Security (2017) Review
There used to be a time in which Antonio Banderas was really cool. Movies like Desperado and Assassins showed that the guy was excellent and a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. Then he suddenly didn’t appear in cool movies, but a lot of crap. I never understood why... Read more
Black Panther teaser trailer
Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Black Panther teaser trailer. Discuss.   Read more
Podcast, stardate fifty three and a half: Da MUMMY
Boyka : Undisputed (2016) review
Certain actors and actresses get their significant role, that they are forever remembered by. Stallone is Rambo and Rocky. Statham is The Transporter and Chev Chelios, Vin Diesel is Dominic Torretto and Riddick, Al Leong is the Asian thug, Riccardo Pizzuti is always that guy that gets beat up... Read more
xXx The Return Of Xander Cage review

Bop answers the burning question if XXX Part tres is any good.

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Dee’s Christmas List #2: A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
This is the second chapter of a short series of articles featuring a personal selection of “alternative” movie and TV- recommendations for the “most wonderful time of the year”. My idea is to eschew the usual works that are brought up during the season every year. The presented selections... Read more
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016): Life is great as a human-animal hybrid
In a summer filled with disappointments, TMNT 2 might not stand out as a gem, but can at least live up to its predecessor, delivering what it promises. Shredder (Brian Tee) is back with a vengeance, after he escaped prison with the help of a teleportation device created by... Read more
Suicide Squad? You mean Suicide Squat.

Bop does not like Suicide Squad. At all.

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Suicide Squad (2016): Chaotic, frustrating… and very watchable

Dee shares his opinion on the third movie entry into the DCEU.

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Jared Leto Mystified by PG-13 Rating, Lost Performance

A think piece about Suicide Squad and its Joker, Jared Leto.

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Indiana Jones 5 – Ford/Spielberg/Lucas/Williams (2019)

Speculations about and hopes for the next Indiana Jones movie.

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Hardcore Henry review

Bop claims that “Hardcore Henry” is the movie of the year so far!

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Movie Night: The Sword And The Sorcerer
Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, like most people who love film; I have a particular fondness for the zeitgeist of imaginative filmmaking that exploded in pop culture at the time. Films still being imitated and revered to this day. But along with that movement, as well as... Read more
JAWS(1975) The Greatest Drinking Blockbuster Ever (PART II)
The first part of this bucket of chopped up bait fish is here. Alcohol has given me a few nights when my memory was about as clear as a politician’s during a debate. That damned, delicious Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey can make you forget what planet you are on.... Read more
Human Lanterns (1982): Not your average Kung Fu- serial killer

Shaw Bros. meets Silence of the Lambs.

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JAWS(1975) The Greatest Drinking Blockbuster Ever.  PART I
  Steven Spielberg’s  Jaws is my favorite movie. I have easily seen it five hundred times, maybe more if you add in the countless late night drunk viewings. It even helped me get laid a few times. As my friend, a reckless Lothario , once told me “Chicks dig... Read more
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016): The Mutants face their worst foe (hint: It’s Bryan Singer)

A review of the latest X-Men movie and some thoughts about the status of the franchise in general.

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IAB’s Shelf: “Black Mass”(2015), “When Worlds Collide”(1951), “Last of the Mohicans”(1992)

Three quick reviews on this week that was kinda compromised by an abundance of watching “Daredevil”.

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Six Reasons why the DC Extended Universe might do just fine

Why Warner Bros. won’t suffer from the current backlash against Batman v Superman.

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Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice
  I remember how excited I was upon learning of DCWB’s upcoming project that will pit their two iconic characters -Batman and Superman, up against one another. Of course the trailers sparked further interests. So now, here we are. In BvS, (or as I would refer to the film... Read more
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is part breathtaking Epic, part beautiful Mess

A bombastic experience that will divide the audience.

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Review – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)

The Netflix-produced sequel to Ang Lee’s 2000 original features more action, less drama.

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The Cutting Floor: Daredevil Director’s Cut (2003)
      Daredevil (2003) 20th Century Fox Director: Mark Steven Johnson The Cutting Floor is a series dedicated to films that had a major or dismal success at the Box office but thanks to the magic of home video, the viewer can experience what important scenes were left... Read more
Puck Hates 2015: The Mediocre, the Awful, and the Disappointing

2015 was probably the worst year for entertainment on record.

