This Gamer’s Grab Bag!
    So once again the Holidays have arrived and with it, an assortment of fun games to not only distract one’s mind from real world problems, but help pass the time during the last weeks of the wretched 2016! Note: All of the footage shown below, is based... Read more
Destiny: The Dawning (2016)

Destiny the Dawning- the event.

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Remember, remember that Month of November (1991)
  When polled, most people especially within developed nations would say that December is the most festive Month of the Year (Because it’s fucking Christmas, duh!) but me being the contrarian bastid I’m known and loved for, cites mid-November as the favorite Month of the Year ever since-say, 1991;... Read more
Why I Game: The First Four

Remembering 4 NES- classics.

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Warcraft 3
You there, peasant! grab your buddy and toil in the mine until she collapses. Bring me lots of shiny jewels to lure more unsuspecting dolts and offer their flesh to crooked Orc blades. Now for you, the other uneducated twits just loitering about in the open wilderness, pick up... Read more
Zelda Has Returned In: Zelda, Breath Of The Wild (Trailer)
Some of you might not give a damn about this. But Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario for Ultra 64 were two of the best games ever made. It’s been a long time for either and Windwalker didn’t quite live up to the hype, though I can say I... Read more
Tetris: The Movie – What the f*ck?!?

IAB trying to make the pieces fit together in his head.

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Resident Evil (1996)
      20 Years ago around this time, my life was forever changed. After One Year of owning the first Playstation console, there was this game that not only redefined Survival Horror, but reintroduced the Zombie Sub-genre to the gaming and Movie going public in general. That Game... Read more
Samsung Gear VR: Escape from Reality!
  Ever had one of those days when you just need a break from day to day stress be it an irate boss, traffic jams,  internet tolls, unruly commuters or your spouse significant other has gotten on your last nerve?   Well if you can’t afford to pay for... Read more
Best Videogames of 2015 (IMO!)
With January over and done with, I think it’s a bit long overdue to offer my pick for best games of 2015 and now here we are. These were the titles I invested my money, time and plenty of patience on. So without further “delay”, here it is! These... Read more
Video Game Jukebox Numero Trois

Part 3 of the videogame soundtrack series.

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Video Game Jukebox Numba 2
Read Number 1 here. Alright we’re on a roll now. The treasure trunk of video game music is broken open, the lock has been smashed and now we smear our grubby hands all over the coins. Here’s another ten pieces of music to give you a little bounce. Get... Read more
Video Game Jukebox

A Top 10 of favourite video game scores. To be continued.

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Nightmare: The Video Board Game (1991)
Nightmare is an interactive video board game developed in Australia by the production company A Couple ‘A Cowboys and distributed by J. W. Spear & Sons (later taken over by Mattel in 1994). The concept of the game was to challenge people’s worst fears via instructions from a nightmarish host on your... Read more
Naughty or Nice: Part 1 – Videogames!
“Just makin my list not checking it twice, give my opinion of what’s Supernaughty and nice!” Ho, ho ho, Twas that Nightmare before Christmas himself, Stalks offering a few gift suggestions of a few recommended “Grab bag o’ Goodies” to my fellow geeks because tis the season for giving and... Read more
Resident Evil 5: A REtrospective

Stalks REvisits Resident Evil 5 and gives and honest critique of why its very underrated.

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Review: Until Dawn (PS4)
Until Dawn is a surreal, dark horror interactive video game made for the Sony PlayStation 4 platform featuring a stellar cast of well known actors and actresses, such as Peter Stormare (Armageddon), Hayden Panetteire (Heroes), Rami Malek (Mr. Robot), and Larry Fessenden (I Sell the Dead), who’s also one of the... Read more
Xbox 360: 2005-2015  (X marks the spot!)
  After the success of Microsoft’s first video game platform the Xbox, the company that Bill Gates built had decided to one up themselves while competing against the likes of Sony and Nintendo with the successor to their first console. The Xbox 360 was not only 3x as powerful... Read more
5 games for Weirdos (Nov 2015)
This is about games off the grid. Non Triple-A games that most won’t play, let alone hear about. I’ve done two previous articles and they got a good enough response for me to continue it. Nevertheless, I have not played most of these games, but intend to showcase them... Read more
Friday Blues and Mario 64 Nightmares

i wrote this a few years ago. i suppose it made sense back then.

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Bop’s Top 10 SNES Games

Bop lists the 10 “Super Nintendo Entertainment System”- games he loved the most.

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Jack Random’s Assassin’s Loop Podcast

Assassin’s Creed, the Star Wars trailer, the British political comedy “In the Loop” and more is discussed in Random’s latest podcast!

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Rumour: Konami cancels production of AAA console games except shitty soccer game

Kiss “Silent Hills” goodbye.

