Sky & Ollie’s Crappy New Year! (2016)
    Sky: Ello, you sorry sods, this is your pal Sky with ya and on my left side is the always annoying and verbose Ollie. And as you can see “We are still here“….in 2016….at The Supernaughts! Ollie: A site that as Mr. Scott Colbert said, many had... Read more
Farewell, Sweet Princess.
  During the recording of Bop’s first Podcast a few weeks back, he asked me what was the first favorite Movie I liked as a kid. As a Gen-X guy in my mid-forties, I would easily say Star Wars: A New Hope however, as much as I loved the... Read more
This Gamer’s Grab Bag!
    So once again the Holidays have arrived and with it, an assortment of fun games to not only distract one’s mind from real world problems, but help pass the time during the last weeks of the wretched 2016! Note: All of the footage shown below, is based... Read more
Remember, remember that Month of November (1991)
  When polled, most people especially within developed nations would say that December is the most festive Month of the Year (Because it’s fucking Christmas, duh!) but me being the contrarian bastid I’m known and loved for, cites mid-November as the favorite Month of the Year ever since-say, 1991;... Read more
Escape From LA (1996) Now more relevant than ever!
Back during 1996, the Year that gave us Michael Bay’s The Rock and Independence Day, there was this one Movie that I had the biggest anticipation for, and that was the sequel to one of my favorite beloved films, ever! Within August of that year, John Carpenter, Kurt Russell had finally continued... Read more
Days Of Future Present Pt.1 (The calm before the Stormfront!)
Satire! Doesn’t necessarily reflect the stance of all members of this site. Days of Future Present And there came a day, while I was relaxing in the Beach with a six-pack o’ Guinness stout, a sudden tide appeared and had swept me under. Actually, I was drawn into some... Read more
Bag o’ Treats (NSFW)
  I thought I’d Candy wrap the rest of these topics off with a proper sendoff, here are the leftovers based on my recommendations. This piece o’ pieces, is what I would call the “Rough Cut”. Although each section will not be as “fleshed out” as my previous ToTs... Read more
Trick O’ Treats Pt. 4 Movies: Something Old, something Ghoul
    Let’s face it, today’s horror genre as far as modern cinema is concerned is dying off slowly due to shitty remakes, sequels and uninspired concepts which had begun since the noughties. That said, I, the “Black Irish hath discovered a few somewhat recent picks o’ the litter that may... Read more
Tricks O’ Treats Pt. 3 Horror Anime
    Welcome back to Stalks’ Trick O’ Treats. For this segment, Horror Anime is the hot topic. Controversial, artistic and if you ask the wrong person, they would say it’s a dying media. Fortunately, that is not the case since Anime is still thriving thanks to streaming services like... Read more
Captain America: Civil War has thrown down the gauntlet. Accept no challenges!

Stalks reviews Captain America: Civil War

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Superman : Hero or Menace to Society?
“Gentleman, ladies: what if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House, and grab the president right out of the Oval Office. Who would’a stopped him?”-Suicide Squad (2016)   There’s an old proverb; “With great power comes great responsibility “. Now many of... Read more
Lemmy (2010)
I have a confession to make. I was never a fan of Motorhead and although I liked a few songs from their catalog, you would never catch me rocking a Motorhead Tee let alone purchasing a whole album. So sometime after lead singer and Bassist Lemmy Kilmister’s death courtesy of... Read more
Old TV vs. New TV

We live in the “Golden Age of TV”. But is there something we miss from the past? What aspects improved, what became worse?

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Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice
  I remember how excited I was upon learning of DCWB’s upcoming project that will pit their two iconic characters -Batman and Superman, up against one another. Of course the trailers sparked further interests. So now, here we are. In BvS, (or as I would refer to the film... Read more
The Cutting Floor: Daredevil Director’s Cut (2003)
      Daredevil (2003) 20th Century Fox Director: Mark Steven Johnson The Cutting Floor is a series dedicated to films that had a major or dismal success at the Box office but thanks to the magic of home video, the viewer can experience what important scenes were left... Read more
Resident Evil (1996)
      20 Years ago around this time, my life was forever changed. After One Year of owning the first Playstation console, there was this game that not only redefined Survival Horror, but reintroduced the Zombie Sub-genre to the gaming and Movie going public in general. That Game... Read more
Daredevil: Season 2 (Spoiler free review)
Now that the hotly anticipated second season of Netflix’s Daredevil has arrived, everyone has set aside 2-13 hours to watch its premiere on March 18. I was a bit concerned when Season one showrunner, Steven K. Knight (Spartacus) dropped out of the project and in his place were Doug... Read more
The Chopping Block: Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006)
In honor of the upcoming Batman vs Superman film and even  of more importance, March of 2016 marks the tenth anniversary’s unfortunate cancellation of one of the best animated series on television-Justice League Unlimited! JLU served as a continuation of the original Justice League series which debuted in 2002... Read more
Sky & Ollie: The Shammy Awards

This is your boyo Ollie here to raise a pint and give a shout out to Saint Paddy’s Day by honoring my fellow Irish folk not only in film or music but also icons of pop culture!

