Movies and Stuff: Gentlemen Broncos (2009) + Halley Feiffer interview!
Hey, hey, everyone, This week we are talking about a very peculiar comedy by the dude who made Napoleon Dynamite. We’re discussing Gentlemen Broncos! Our guest is actress Halley Feiffer who played Tabatha in the movie. Read some of the interview below or click the play button to hear... Read more
Vegetable Lasagna – The Early Years

Unfortunately, Zissou and the gang could not be here today. So, we scoured the Supernaughts archives to find a classic Vegetable Lasagna episode. So here it is, the first every Vegetable Lasagna episode entitled: The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 1. Zissou did want me to communicate to all of you that his political protest is going very well. For 24 hours he hasn’t eaten a single grape.

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Imaginarium 40: Film Festival Facials
Episode 40 is a barn burner as screenwriter/actor/producer Jerry Janda Jr returns to the Imaginarium.  Jerry talks about his new movie Black Wake, starring Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore, where the idea came from, and his love for Lovecraft. Scott and Jerry spend a silly amount of time talking about the... Read more
Weekend Rewind: The Imaginarium, Horror Roundtable
In this week’s rewind Scott brings together the best of the best in indie horror to talk about what horror is, censorship, slasher movies, sexism, and racism in the genre. Several trains and the odd police siren also make an appearance. So join Jerry Janda, Jennifer Valdes, Tom Ryan, Jeremiah... Read more
TLC: The House of Terrible Ideas
Team books are way cooler than solo books! (unless you are near El, who just HAS to get meta about things) Hercules is fabulously…straight…Marvel is amazingly…on fire…. Reviews: Kaptara stayed good, Midnighter turned out to be great, no really you guys…. And Gosh, wasn’t there a neat indie book... Read more
Jack Random’s Steel Cage Spectacular
Jamill Payne joins the guys this week to talk Pro Wrestling! With the recent death of one legend and some people recently wishing death on another, what could be more appropriate? How about what went wrong with Fantastic Four? We talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake, Hateful... Read more
Vegetable Lasagna 22
This week, the gang reviews Vacation and Irrational Man. Zissou discusses his strange side effect from giving blood, Chris condemns democracy, and Walden Pond drunkenly finds himself with an expensive hotel suite for the weekend. ​ Play in new window | Download Read more
Jailbait 08: Last Dance
Strap yourselves in, as this is the most heated show that Scott and Wade have recorded yet. The two disagree so vehemently you wonder if they saw the same movie. Who likes the Sharon Stone death row flick and who doesn’t? Tune in and find out!   As of... Read more
Imaginarium 39: The Birthday Bash
This week’s episode is pretty special to me; today is not only my 50th birthday, but my friend Joe Adams’ 65th. You remember Joe, he was on the debate show-one of our first guests, as well as an early guest on the Imaginarium. I couoldn’t think of a better... Read more
Weekend Rewind: BOPX – Forgotten and forgettable Superhero Movies

“Weekend Rewind” presents

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​TLC: The Bears are Gone Now

Women in Comic Panels, now with less women!
Sure, GenCon tried to hold a women in comics panel with no women, but Denver is totally the hipster comic con, they were holding women in comics panels without women ages ago!

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Jack Random’s Chaotic Comic Book Conversation
This week the guys laugh about the first reviews for the New Fantastic Four movie, and wonder what went wrong. Also, Mr. Fulton’s mortal enemies, the diabolical Konami Corporation have struck again, and Kyle considers applying for a position on their security team. The guys dissect Sony Pictures’ release... Read more
Movies and Stuff: Point Break (1991) + Peter Illif interview!

In this episode, we talk about the bromantic, action flick Point Break! And we’re joined by the writer of the film, Peter Illif!

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Vegetable Lasagna 21

​This week, Chris tells his story about a sticky club, Zissou preps for an imaginary interview with Obama, the gang reviews A Tale of Springtime and they ask the listeners Tim Vs Peach.

