The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #3

Round one keeps rolling in the Ultimate Action Throwdown! You decide who moves on to be the Ultimate Action Hero!

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Lupin the Third (2014) – Live action adaptation 101

Remember the Anime/Manga “Lupin III”? Sure you do. But nobody will remember this brand-new live-action adaptation in a few years.

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Shut Up Kids #82: Masters of the Universe (1987) + Chelsea Field interview!

Chelsea Field joins SUK this week to discuss Masters of the Universe, Commando, Solid Gold & much more!

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The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #2

RJD brings the next batch of the Action Hero Throwdown! A massive tournament with the greatest action stars of all time. YOU determine the ultimate action hero and who goes home!

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The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #1

RJD brings the Action Hero Throwdown! A massive tournament with the greatest action stars of all time. YOU determine the ultimate action hero and who goes home!

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Chappie (2015) – Back to the Scrapyard!

I saw Chappie and it could (sadly) be the proof that Neil Blomkamp (“District 9”) is not a name you can trust anymore.

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Shut Up Kids #81: Commando (1985) + David Patrick Kelly interview!

David Patrick Kelly joins SUK this week to discuss Commando, The Warriors, The Crow, Twin Peaks & much more!

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Shut Up Kids #80: Valhalla Rising (2009) + Nicolas Refn interview!

Nicolas Refn joins SUK this week to discuss his film Valhalla Rising!

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Valhalla Rising (2009)

AsimovLives reviews Valhalla Rising! A few days earlier than usual, Asi’s Edge this week focuses on an unlikely Science Fiction film. One that has no technology and takes place in the past.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Zod claims the Kingsman should be discharged in this latest review!

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A Toxic Review of Arena (2011)
Blood, blades, fighting, gouging, naked babes… …uh…what was I talking about? Arena (2011) – Action – USA – Rated R Directed by Jonah Loop Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kellan Lutz, Katia Winter, Johnny Messner, James Remar An action movie that rises above it’s oddly negative reviews which provides perverse... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Death Warrant” – Van Damme vs. Sandman

I_am_Better continues his “Glorious year 1990”-series with a look to Van Damme’s “Death Warrant”

