TLC: The Whales, the Fan Dance, and the Pon Farr

TLC talks about Star Trek, just to stand out from all the podcasts out there discussing the Wars this week! (okay, ACTUALLY its more that Amanda talks knowledgeably about Kirk’s romantic leanings, while El and Emily are unhelpful.)
Reviews: We Stand on Guard, A Boy and a Girl #podcast

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TLC: The Pointy Cupcakes Will Rock Your World

In which Emily has cupcakes, Amanda has beer, and El has bizarre high school anecdotes. Also included: El and Emily coaxing Amanda into watching more Jessica Jones and Amanda teaching Emily the many joys of Sliders. Reviews: Red Thorn, Airboy post-mortem, Krampus #podcast

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TLC: Totally Love Noire

Emily and El dive into Jessica Jones, and flee the horror that Is The Dark Knight III. #podcast

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Terrible Life Choices – Thankfully, El is not a Shiny Spoon

Wherein the TLC crew is exceptionally silly, the interview is only in our minds, and comics for which we are thankful are discussed. #podcast

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Terrible Life Choices: Monstress Bikini Edition

The dangers of wearing bikinis or being too good at publishing comics! Amanda’s tips for believable character crossovers: Make everyone insane!
Reviews: Paper Girl 2, Monstress #podcast

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TLC: Dancing While We Talk

The TLC (Totally Love Comics) podcast talks about “outgrowing fandom”, the Star Wars trailer and answers the very first TLC listener question.
Reviews: Long John Silver, Spook Show

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TLC: Planning – It’s what’s not for dinner!
The slowest possible speed-run through the latest news from New York Comic Con. Come for the only review of Attack on Titan you always knew you never needed, stay to find out why no one took comic events in the early 2000s seriously! Reviews: Spook Show Paper Girls Read more
TLC: Totally Love Coffee!
All of the comic news was depressing when your humble TLC-ers sat down to record, so what to do? Why, talk about Baltimore Comic Con and the life-giving, creativity-fueling substance that is coffee! Yes. This is a GOOD life choice. A TERRIBLE life choice would be naming your totally... Read more
TLC: We Carried a Watermelon
Hentai monsters, giant gourds at SPX, and overpriced first issues abound on this episode of TLC, where El and Amanda are joined by Cassius artist Ann, and Emily remains elusive. Reviews: Tiger Lung Diesel Death Vigil Play in new window | Download Read more
TLC: NSFW Comics
In which Emily is off at the NSFW con, El is traumatizing the cleaning staff with Goombas, and Amanda is reading about cannibals! Yes, the terrible life choices of the week are : books that aren’t safe for work books that aren’t safe for your brain books that you... Read more
TLC – Episode 12
This is the most important episode of TLC in the history of the universe! Play in new window | Download Read more
We(l)come Back to TLC!
This week, an episode of TLC so awesome, you will remember it in the next life! That’s right, this week TLC is joined by our first ever guest, writer Christopher Sebela We(l)come Back. Join us while we talk indie publishing, choosing to tell diverse stories, and discover that working... Read more
TLC: What’s in the (Subscription) Box?
In which El was distracted by butterflies and forgot to show up, so Amanda and Emily designed the perfect comic subscription service. Tune in to hear Emily discover her true calling of summarizing the most hipster comic on earth, and your faithful podcasters foolishly assuming that just because El... Read more
​TLC : Terrifically Ludicrous Comic Stories
Some weeks you just need to sit back, relax, and talk about the weirdest and coolest things that happened to you while you were working in a comic store. (Or, if you MUST be all special and actually create things like Emily does, things that happened while you were... Read more
TLC: The House of Terrible Ideas
Team books are way cooler than solo books! (unless you are near El, who just HAS to get meta about things) Hercules is fabulously…straight…Marvel is amazingly…on fire…. Reviews: Kaptara stayed good, Midnighter turned out to be great, no really you guys…. And Gosh, wasn’t there a neat indie book... Read more
​TLC: The Bears are Gone Now

Women in Comic Panels, now with less women!
Sure, GenCon tried to hold a women in comics panel with no women, but Denver is totally the hipster comic con, they were holding women in comics panels without women ages ago!

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​TLC: Podcast in our Time

In which we hop into the Wayback Machine for an in-depth review of Age of Ultron (Spoilers: We all love the Vision, Emily talks about history, and El is cranky about the Black Widow).

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TLC: Terrible Life Choices/Totally Love Comics: Angela Has No Pants

In which San Diego Comic Con is the Cheesecake Factory of conventions, Going to SPACE may be a bit of a bummer, and no one is hipster enough for the Small Press Expo.

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TLC: We Hurt DC Because we Care
We Hurt DC Because we Care – a blast from the pre-DCYou past, as El, Amanda and Emily discuss why so many people hate on DC Comics Creator’s Rights – Wherein we do not do Powergirl, except…we totally do Powergirl. What we Look for When we go into a... Read more
TLC: The Scandal Edition

Join us for TLC: The Scandal Edition, as El, Amanda and Emily break down the new Marvel book announcements, review Airboy come hell or threats from (unrelated) writers, and wonder how women can possibly make comics with our tiny little woman fingers. Now with added nonsequiters and twice as much [redacted]!

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TLC  – Episode 2
TLC: Terrible Life Choices/Totally Love Comics Episode 2 In which the podcast gets a name, the reasons some stories are best told in comic format are discussed, and our comic-industry dream jobs are revealed (Spoilers: Emily would be a writer). Play in new window | Download Read more
TLC – Episode 1

EL, Amanda and Emily kick off the first episode of TLC: Totally Love Comics/Terrible Life Choices talking about the comic books that ignited their TLC, the good and bad aspects of initially going to cons and what books a newcomer should check out.

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