show’s maturity that it presents a picture of being in command as a burden, especially if you are a responsible leader. Funny enough, the only character in the show so far to which good and wise command came easy was Tyrion.

In the scene when the Watch is protesting Jon’s decision to recruit the wildlings, Stannis again corrects somebody else’s grammar, again from “less” to “fewer,” as a callback to the second season episode “Blackwater.” The comedy of this moment also worked on a meta level for me because it reminded me of the very making of these articles. The editing is done by Dan of SUK, now Movies & Stuff, who all too often, in fact all the time, has to send them back for correction for my constant grammatical goofs and mistakes. This one was no exception. I just couldn’t help make the association and it made me crack up. Sorry, Dan!


This episode features the two best couples in this show, Grey Worm/Missandei and Samwell/Gilly.

But the best thing in this episode was the scene with Tyrion and Jorah. Again. That voyage through the ruins of Valyria is the most moody and atmospheric moment ever created in the show, and the acting by Peter Dinklage and Iain Glen was perfection. These two show incredible screen chemistry and even before there is any form of friendship between them. These guys are gold together.

Pictured: Awesome

The scene when Tyrion recites a poem about the Doom of Valyria and is finished by Jorah has to be the literary high point of this series yet. And to see that recited by two actors of such perfect diction and speaking voices was a pure delight. I love when movies and TV shows have scenes like this. Not everything has to be a plot beat; sometimes a mood moment like this can go a long way to give it a great, unique identity. Never before the show had a scene of pure world building like this. It reminds me of such movies like Apocalypse Now, 2001: A Space Odyssey or Blade Runner, movies built on mood and atmosphere and so much the better for it.

They are watching a Michael Bay movie.

This show also provided me the greatest heartbreaking moment of this season so far, and that was the reveal of Jorah’s infection of greyscale. If I had previously feared that he was going to die, now I’m practically certain he will. If this happens (and… it will), this will be for me emotionally what for many was the Red Wedding. There are many characters whose demise have saddened me, but none will be harsher then Jorah’s. And he will die without ever getting his much desired pardon from his beloved Daenerys.

I just… can’t… too sad, too too sad for me!


Well, at least I’ll have the opportunity to have some scenes with him and Tyrion together, and I’m now more than certain each will the a show stealer.

“Let’s go steal an episode” “Let’s go steal a season”

Game of Predictions:

  • Ser Jorah is really going to die! He really is! Ah shit! Arghhh! Dammit! I’m sorry for the expletive, dear reader, but I just like this character too much. *very sadface* :-C
  • Theon’s desire to redeem from the death of Sansa’s “brothers” will see him team up with her to scheme on the Bolton’s backs. Theon will break though his conditioning.

Sansa has a shocking surprise in the kennels: “Justin Bieber?”

Game Of Final Thoughts:

This was a fantastic episode, especially the Jorah and Tyrion scenes. In my opinion it is the best yet this season.

Game Of Thrones: Educational

As always, thank you for reading. See you at next week’s episode Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

This is AsimovLives, signing off. Have a better one.

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