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Reynolds & Baccarin Rubbed My Funny-Heart-Bone in the solid “DEADPOOL”

Is “Deadpool” a worthy Valentine’s Day movie? Kenchun says “Yes!”.

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Sneakers (1992)

A retro review of “Sneakers” (1992).

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Reservoir Dogs (1992)

This super-cool film is a classic of independent movie-making and a humongous cult hit into the bargain. It’s also the debut feature film of director Quentin Tarantino.

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The BFG Official Teaser #1 (Trailer Review)

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s “The BFG”! Click the link to see what we thought of it.

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First Trailer for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny”

First trailer for the Netflix production is out.

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Heist (2015) Bland title for a decent B-Movie Actioner
I nearly killed a twelve pack of fancy beers on Thanksgiving. The bastards of the world charged me with depraved indifference. Thanksgiving is a good drinking holiday. In fact, it is in the top three drinking holidays in the USA. It probably is actually number two, right behind the... Read more
The Godfather vs. Goodfellas

Four writers discuss the old question “The Godfather vs. Goodfellas”. Which one of those classic gangster movies held up better?

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Spectre (Reviewish)

How good is “Spectre”? And how relevant is James Bond still?

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Pan (2015) Movie Review: Michael Jackson’s Worst Nightmare

“Joe Wright and his writers have gang-raped this property so hard, it might never be able to walk properly again. If this was my child, I would file for a restraining order immediately!” – Mathias Folsted.

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Can You Dig It?!!?, Part 7: “Extreme Prejudice” (1987)

IAB continues his Walter Hill-series with this very overlooked 1987 film.

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Spectre (2015) Movie Review: Bury Bond

“Imagine a dour version of Die Another Day, and you basically have Spectre. The visuals are so cold and brooding, but the progression of the story is so implausible and cartoonish compared to something like Casino Royale, where at least I can give them credit for sticking to the style they have established. Here it’s just non-stop nonsense.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Breakin’ aka Breakdance: The Movie (1984)
Film producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, owners of Cannon Films, became interested in the art of urban street dance after being inspired by a story from Golan’s daughter about seeing a a group of breakdancers performing at Venice Beach. They took further inspiration for the setting from a documentary titled Breakin’ and Enterin’ and even recruited some... Read more
It’s Hammer time! Twins of Evil (1971) [NSFW]

A Classic British Horror Film involving a pair of twins-one good and the other..Evil!

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Last Drop of Blood: Sword of Doom (1966)

A very dark and nihilistic Samurai movie classic.

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Rink Reviews: A Guide to Hockey on Film – The Mighty Ducks (1992)

If you were a kid in the early 90’s, in Canada especially, The Mighty Ducks was huge. Every kid who liked hockey loved it and kids that weren’t hockey fans quickly changed their tune upon watching it.

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Dirty, Bloody, Scary… “Sicario” Film Review

Denis Villeneuve’s (“Prisoner”) drug cartel thriller starring Emily Blunt is declared as one of the finest cinematic treats of the year.

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Rink Reviews: A Guide to Hockey on Film – Slap Shot (1977)

Slap Shot isn’t just a great film or merely the best hockey movie by default, it’s a truly amazing portrait of the sport and its players at a specific point in hockey’s history.

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The Hitcher (1986): What is driving Rutger Hauer?

How much of the success of “The Hitcher” (1986) is owed to the performance of the Dutch genre movie star?

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Mad Max: Bronze Dreams

An unconventional and humorous look on the post-apocalyptic action classic.

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) Movie Review

“Instead of focusing on the key qualities that made the book so riveting to read, like the character dynamics and the mystery elements, the filmmakers give us a safe-zone treadmill-routine with lots of running, screaming and visually chaotic action sequences that are so incoherent it hurts.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Buzz off, Sam Smith! …who should really sing the next Bond title song ?

Are there better choices than Sam Smith as performer for the James Bond title song?

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Infra-Man aka The Super Inframan (1975) is the hero we deserve and need right now!

A retro review of the maybe best fusion of superheroism, Kung Fu and camp ever put to film.

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IAB’s Shelf: “San Andreas” (2015)

In this “Shelf”-column, IAB takes the Bag of Tropes that’s called “San Andreas” and tears it wide open.

