The Killing Jack
At the risk of their sanity, your Saviors of the Universe return to give the final word on the Ghostbusters reboot! We talk Matt Smith Doctor Who rumors, and briefly discuss the sham that was the WWE Mock Draft! We reveal which trailers stood out at this year’s SDCC... Read more
Imaginarium 77: Jamill In The Hot Seat
This week, Scott and Todd are joined by Jamill Payne, from the Jack Random (whatever he’s calling it this week) podcast! The guys talk about the new Ghostbusters movies, Leslie Jones leaving Twitter, social media, black lives matter, and growing up as a cop’s kid. All this and Jamill calls us... Read more
Weekday Matinee: War Never Changes
This month Scott and Jerry talk about war movies. For Scott, these are his very favorites, and his number one pick is a film he urges everyone to see. Jerry had a bit of a different criteria, and his choices are about as powerful as they come. This is... Read more
Imaginarium 76: Blood And Chocolate

AS we climb towards our 100th episode, Todd talks about his trip to Hershey Amusement Park, Scott and Todd then talk about Pokemon GO, and then concentrate on the age old debate of quiet horror versus gory horror. All this and Scott insults the disabled. Again.

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Jack’s Random Comic Complaint
The boys are back, and complaining about everything! From Ghostbusters to Marvel Comics’s sudden diversity, nothing is safe! Check out Kyle’s theory that Marvel only has 5 total characters! We Randomly Review Odd Thomas, and debate the feasibility of chasing Pokemon on board a low orbiting space station!  ... Read more
Imaginarium 75: The Artistic Brexit
For the first time in nearly a year, the one and only Wade Radford returns to the Imaginarium to cover for a vacationing Todd (who was ensconced in the gift shop at Hershey’s Chocolate Park).  The Supernaught’s resident Brit talks about the UK release of his acclaimed film Twink,... Read more
Imaginarium 74: Favorite Things (Aside From Big Boobs)
From books to movies to music and beyond, Scott and Todd talk about their favorite things and then some. What short story scared the hell out of Scott as a kid? What children’s book do Scott and Todd have in common? All this and absolutely politics free on this... Read more
Jack’s Random Supervillain Fashion
The guys are back and inadvertently discussing X-Men: Apocalypse! McAvoy vs Stewart! Fassbender VS McKellan! Apocalypse VS Fabric! This week we say goodbye to musician Bernie Worrell and actor Anton Yelchin as The Reaper continues his insane rampage through 2016! Voltron Legendary Defender is Ramdomly Reviewed, and the boys... Read more
Weekday Matinee: The Return of the Revenge of the sequels, Part 7: The Next Chapter, Electric Boogaloo
On this month’s episode, Scott and Jerry talk about their favorite sequels and somehow manage to insult every Asian culture they can remember. How that happened we’re still trying to figure out. Be that as it may, the guys have some great pics, and as always they have their... Read more
Imaginarium 73: Are Rape Jokes Funny
This week, Scott and Todd talk about offensive humor, and if there should be any limits on comedy. They segue into some tasteless jokes from one of Todd’s favorite books, as well as Carlin’s take on rape jokes, and they close out by blasting the hell out of trigger... Read more
Imaginarium 72: Orlando
This week’s Imaginarium is dedicated to the mass shooting victims and their families in Orlando the weekend before last. Special guest Jonathan Saiz, who lives 20 minutes away from the club, talks about his reaction to it, shares some pictures from the vigil the next day, and we all... Read more
Jack’s End of the Rhodes Podcast
This week your Saviors of the Universe talk about the games they’re looking forward to from E-3! For some reason, Jack brought his turntables aboard the station to talk about Marvel’s first issue of Civil War 2! Evidently, black heroes are being done dirty by The Man! Also, the... Read more
Imaginarium 71: F**K Roseanne!
It’s an Imaginarium for the ages as Scott recounts his twitter feud with Roseanne Barr, then contemplates where the hell Jack Randomm has been. Kyle Fulton returns to talk about Captain America, and reminds us, Hydra aren’t Nazis and other words of import. Todd celebrates National Sex Day, and the... Read more
Return of The Mackadocious

