The Best Worst Songs about F*cking


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Gorillaz – “Self-Titled” (2001) Album Review & Analysis (Track By Track)

“If you watch MTV for too long, it’s a bit like hell – there’s nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that.” – Jamie Hewlett.

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Remember, remember that Month of November (1991)
  When polled, most people especially within developed nations would say that December is the most festive Month of the Year (Because it’s fucking Christmas, duh!) but me being the contrarian bastid I’m known and loved for, cites mid-November as the favorite Month of the Year ever since-say, 1991;... Read more
Rock DJ -Robbie Williams(2001)
in 2001 Robbie Williams, former Take That member, sparked controversy with his multi platinum single “Rock DJ” that in the R-rated music video features the stoke on Trent- born Robbie treating a group of young attractive girls to a striptease by taking off his clothes as he sings. As... Read more
Trick O’ Treats Pt. 2 (Favorite Sp00ktacular Songs!)
Okay, that was my first attempt at this so Fuck you! Now, on to business *Ahem* Halloween shall arrive before you know it and to get you tricking treaters in the festive frightful mood, I the Boisterous Black Irish, have yet another list of ghoulish goodies that I recommend but... Read more
Lemmy (2010)
I have a confession to make. I was never a fan of Motorhead and although I liked a few songs from their catalog, you would never catch me rocking a Motorhead Tee let alone purchasing a whole album. So sometime after lead singer and Bassist Lemmy Kilmister’s death courtesy of... Read more
Puck Hates 2015: The Mediocre, the Awful, and the Disappointing

2015 was probably the worst year for entertainment on record.

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Sky & Ollie: The Shammy Awards

This is your boyo Ollie here to raise a pint and give a shout out to Saint Paddy’s Day by honoring my fellow Irish folk not only in film or music but also icons of pop culture!

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Sky & Ollie: Silly Love Songs
Sky: Ah, God bless Paul McCarthney. Here’s a chap who really knows how to put out good romantic songs. Hullo again you sorry sods. It’s your mates Sky and Ollie back for another round of skullduggery  and instead of doing movie reviews like every bloody one else, we are... Read more
Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)
Repo! The Genetic Opera was released in 2008 and is based on the stage musical from 2002 of the same name. Created by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich, it was inspired by an idea Smith got from seeing a friend of his go through bankruptcy proceedings. This was further expanded... Read more
Video Game Jukebox Numero Trois

Part 3 of the videogame soundtrack series.

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Video Game Jukebox Numba 2
Read Number 1 here. Alright we’re on a roll now. The treasure trunk of video game music is broken open, the lock has been smashed and now we smear our grubby hands all over the coins. Here’s another ten pieces of music to give you a little bounce. Get... Read more
Video Game Jukebox

A Top 10 of favourite video game scores. To be continued.

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ARJUN – “CORE” (2015) Album Review
Hailing from the great city of New York, ARJUN is an instrumental rock band that has been a part the local scene since 2003. The three-piece line-up consists of lead guitarist Eddie Arjun Peters, drummer Lamar Myers, and bassist Andre Lyles, who all draw their inspiration from classically trained... Read more
To catch a fallen Blackstar. David Bowie (Blackstar 2016)
        David Bowie has been resurrected many time throughout his music career and despite his very unfortunate demise, he still lives on! And should you doubt his never ending legacy, just give David Bowie’s final album Blackstar a listen and you’ll exactly know why. Blackstar is a... Read more
Farewell, Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie 1947-2016)

Stalkeye’s personal tribute to The Thin White Duke.

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IAB’s Favorite Film Composers Vol.4

After some site maintenance time, IAB returns with not news, but tunes.

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10 Horrible Christmas Songs that are Horribly Enjoyable

The site has been down for a while, but that doesn’t mean Dee wasn’t busy in the meantime. For everyone who wants to relive the holidays, he belatedly presents you his list of horribly enjoyable Christmas songs!

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20 Greatest Songs of 2015

Counting down the 20 best songs of 2015! What track is number #1? Click the link and find out!