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Attack on Titan (2015): A second opinion.

A second, more favourable review of the hotly anticipated live-action adaptation of “Attack on Titan” (2015).

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Scale your gigantic expectations for the live action-version of Attack on Titan (2015) back to Zero

“Attack on Titan” (2015), the live-action adaptation of the eponymous Manga and Anime, is a middle-sized disappointment.

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The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (2010)
Of all the Luc Besson films I see on popular lists around forums, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec never seems to be on any of them. Either because they genuinely hate it or most likely that they’ve never heard of it. It was released in 2010 and needed... Read more
Movies and Stuff: Point Break (1991) + Peter Illif interview!

In this episode, we talk about the bromantic, action flick Point Break! And we’re joined by the writer of the film, Peter Illif!

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Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) Movie Review

“This is a state-of-the-art showcase of what the human physique is capable of. A four-star Michelin dish cooked perfectly at just the right temperature, with just the right amount of salty self-awareness to keep it from becoming bloated or overly serious.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Ant-Man (2015) Movie Review

“The world doesn’t need to be saved from impending doom, and robots are not raising entire cities up from the ground. This fight is above all personal, which makes the whole thing so much more compelling and nerve-wracking than most other superhero flicks.” – Mathias Folsted.

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The Return of Godzilla aka Godzilla: 1985 – The Bridge Between the Old and New Generations

An in-depth review and comparison of both versions (Japanese and American) of “Godzilla 1985”, the beloved monster’s glorious return to the big screen after a decade of hiatus. Background infos and pics galore!

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Movies and Stuff: The Shadow (1994) + Penelope Ann Miller interview!

In this episode, we talk about the cult comic book film The Shadow! And we’re joined by actress Penelope Ann Miller!

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Can You Dig It?!!?, Part 6: “48 Hrs.” (1982)

In his Best of Walter Hill-series, IAB takes on “48 Hrs.” – a film that started many things

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Heavy Metal 2000 (aka F.A.K.K.²)
Heavy Metal 2000, also known as F.A.K.K.², is a direct-to-video pseudo sequel to the highly popular 1981 big screen film Heavy Metal, which was based on a French pulp adult comic Métal Hurlant (later licensed and released in America as Heavy Metal). The original film was an anthology of... Read more
The Man, The Myth, The Snake: Top 10 Kurt Russell Films
One of my all time beloved actors is Kurt Russell, who has starred in several of my favorite films. My question to you all: What are your favorite Russell films? Below I have listed mine: 10. Dark Blue (2002) Above average Ron Shelton film (Bull Durham, White Men Can’t... Read more
Terminator Genisys (2015) Movie Review

“Despite never reaching the technical heights of Cameron’s two first films, “Terminator Genisys” is nevertheless a pleasant addition to the franchise, delivering plenty of exhilarating action, solid performances, and Arnold at his absolute peak.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Throwback Zone: “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” (1991)

“Terminator 2: Judgement Day” is a tremendous achievement in the field of special effects, and a landmark for the action genre in general. The writing is sharp, the direction is swift, and the characters are grounded and credibly portrayed.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Rubble Kings (2015) Documentary Review
I stumbled onto Rubble Kings a few days ago. Looking it up on IMDb the description was: “Through archival footage Nicholson tells the story of the real Warriors that walked the streets of New York City in the 1970s and the harsh reality of gang life in a city... Read more
Jurassic World (2015) Movie Review

“Jurassic World” is neither as groundbreaking or intensively suspenseful as the movie it pays tribute to, but it still has more than enough spectacle and dinosaur action to make for a perfect summer blockbuster. The CGI is efficient, the score is breathtaking, and despite a few plot holes and expendable story lines, it delivers on the promise of high-scale popcorn entertainment, while even being a little philosophical in the process.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Stuntman Mike

A poem dedicated to one of my favorite movie villains/heroes?

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Headhunters (2011) Crime Pays But Maybe Not Enough
Two things recently have me amazed in a way that isn’t necessarily good. The first is that I find my 43 years of unblemished heterosexuality tested every time I have to see Hillary Clinton on tv, screaming like some witch at a haunted carnival and her thundergunt trying to... Read more
Jurassic World (2015): History (rep)eats itself

Dee reviewed “Jurassic World”(2015). Verdict: Same old, same old.