Well, it’s been a while, but your Saviors of the Universe are back! We’ve got a new base of operations, a new theme, and a bunch of new stuff to talk about! Jack’s been out of the loop for a while, so he starts the show by asking “Are genre fans ruining the thing they love?”, which leads into the normal chaotic nonsense that we call a podcast! Civil War, offensive billboards, Watchmen Rebirth, Ghostbusters controversy, and more! We’re back, bitches! #podcast

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Imaginarium 70: The All Simian Episode

Fresh from his move, Scott returns to the show, to talk about his move, the Arizona heat, living in a studio apartment for 9 years. Todd talks about the Gorilla who was killed at the zoo, what kept him from moving to Arizona, and animal rights assholes. All this and Todd reveals his love for something…hairy, while Scott kills a critter on this weeks Imaginarium!

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Imaginarium 69: Todd Hijacks The Show
While Scott was busy packing and moving, Todd hijacks the Imaginarium and enlists Jerry Janda in his diabolical plan. With more gay jokes than you can shake a…stick at, Todd and Jerry hurl abuse at Scott, and manage to talk about Captain America before a special surprise guest makes... Read more
Imaginarium 68: Look Into Our Brains

Scott and Todd shake things up a bit this week by playing a new game, “What are you…”, where they talk about the things they’re watching, reading, listening to, and what’s pissing them off. Todd starts off with a rant about the election, and Scott follows it with an epic rant about people labeling themselves nonbinary. He follows that up with a critical look t gay pride festivals that will offend most people. From there they cover most everything going on in their pop culture overloaded lives, and end it with some love for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Well, one of them does anyway. #podcast

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Weekday Matinee: The All Mothers Show
Though Mother’s Day in the US has come and gone, that didn’t stop Jerry and Scott from talking about their favorite movies about dear old Mom! From the obvious to the obscure, you’ll be sure to want to call your own Mom after listening! Play in new window... Read more
Imaginarium 67: The Dynamic Duo of Cosplay

What better way to celebrate Todd’s 1 year anniversary on The Imaginarium than by having two lovely cosplayers on? Jaycee and Aerilaya are friends and frequent the conventions together, providing a one-two punch of creativity and imagination! They talk about what got them into cosplay, their favorite costumes, and sewing on the go. All this and what lesson did Scott learn that involved him wearing a Sailor Moon outfit? Find out on this week’s raucous episode of The Imaginarium. #podcast

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Jack’s Random Purple Podcast

Prince is dead, and now music sucks.

Music aficionado John Elliot of the Pop Culture Continuum Podcast joins the crew this week to reminisce about the life of His Royal Badness himself! We discuss his music, his fans, his rivals, and his legacy. Also we review the Forest Whitaker produced teen-comedy Dope! #podcast

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Jack’s Random Drunk and Disorderly Podcast

Whiskey aficionado Jim Kee from The Whiskey Noobs and Whiskey Wash join the guys this week for the first ever Random Show Tasting! The subject of our inexperienced palates is Kilchoman Scotch Whiskey, and it almost kills Jamill! Of course, we Randomly Review Justice League: War, so strap in for yet ANOTHER marathon episode! Have a drink! We sure did! #podcast

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Imaginarium 66: Prince, Chyna, and Doris
Due to a glitch in the matrix, this week’s original show had to be scrubbed. Guest, Raine Hilai, lead singer for Midnight Eternal will be back very soon! In the meantime check out her links at the bottom of the page, and order their album which hits the streets... Read more
Random Reconciliation

Last week was kinda rough, huh? All the harsh words, shouting, and knives…it got pretty intense! So this week, your boys take it down a notch, put the blades away, and…
…Reminisce about old TV shows! The guys also discuss the next wave of trailers they’re excited about (Dr. Strange, Rogue One, Suicide Squad)! #podcast

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Weekday Matinee: WesternWorld

This month Scott and Jerry talk about Westerns, the transformation of the genre, and what it means to American culture. What pick of Scott’s shocks Jerry? Find out on this installment of Weekday Matinee! Plus a tribute to Deadwood!