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Imaginarium 38: When Cohosts Collide!
It never should have happened, but it did. Scott’s Cohosts, Wade and Todd get together and the three have a semi drunken talk about boobs, pornography, sex, exploitation of minors, and what kind of whiskey Todd’s drinking. It’s a no holds barred, controversial episode of the Imaginarium!    ... Read more
Weekend Rewind: Shut Up Kids interview Sam Rockwell
In this edition of Weekend Rewind, we’re airing a classic Shut Up Kids episode where Dan (Movies and Stuff podcast) and Nick (The Nightly Weekly podcast) sit down and interview actor Sam Rockwell about his great career. Joining in on the fun is director Alex Rockwell. Enjoy! Play... Read more
​TLC: Podcast in our Time

In which we hop into the Wayback Machine for an in-depth review of Age of Ultron (Spoilers: We all love the Vision, Emily talks about history, and El is cranky about the Black Widow).

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Jack Random’s Incredible Spur of the Moment Podcast

Jack Random is sent an article and goes from zero to f&^#*@% pissed in the span of a couple paragraphs and demanded a podcast be recorded on the spot.

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Vegetable Lasagna Meets Peach

This week, Zissou sits down for an in-depth interview with the infamous Indiana Peach, who reads a 1000 word except from The Cairo Detective 3. The two discuss writing, publishing, Tarantino, and True Detective.

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Imaginarium 37: Makin’ More Waves
Filmmaker Eli Hayes joins Scott and Todd to talk about his movies, the meaning behind some, why drug addiction is a central theme, and why he’s studying abnormal psychology. All this and Todd’s favorite David Lynch film, only on this week’s imaginarium.   Eli’s Youtube Channel   Eli’s movie... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: Pigs and Mystics!
This week, Nick is joined by Ronnie Mac!  These two fucks talk about the world’s biggest pig lover, tech Wiccans, Nick’s hatred for teenagers, the world’s most hated tv show, shitting in tunnels, how nobody cares about you, and much more! Play in new window | Download Read more
Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #2

The second episode of the Supernaughts “limited event series” podcast, where IAB and Puck talk about The X-Files Season 2 and more.

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TLC: Terrible Life Choices/Totally Love Comics: Angela Has No Pants

In which San Diego Comic Con is the Cheesecake Factory of conventions, Going to SPACE may be a bit of a bummer, and no one is hipster enough for the Small Press Expo.

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Jack Random’s Macadocious Mutant Massacre

After a week off, the guys are back and full of geek enthusiasm! Marketing guru Joe Buchalter sits in with the guys and lets us know what the deal is with all the movie trailer leaks.

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Movies and Stuff: The Shadow (1994) + Penelope Ann Miller interview!

In this episode, we talk about the cult comic book film The Shadow! And we’re joined by actress Penelope Ann Miller!

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 19
​This week, the duo discusses the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel, Chris discusses Zissou’s homeless doppelganger, and Zissou reviews Trainwreck.    Music by Kevin MacLeod Play in new window | Download Read more
Jailbait 07: Scum
This week Scott and Wade get a bit serious as they talk about the British film Scum, which debuted Ray Winstone in a role that would define his carecareer er. From the IMDB page “This is the hard and shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young... Read more
Imaginarium Encore
Today’s Imaginarium is an encore presentation of episode 8, from January 12th of this year. Veteran Aaron Sawyer joins the Imaginarium this week, and he and Scott talk about his time in the military, why Superman is unreadable, why circles suck, and Aaron’s paintings.     Aaron’s Website Twitter  ... Read more
TLC: We Hurt DC Because we Care
We Hurt DC Because we Care – a blast from the pre-DCYou past, as El, Amanda and Emily discuss why so many people hate on DC Comics Creator’s Rights – Wherein we do not do Powergirl, except…we totally do Powergirl. What we Look for When we go into a... Read more
The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 18

This week, the crew discusses’s unfair moderation, trying to run a Zissou-less show, nice Nebraskan roads, Chris finally reviews Chappie, and Zissou talks True Detective season 2.

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Imaginarium 36: A Gaymer’s Life For Me
On this week’s Imaginarium, we have a round table discussion on gaming and gaymers. Joining Scott and Todd are two members of the Phoenix gaymers group, Ruthann Cage and Nickolas Yellowhorse. We talk about our favorite games, what got us into gaming as well as online homophobia and whether... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: What I Did On My Summer Vacation!
This week, Mr. Nightly returns with a super special guest. These two fucks just shoot the shit about Nick’s time away from the podcast, kids and religion, Jared Fogle’s child porn investigation, Bill Cosby, True Detective, Mad Max, the morons we know, and much, much more. Play in... Read more
TLC: The Scandal Edition

Join us for TLC: The Scandal Edition, as El, Amanda and Emily break down the new Marvel book announcements, review Airboy come hell or threats from (unrelated) writers, and wonder how women can possibly make comics with our tiny little woman fingers. Now with added nonsequiters and twice as much [redacted]!