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Kurt Cobain – Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings (Album Review)

“Montage of Heck is a hard pill to swallow. It’s not something you just sit down and casually indulge yourself in. Most of these songs are not even fully fledged demos. They don’t have any structure and are not meant for convincing anyone to pump money into clean-sounding studio recordings. This is one man sitting on his couch in his suburban living room, strumming a mostly unplugged guitar and sporadically creating sound collages, skits, and instrumental passages while the TV is buzzing quietly in the background.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Amy & The Engine – “TandeMania” EP (Review)

“They have that same musical fingerprint that made Fleetwood Mac so successful back in the 1970’s. It’s only a matter of time before the world realises their potential, and when that happens, I’ll be the first to sing the praise and buy the records.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Reuben Bradley – “Cthulhu Rising” (2015) Album Review

In the mood for some Lovecraftian themed music during the Halloween season? Well you best look elsewhere (or simply check out Page 2).

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Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz: Miley and The Flaming Lips release hyper-sexualized acid music for free stream
When I saw Miley’s live performance of her new single, “Dooo It” from the VMA’s last month, I was surprised. It wasn’t the 30 or so Drag Queen back up dancers. It wasn’t the 1990’s fashion. It wasn’t the message of peace and smoking pot either. It was the... Read more
Less played horror movie theme songs

“Pet Sematary”, “Are you ready for Freddy”, “Hellraiser”: Horror movies are rich with well-known theme songs, good ones and…not so good ones. But which ones don’t get a lot of airplay?

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IAB’s Favorite Film Composers Vol.3

As it is the season, IAB goes through some of his favorite film composers who are deeply rooted in the horror genre.

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Name That Tune: Music Review Enn

Today I am going to focus on some good ole’ Rock-N-Roll I have currently in my rotation, plus a review of a band that I slammed recently here on The Supernaughts. Might have had a change of heart.

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The Atomic Fireballs – “Torch This Place” (1999) Album Review (Video)

Anyone remember the great swing revival of the 1990’s? Well, we do! You’ve most likely never even heard of The Atomic Fireballs, but their 1999 album “Torch This Place” is one of the genre’s finest LPs. Of course we had to review it!

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Buzz off, Sam Smith! …who should really sing the next Bond title song ?

Are there better choices than Sam Smith as performer for the James Bond title song?

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The Dear Hunter – “Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise” (2015) Album Review (Video)

We have a video review of the highly anticipated new studio album from The Dear Hunter ready for you all. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Iron Maiden – “The Book of Souls” (2015) Album Review
For more than 30 years, the british rock pioneers in Iron Maiden have dominated the heavy metal scene, selling over 85 million records worldwide; more than any other new wave metal band to come out of the 1980’s. In addition to that, they’ve also never really declined in popularity,... Read more
Jack Random’s Perfect Playlist Podcast
This week the guys are joined by Jamill Payne and DJ Ocebot to talk all things music! Of course they’re still disgusted by Jared Fogel and certain television directors, so you know there’s going to be off-color jokes at their expense. Also, the ratings for Fear The Walking Dead... Read more
Love & Mercy (2015) Movie Review

“If there is one thing “Love & Mercy” certainly is not, it’s a conventional biopic. Not just because it downright refuses to follow the traditional beats and blueprint structure of the genre, but more so because it chooses to capture the essence of its subject instead of attempting to cover as much factual ground as possible.” – Mathias Folsted.

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The Wonder Years – “No Closer to Heaven” (2015) Album Review

“From hardcore and fast to slow and tender, “No Closer to Heaven” unfolds like ripples in water, stretching and bending the shape of punk to a whole new degree of raw, unflinching, emotional honesty; something far more intricate, wide-ranging and complex than anything the golden age of pop punk ever had to offer. Something fresh and unique.” – Mathias Folsted.

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IAB’s Favorite Film Composers Vol.2

IAB continues to sort through his favorite film composers in this second volume of the series.

