Imaginarium SE: Ep 7 Season 6: Final Lockdown
Wade and Scott close out their OZ podcasts by reminiscing about the show a bit, saying naughty words, talking about their top 10 favorite prisons, favorite scenes, ad favorite deaths. They also talk about their new podcast, Don’t Listen to Strangers! Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 20: Movie Making Old And New
In honor of The Imaginarium’s 20th episode, Scott has two special guests. First up is the lovely and charming Joan Steiger. Joan talks about her life in the movies, as well as her late husband Rod Steiger. Following Joan is Jerry Janda Jr, the producer, writer and costar of... Read more
Imaginarium SE: Ep 6 Season 6: Golden Brown, Dipped in Salsa
As Scott and Wade debate the final season of OZ, we find out Wade wasn’t impressed with Ortolani’s cameo, has far better ideas for how the show should have ended, and Scott goes off on tangents…again. It’s a combative wrap up with a teaser for the final episode next... Read more
Imaginarium 19: The Horror Nerd of New Jersey
Todd Staruch is the man and myth behind the horror nerd website, as well as the promoter for grindhouse night at Cafe Z. Todd and Scott talk all things horror, the indie scene, and some of their favorite indie horror flicks. Lots of interesting conversation, honesty and laughter, not... Read more
Imaginarium SE: Ep 5 Season 5: Slinging Tits

As Scott and Wade talk about season 5, Scott manages to be nice to the french, but pokes fun at someone’s foreskin. Wade however, reveals a dark secret he’s harbored about this season! Find out what it is on this episode of Bitches of OZ!

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Imaginarium 18: Movies, Music and Background Noise

Imaginarium has not one, but two guests this week! First up is actor James Wilder who talks about everything from juggling chainsaws and working with Mickey Rooney to meeting serial killer Carl Isaacs on death row.

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Imaginarium SE: Ep 4 Season 4: Beecher You’re A Slut!

Scott and Wade return with an extended edition of Bitches of OZ! Who was Wade’s crush for season 4? What does Scott have against the french? How many people die throughout the 16 episodes? Find out the answers to this and more on this episode!

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Imaginarium 17: Faces In The Wall

“Faces” director, co-founder of Theater of Blood , and bass player/lead singer for Vlad the Inhaler , Tom Ryan visits The Imaginarium to talk about movies, music, and mayhem.

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Imaginarium 16: Robot Armageddon and Beyond

Tracey Birdsall stops by the Imaginarium to talk about her latest movies, why she loves science fiction AND picks a side in the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate!

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Imaginarium 15: Best Hair in Indie Film Making

Indie film maker turned writer Alfredo Salvadore Arcilesi joins Scott in the Imaginarium this week!

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Imaginarium 14: The Nature of Fear

Steve Kahn, L.A. writer, filmmaker, and script doctor visits the Imaginarium to talk about his critically acclaimed short film Fear; his love for Stanley Kubrick, and filming Jessie Rabideau in the nude for Fear.

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Imaginarium 13: Thirty Five Hours Over The Andes

This week’s Imaginarium features Tim Phillips who talks about his role as Vice President of Animal Defenders International, their role in rescuing abused circus animals, and the film he directed.

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Imaginarium 12: Prince Humperdinck Brought Me Coffee

While Bitches of OZ is on a week’s vacation, Imaginarium kicks into high gear with an interview with NYC filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp. We talk about his movies, Chris Sarandon’s willingness to help with anything, and an in depth conversation about the unreleased slasher flick, The Sadist.

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Imaginarium 11: From Atlanta to L.A.

Today is another double shot from the cast of Infliction! First up is Elliott Armstrong who talks about everything from his role as the younger brother to the first thing he did when he got to L.A. We also discuss his mean dancing skills! Next is Ana Shaw who chats about everything from her part as the sister in Infliction to zits, John Wayne, and why Irene Dunn is one of her favorite actresses. It’s another full episode you don’t want to miss!