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Jack Random’s Unnameable Lurking Horror
This week the Supernaughts own Detective Dee sits down with the guys to discuss all things horror! It’s July, so what else is there to talk about? Video games, movies, remakes, comedies…if it’s creepy, the boys cover it. Are haunted houses overrated? Is Godzilla? Click the play and find out... Read more
Movies and Stuff: Fright Night (1985) + Tom Holland interview!

Director Tom Holland stops by to talk about the 30th Anniversary of Fright Night!

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Jailbait 06: Penitentiary
This week’s Imaginarium will not be heard due to our guest’s family emergency, and Scott’s never ending Internet problems. The Imaginarium will return next week.   This week blacksploitation meets jailsploitation in Leon Isaac Kennedy’s cult hit, PENITENTIARY! Be amazed as two of the whitest people on earth talk... Read more
Jack Random’s Casual Coversation with Kyle
This week the guys break down the populatity of Dr. Who and get in depth about the remake of Stephen King’s “It”! They discuss the hazards of an online existence, and Stephen Colbert invades Small Town Michigan. Also, some bands shouldn’t cover some songs. Play in new window... Read more
TLC  – Episode 2
TLC: Terrible Life Choices/Totally Love Comics Episode 2 In which the podcast gets a name, the reasons some stories are best told in comic format are discussed, and our comic-industry dream jobs are revealed (Spoilers: Emily would be a writer). Play in new window | Download Read more
Movies and Stuff: Se7en (1995) + Andrew Kevin Walker interview!

Writer Andrew Kevin Walker talks to the Movies and Stuff guys about the 20th anniversary of the David Fincher film Se7en.

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 17

This week, Chris and Zissou discuss the death penalty, feeder mice, Jurassic World, Nebraska wine tours and Pixar being overrated.

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Imaginarium 35: Bleeding And Naked
Joining Scott and Todd this week is music producer, singer, writer, actress, director ( to name just a few) Alia Lorae. Alia talks about how she got into music, her new album, being bad at math, and her role in the horror movie “The Turnpike Killer”. All this, and... Read more
BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt. 2

….and Dee and Nick complete their conversation about this forgotten genre of the (early) 90s! We talk about “Body of Evidence”, “Color of Night” and more!

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TLC – Episode 1

EL, Amanda and Emily kick off the first episode of TLC: Totally Love Comics/Terrible Life Choices talking about the comic books that ignited their TLC, the good and bad aspects of initially going to cons and what books a newcomer should check out.

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Jack Random’s Vigilante Justice Podcast
Arkham Knight is released and that’s all the guys talk about this week! Former guests Jamill Payne, Ryan Porter, and Treyarch’s Marc Morriseau talk everything Batman with Jack and Kyle! Also, is the Batmobile overrated? Play in new window | Download Read more
BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt.1

Remember the once insanely popular subgenre of the “Erotic Thriller” that thrived in the early 90s?
Dee and Nick take a look back and discuss this curious phenomenon of cinema, from “Basic Instnct” (1992) to “Jade” (1995). Part 2 on Sunday, June 28th!

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Movies and Stuff: Clue (1985) + Jonathan Lynn interview!

Writer/director Jonathan Lynn talks to the Movies and Stuff guys about the 30th anniversary of the cult comedy film Clue.

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Vegetable Lasagna’s Sweet 16
​This week, Zissou and Chris discuss the career of Chuck Palahniuk, a plus-sized burlesque show, and The Gingerbread Man. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Play in new window | Download Read more
Jailbait 05: Aileen, The Life And Death Of A Serial Killer
This week’s jailbait takes a bit of a serious turn as Wade and Scott explore the Nick Broomfield documentary Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer, about the U.S. female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. Filmed in the weeks leading up to her execution, Aileen is a harrowing... Read more
Imaginarium 34: Kealan Patrick Burke, The Writin’ Irish
Two weeks before 9/11 Kealan Patrick Burke moved to the U.S. from a small town Ireland. Since then he’s gone on to write 5 novels, 4 short story collections, edited 4 anthologies, over 100 short stories and had his short story “Peekers” optioned by Lionsgate. Todd and Scott talk... Read more
Jack Random’s Transracial Trepidation

This special extended episode actually devotes some time to a real world topic! Namely, is there such a thing as a transracial person, or are certain people full of it?