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AFI – “Black Sails in the Sunset” (1999) Album Review (video)
Davey Havok and his band of misfits in AFI (A Fire Inside) have been rocking the world for just about 24 years now. Over their long-spanning career, the style of the group’s music has changed considerably, going from post-hardcore punk rock to radio-friendly alternative rock. While most fans caught... Read more
No MSG, No Problem as Faith No More Rocks the Theater
The first cassette tape I ever bought for myself was Faith No More’s The Real Thing. I was seven years old and like many other people, I fell for their hit single Epic and was sucked into the endless loop of that video showing on MTV. As the band... Read more
Soundtrack Review: “Ant-Man”

“The classic orchestration and sweeping string-sections are still very much present here, but this time they are juxtaposed by 1960’s big-band percussion, pulsing bongo rhythms, and even a bit of saltwater surf rock – Mathias Folsted.

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Listen to Christophe Beck’s theme song for Marvel’s “Ant-Man”

In connection with the release of Marvel’s smallest superhero film “Ant-Man”, composer Christophe Beck has shared the official main theme of the film on YouTube. Am I the only one who hears a lot of James Bond here?

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Joe Satriani – “Shockwave Supernova” (2015) Album Review

“It’s been a long time since a Satch project has sounded so alive and free-flowing, but at the same time so compact and carefully constructed.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Movies and Stuff Minisode: Trash Cans and Cassette Tapes

The Movies and Stuff guys (Dan and Abe) talk about trash cans, The Decemberists, The Eagles of Death Metal, cassette tapes, hipsters and more in this first ever animated minisode.

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IAB’s Favorite Film Composers Vol.1

For your aural entertainment, IAB takes a rainy day as a que to revisit some of his favorite film composers

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The Hextalls – “Play With Heart” (2015) Album Review

The Hextalls return with another humourous, full-throttle pop punk album that sticks to the basics while skewering Hollywood, praising hockey, and celebrating the joys of parenthood.

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The Sound of Fury: BALZAC – Misfits from Japan!
In this new series I will cover various bands from one of my favorite genres. Some are well-known while others may seem a bit obscure. Along with a retrospective, I’ll be kind enough to throw in some music clips so that you can witness the hard hitting sound and... Read more
5 Essential Buckethead Albums
The art of playing the guitar is quite often taken for granted in the modern era of music. The instrument itself has almost become more of an accessory in the industry than an actual key ingredient in the songwriting. But there is actually a whole world of people out... Read more
Messages within the Music: Social commentary related Songs!

Stalkeye gives his version of a PSA – through music! Here are his top 5 (er, 6) songs with a message people should pay attention to. And now you know…

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Third Eye Blind – “Dopamine” (2015) Album Review

“Dopamine” may not re-invent the power pop wheel, but for a Third Eye Blind album it hits all the right marks. The songs are insanely catchy, the hooks are instantly memorable, and Stephan Jenkins’ lyrics are as honest and relatable as ever.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Muse – “Drones” (2015) Album Review

“Drones” is a back-to-basics dystopian concept album that demands to be heard from beginning to end. The riffs are explosive, the songwriting poignant, and the production quality first class. The lads from Devon have never sounded this good before.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Soul Hole Spotlight: Bill Withers!
Just this past Saturday, HBO aired the 2015 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony which was held on April 18th.  There was a good lineup of inductees this year, with only one of them reminding me of why the Hall of Fame is such a bullshit institution. ... Read more
Montage of Heck (2015): How Kurt became Elvis

Is “Montage of Heck” (2015) by director Brett Morgen an unflinching portrait of Kurt Cobain or an unreflected hagiography? Well, the title of this article says it all.

