Penalty Box: Hollywood Sexism and the Need for Purposeful Protest

Sexism has become a hot button topic of late in the entertainment industry, thanks in large part to social media.

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Stalk’s Sandbox – The Iceman cometh out: Is now the time to Embrace change?

Stalkeye looks at the recent decision by Marvel to bring the character of Iceman out of the closet.

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My learned colleague here at The Supernaughts, Mathias Folsted, recently posted an article praising Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park ( and while I appreciate his enthusiasm for that movie, it got me thinking about America’s most celebrated filmmaker and how that beady eyed cocksucker hasn’t made a truly GREAT movie... Read more
By the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier there was still some question as to whether Steve Rogers was still a virgin, as Black Widow commented negatively about his kissing skills but then she’s a Russian slut, like Mila Kunis. However, I have no doubt that Cap got his dick wet... Read more
Puck’s Inaugural Biennial Top 75 Songs

Welcome back to part two of my very first biennial music countdown, this time focusing on the best songs released over the past two years.

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The Ships Called Nautilus

AsimovLives discusses the ships named “Nautilus.”

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It’s been reported that Angelina Jolie recently had her ovaries removed due to a cancer scare but an investigation has revealed it not to be so. Seems that this overrated skanks ovaries decided they’d had enough and managed to pay off a doctor to convince the dumb bitch that... Read more
Back in 1982, a bunch of kids decided to get together and do a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They worked on it for several years until puberty and a desire to fuck the opposite sex (allegedly!) got in the way as they finally went their... Read more
Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

The Supernaughts present a special podcast to celebrate the life of, arguably, one of the most important people in the history of “geekdom”: Leonard Nimoy.

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Puck’s Inaugural Biennial Top 75 Albums

Welcome to my very first biennial edition countdown of the best albums released over the past two years.

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We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead…..LEONARD NIMOY
Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 I’m not too proud to admit that I cried when I heard the new that Mr. Leonard Nimoy had died today at age 83. He’s been with me for my entire life and always felt like the kind, grandfatherly figure we all wish we had in... Read more
IAB’s Lazy Monday: “Best Picture? 1976-2014”

After a bout of flu, IAB is slumming it and makes lists. Oscar-related lists.

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Last weekend saw the release of two movies, 50 Shades of Grey and Kingsman: The Secret Service, which has contributed to a 1000% increase in the amount of hand wringing and pearl clutching from third wave feminazi’s and their white guilt social justice warrior cuckolds and I think it’s... Read more
Part 2: The Sequels Revenge of the New Nightmares Return
Horror movies are slimed with the stink of terrible sequels, a reputation that has been earned as one success turns into one more gluttonous go at the trough. Halloween, Friday, Nightmare, Texas Chainsaw all tested their fans loyalty, but occasionally, amidst the craven greedy and misguided capitalism, emerges some... Read more
Fifty Shades of Grey: Abusive or Sexy?

Guest writer El Anderson explores 50 Shades of Grey from a feminist perspective.

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Jupiter Ascending, which cost 175 MILLION DOLLARS (not including marketing/advertising costs), BOMBED spectacularly this weekend and someone on another forum, that shall not be named, asked this…. “But how much of this is a self fulfilling prophecy by the Studios? If they put the same marketing budget to their... Read more
Star Wars and Star Trek: A Study Of Political Spectrum
Mention politics and immediately many think about political parties. But the subject of politics is more than just party divisions. The Ancient Greece philosopher Aristotle called Man the political animal, and by that he meant to say that all subjects about human and human creation are in the realm... Read more
How the hell did American Sniper dominate the box office?
A few weeks back, the Shut Up Kids podcast had John Ary on to discuss our Top 3 and Worst 3 films of 2014. Among the mentioned (by John, actually) was Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys abomination. The conversation then turned to how we dislike much of Eastwood’s body of... Read more
The Coolest Spaceships: My List
Hello. I’m AsimovLives and I love Science Fiction. And spaceships. Science Fiction is so strongly linked to the imagery of space travel in the future that nothing is as iconic to the genre than the spaceship. Show a picture of a spaceship, even a caricature; you immediately know what... Read more
Why I Love Science Fiction: A Personal Perspective
As far I can remember I have always loved Science Fiction. In the beginning I do not recall one single moment in my life where I was not always aware of the genre and loved it. As far I can tell, it has always been there in my life.... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 4!!!
  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YAY-YUH!  THE SOUL HOLE HAS RETURNED!!!! As promised, here is the fourth installment of my celebration of my favorite musical genre.  Since it’s been a while and we’re continuing things on a new site I’ll catch you up on a few things.  I’m known as a movie... Read more
Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams are at about the same place, professionally, while one has something the other doesn’t. Whedon has several tv shows under his belt and has built a reputation based upon a certain quality. Now, I’m not always fond of his style. His insistence on peppering EVERYTHING... Read more
Dee celebrates Black History Month: Laurence Fishburne
This article was originally published to celebrate the “Black History Month” of 2013. Laurence Fishburne is one of those actors that mostly relies on his charisma. That doesn’t mean that he is not a good actor, because he is a very good one, but his magnetic presence, supported by... Read more
Do You Remember Your First?
Do you remember your first? Movie, I mean! I do. It was the musical Oliver. I don’t remember much of the movie from then, but I do remember it was at the movie theater outside the South Shore Mall, in Bayshore, NY, I was with my Mom, and it... Read more
I’m Scott, And I’m A Jediphobe
Originally published September 12, 2013 at 7:45 am There’s no easy way to admit this, so I’ll just get it out and prepare for the hail of stones headed my way. I’m not a fan of Star Wars. I’ll go a step further and say outside of THE EMPIRE STRIKES... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 3
With this installment of The Soul Hole, we’re going to jam to some love songs and tracks about dirty, filthy sex. SWEET, SWEET LOVIN’ Soul music is known for having some of the greatest love songs ever recorded.  With the abundance of vocal groups in the 60’s, there is... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 2

In part 2 of The Soul Hole we are going to check out some of the Baadassss Women of Soul and some great psychedelic stuff. I hope you get down!

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The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 1
I am a lover of music.  I love nearly something from every genre; it doesn’t matter.  I enjoy hard rock and metal.  Rap and oldies.  Blues and jazz.  Afrobeat and classical.  You get the point.  But there is one style that suits me perfectly.  It is a sound that... Read more
Shut Up Kids #17: Popular Things We Hate
Airdate: 7-December-2013 Dan, Mr. Nick Nightly, and The Colonel discuss popular things that they hate. Which one of them hates musicals? Who hates Sesame Street? This is an episode that Joss Whedon and Andrew Lincoln may want to skip listening. Play in new window | Download Read more