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Redeemer (2014) Movie Review

If Marko Zaror’s character in Redeemer had a white skull painted on the front of his hoodie, this movie could easily have been marketed as the Chilean version of Punisher.

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Flame and Citron (2008) Mads Mikkelsen and Thure Lindhardt throwdown with Nazis
“Do you remember when they arrived? Do you remember April 9th? I think you do. Everybody does. All of a sudden, they were everywhere.” Ole Christian Madsen’s Flame and Citron opens with newsreel footage of the Nazi Army marching into Denmark. Over black and white images of goose stepping... Read more
Movies and Stuff: Batman Begins (2005) + Mark Boone Junior interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about Batman Begins and are joined by actor Mark Boone Junior!

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The Action Hero Throwdown is over
“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchill The votes have been tallied and with 53% of the vote you have elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as the ultimate action hero. Although, a surprising number of you voted for Pat Buchanan. Read more
Kung Fury: 80’s Throwback that will kick your Backside!

For a very short low budgeted film, Kung Fury delivers with all bells and whistles! The special effects surpass what I have seen from bigger budgeted TV shows and the action sequences outdate anything done by Mikey Bay!

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Stalkbacker: Examining the Exterminator
To celebrate the great Avco Embassy Films of old, here’s a retrospective (i.e. “Stalkback”) of one of my favorites from the film production company’s catalog: The Exterminator. Cult films, also commonly referred to as cult classics, are films that have acquired a cult following. Cult films are known for... Read more
The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown: The Championship
It’s over! The Winners of Round 4:  Clint Eastwood – 91% Arnold Schwarzenegger – 75% The Championship: #2) Clint Eastwood Strengths: Iconic actor and director, Dirty Harry 1, 2, 4, Spaghetti western trilogy, Hang em High, Josey Wales, Heartbreak Ridge, Unforgiven, and so much more. Weaknesses: Soft focus, RNC... Read more
Forbidden Empire (2015) A Russian film that may not entice American audiences
If you have rotten, treacherous children, Oleg Stepchenko’s Forbidden Empire works better as a punishment for them than entertainment. Maybe Memorial Day weekend is not what it used to be. Crazy parties at the Hampton’s or Fire Island have been replaced with taking the rugrats to their soccer games... Read more
Ninja III: The Domination (1984)
Sho Kasugi (Blind Fury) returns for his third outing in Cannon Films’ Enter the Ninja series, Ninja III: The Domination. In this one he’s on the hot pursuit of a mysterious murderous ninja that inhabits the soul of the curvaceous Christie, played by Lucinda Dickey. She’s known to many as Special K from... Read more
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) A Turbo Charged Horror Movie
Wandering the post-apocalyptic wasteland hardens the exterior. Your skin becomes bulletproof. The wind and sand batter your body like nuclear fallout. The harsh sunlight vulcanizes you, making you seem impervious to physical pain. The body parts you’ve pried from the radiator grill of your muscle car makes your humanity... Read more
Movies and Stuff: Highlander (1986) + Russell Mulcahy interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about Highlander and are joined by director Russell Mulcahy!

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Cop Out and the spaced out Kevin Smith

Nothing could have prepared me for just how awful this movie is.

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George Miller & Mad Max Triumphantly Return To Action Cinema – “Mad Max: Fury Road” Review
Director: George Miller Writer(s): George Miller, Nico Lathouris, Brendan McCarthy Cinematography: John Seale Score: Tom “Junkie XL” Holkenborg Runtime: 120 exhilarating minutes Starring: Mad Max Rockatansky, The Imperator Furiosa, King Immortan Joe, War Boy Nux, War Boy Slit, The Splendid Angharad, Toast The Knowing, Capable, The Dag, Cheedo The... Read more
The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown: The Final Four

The final four of the Ultimate Action Hero. Who is going to make it to the finals?

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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Review

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” is a robust chunk of popcorn entertainment, filled to the brink with witty dialogue, three-dimensional characters, and sturdily constructed action sequences to sweep you off your seat.

