Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 7 Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 7
AsimovLives recaps Season 5 – Episode 7 of Game of Thrones (The Gift). Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 7

Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives

Season 5 – Episode 7

Hello. AsimovLives here and I’m a regular sci-fi contributor to this website. But I also love Game of Thrones! So this is my series of recap articles about the episodes of the season 5 of HBO’s television series Game of Thrones, for your pleasure.

The sign “Don’t Feed the Dragon” was not a joke after all

Game of Info:

Series: Game of Thrones
Created by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss
Based on the fantasy novel series A Song of Fire and Ice by author George R.R. Martin
Network: HBO
Season: 5
Episode: 7
Episode title:  The Gift
Written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss
Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
Original Air Date: May 24 2015

I couldn’t find a poster for this episode’s title, Okay??

This episode was aired on my birthday. And it’s titled The Gift. Whenever a show I like airs an episode that day, I feel like I was given a present.


Game of Synopsis:

The episode opens with the Dyson sphere globe of the world of Westeros showing the locations of King’s Landing, Winterfell, The Wall, Braavos, Meereen and Dorne, where the action takes place.

The Wall:

Jon leaves the Black Castle with the released Tormund. Only Samwell is not against Jon’s decision.

“So, hum, you and the fat boy.. hum… you are not together or anything anymore, hum? I’m also a redhead, you know?”

On Maester Aemon’s deathbed, he caresses Gilly’s baby boy and reminiscences about beloved brother Egg, Dany’s grandfather Aegon V. In a moment of clarity, he urges Gilly to run from the Castle and take her son with her. He dies in a fever dream where he calls for his brother Egg saying he was dreaming he was an old man.

“Tyrion was right: Dying of old age with a beer in your hand and a whore’s mouth on your cock is the way to go.”

At the funeral, Alliser tells Samwell he’s running out of friends. To bring the point home, two watchers harass Gilly with an intention to rape her. Samwell tries to defend her but is soundly beaten. They are eventually saved by the timely arrival of Ghost. Gilly rewards Samwell’s dedication by having sex with him (about bloody time!).

“By the gods, i’m really scoring this time!!”

The North:

Stannis’ army suffers through the early snows. Davos counsel retreat until the weather is more favorable. Stannis reasons since winter is coming, if they retreat they will have to sit down for years, ruining his chances. Victory or defeat, they have to push forward. Melisandre offers to give him R’hllor’s blessings with the sacrifice of a royal blood, his daughter Shireen. Furious, he openly tells to her face she has gone too far and orders her out of his tent. A visibly shocked Melisandre leaves.

“Honey, we need a new washing machine, you can’t spend your money buying toys!” “They are not toys, they are… hum… collector items… investments… yeah!”


Ramsay has regularly abused Sansa since their wedding night. She begs Theon to help her by lighting a candle in the tower. Outside, Brienne stands vigil to the sign. Theon goes to the tower but finds Ramsay stuffing his mouth. Sansa is brought to Ramsay’s presence. She reminds him that as a former bastard his claim as Bolton heir is weaken than his to be born brother and even his legitimacy was written by a bastard himself, King Tommen. Ramsay has the last laugh by exposing her attempt at escape, since Reek’s confessed. He also shows the flayed body of the old maid who pledged loyalty to Sansa. Sansa is taken back to her room, her spirits further broken.

“Behave and I promise you will never have to watch Prometheus again”


Jaime is kept in a nice golden prison. He’s visited by Myrcella, who tells him his attempt at rescue is unwelcomed. She treats Dorne as her home now. Jaime doesn’t understand. Myrcella rebuked of course, for he doesn’t know her. Jaime almost cries out he is her father.

“I don’t want to talk about it, how you broke my heart/If I stay here just a little bit longer/If I stay here, won’t you listen to my heart?”

Bronn and the Sand Snakes are kept in a not so nice prison in the dungeons. Bronn sings a raunchy song praising the beauty of the dornish women, the best looking women in Westeros. Tyene is captivated by Bronn’s beautiful singing voice and even applauds him. She asks Bronn if she is the most beautiful woman he ever saw and teases by disrobing in front of him. Bronn has little cause to disagree, but in his enthusiasm he starts feeling very ill very quickly. Tyene reveals her blade poisoned him when she cut him in their fight, but he will get the only antidote if he claims her as the fairest of them all. Bronn agrees and she throws him the antidote, saving his life. She tells him she thinks he’s good looking too.

I’m really starting to like this one.


Dany continues her sexual relationship with Daario, who keeps ill-advising her.

“Is there another stupid piece of advice you want to give today?” “Well, there is this pyramid scheme…”

Jorah and Tyrion are put to auction. A slave master buys Jorah after the pirate over-sells his previous feats, including a fabrication that he killed Khal Drogo. Tyrion tries to have himself sold to the same slaver by claiming to be a fighter as well, and sells the claim by beating the crap out of his captor with his own chain. The slaver buys him too because he found him funny. Tyrion tries to manipulate the slaver into release them since slavery is outlawed in Meereen. The slaver pays the advice by punching him in the face and making a mock salary payment of one brass coin.