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Samsung Gear VR: Escape from Reality!
  Ever had one of those days when you just need a break from day to day stress be it an irate boss, traffic jams,  internet tolls, unruly commuters or your spouse significant other has gotten on your last nerve?   Well if you can’t afford to pay for... Read more
Monday Morning Paperback Issue 3: Who is The Black Panther?
  With Black History Month coming to a close, I dedicate this segment of MMP to the first Black Superhero of Comicdom, Tchalla, mostly known as The Black Panther who shall make his cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War! Also of note; July of 2016 will mark the... Read more
Say it loud! The greatest Black characters of Cinema

Stalks, Dee and Bop crown their favourite black movie characters! #BlackHistoryMonth

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Deadpool (2016) Rated-X as in eXcellent?

Stalks says: “Deadpool” is taking no prisoners!

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The Revolution will now be televised! Legendary Black Characters of Television
It’s February and you know what that means. No I’m not talking about some silly commercialized holiday where couples chose that one day to express their love toward one another, I’m talkin bout Black History Month, “sucka”! Now that Black History Month has officially arrived I thought I’d give... Read more
What’s the worst era for Pop Culture and Movies?

What was the time period in pop culture- and movie- history that we deem as the worst? Eight writers want to know. Join the debate!

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Monday Morning Paperback: Deathlok (The Godfather of Cyberpunk!)
“That’s inspired by a great Marvel comic, Deathlok, a guy whose brain and lungs were stuck into a cyborg’s body. See, he was to be used as this ultimate killing machine and something backfired.” -Dave Mustaine of Megadeth who wrote and performed the song PSYCHOTRON.   Today’s MMP recommendation... Read more
Best Videogames of 2015 (IMO!)
With January over and done with, I think it’s a bit long overdue to offer my pick for best games of 2015 and now here we are. These were the titles I invested my money, time and plenty of patience on. So without further “delay”, here it is! These... Read more
Monday Morning Paperback, Issue 1 – Adam Warlock: The Cosmic Messiah
Welcome to my first installment of MMP, a series that focuses on highly recommended comic trade paperbacks, be it print or nowadays, digital. My pick for this segment goes to an absolute favorite of mine- Warlock The Complete collection! Ever wondered where Gamora made her very first appearance? Thanos... Read more
The Supernaughts’ Best and Worst of Movies and TV of 2015!

It is here! The Best and Worst of movies and TV of the last year, selected by various Supernaughts contributors! Feel free to agree and disagree!

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To catch a fallen Blackstar. David Bowie (Blackstar 2016)
        David Bowie has been resurrected many time throughout his music career and despite his very unfortunate demise, he still lives on! And should you doubt his never ending legacy, just give David Bowie’s final album Blackstar a listen and you’ll exactly know why. Blackstar is a... Read more
Farewell, Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie 1947-2016)

Stalkeye’s personal tribute to The Thin White Duke.

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Sky & Ollie : A very (belated) Furry Christmas

A very belated Christmas satire from Ollie and Sky!

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (From My POV)

Stalkeye takes a look at the Good, the Mediocre and the Bad of the new “Star Wars” movie in his spoiler-heavy review.

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Toying around: My suggestions for Toy based live action adaptations!
  I once heard of internet rumors that there might be a film based on the classic toyline- Major Matt Mason, (Written by Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis,)  in development. The synopsis of the Mattel-based toy revolves around Major Matt Mason and fellow astronauts as they fight for survival... Read more
Resident Evil 5: A REtrospective

Stalks REvisits Resident Evil 5 and gives and honest critique of why its very underrated.

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My Favorite Things: Micronauts
Ho, ho, ho and a Yo, Joe! With Christmas approaching fast, I decided to spit out a limited series from now to Dec 25th. I shall shine a spotlight on some of my favorite Toys as a Generation X kid, like many if not most of you. This specific... Read more
Stalkbacker: Star Wars: The Pop Cult of Personality

In this Opinionated Piece, Stalkeye offers his summations of how and why Star Wars became the undisputed king of Pop culture cinema as well as “Force” to be reckoned with when it came to merchandising.

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Xbox 360: 2005-2015  (X marks the spot!)
  After the success of Microsoft’s first video game platform the Xbox, the company that Bill Gates built had decided to one up themselves while competing against the likes of Sony and Nintendo with the successor to their first console. The Xbox 360 was not only 3x as powerful... Read more
Our Favourite Characters from STAR WARS !