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Weezer – “Everything Will Be Alright In The End” (2014) Album Review

“At its core, ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ is quintessential Weezer, packing tight hooks and delivering self-confessional lyrics. But there is something profound about the writing this time, perhaps because the band members are wiser and more experienced than they were 20 years ago.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Taylor Swift – “1989” (2014) Album Review

“1989” is a remarkably solid beginning of a new chapter for the talented singer-songwriter, consistently delivering the strong melodies and grand choruses that she does so well, while not holding back herself when it comes to expanding her sound and taking her art further than just happy-go-lucky fairytale fantasies.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Chasing Yesterday” (2015) Album Review
Noel Gallagher is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist and primary songwriter for the world-famous Britpop band Oasis. His virtuosic word-smithery, signature guitar riffs, and delicate sense of rhythm and melody played an essential role in reviving global interest in british music back in the mid-1990’s, leaving a thick... Read more
Everclear – Black Is The New Black (2015) Album Review
Many alternative 1990’s bands have come and gone over the years. Most of them have either broken up or faded into obscurity, while only a handful have managed to keep their careers alive beyond the turn of the century. However, there is actually a small brotherhood of musicians still... Read more
Puck’s Inaugural Biennial Top 75 Songs

Welcome back to part two of my very first biennial music countdown, this time focusing on the best songs released over the past two years.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Underrated Movie Scores (+interview w. Valentina Rocket Queen)

What movie scores are underrated? Which movie score composers deserve more attention? This and more will be discussed in our podcast!
And: Interview with model and Metal-fan Valentina Rocket Queen!

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Puck’s Inaugural Biennial Top 75 Albums

Welcome to my very first biennial edition countdown of the best albums released over the past two years.

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Music of the Spheres: Carbon Based Lifeforms
Hello. I’m AsimovLives, a regular contributor to The Supernaughts, and I love Science Fiction. I also have interests in music as well, namely electronic music, a passion I have had since I can remember. And if music and science fiction combine, I’m in for a double treat. In this post,... Read more
Into the Woods (2014) Movie Review
As I see it, there are two kinds of musicals; one driven by story and themes, the other by music and presentation. “Into the Woods” falls under the second umbrella in all the worst ways imaginable. Not since Michael Bay’s latest pile of “Transformers” garbage have I been this... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 4!!!
  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YAY-YUH!  THE SOUL HOLE HAS RETURNED!!!! As promised, here is the fourth installment of my celebration of my favorite musical genre.  Since it’s been a while and we’re continuing things on a new site I’ll catch you up on a few things.  I’m known as a movie... Read more
A Feast of Consequences Is a Banquet For The Senses
Originally published on October 16, 2013 at 11:54 pm (While music is not something normally covered here at talkbacker, I decided to write this for a number of reasons. This special edition contains not only the CD, but a making of DVD, a gorgeous 100 page hardcover book, and... Read more
Shut Up Kids #52: Top 3 Songs in Movies
Airdate: 9-August-2014 In this episode, the guys discuss their favorite uses of songs in movies. In the Best of the Week segment, they chat about the DC movie timeline, Eli Roth’s delayed “Green Inferno,” the name of the new “Terminator” film, and more. Play in new window |... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 3
With this installment of The Soul Hole, we’re going to jam to some love songs and tracks about dirty, filthy sex. SWEET, SWEET LOVIN’ Soul music is known for having some of the greatest love songs ever recorded.  With the abundance of vocal groups in the 60’s, there is... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 2

In part 2 of The Soul Hole we are going to check out some of the Baadassss Women of Soul and some great psychedelic stuff. I hope you get down!

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The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 1
I am a lover of music.  I love nearly something from every genre; it doesn’t matter.  I enjoy hard rock and metal.  Rap and oldies.  Blues and jazz.  Afrobeat and classical.  You get the point.  But there is one style that suits me perfectly.  It is a sound that... Read more
Shut Up Kids #23:  The Crow Soundtrack (20 Years Later)
Airdate: 18-January-2014 In this episode, the guys discuss the direction of Star Wars Episode VII, the cursed Terry Gilliam Don Quixote project, and Oscar nominations in their Best of the Week segment before analyzing The Crow Soundtrack and soundtracks from the 90s in general. Play in new window |... Read more
Shut Up Kids #12: Top 5 Music Videos
Airdate: 1-November-2013 In this episode, the guys go over their favorite music videos. Listen to what they have to say then check out the videos they chose below: “Misadventures of Shitman” – Green Jello “Step Down” – Sick of it All “If I Only Had a Brain” – MC 900-Foot... Read more