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Jailbait 12: Making A Murderer
Jailbait returns! For their newest episode, Scott and Wade tackle the Netflix series Making A Murderer! The guys talk about the 10 episodes, and debate the evidence, and try and reach a conclusion about Steven Avery’s guilt.   The ten-part documentary, written and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira... Read more
Jack Random’s World’s Finest Podcast

At long last, the Saviors of the Universe have it out over Batman V Superman, and it’s as ugly as you’d imagine! It’s a three way Mexican knife fight as the boys can’t agree on anything about this film! The only way to honor such a huge movie event was to make an equally huge #podcast!

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Imaginarium 65: Cranky Old Bastards and Fandom Self Entitlement
Strap yourselves in for the crankiest episode of Imaginarium yet! Todd goes on an epic rant about the self entitled Walking Dead fans. Along the way they talk about other cliff hangars, and end it with advice about conventions and Norman Reedus. All this and why asking for medical... Read more
It’s spoilers aplenty as the guys dissect Batman V Superman for the first half hour! After they finish the guys talk about their favorite super hero movies, whether there are too many, and Jared Leto’s Joker! All this and a police chopper on this week’s Imaginarium. Play in... Read more
Imaginarium 63: The Death of Movie Theaters
Scott and Todd diagnose the health of movie theaters this week, and ponder if they’re dying out. With the advent of streaming, Blu Rays, et, are theaters on their last legs? The guys have some definite opinions on this. Along the way they talk about social media and  isolation,... Read more
Jack’s Random Blind Vengance

After a quick discussion of Hulk Hogan’s new wealth, the boys devote the entire hour to the second season of Marvel’s DAREDEVIL! Nothing is sacred, as they spoil EVERYTHING, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Imaginarium 62: Always A Playmate, Never A Bunny

Playboy Playmate from September 1990, Kerri Kendall joins Scott and Todd for a provocative and informative chat about being a Playboy Playmate. Kerri talks about why she wanted to be a Playmate, how she explained it to her son, dealong with fans at conventions and much more. All that and find out what Scott says that makes Kerri blush!

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Jack’s Random Chaotic Comic Conversation

SPIDER-MAN IS IN CIVIL WAR! Spidey’s appearance in the Captain America trailer has sent your Saviors of the Universe into fanboy heaven! Therefore, the regular format (shut up) is scrapped, and the boys talk comic books! Jamill calls out “realism” in modern superhero movies, and Kyle praises Spidey’s movie uniform!
The guys compare Thanos and Darkseid, and discuss which characters will never see a major motion picture. Unfortunately, the crew Random Reviews the movie Stitches this week, but Jack apologizes, so we’re still good. #podcast

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Weekday Matinee: Scott & Jerry Are Going To Hell

On this month’s Weekday Matinee, Scott & Jerry talk about their favorite Bible-inspired movies. As you might imagine their picks aren’t all the obvious fair, and some might consider blasphemous. All this, and an extra pick this on Weekday Matinee’s Easter episode! #podcast

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Jack’s Random Magic Award Show

The Saviors of The Universe return to talk Ghostbusting women, The Oscars, and Idris Elba in the upcoming Dark Tower movie! The guys discuss films that exceeded their expectations, then present the Random Review of the week, Magic Camp! #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna’s Final Layer

This week, Chris and Zissou host their farewell show before transitioning to a new platform. They discuss Where to Invade Next, 45 Years, and the premiere of Adoptation.

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Imaginarium 61: Why Horror Fans Are Pussies
This episode of the Imaginarium is dedicated to my cat Odetta, who passed from this world on March 2nd. You’re greatly missed.   Please note: Due to some editing errors that would have been too time-consuming to correct, not to mention beyond my ability, there are several instances throughout... Read more
Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #9

In the so-far final episode of “Resist Or Serve”, IAB and Puck go through the six-episode run of The X-Files Revival, or “Season 10” as it should be called.