Our contributors and guest author Ernest Rister reveal their favourite characters from the “Star Wars”- saga!

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The Godfather vs. Goodfellas

Four writers discuss the old question “The Godfather vs. Goodfellas”. Which one of those classic gangster movies held up better?

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Walking out of Movies!

“Did you ever walk out of a movie?” Four of our writers answer this question.

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Vampyres (1974): Not ready for Hammer time! [NSFW!!]

Stalks delivers a not so encouraging review of what is considered a cult classic to many horror enthusiasts.

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It’s Hammer time! The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973) [NSFW]

Stalks review explains why not all of Hammer’s Films are instant classics and “Satanic Rites of Dracula” is the (un)living proof!

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The Black Cat (1981)

A review of Lucio Fulci’s “The Black Cat” (1981)- from the perspective of a black cat!

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Zombie (1979) Guts, gore and glory!
Back in the late 70’s George A. Romeo’s iconic sequel Dawn of the Dead (1978) premiered to raving reviews along with a huge cult following. In order to capitalize off the success of Romeo’s classic, Italian Horror Director Lucio Fulci created what is known as the unofficial sequel to... Read more
It’s Hammer time! Twins of Evil (1971) [NSFW]

A Classic British Horror Film involving a pair of twins-one good and the other..Evil!

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Osaka Punch: Dead Reckoning! Round 0: (Battle Girl vs JUNK) [NSFW]

NSFW: Battle of the Japanese Zombie movies: “Battle Girl” (1991) vs. “Junk” (2000) – which one will win?

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It’s Hammer Time!  Frankenstein created Woman

A retro review of a Hammer Films classic, which also fits the theme of the “Anti-Bullying-Month” October.

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My Memorable WTF Scenes from The Walking Dead

OMG, most WTF from TWD!

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Happy 68th Birthday, Stephen King: A Supernaughts Tribute

A belated tribute to Stephen King, who turned 68 this Monday. Four Supernaughts columnists write about the impact the “King of Horror” had on them.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Beating a Dead Corpse!
Synopsis: What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in “The Walking Dead”? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question. Welcome to another installment of... Read more
Scene Stealers: Star Wars – The Great New Hope!

Stalkeye takes a look at the key scenes of the very first Star Wars movie!

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The Chopping Block: The Bastard Executioner – Game of (Slit) Throats!
Kurt Sutter is often known as the man who wrote and directed some, if not most, of the best and most memorable episodes of FX’s The Shield (which helped set the standards for adult content regarding non premium cable television shows). And of course, there’s his modern age Hamlet... Read more
Ollie’s Madworld: The Deuce is Loose!

Dead Celebrity Holograms! Racial Profiling! Pokemon Massacre attempt and Deez Nuts! All in the World that’s coming! A Mad, Mad, Madworld!

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PlayStation (1995-2015): The revolution will now be revitalized!

Unless you have been living under a rock, in the sewers, or you’re one of those individuals who was born during the 90’s (goddamn Millennials!), you may have not been aware of the infamous date – September 9, 1995.

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Amazon Prime now includes watching videos offline!
Got an Apple or Android device and an Amazon Prime subscription? If so, boy do I have good news for you! Instead of relying heavily on Wifi or cell data, which can be very expensive depending on your carrier’s plan, you will now be able to watch Amazon Prime movies... Read more
Stalkbacker-Happy Birthday Jack Kirby, the Undisputed King of Comicdom!

The influence of Jack Kirby, genius comic book creator, is bigger than you might think.

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Omac: An Army of One

Honouring Jack Kirby, who would have turned 98 today, Stalks takes a look at one of his more unusual creations.

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Attack on Titan (2015): A second opinion.

A second, more favourable review of the hotly anticipated live-action adaptation of “Attack on Titan” (2015).

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Satoru Iwata: Savior of the Gamerverse!
“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” Satoru Iwata, 1959-2015 I have this love/hate thing for Nintendo. I admire the fact that the Japanese based company not only revived the gaming... Read more
Justice League: Gods and Monsters (Is everything old, new again?)
What does the success of Batman The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Justice League Unlimited have in common? They all can be attributed to the talents and contributions of character designer, animator, and producer Bruce Timm. After a two year hiatus from Warner Brothers Animation (Timm had stepped... Read more
The Sound of Fury: BALZAC – Misfits from Japan!
In this new series I will cover various bands from one of my favorite genres. Some are well-known while others may seem a bit obscure. Along with a retrospective, I’ll be kind enough to throw in some music clips so that you can witness the hard hitting sound and... Read more
My Top Five Cartoon Intros
When I was but a young lad, I had always looked forward to some of my favorite cartoons that ranged from the usual Saturday morning schedule on major networks to series produced for syndication distribution, mostly aired through local stations such as NYC’s WPIX. The first thing that would... Read more
My Favorite Retro Sci Fi/Horror Movie Posters
I love art. Even as a kid I could find appreciation from a painting, sketch, comic book or even merchandise packaging. Shit, I even attended art class during my college days. Which reminds me of all those nekkid women models being paraded about for the sake of sketching! Ah,... Read more
Messages within the Music: Social commentary related Songs!