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Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #1

In the Pilot episode of this “limited event series” podcast, IAB and Puck Propaganda chat about the first season of The X-Files.

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Movies and Stuff: Bad Lieutenant (1992) + Abel Ferrara interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about Bad Lieutenant and are joined by director Abel Ferrara!

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 15
This week, Chris describes his journey into the mystical land of Manitoba where he tried the best chicken fingers in existence. Zissou weeps with jealousy while also finding time to review Jurassic World.    Music by Kevin MacLeod Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 33: The Princesses And The Frog
This week, two of Todd’s friends, actress/cosplayer Missy Heather, and model Crystal Rose enter the Imaginarium to talk about modeling, cosplay, acting, misconceptions about models and cosplayers, all while being serenaded by a…frog? Funny, entertaining, and thought provoking, it’s an episode you won’t want to miss! Missy Heather  ... Read more
Jack Random’s Confusing Comic Conundrum

Finish off Jack and Kyle’s hellish week with the most resilient podcast on the damn net! We have geek-in-training Amanda Buchalter joining the guys this week to pick their brains on all things comic book related.

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BOPX: Guilty Pleasure Movies of the 90s

The 1990s world of movies had Highs and Lows. Today we talk about the Lows- but the ones we (secretly ?) enjoy!

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Movies and Stuff: Batman Begins (2005) + Mark Boone Junior interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about Batman Begins and are joined by actor Mark Boone Junior!

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 14
This week, Moose, Chris, Champloo, and Walden Pond all get drinks and leave Zissou to do the podcast alone. He reviews Gosford Park, Quintet, and MASH before newcomer Wet Willy saves the show with his fear of dinosaurs. Music by Kevin MacLeod Play in new window | Download Read more
Jailbait 04: A Letter From Death Row
In what may be the worst movie they’ve seen to date, Wade and Scott chat about the Brett Michaels vanity project, A Letter From Death Row. Judge for yourself just how shitastic it actually is from the link below! Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 32: Remakes, Reboots, And Sequels Oh My!
This week’s Imaginarium is dedicated to the memory of actress Cheryl Downey. Film critic John Ary joins Scott and Todd, and the guys talk about the popularity of Mad Max, the lull of the Memorial Day box office, remakes, sequels, and reboots. Plus John talks about why he’s losing... Read more
Jack Random’s Podcast of Fury

This week Asimov Lives joins Jack and Kyle as they welcome their guest, game aficionado Ryan Porter! The guys talk about the new Fallout Game, post-apocalyptic futures, Kung Fury, Portugal, and more!

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BOPX: Kindred spirits in film – Our favourite movie biz collaborations

Some artists in the film business truly unfold their potential in collaborations. Which ones do we love, which ones do we hate? And more!

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Imaginarium 31: ‘neath The Shadow Of A Maniac
Filmmakers and the horror meisters behind Hallows Eve Films, Brian Weaver and Evan Makrogiannis join Scott and Todd on this week’s show. The guys talk about everything from Todd and strippers to why there are so few character driven movies today. Brian and Evan also talk about their movies... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: The Bestly Weekly!

Mr. Nightly did nothing this week, so here’s a collection of highlights from the first few episodes of what would eventually become “The Nightly Weekly.” Take a look back at what made Nick and his former co-host, Dan, tingly all those weeks ago, and tune in again next week for a BRAND NEW episode!

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Movies and Stuff: From Beyond (1986) + Barbara Crampton interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about From Beyond and are joined by actress Barbara Crampton!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 39: High Ground Advantage
This week Jack and Kyle sit down with their friend from Atlanta, Ultra Geek and aspiring writer Jamill Payne! On this week’s show they talk crowd funding videogames and banging movie soundtracks. They bitch about Max Payne and other adaptions that miss the point, and trash a comic book... Read more
BOPX: A tribute to Avco Embassy Pictures

The Avco Embassy Pictures special goes on with this podcast episode in which IAB, Dee and Stalkeye discuss the legacy of the film studio that brought us such different classics as “The Fog”, “Time Bandits”, “Escape from New York” and more!