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Imaginarium 60: The Oscars Show
This week Scott and Todd get all gussied up (meaning they put on pants) and talk about the Oscars! They touch on the controversy a little, then go into some favorite moments from past shows, and talk about this years nominees, and pick their winners! All this, and Scott... Read more
Jack Random’s Straight To Video Podcast

This week the Saviors of the Universe discuss the upcoming Daredevil season 2, the Ghostbusters reboot, and debate the wisdom of an R-rated Batman! Because you demanded it, Jack and Kyle do the preliminary weigh in for their long awaited Man of Steel debate! Jamill remains as neutral as a WWE ref, but there WILL be blood! The guys go all in for the Random Review of Smoking Aces 2 and more. #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna and the Great Ramen Conundrum

This week, Chris and Zissou talk The X-Files, The Witch, and Miller’s Crossing. ​#podcast

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Imaginarium 59: The 70’s Show
From TV to movies to news and back again, Scott and Todd go back to the 70’s.  They talk at length about such groundbreaking shows as All in the Family, Maude, and Barney Miller, as well as their favorite kids shows and cartoons. Todd talks about his family’s viewing... Read more
Jack Random’s Art of the Deal

The Year of the Reaper continues as the boys invite Random Show London Corespondent Viscount Van Ragg to hang out and talk about the Beyonce fallout and answer important questions, like If you were kidnapped, what TV show crew would you want to rescue you?

The guys amp up to Randomly Review DEADPOOL, and then get really upset when they talk about Trump Rally, a documentary following the events at a Donald Trump presidential rally. The guys also review Funny or Die’s “The Art of the Deal”! #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna and the Incestuous Nihilists

Brought to you by the great coffee beans of Rwanda, Zissou and Chris review Hail, Caesar! and the Oscar Live action shorts.​ #podcast

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Imaginarium 58: Beyonce and Beyond
This week Todd and Scott get political as they debate the halftime show of the Super Bowl.  From there they go onto  drug testing for welfare recipients, whether the requirements to become President should be changed, Super Delegates, and internet outrage. All this and Todd tells us whether he’s... Read more
Jack Random Fights The Power

Black History Month, Super Bowl Half, Electric Boogaloo, Batman v. Superman trailer and more… NSFW! #podcast

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Weekday Matinee 6: The V.D. Show

Those hopeless romantics Scott and Jerry return this month with a brand new Weekday Matinee. The two lonelyhearts tackle their favorite movies about love. From the biggest of budgets to the cheapest grade Z film fare, Scott and Jerry cover it all! All that, and find out who got crabs from watching Misery! #podcast

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Jack Random’s Power is Over Nine Thousand

Your Saviors of the Universe open this week’s show talking about the new Suicide Squad trailer, and whether Will Smith is capable of playing a “bad guy”. Next, the boys question the wisdom of opening a comedy opposite Deadpool next weekend, and somehow Jack manages to take a dig at George Lucas. Somehow talk of Dragonball Z derails the entire show, so we’ll get to Electric Boogaloo, our Random Review next week! #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna and the Cup of Walden
This week, Zissou and Chris talk Making a Murderer, Naked and Afraid, rehearsals, apples, and oranges. ​ Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 57 : Villains 101

This week Scott and Todd are joined by actor Jasson Finney. With roles in everything from Gothika to Gotham, Jasson talks about what it takes to be a villain, some of his favorites, and working with Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz. All this, and Scott nearly chokes to death, on this week’s Imaginarium. #podcast

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Jack Random’s Heroes Are Dead

Kyle fights what sounds like the Bubonic plague in order to join the guys to talk about the rumored death of console gaming!
January of this year has proved to be the deadliest season for aging celebrities, and the guys take a minute to remember the ones we lost. Jamill hijacks the show to bitch about the results of this year’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV, and question the wisdom of crowning the new champ. Yeah, we talk wrestling psychology!
This week’s Random Review is The Iceman starring Michael Shannon! #podcast

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This week, Zissou and Chris talk The X-Files, Anomalisa, jail friends, and the Oscar diversity controversy. ​#podcast

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Imaginarium 56: Music, Music, Music
Get out your concert tees from the Clinton administration, and join Scott and Todd for the music episode of Imaginarium.  With the recent deaths of Lemmy, David Bowie and Glenn Frey, the guys talk about them, the social media reaction, their favorite concerts, bands, and the one album everyone... Read more
Random Done With Star Wars Podcast
Former guests, Padawans Marika Lintz and Amber Lutz join the guys this week to give us their opinions on The Force Awakens as well as general thoughts on the series as a whole. Noobs meet cynical Star Wars vets! Because Jack is lazy, Jamill takes the reins and runs... Read more
Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #8

In the last episode before the new X-Files revival episodes, IAB and Puck go through seasons eight and nine and the second feature film “X-Files: I Want to Believe”.