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Man on Fire: John Wick
“People keep asking if I’m back. Yea I’m thinking I’m back “ John Wick was a criminally under watched R rated action film starring Keanu Reeves ( The Matrix, Point Break ). If not for Marvel’s amazing one – two punch of The Winter Solider and Guardians of the... Read more
Shut Up Kids #77: Cold in July (2014) + interview with Jim Mickle!
In this episode, we talk to the director of Cold in July, Jim Mickle! We also talk about other “manly” movies. Here are a few of the questions we asked Jim and his responses. Listen to the whole interview by clicking the play button below and hear if he could shoot... Read more
I saw Kingsman at an advanced screening in Toronto earlier this month, THAT I PAID TO GET INTO UNLIKE SOME BOUGHT-AND-SOLD-WHORES ON OTHER WEBSITES THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, and since this is my first preview-review I shall be relatively spoiler free lest I ruin the experience for the... Read more
“Can You Dig It?!!?”, Part 4: The Driver(1978)
The Detective: “I really like chasing you.” The Driver: “Sounds like you got a problem.” After his directing debut, the Charles Bronson and James Coburn-starring Great Depression-era bare knuckle-fighting epic “Hard Times”(1975), Walter Hill set his sight into a whole different type of story. Taking the films of Jean-Pierre... Read more
How the hell did American Sniper dominate the box office?
A few weeks back, the Shut Up Kids podcast had John Ary on to discuss our Top 3 and Worst 3 films of 2014. Among the mentioned (by John, actually) was Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys abomination. The conversation then turned to how we dislike much of Eastwood’s body of... Read more
Since I’m getting old (turning 37 this year) my mind wanders to the carefree days of my youth before the weight of adulthood and responsibility crushed my spirit. But back in 1995 I was 17 and then lay a world of endless possibilities which was perfectly represented in the... Read more
Trailer Analysis – Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
The time has come to take a deeper look at the latest (and maybe last?) trailer of the highly anticipated follow-up to Marvel Studio’s mega-hit from 2012. I should maybe say in advance that my whole knowledge about Marvel stems from the MCU exclusively. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)... Read more
American Sniper (2014) Movie Review
Clint Eastwood is unquestionably a very gifted director, but let’s not fool ourselves. His past few releases have been less than favourable. Lazy, to be exact. So when it became known that he was taking over for Steven Spielberg as the helmer of this film-adaptation of a best-selling book,... Read more
Fury (2014)
It would seem as long as there are movies, we will never stop seeing stories of World War II- called by many the last “great war.” An event that changed the course of human history and the stories populated throughout will never lose their allure where heroism was not... Read more
Trailer Analysis – Ant-Man teaser (2015)
This is an attempt to analyze the teaser trailer of Marvel Studio’s upcoming release Ant-Man. Maybe I should say in advance that I have no deeper knowledge of the original comics and all I know about the Marvel lore I learned from the movies. Ant-Man (2015) directed by: Peyton... Read more
Shut Up Kids #73: The Warriors (1979) + Interview with James Remar
Hey everyone, We discuss the cult classic film The Warriors. I also did a sit-down interview with actor James Remar about his role as Ajax in the movie. Here is some of the interview for your eyeball pleasure and if you wanted to hear the whole thing (including more talk from James... Read more
Shut Up Kids #72: Die Hard (1988) + Interview with Al Leong
Hey, hey everyone, In this episode, we discuss the action film Die Hard. We also have a cool chat with Al Leong! Al, who played the candy bar-loving thief “Uli.” Al is an actor, stuntman and all around badass. He has been in a ton of great films including Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Big... Read more
Review: “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”(2014)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Director: Peter Jackson Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Guillermo Del Toro Okay, the six-film, 16-year(almost – though he did two other movies in between) workload of Peter Jackson is now finished, as the last part of the Hobbit-trilogy... Read more
Trailer Analysis – Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
This is the first instalment of an upcoming series of articles that is dedicated to the analysis of trailers of upcoming movies. Expect wild, often unfounded speculations and lot of pics! Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) directed by: George Miller starring: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult,... Read more
Shut Up Kids #68: Punisher War Zone (2008) + Interview with Lexi Alexander
WELCOME TO THE SUK MOTHERFUCKERS! Airdate: 30-November-2014 The Shut Up Kids are now part of the Supernaughts collective. To kick off their inaugural show on the site, they talk about the kick-ass action flick Punisher: War Zone and the director of the film, Lexi Alexander, joins them! They chat about... Read more
Dee’s & Mr.Better’s list of Top Femme Fatales
(originally published during “Femme Fatale”-week in Talkbacker on July 25, 2014) Intro (I_am_better): In honor of this week’s theme, the Austrian Detective and I make lists. Because We all LIVE to make... Read more
Can You Dig It?!!?, Part 3: Last Man Standing (1996) – Prohibition Yojimbo
(originally published in Re/Public on October 22, 2014) LAST MAN STANDING John Smith: “It’s a funny thing. No matter how low you sink there’s still a right and wrong. You always end up choosing. You go one way so you can try to live with yourself. You go the... Read more
Can you dig it?!!?, Part 2: “The Warriors” (1979)
(originally published in Re/Public on October 5, 2014) The Warriors – “Come out and play-ay….” In 1965, The novel “The Warriors”, written by Sol Yurick was published. The novel, loosely based on the Anabasis by Xenophon, told the tale of a gang, called Coney Island Dominators, and their desperate... Read more
Can you dig it?!!? Part 1: “Streets of Fire” (1984)
(originally published in Re/Public on September 23, 2014) I started to think about doing an entire new series, with some other unifying theme than just the year the film was released. I had some long late-night ruminations, but here it finally is. I’m gonna do a series on Walter... Read more
“A View to a Kill”(1985)