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Stuck on the Tarmac Podcast with Susie Sunshine
In this podcast Tarmac and Abe speak with Jessica Howell and Chelsea O’Connor about their sci-fi short Susie Sunshine. The conversation touches on crowdfunding, corporate America, women in film, selling furniture, and Re-Animator the Musical. Chelsea O’Connor – Writer | Director | Producer         Jessica Howell... Read more
The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 13
This week, Moose Henderson and Chris Just Chris take a spa day while Champloo and Zissou discuss the use of cars in cinema. Theme song by Kevin Macleod. Play in new window | Download Read more
Jailbait 03: Porridge
Travel to Wade’s neck of the woods with this week’s hysterical episode about the UK sitcom Porridge. Wade gives a brief background on this comedy from 1974, as well as its star, Ronnie Barker. The boys talk about the characters, the episodes, and why it’s a must watch. Oh,... Read more
Imaginarium 30: In Search Of Magic And Ghosts
Scott and Todd settle in with Illusionist, Paranormal Investigator, Author, and President of the Dracula Society of Maryland, Daniel Rumanos. Joining them by phone (the spirit board was out of order), Dan and the guys talk about magic, Houdini, Hammer horror films, and delve into the esoteric with talk... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: Outrage!

This week, Mr. Nightly is joined by globe trotting ladies man, Ronnie Mac! These two fucks talk about the anger over a Game of Thrones rape scene, The Duggar family’s love for child molesters, Konami’s new game plan, the possible truth about Dr. Head Transplant, Assholes, and more!

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Movies and Stuff: Lost Highway (1997) + Barry Gifford interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about Lost Highway and are joined by novelist and screenplay writer Barry Gifford!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 38: The New Little Richard
This week Jack and Kyle sit down with Mo-cap director and filmmaker Marc Morisseau to discuss fight choreography, computer generated effects vs practical, ambiguous movie endings, and appropriate prom wear. Known for his work on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Titanfall, and Wolfenstein: The New Order, Marc Morisseau is... Read more
BOPX: Telekinesis, Telepathy & Mind Control in Movies

Scientifically not proven, the fascination those phenomena nonetheless spawned a bunch of great films, from “Akira” to “Scanners” and “Firestarter”. The podcast formerly known as “Breakfast on Planet X” is now “BOPX”!

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 12

This week, Chris Just Chris finds a little person in a big trash can, Moose Henderson tells of New York times, Zissou reviews Mad Max: Fury Road, and the gang casts the live-action Futurama movie.

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Imaginarium 29: You Don’t Know Jack!
With a statewide internet outage (F**k you CenturyLink), Abe substitutes for Scott, and brings the horror nerd, Todd Staruch along for the ride as DJ Jack Randomm busts some beats (or whatever the kids today are saying). The guys talk about-what else-comics- but take a bit of serious turn... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: Stupid, Stupid Scientology!

This week, Mr. Nightly is joined by Supernaughts editor and hockey aficionado, Puck Propaganda! These two fucks talk about their Top 3 Favorite Films Starring Scientologists not named Travolta or Cruise, stealing from children and the elderly, the 2015 summer movie season, Asshole of the Week, and much, much more!

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Movies and Stuff: Highlander (1986) + Russell Mulcahy interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about Highlander and are joined by director Russell Mulcahy!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 37: Take the Blue Pill

Join Jack and Kyle as they talk video games, the Wachowskis, crowd funding, and piracy.

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Breakfast on Planet X Classics: A Van Damme Podcast!

A “retro episode” from our back catalogue, where we pay tribute to the most charming Western martial arts movie star ever.

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 11

This week, Moose Henderson returns to the wild, Walden Pond returns from the Middle East as a hostage on loan, Chris Just Chris reviews Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Zissou reviews The D Train.

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Jailbait 02: Chained Heat (1983, U.S. Release)
In this week’s Jailbait, Wade and Scott get an eyeful of…well pretty much everything! From boobs to riots to boobs to drugs to boobs to a hot tub, and back to boobs.  Dd we mention boobs?   Chained Heat stars Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, and John Vernon. Check out... Read more
Imaginarium 28, Jennifer Valdes Will Leave You Tromatized
Fresh from her appearance on the horror roundtable, Jennifer Valdes talks about her time in television, working as an editor for Troma, as well as her feature film Jack O’Slasher, and her new, haunting short film, Isabelle. It’s chock full of tidbits, humor, and an honest assessment of today’s... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: The Horror!