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Escape from New York (1981)
Growing up in the 80’s, I was always afraid of New York City. The image projected; whether it real or fiction portrayed a town that was always scary, decaying and full of blown out weirdos and freaks this side of a family reunion. A big deal for a kid... Read more
Jupiter Ascending (2015) Movie Review
Let’s not fool ourselves. The Wachowskis have not made a good film since their 1999 science-fiction flick “The Matrix”. They haven’t even made a half-decent one. Now, I won’t dispute their massive taste for ambitiousness, but when vision and execution don’t add up 5 times in a row, I... Read more
Straight from the Bowl: Turd’s Epic Review of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”
Before Avengers: Age of Ultron went into production, geek favorite and creepy middle-aged champion of teenage girls, Joss Whedon, ruffled feathers by smack-talking two other sequels to iconic films – The Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – and expressed the desire to avoid... Read more
The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown: The Elite Eight
The Winners of Round 3:  Harrison Ford – 56% Clint Eastwood – 68% Keanu Reeves – 64% The Rock – 71% Arnold Schwarzenegger – 64% Bruce Willis – 60% Jackie Chan – 73% Tom Cruise – 56% Round 4 Matchups: #1) Harrison Ford Strengths: Shoots first, makes it up... Read more
Just got home from seeing this and although I absolutely LOVED the first two thirds, the final act more or less completely falls apart. What I loved most about Act One was seeing The Avengers acting as a team and wasting Hydra before being mindfucked by the Scarlett Witch.... Read more
Frankie Smales reviews Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Due to the mega success of the first film in 1995, along came the less successful sequel: Mortal Kombat Annihilation. The film was padded with fight scenes almost from the very first frame and only had minor dialogue throughout. It also came with loads of cast changes to characters from the... Read more
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) is a step down for the MCU

Dee reviewed the hotly anticipated followup to “The Avengers”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and he is not as enthusiastic as…some others.

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The French Connection (1971) Old School Crime and Grime in NYC
What’s it mean to be a cop in William Friedkin’s classic, The French Connection? You stand outside drinking tasteless coffee—watching  the bad guys wine and dine in some upscale bistro—with the cold harassing you like a drunk at a hockey game. The squalor you live in would make meth... Read more
Throwback Zone: “Jurassic Park” (1993)

“Under the swift direction of Steven Spielberg, and the meticulously constructed screenplay by David Koepp, “Jurassic Park” succeeds both as straight-up popcorn entertainment and deep-cutting science philosophy. A true cinematic masterpiece in every sense of the word” – Mathias Folsted.

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I never paid much attention to Marvel’s Deadpool until last year. I initially thought that he was one of those annoying comic book characters that geekboys latch on to like Lobo or Spawn who you saw EVERYWHERE back in the 80’s and 90’s. It also didn’t help that smarmy... Read more
The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown The Sweet 16!

You have voted and now we’re down to 16 participants in the Action Hero Throwdown! YOU decide who the Ultimate Action Hero will be!

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Furious 7 (2015) is the “Moonraker” of the franchise

The newest instalment of the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise is everything what you expect from it. It’s the “Moonraker” of the franchise. What that means? Read…

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The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown Round 2!

Round Two of The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown is live! YOU choose who moves on and is crowned the Ultimate Hero!

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The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #6

Round 1 ends! These are the final round one matchups! YOU decide who moves on to round 2!

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Once again, the worlds most famous midget is twatting about trying to assert his masculinity in the fifth movie of this franchise. I absolutely adore the first Mission: Impossible as it was a AAA+ production Directed by Brian DePalma who made it into a smart techno thriller that didn’t focus on people... Read more
The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #5
Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowned the Ultimate Action Hero! The winners of Throwdown #4 are: Christian Bale – 98% Keanu Reeves – 64% Ben Affleck – 65% Tom Hardy – 97% Right click and save a printable bracket here! Commando Vs The Saint A... Read more
LOVE is an elusive concept that can be felt but the word itself can’t even begin to touch upon what it means to you when something or someone touches your soul in a way that you can’t describe. This is how I feel about Kung Fu Hustle, one of... Read more
Shut Up Kids #83: Predator (1987) + Bill Duke interview!

Bill Duke joins the Shut Up Kids this week to talk about Predator!

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The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #4

Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowded the Ultimate Action Hero! The winners of Throwdown #3 are…

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