(originally published as part of “Bond Week” on Talkbacker on June 17, 2014) A View to “A View to a Kill” or: How I Worried about Roger Moore Being Too Old for This Shit and Learned to Love the Walken First, a short synopsis of Ian Fleming’s short story... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Blind Fury” – Rutger Hauer goes Zatoichi
(originally published on Talkbacker on May 23, 2014) Legendary Japanese movie characters are aplenty: Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Hattori Hanzo, Lone Wolf Ogami Itto etc. Then there is Zatoichi. The blind swordsman. Created by novelist Kan Shimozava, the character went on to star in one of the longest running franchises in... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “I Come in Peace aka. Dark Angel”
(originally published on Talkbacker on April 24, 2014) In the turn of the 80/90’s, stunt co-ordinator and 2nd unit director Craig R. Baxley had a nice three-picture run of what I call “Baxley’s bad-ass trilogy”. Three action flicks starring three tough guys, lots of stunts, explosions,  mayhem, wreckage and... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”
“Glorious year 1990” reverts back to the year that was when I got seriously into movies. In this series, I go back to select releases from that specific year and give them the love they reserve. (Released originally on Talkbacker on March 18, 2014) “They call me Ford Fairlane,... Read more
Never Say Never Again (1983) – But learn to say “No”
I started writing this review in July 2014 upon revisiting the film after a long while. The review grew and grew and I decided to lay it down. Why waste time slamming a movie that is unanimously despised by most Bond fans anyway? But six months later I suddenly... Read more
007 things I want to see in an upcoming Bond movie
The history of Bond movies is already spanning over 50 years now and has thus seen several highs and lows since “Dr. No” graced the silver screens around the world. There has been greatness (Goldfinger’s laser, Blofeld’s lair, Moore’s puns) and not-so-greatness (Bond’s gorilla costume, Brosnan’s invisible car, Moore’s... Read more
“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die” – Best Kills and Death Scenes
This article was originally published on the now defunct “” (tb). “ (…) There is beauty… there is ugliness… and there is death.” – Stromberg Since its inception, the foundation of the Bond franchise has been successfully relying on its main pillar that is the unbeatable combination of “Sex and... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1982)
Welcome to a new chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Mercenaries from Hong Kong (Lie mo zhe) (1982) Directed by Jing Wong Mercenaries from Hong Kong is one of the Shaw Bros.’ first forays into modern action movie fare, a movie that should serve as a template of... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Watari, the Ninja Boy (1966)
Welcome to a new chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Watari, the Ninja Boy (Daininjutsu eiga Watari) (1966) Directed by Sadao Funatoko Today I will again tackle a movie about Ninjas. But Watari, the Ninja Boy is quite a different beast than “Ninja Hunter”, or any other ninja... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Ninja Hunter (1987)
This is the newest chapter of my series, which is dedicated to the exploration of the depths of Asian cinema. Ninja Hunter (Ren zhe da jue dou) (1987) directed by Kuo-Ren Wu *Note: This film is best to be enjoyed in the dubbed English version.* Ninjas. Ninjas! It took... Read more
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review
“Edge of Tomorrow” (2014) Directed by Doug Liman Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson The near future: The Earth is at war with aliens, who invaded our planet via a meteor that crashed into the heart of Europe. Soon the old continent is lost, as the... Read more
Shut Up Kids #62: Aliens (1986)
Airdate: 19-October-2014 In this episode and a half, the guys are joined by a legend of the talkbacks, Choppah, as they discuss James Cameron’s Aliens. In the best of the week, they chat about the DC schedule of movies, a female Robin, Marvel’s Civil War, HBO going rogue and much,... Read more
Shut Up Kids #45: Ran (1985)
Airdate: 22-June-2014 In this episode, the guys are joined by D-Vader as they discuss Akira Kurosawa’s Ran. In the Best of the Week segment, they discuss the potential writer of Doctor Strange, news about a Hulk solo-film, and they delay of Jupiter Ascending to February. Play in new... Read more
Shut Up Kids #42: Top 5 Action Sequences
Airdate: 2-June-2014 In this episode, the guys are joined again by Bopnrumble to discuss their Top 5 Favorite Action Sequences in film. In the Best of the Week segment they talk about Josh Brolin as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, the MPAA’s absurd decision to ban a Sin... Read more
Review: The Art of the Steal (2014)
Release Date: 14-Mar-2014 (USA); also VOD Rated: R Length: 90 minutes With: Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon and Jay Baruchel “People are predictable” is a main theme of The Art of the Steal. Sadly, it also represents the plot of this movie. This film adds nothing new to the heist genre... Read more
Shut Up Kids #23:  The Crow Soundtrack (20 Years Later)
Airdate: 18-January-2014 In this episode, the guys discuss the direction of Star Wars Episode VII, the cursed Terry Gilliam Don Quixote project, and Oscar nominations in their Best of the Week segment before analyzing The Crow Soundtrack and soundtracks from the 90s in general. Play in new window |... Read more
Shut Up Kids #16: Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)
Airdate: 29-November-2013 In this episode, Dan, Nick and Ronnie Mac continue to trash “Death Proof” while also singing the praises of Canadian exploitation flick “Hobo With a Shotgun.” Play in new window | Download Read more
Shut Up Kids #15: All Things Tarantino
Airdate: 23-November-2013 In this episode, Dan, Nick and the Colonel discuss Quentin Tarantino’s filmography. What’s wrong with Django’s ending? What makes Death Proof a bad representation of Tarantino’s work? How are his films connected? Since Hitler was killed in Tarantino’s universe, how does that change history? All that and... Read more
Shut Up Kids #13: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)
Airdate: 9-November-2013 In this episode, the guys talk about the new Robocop trailer, the Netflix/Marvel union and Sam Peckinpah’s 1974 cult, action movie “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.” Play in new window | Download Read more
Shut Up Kids #4: Superman III (1983)
Airdate: 7-September-2013 In this episode, the guys discuss the quintessential 80s comedy “Superman III.” Play in new window | Download Read more