This week, Mr. Nightly is joined by Scott Colbert, author of “Barbed Wire Kisses” and host of The Imaginarium podcast. These two fucks talk about lovably bad horror movies, the new Monkees, sex crime, Asshole of the Week, and more!

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Movies and Stuff: American Psycho (2000) + Bill Sage interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about American Psycho and are joined by actor Bill Sage!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 36: A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

The Debate Show talks Twitter! Joss Whedon was run off decided to leave Twitter totally voluntarily and Jack, Kyle, Scott and Abe debate whether or not it’s a good idea to have access to content creators. Also, heroes, villains, anti-heroes and bacon wrapped pizza comes up.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Our 3 favourite TV hate watches

It’s a weird habit and still millions of people do it: “Hate-watching”. Zod and Dee discuss why and crown the Top 3 of TV-series they love to hate (-watch).

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 10

When Walden Pond and Chris Just Chris get lost at sea, Moose Henderson steps in the save the show. Zissou dies from bug bites and Moose reviews True Story.​

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Imaginarium 27: Todd And The Man From  Another Dimension
Episode 27 marks the debut of The Imaginarium’s co-host Todd Staruch, so please welcome him to the SN family!! Todd and Scott are joined by writer, director, actor, and crowdfunder extraordinaire Rob Dimension! Rob talks about his movies, including his newest, “Rabbit Hole” , how to make a successful... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: Tales From The Bug Planet!
This week, Mr. Nightly is joined by animation historian and Disney expert, Ernest Rister!  These two fucks talk about controversial pub names, a new way to grieve for a loved one, beer slogans, Asshole of the Week, and more.  Also, Ernest tells stories from his time as a production... Read more
Point It At the Deck! Rants in 12 parsecs or less

Zod rants about Star Wars fans posting on Facebook, Comic book movies and their lack of color and a few new surprises in less than 12 parsecs.

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Movies and Stuff: The Devil’s Rejects (2005) + Sid Haig interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about The Devil’s Rejects and are joined by actor Sid Haig!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 35: Spader Senses Tingling

Jack Random hosts Mr. Positive himself Kyle Fulton and the occasionally negative Abe as they tackle the topics of teenage Spider-Man, nostalgia glasses, and Breakfast on Planet X’s take on X-Men.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Forgotten & forgettable Superhero Movies

Supposedly, we live in the “Golden Age of Superhero Movies”- but which movies of that subgenre are kind of lost in film history, or judged less favourably by a modern audience, rightfully or unfairly? We discuss this and more with our guest, Nick Nightly!

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The Vegetable Lasagna Show Episode 9

​This week, Walden Pond travels away to explain the Middle East, Chris learns he may be an illegal alien, and Zissou talks Ex Machina.

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Jailbait 01: Wentworth
Not content to be confined behind the bars of the Bitches of OZ podcast, Wade Radford and Scott Colbert bust out to bring you jailbait: the ultimate guide to jailhouse cinema and television. Every two weeks the boys will talk about movies, TV series and documentaries revolving around prisons.... Read more
Imaginarium 26: The Maine Man of Indie Horror
Emmy Award winning director Corey Norman left documentaries to pursue indie horror and hasn’t looked back. Aside from award winning work, Norman was recently nominated for the best director in Maine. In this week’s Imaginarium, he and Scott talk about his movies, the politics of getting states to assist... Read more
The Nightly Weekly: Even Rocky Had A Montage

This week, Mr. Nightly is joined by Supernaught contributor and co-host of the Breakfast On Planet X podcast, I.A.B! These two fucks talk about assault by lactation, your lover’s “aroma,” WTF Florida, and the Asshole of the Week. Also, Nick and IAB go over their TOP THREE MOVIE MONTA

Read more
Point It At the Deck! J-J-Changes
Welcome back puny listeners! Zod and guest Friend Tony discuss the The Force Awakens trailer, Batman Vs Superman, Daredevil, Rebels Season 2, Attack the Block and FLAMETHROWERS! Pull up a chair, listen with enthusiasm, take your opinions to the phantom zone! Don’t make us destroy you! Join us or... Read more