Escape from New York (1981)
Growing up in the 80’s, I was always afraid of New York City. The image projected; whether it real or fiction portrayed a town that was always scary, decaying and full of blown out weirdos and freaks this side of a family reunion. A big deal for a kid... Read more
Humanoids From the Deep
A 1980 classic from the grind house days of Producer/schlock-master Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, “Humanoids from the Deep,” screams B and this is one B movie that has earned its grimy reputation. I adore it simply because it knows what it is, makes no invention, no pretense; it’s... Read more
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Leonard Nimoy’s passing prompted me to write some long-in-the-kitty reviews for the original cast. His work will never be forgotten and his contribution will be forever recognized. Adios, Sweet Prince! “Star Trek” both literally and allegorically has always been about re-birth, starting anew; one door closes, another opens. Star... Read more
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
“Begun this Clone War has…” -Yoda- “Attack of the Clones” Picking up after the events of Attack of the Clones, the opening salvo of the contrived conflict, the Republic sends its Jedis all over the galaxy to put out the fires of war, all the while, being manipulated by... Read more
Part 2: The Sequels Revenge of the New Nightmares Return
Horror movies are slimed with the stink of terrible sequels, a reputation that has been earned as one success turns into one more gluttonous go at the trough. Halloween, Friday, Nightmare, Texas Chainsaw all tested their fans loyalty, but occasionally, amidst the craven greedy and misguided capitalism, emerges some... Read more
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Zod claims the Kingsman should be discharged in this latest review!

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Fury (2014)
It would seem as long as there are movies, we will never stop seeing stories of World War II- called by many the last “great war.” An event that changed the course of human history and the stories populated throughout will never lose their allure where heroism was not... Read more
Nightcrawler (2014)
Ah yes, here it is, a nifty little thriller quietly playing in theaters right now loaded with the soul of a 1970’s expose film- right down to the rather glum ending- it reminds us of many films of that decade that would take a peek inside an industry and... Read more