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Jack Random’s Summer Sickness
Jack fights the plague this week, so Jamill Payne joins the boys to rave about the Mad Max series! What’s up with post-apocalyptic fashions? Of course talking about Max sets off another rant about reboots…Ghostbusters, anyone We finally drag Kyle away from Metal Gear long enough to get his... Read more
Pokémon GO brings “Gotta catch ’em all!” to mobile and real life

Today the first trailer for Pokémon GO was released, the first title in the series to come to mobile platforms outside of Nintendo’s traditional handheld market.

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Jack Random’s Phantom Podcast
After a week spent exploring a hidden vault in Mt. Rushmore, the boys are back to disect Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain! Did Konami ruin Hideo Kojima’s swan song? Force Friday has the guys hyped for the return of the greatest film franchise of all time! The guys... Read more
Trailer for Daniel Radcliffe as Grand Theft Auto Designer in BBC’s The Gamechangers

The Gamechangers is an unauthorized drama about the controversy surrounding the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise (BBC: “based on court documents and interviews with many of those involved in the real events behind this compelling story”).

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PlayStation (1995-2015): The revolution will now be revitalized!

Unless you have been living under a rock, in the sewers, or you’re one of those individuals who was born during the 90’s (goddamn Millennials!), you may have not been aware of the infamous date – September 9, 1995.

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Frankie reviews Destiny in advance of upcoming DLC The Taken King
In 2014, Bungie, the creators of the popular video game franchise Halo, released a whole new game called Destiny that expanded the world of massively multiplayer online experiences even further. Destiny allows players around the world to play in “player vs environment” and “player vs player” modes during the same gaming session and compete... Read more
Jack Random’s Podcast Wit Attitiude

This experimental episode starts with Jack interrupting Kyle and his buddy Steve playing Bloodborne. So they immediately scrap the regular “format” and freestyle the entire show!

Topics include the feasibility of a Tetris movie, destroying controllers, the Assassins Creed series, Kiefer Sutherland’s cartoon work, a horrible company spokesperson, Empire’s Emmy snub, Punisher movies, and Dr. Dre’s violent past!

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Jack Random’s Steel Cage Spectacular
Jamill Payne joins the guys this week to talk Pro Wrestling! With the recent death of one legend and some people recently wishing death on another, what could be more appropriate? How about what went wrong with Fantastic Four? We talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake, Hateful... Read more
Star Wars: Battlefront is Big Winner at Gamescom
After shelling out enough money to buy several small countries, Disney is banking on the Star Wars franchise to be a box office juggernaut for many years to come. They will find out just how big of a success it will be this December but until then, they’ll just... Read more
Jack Random’s Chaotic Comic Book Conversation
This week the guys laugh about the first reviews for the New Fantastic Four movie, and wonder what went wrong. Also, Mr. Fulton’s mortal enemies, the diabolical Konami Corporation have struck again, and Kyle considers applying for a position on their security team. The guys dissect Sony Pictures’ release... Read more
Jack Random’s Incredible Spur of the Moment Podcast

Jack Random is sent an article and goes from zero to f&^#*@% pissed in the span of a couple paragraphs and demanded a podcast be recorded on the spot.

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Jack Random’s Macadocious Mutant Massacre

After a week off, the guys are back and full of geek enthusiasm! Marketing guru Joe Buchalter sits in with the guys and lets us know what the deal is with all the movie trailer leaks.

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Satoru Iwata: Savior of the Gamerverse!
“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” Satoru Iwata, 1959-2015 I have this love/hate thing for Nintendo. I admire the fact that the Japanese based company not only revived the gaming... Read more
Jack Random’s Unnameable Lurking Horror
This week the Supernaughts own Detective Dee sits down with the guys to discuss all things horror! It’s July, so what else is there to talk about? Video games, movies, remakes, comedies…if it’s creepy, the boys cover it. Are haunted houses overrated? Is Godzilla? Click the play and find out... Read more
Jack Random’s Vigilante Justice Podcast
Arkham Knight is released and that’s all the guys talk about this week! Former guests Jamill Payne, Ryan Porter, and Treyarch’s Marc Morriseau talk everything Batman with Jack and Kyle! Also, is the Batmobile overrated? Play in new window | Download Read more
Jack Random’s Transracial Trepidation

This special extended episode actually devotes some time to a real world topic! Namely, is there such a thing as a transracial person, or are certain people full of it?

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Sex and Nintendo

A poem on how Nintendo’s machine guided me to manhood…

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Sega Saturn: The Little Black Engine That Couldn’t

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 32 Bit platform’s official release, this retrospective covers the highs, lows and low blows of Sega’s potentially great console: The Sega Saturn.

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Shut Up Kids #37: Top 5 Favorite 8-bit Video Games
Airdate: 27-April-2014 In this episode, Dan and Nick Nightly are joined by Ronnie Mac as they discuss their Top 5 favorite 8-bit video 8-bit video games. In the Best of the Week segment, they talk about the Kurtzman/Orci uncoupling, the Friday the 13th TV series and Ultra Street Fighter IV.... Read more