They are watching Prometheus

A try-out fight is to happen in the presence of the Queen of Meereen, as per tradition, which Dany reluctantly goes along with. But she is shocked by the violence displayed by the gladiators. Jorah realizes she is in attendance and rushes to see his beloved Queen. Noticing her distress, he quickly thinks up a scheme to meet up with her by rushing toward the arena and engages all of the fighters, easily beating them all with little effort. Dany notices it’s him right from the beginning and for a moment almost smiles at his sudden appearance, but when he tries to have words with her, she demands him to be taken out of her presence.  Jorah begs to have a moment with her, for he is bearing a gift. The gift itself, Tyrion, shows up (he was freed from his chains by sympathetic giant man of a slave-guard) and he introduces himself to Dany, to her surprise.

“Bath him and bring him to me”

King’s Landing:

Olenna Tyrell tries to reason with the High Sparrow, but he is immune to her realpolitik arguments for his is a mind in servitude of an exalted vision of purity to be brought on Earth.

“I’m a senior, dammit, I can smoke my bong whenever I like!”

Olenna meets Littlefinger at the ruins of his once prosperous brothel. Olenna reminds him that he is not to try his usual tricks with her, for their fates are intertwined.  Rebooked, Littlefinger goes for appeasement by offering her important information, brought in the person of an unnamed boy.

“Look at all this dust! You just can’t find any decent help this days!”

Tommen is angered by his beloved Queen’s incarceration and entertains thoughts of violent vengeance on the Faith Militant. Cercei fake-reassures him she will do her to help her. She meets with Margaery in her filthy dungeon, playing false courtesy. But by now Margaery has lost all patience with false niceties and finally tells to Cercei’s face what she thinks of her. Cercei leaves the cell at her most smug self. She meets with the High Sparrow and promises him she will be instrumental in making the Tyrells humble themselves in contrition for their sins. But the latter drops a bomb on her when he says he is now privy to her sins thanks to the confessions of Lancel. Cercei is arrested and despite her threats, she is locked in a cell like Margaery.

“No!! Not Prometheus again!!”

Game of Opinion:

I have to say, this is the darkest season of this show yet. The previous season is almost light in comparison. I couldn’t dream this was possible.

Sansa continues to devolve into the hapless damsel she was before. I’m now starting to feel like a fool to even entertain the thought she would become a player.

Seeing Samwell getting beaten up again, when he had already shown a level of badassery before, was eye rolling. But it was so satisfactory to see him finally have his much deserved sex scene with the lovely Gilly.

Like you wouldn’t want!

Farewell, Maester Aemon, for your watch has now ended. The likes of you shall never be seen again.

Cercei getting arrested was so satisfying it almost made up for the relentless dark tone of this episode. She was soundly hoisted by her own petard. Her poorly thought-out schemes came to bite her in the ass in the hardest way imaginable. She’s like many fools in real history who think they can control and use religious fanatics like toys to their will. Wrong! Fanatics have no other allegiance but to their own exalted visions. The world right now is bearing witness to that in the Middle East, and so too in the West as well in recent times. If this show is to have a metaphor element to current events, this is it.

I thought we were going to see the last of Bronn. Still, with all that, I’m shipping Bronn and Tyene.

Dany and her fucking sex-toy Daario! How much more do I have to endure of this fucking shit? And this guy keeps giving her the worst advice imaginable. In the 10th century there was this Saxon king called Æthelred the Unready, who became famous for his disastrous reign. His cognomen is a corruption of the Ancient English word “Unræd” which means “Bad Counsel.” Dany might as well have that among her long list of titles because she is not getting much of useful counsel since the day she expelled Jorah. I fear that his return will not change her mind and she will continue being the foolish woman she has been this season.

Back when even this could have been considered happier times.

Once again my favorite scenes involved Jorah and Tyrion. The auction scene was surprisingly comedic. First it was the pirate over-selling Jorah’s feats; beyond his already list of feats of badassery he also credit him with killing Khal Drogo! Jorah’s look at Tyrion after he heard that and Tyrion shrugging as if saying, “just go with it” was so funny. But the funniest moment was when Tyrion sold his claim on being also a warrior by beating the crap out of who hold him captive, to the general laughter of the locals.

But the show’s sweetest scene was Jorah going Terminator on the pit fighter wannabes and surgically beating the hell out of them without breaking a sweat. That he didn’t even kill them made it even more badass. Just to remind everybody that Jorah is indeed one of the best fighters in the story.  I so hope Jorah guts Daario like the pig he is.

                                                                         Game of Predictions:

  • Sansa will die a pathetic death at the hands of Ramsay so the show can continue to prove what a bastard he is.
  • Ramsay will kill Stannis by flaying him. Stannis will have a very ugly, undignified death unbecoming of him.
  • Cercei will eat her greatest humble pie of her entire life. I hope it has some rat meat in it.

Game of Final Thoughts:

This episode does not swage the bad things from last episode. But there are some other events that helps bring a sense of satisfaction, and few feel as deserving as seeing Cercei finally having her schemes backfiring on her in a spectacular fashion. On a relentless show like this, this is so satisfactory.

Such a happy image

As always, thank you for reading. See you at next week’s episode Hardhome.

This is AsimovLives, signing off. Have a better one.

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