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Vegetable Lasagna and the Cynical Triangle

Chris and Zissou do their 2015 retrospective, discuss their filmmaking adventures, and pitch a John Malkovich nature documentary.​ #podcast

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Weekday Matinee 5: Scott and Jerry’s First Time
Scott and Jerry ring in the New Year by talking about their first time.  Their first time seeing a movie by their favorite director. Along the way they manage to talk about the 1976 King Kong, Jessica Lange, Deadwood, and why movies from the 70’s are the best.  All... Read more
Vegetable Lasagna’s Reunion Special!
This week, Zissou and Chris get back into the swing of things and review holiday movies: The Hateful Eight, In the Heart of the Sea, Star Wars, Joy, and The Big Short. Music by Kevin MacLeod​. Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 55: The President’s Comin’ For Your Cocaine!
Having managed to escape from Simon Bar Sinister’s lab, Todd rejoins Scott this week as they look forward to 2016. Things start off with Scott describing his New Years Eve adventures in the Emergency Room, then goes into thoughts on the election year, gun control, and attack ads. It’s... Read more
Jack’s Random’s Force Sensitive Podcast

The Saviors of the Universe open 2016 with a episode entirely devoted to Star Wars! The boys hold up Episode 7 and see how it measures up to the rest of the franchise. They talk spoilers, bad theater experiences, and anti-fans! #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna and the Return of Moose Henderson

This week, Moose Henderson returns to the show to discuss his attempts to watch a classic movie and review With Bob and David, Chris reviews Krampus, and Zissou talks Seven Samurai. ​ (This episode was recorded in Dec 2015!) #podcast

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Imaginarium 54: Unleashed

With Todd kept “late at work”, it’s up to Scott to wrap up 2015, and does so with Wade Radford. The guys talk about UK politics, US politics, immigration, and other topics that shook Facebook down to its meme filled core. All this, and more dirty words than is healthy for anyone to hear. #podcast

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Imaginarium 53: Star Wars, Spoilers, Shitheads

This week, the Imaginarium finds Scott and Todd talking about Star Wars, the hype surrounding it, the ruthless way some have with dealing with spoliers, and the shitheads who take spoilers too far. All this and why Tarantino is a hack on this week’s show.

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Imaginarium 52: Probing Moist Crevices
Todd flies solo again this week, and welcomes Seregon O’Dassey to the show.  Seregon is an award winning actress, screenwriter, director, as well as a former Playboy model (who was also an Employee of the Month). The two talk about her movies, her career, studying mortuary science, and a host... Read more
TLC: The Whales, the Fan Dance, and the Pon Farr

TLC talks about Star Trek, just to stand out from all the podcasts out there discussing the Wars this week! (okay, ACTUALLY its more that Amanda talks knowledgeably about Kirk’s romantic leanings, while El and Emily are unhelpful.)
Reviews: We Stand on Guard, A Boy and a Girl #podcast

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Jack Random’s Episode 27: The Trailers Awakens

This week as your Saviors of the Universe wait in line for Episode 7, they navigate “Trailer-geddon 2015” and talk X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Trek: Beyond, and Independence Day: Resurgence! Kyle and Jamill completely lose it over Ninja Turtles, and Jack restocks the Armory in anticipation of Hancock 2!
We revamp our Random Reviews and have fun re-imagining the prequel trilogy, and for some reason Jack seems to be obsessed with chipmunk music! It’s the perfect podcast for movie lines! #podcast

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Weekday Matinee: The Christmas Special

As the year winds down, and the home invasion for the terrorist from the North Pole commences, Jerry and Scott countdown their five Christmas movies tey have to watch every year. Scott seems especially Grinch-like calling a cartoon character a prostitute and destroying the worth of a Holiday Classic. Jerry meanwhile, explains why he hasn’t seen one of his own picks, and compares a children’s show to The Marathon Man. All this and a Mojo Nixon intro song on this month’s Weekday Matinee. #podcast

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TLC: The Pointy Cupcakes Will Rock Your World

In which Emily has cupcakes, Amanda has beer, and El has bizarre high school anecdotes. Also included: El and Emily coaxing Amanda into watching more Jessica Jones and Amanda teaching Emily the many joys of Sliders. Reviews: Red Thorn, Airboy post-mortem, Krampus #podcast

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Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #7

In this episode, IAB and Puck go through the last season with full-time participation from David Duchovny.