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Imaginarium SE: Ep 3 Season 3: We’re all shit

Wade and Scott delve into season three and mange to offend just about everyone. Wade goes off on an actor who he thinks is an ugly…uh…bastard, while Scott continues his obsession with the O’Reilly. Both agree that a certain two inmates should have had a magnificent sex scene. All this and soap dropping on Episode 3!

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Imaginarium 10: Double Barrel of Infliction
For Imaginarium’s tenth episode, we have something special very special: a double header! First up is award winning director, writer, and producer Jack Thomas Smith who talks about his new film Infliction, as well as working with genre legends Ted Bohus and John Russo. Following Jack is one of... Read more
Imaginarium SE: Ep 2 Season 2: Sometimes It’s Good To Be Human

Scott and Wade dive into Season 2 and don’t like what they see. They talk about the weakness of the early episodes, the ridiculous plotlines, as well as ther crushes for the season.

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The Imaginarium 9: Glasses, Implants and Riots

Sam Sullivan joins Scott as they talk tech, Sam’s involvement with Trackbill, his NFC implant, plus his live posts during the Ferguson riots.

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Imaginarium SE: Ep 1 Season 1: He can Peel Oranges

At last! Wade Radford and Scott Colbert join forces to discuss, dissect, and dispute the seminal HBO series OZ. The premiere episode takes a look at Season one, where Wade fanboys over someone, and Scott takes notice of fruit.

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The Imaginarium 8: A Culture Absence

Veteran Aaron Sawyer joins the Imaginarium this week, and he and Scott talk about his time in the military, why Superman is unreadable, why circles suck, and Aaron’s paintings.

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Imaginarium 7: Asimov Lives, Live

On this week’s show, Scott is joined by Carlos Saraiva, aka Asimov Lives. As the newest contributor to the Supernaughts network, Carlos talks about the movie that made him a geek, advice for Scott on his cold, Interstellar, and of course J.J. Abrams. If you ever wondered about Tunisia, Carlos will sate your curiousity-exclusively on Imaginarium!

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Imaginarium 6: When Dio Called Harry.

Scott’s joined by his Supernaughts co-founders and co-hosts Slate Fistcrunch and Ronnie James Dio. The guys talk about the origins of the Supernaughts, where the name came from, and Dio calls Harry Knowles!

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Imaginarium 5: Zombies, Podcasts and Rand, Oh My!

This week, Justin Lesniewski enters the Imaginarium and talks Writing, Zombies, podcasts, and a woman named Ayn. Justin also talks about how he deals with haters.

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Imaginarium Episode 4: Old Friends

The Imaginarium welcomes Joe Adams, previous guest of The Supernaughts. This week we talk about the past, Joe tells a lot of Harlan Ellison stories, God, books, and dust devils. Note: Due to a recording error at approximately the 10:45 mark the show goes from one conversation right into a story about a stained glass window Joe made for Ellison. We apologize for the mistake, but thought it was worth keeping in.

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Imaginarium Episode 3: Special Hanukkah Edition

In a very special Hanukkah episode Scott talks to Abra about her Maccabee on the Mantel, being a parent, what Hanukkah truly means, and how she keeps her kids protected online. It’s a funny, heartwarming, and personal conversation that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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Imaginarium Episode 2:  The Word Cute is Disgraceful

Imaginarium welcomes Wade Bradford on his return to the Supernaughts Network. We talk about his partner in crime Jason Impey, his return to prison in Boys Behind Bars 3, Twink, and how being a global​ presence affects his fans. Wade brought the house down once, and this time he sets fire to it, in an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Opening the Imaginarium with Alec Belle

Imaginarium’s first guest is Alec Belle. Alec is the author of Before I Break, as well as the upcoming Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, and an online High School Student. We talk about his work, the idea for Before I Break, and what it’s like to be a 17 year old author.

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Imaginarium Encore: Todd’s First Time.
Due to recording errors beyond our control, episode 98 will be posted next week. Instead, here’s Todd’s first time being interviewed on the show! Todd Staruch is the man and myth behind the horror nerd website, as well as the promoter for grindhouse night at Cafe Z. Todd and... Read more