Alpha Men #2
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StudioHEAD #15

This week, Mr.Head tries to persuade a huge star to join his project.

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Alpha Men #1

Alpha Men is a new webcomic brought to you from the minds of Booger T and Denzel J. Only on the Supernaughts!

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StudioHEAD #14

This week StudioHEAD meets the press, as he introduces his next project.

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StudioHEAD #13

In the new episode, StudioHEAD’s new, dramatic look is revealed to the internet.

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David Ayer reveals the Suicide Squad…in costume!

Check out the look of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and more in the upcoming film.

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Breaking Headlines – The Joker

A special “Breaking Headline” on the Joker reveal.

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Stalk’s Sandbox – The Iceman cometh out: Is now the time to Embrace change?

Stalkeye looks at the recent decision by Marvel to bring the character of Iceman out of the closet.

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StudioHEAD Presents: “Rambunny”

After running out of preparation-time, IAB goes to the well. Or the table drawer.

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Chopping Block: Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

In honor of the upcoming and hotly anticipated sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, Stalkeye would like to dedicate this segment of Chopping Block to one of the best Superhero animated series which lifespan was cut way too short.

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Batman v Superman trailer – Do you bleed? You will.

The official trailer of Batman v Superman trailer in all of it’s HD glory!

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Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 1 Review (2015)

“Marvel’s Daredevil is a work of pure genius, bloody as hell and exceptionally drafted. The writing is clever, intelligent and beyond anything you would ever expect from a show like this, setting itself apart from other of its kind by relying on strong characters instead of derivative plot-devices.” – Mathias Folsted.

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StudioHEAD just messed up with the wrong guy

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By the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier there was still some question as to whether Steve Rogers was still a virgin, as Black Widow commented negatively about his kissing skills but then she’s a Russian slut, like Mila Kunis. However, I have no doubt that Cap got his dick wet... Read more
First pic of Suicide Squad! Kind of…

David Ayer (director of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie) posted a picture of (most of) the cast for the film on his Twitter account.

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I never paid much attention to Marvel’s Deadpool until last year. I initially thought that he was one of those annoying comic book characters that geekboys latch on to like Lobo or Spawn who you saw EVERYWHERE back in the 80’s and 90’s. It also didn’t help that smarmy... Read more

In the new episode of StudioHEAD, things get all artsy.

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Newest episode of “StudioHEAD” deals with the “Oscar-curse”

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I’m sick as fuck but that can’t stop me from getting excited about this movie! Trailer one was a good appetizer. Trailer two seems to kill a lot of the early buzz because of its downbeat tone with little in the way of new footage. Trailer three hits the sweet... Read more

New episode of “StudioHEAD”

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The NEW episode of “StudioHEAD”!!!

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Breaking Headlines: Spider-man joins Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Breaking Headlines: Spider-Man joins MCU!

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StudioHEAD: A Statement
Look, anyone who knows me, knows that I always steer clear of any kind of political statements. But watching the sickening events that took place in France in the past week, and seeing on TV the millions of people marching there right now, this felt the only right thing... Read more
StudioHEAD#5: A StudioHEAD Christmas
StudioHEAD #3
StudioHEAD #2
StudioHEAD #1
Hi. As my first official article here at the Supernaughts, I decided to make a little web comic. My personal little satiric stab at the sometimes controversial studio decisions, that we all love to rip to shreds at our comments sections all the time. This will be the first... Read more
Shut Up Kids #40: Superhero Extravaganza!
Airdate: 18-May-2014 The guys are joined by Dan Grote and Matt Lazorwitz from the Matt Signal as they have a superhero extravaganza! In a superhero-themed Best of the Week, they cover superhero TV shows, movies, and the image of Batman that Zach Snyder leaked. Play in new window... Read more