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Random Come Out and Play Podcast

This podcast has Jamill and Kyle having a debate about the popularity of RPGs. Final Fantasy 7 is being re-released on the PS4 with next gen graphics, and we talk about the worst games we’ve ever played.
This week’s Random Review is Walter Hill’s “The Warriors”! Oh, and Star Wars is coming. #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna Meets Dalton Trumbo

This week, Zissou and Chris review Trumbo, The Bling Ring, and The One I Love. Chris’s life turns around when he finds Star Wars tickets, Zissou invades a lecture hall, and the two are determined to be a fire hazard. ​

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Imaginarium 51: Bill And Ted Are Innocent

With Todd away for workplace shenanigans, Scott invites his old friend, and past guest Joe Adams to talk about journalism, the shootings in San Bernardino, and even the Presidential elections. Entertaining, serious, and at times controversial, this week’s episode is sure to spark some debate. #podcast

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TLC: Totally Love Noire

Emily and El dive into Jessica Jones, and flee the horror that Is The Dark Knight III. #podcast

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Random Grim Padawan Podcast

This week your Saviors of the Universe prep for The Force Awakens by discussing all things Star Wars with a couple of noobs! Amber Lutz and Marika Lintz join Jack and Kyle to explain their lack of Star Wars knowledge!
Returning guest Jess Davis chimes in to give a new fan’s perspective on the prequel episodes, and Jamill Payne pops in to contribute to the worst Random Review subject yet…Avengers Grim! Be afraid! Join us as we countdown to Episode 7 on this majorly mackadocious #podcast!

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The Overground Podcast: Pilot episode!

A new podcast is in town! Stalkeye presents the pilot for “The Overground Podcast”, a Varieté -show for your ears! Pop culture commentary, debates and more! #podcast
This time: Stalks talks with Dee about Anime- live action- adaptations, Glenn Danzig and a few other things that cross their sick minds!

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Vegetable Lasagna’s Latest Grand Return

This week, Zissou and Chris discuss Enemy, Another Me, The Taking of Deborah Logan, the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, and what the deal is with Malawi. #podcast

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Terrible Life Choices – Thankfully, El is not a Shiny Spoon

Wherein the TLC crew is exceptionally silly, the interview is only in our minds, and comics for which we are thankful are discussed. #podcast

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Jack Random’s Lost His Religion

#podcast: Jack, Jamill and Kyle discuss Jessica Jones, Captain America: Civil War and Nic Cage in Left Behind!

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Imaginarium 49: In Todd We Trust

With Scott under the weather and unable to record, Todd is left to his own devices, and invites Adam Ginsberg aboard for his solo flight. Adam is a podcaster, actor, producer, and driving force behind the Macabre Fair Film Festival, and twitch twitch productions. The guys talk about the tragedy in Paris, Adam’s acting, the origins of the film festival, and much, more. #podcast

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Terrible Life Choices: Monstress Bikini Edition

The dangers of wearing bikinis or being too good at publishing comics! Amanda’s tips for believable character crossovers: Make everyone insane!
Reviews: Paper Girl 2, Monstress #podcast

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Random Robot Reboot

Jack and the crew are back! Since last week’s show was sabotaged, the guys combine two episodes into one monster podcast!
Fallout 4, SPECTRE, Amsterdam and more! #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna vs. Ronin

This week, Ronin joins the show to discuss Far from the “Madding Crowd”, “The Martian”, “Interstellar”, and “Barton Fink”.