Stalkeye gives his version of a PSA – through music! Here are his top 5 (er, 6) songs with a message people should pay attention to. And now you know…

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Ollie’s Madworld

WARNING: The Following contains footage that may shock, offend or suspend your disbelief.

Not Safe For Work!

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Sega Saturn: The Little Black Engine That Couldn’t

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 32 Bit platform’s official release, this retrospective covers the highs, lows and low blows of Sega’s potentially great console: The Sega Saturn.

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Kung Fury: 80’s Throwback that will kick your Backside!

For a very short low budgeted film, Kung Fury delivers with all bells and whistles! The special effects surpass what I have seen from bigger budgeted TV shows and the action sequences outdate anything done by Mikey Bay!

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Girl of Steel: Supergirl Pilot Episode Review
Continuing the trend of live action television shows based on their comic book intellectual properties, WBDC, (that’s Warner Brothers and DC comics for the uninitiated) has produced a third entry series following the success from both Arrow and The Flash now comes Supergirl. It’s apparently obvious that this series... Read more
Avco Embassy Pictures: The cult films of personality

Before Cannon pictures and a few other “modest” budgeted studios, there was this little movie company that had huge ambitions. Founded in 1967, Avco Embassy went on to make some memorable hit genre films during the early 80’s.

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Anime Amok: The Devilman Trilogy
Why choose Devilman for this segment? Well, with a concept such as this, it’s quite obvious isn’t it? A boy transformed into a superhero demon to fight other demons reeks of blasphemy, ergo controversial. 2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of the more popular OVA of the Devilman saga; Siren the... Read more
Stalkbacker: Examining the Exterminator
To celebrate the great Avco Embassy Films of old, here’s a retrospective (i.e. “Stalkback”) of one of my favorites from the film production company’s catalog: The Exterminator. Cult films, also commonly referred to as cult classics, are films that have acquired a cult following. Cult films are known for... Read more
Chopping Block – G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1985-1986)
In honor of Memorial Day, your Bruh Stalks here is giving a shout-out to a pop culture icon that was “killed off” too quickly and before its time. Here is yet another retrospective of a show that got the ax. Ergo, I present to you, The Chopping Block. G.I.... Read more
The Storage Solution: How to stream video files from your very own DIY library
Home video has come a long way since the 80’s when VCRs and rental chains like Blockbuster were all the rage. Now fast forward (pun intended) to the age of Wi-Fi where digital movies can be broadcast not only by the means of game consoles, tablets, but even smartphones and... Read more
The Storage Dilemma: Is Physical Media Dead?

Do you remember those days when making a trip to your local Blockbuster video store, just to rent or purchase a new released movie available on DVD? Or how about buying the latest Rap, Pop or Rock Album from a record store? Ah, memories…

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Anime Amok: Elfen Lied

Welcome to yet another installment of Anime Amok in which Stalks here, endures the chaos from watching these insane and very controversial Anime shows and OVAs.

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Anime Amok: Violence Jack – A Real Dystopian Hero

Welcome to yet another chapter of Anime Amok in which I unearth the most controversial Anime OVAs, films and TV series of yesteryear. In this segment, I’m going with Violence Jack.

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Anime Amok: Mad Bull 34 – A Dirtier Harry
Welcome to yet another “episode” of Anime (gone) Amok in which I provide a brief retrospect of the most controversial Anime (Original Video Animations) I have ever seen. My pick of the litter for this segment, is Mad Bull 34 originally based on a Shueisha’s Young Jump Manga. It... Read more
Stalk’s Sandbox – The Iceman cometh out: Is now the time to Embrace change?

Stalkeye looks at the recent decision by Marvel to bring the character of Iceman out of the closet.

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Anime Amok: Angel Cop – Blood, Bullets and Bionics!

Anime Amok: Angel Cop; Blood, Bullets and Bionics! Stalkeye reviews the ultraviolent and offensive anime miniseries from 1989.

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Chopping Block: Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

In honor of the upcoming and hotly anticipated sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, Stalkeye would like to dedicate this segment of Chopping Block to one of the best Superhero animated series which lifespan was cut way too short.

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