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Weekday Matinee: Stuff This! The Thanksgiving Episode
Scott and Jerry get into the holiday spirit by dressing as pilgrims from the waist up only.  After comparing drumsticks, they settle in and talk about the worst movies they’ve seen, plus a movie everyone should watch during the binge eating holiday. Play in new window | Download Read more
Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #6

In the 6th episode of “Resist or Serve”, IAB and Puck talk about recent X-Files Revival news and walk through the sixth season.

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Jack Random’s Soul-Crushing Recording Mishaps

Due to technical problems, Jack presents you a rerun of an episode from June. Jack and Kyle are joined by the “geek in training” Amanda Buchalter and they discuss all things comic book-related. #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna 32

This week, Zissou and Chris discuss winter coats, the necessity of sleep schedules, 90s movies, dead fools, and Zissou reviews Ash vs Evil Dead and Spectre. #podcast

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Imaginarium 48: The Ego Card
On this week’s Imaginarium, Scott turns the table on himself with a rare interview (rare because no one really cares what he has to say!), where he talks about his writing, the anniversary of the supernaughts, his mentor T.M. Wright, and ebooks vs print.  Also, don’t miss the secret... Read more
Jack Random’s Ordinary Criminal Podcast

Jack Random does not like Mad Max: Fury Road, the trailer for AMC’s “Preacher”, Kevin Spacey’s finest hour and Konami. #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna Meets Peach Volume II

​This week, Zissou and Chris get a plug for the League of Legends World Championship, Zissou reviews A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and Indiana Peach returns to discuss Nazi gold and The Cairo Detective series.

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Imaginarium 47: Midget Lesbian Amputees
On episode 47, Scott and Todd are joined by the one and only I Am Better! Listen as Scott tries to explain why it took so long to have IAB on the show! Cower in fear as one of the boys talks about getting the shingles! Find out what... Read more
TLC: Dancing While We Talk

The TLC (Totally Love Comics) podcast talks about “outgrowing fandom”, the Star Wars trailer and answers the very first TLC listener question.
Reviews: Long John Silver, Spook Show

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Jack Random’s Podcast of Terror

Jack Random and Kyle Fulton talk “Jessica Jones”, “The Flash” and “Tremors 5” (yes, there are five).

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Vegetable Lasagna 30​

This week, Zissou, Chris, and Walden Pond review Beasts of No Nation, Bridge of Spies, Jem and the Holograms, and Steve Jobs.

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Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #5

In the 5th episode of “Resist or Serve”, IAB and Puck talk about X-Files news, the fifth season and the first feature film “The X-Files: Fight The Future”.

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Jack Random’s Assassin’s Loop Podcast

Assassin’s Creed, the Star Wars trailer, the British political comedy “In the Loop” and more is discussed in Random’s latest podcast!

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Stuck on the Tarmac Podcast with Donald Rubinstein, Composer of the score for George Romero’s MARTIN

Exclusive interview with Donald Rubinstein, composer of the great score of Romero’s unusual vampire movie “Martin” (1977)!

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Vegetable Lasagna’s Grand Return

Zissou and Chris discuss Crimson Peak, The Shining and ore.

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Jailbait 11: The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison
This month Wade and Scott present another documentary, this time about what it’s like to do time in what was once called America’s bloodiest prison. The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison is an objective look at the lives of six prisoners, all doing various lengths of sentences. There’s no... Read more
TLC: Planning – It’s what’s not for dinner!
The slowest possible speed-run through the latest news from New York Comic Con. Come for the only review of Attack on Titan you always knew you never needed, stay to find out why no one took comic events in the early 2000s seriously! Reviews: Spook Show Paper Girls Read more
TLC: Totally Love Coffee!
All of the comic news was depressing when your humble TLC-ers sat down to record, so what to do? Why, talk about Baltimore Comic Con and the life-giving, creativity-fueling substance that is coffee! Yes. This is a GOOD life choice. A TERRIBLE life choice would be naming your totally... Read more
Weekday Matinee 02: King Sized Tricks And Treats
It’s Bootober! That means Halloween is lurking in the alley waiting to pounce. Scott and Jerry talk about the movies that scared them the most, as well as: what Scott’s name was originally going to be; Why Jerry hates It, and why Jerry roasted Stephen King! All this and... Read more