Boyhood (2014) Movie Review
Do you know that feeling when you’ve just seen something really special? An experience so profound in its wisdom, so immersive in its art, and so connective in its narrative, that it leaves you speechless and in awe of the passionate effort it took to create such piece of... Read more
The Babadook (2014) Movie Review
2014 has been a great year for both blockbusters, low-budget thrillers, and documentaries of all kinds. But who would’ve expected that a tiny Australian horror film would rank among the most critically acclaimed films of the bunch. Surprising but true, “The Babadook” is the answer to all those who... Read more
American Sniper (2014) Movie Review
Clint Eastwood is unquestionably a very gifted director, but let’s not fool ourselves. His past few releases have been less than favourable. Lazy, to be exact. So when it became known that he was taking over for Steven Spielberg as the helmer of this film-adaptation of a best-selling book,... Read more
Into the Woods (2014) Movie Review
As I see it, there are two kinds of musicals; one driven by story and themes, the other by music and presentation. “Into the Woods” falls under the second umbrella in all the worst ways imaginable. Not since Michael Bay’s latest pile of “Transformers” garbage have I been this... Read more
StudioHEAD: A Statement
Look, anyone who knows me, knows that I always steer clear of any kind of political statements. But watching the sickening events that took place in France in the past week, and seeing on TV the millions of people marching there right now, this felt the only right thing... Read more
Fury (2014)
It would seem as long as there are movies, we will never stop seeing stories of World War II- called by many the last “great war.” An event that changed the course of human history and the stories populated throughout will never lose their allure where heroism was not... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 2, 2015
Mornin’ all, time for another biased look at some of the newsworthy items of the past week – the first whole week of 2015(how many still have problems writing that? I’ll probably remember it somewhere around Midsummer…)   “CRIMSON PEAK” DETAILS   It’s no secret, that Guillermo Del Toro’s... Read more
Why I Love Science Fiction: A Personal Perspective
As far I can remember I have always loved Science Fiction. In the beginning I do not recall one single moment in my life where I was not always aware of the genre and loved it. As far I can tell, it has always been there in my life.... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 4!!!
  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YAY-YUH!  THE SOUL HOLE HAS RETURNED!!!! As promised, here is the fourth installment of my celebration of my favorite musical genre.  Since it’s been a while and we’re continuing things on a new site I’ll catch you up on a few things.  I’m known as a movie... Read more
Trailer Analysis – Ant-Man teaser (2015)
This is an attempt to analyze the teaser trailer of Marvel Studio’s upcoming release Ant-Man. Maybe I should say in advance that I have no deeper knowledge of the original comics and all I know about the Marvel lore I learned from the movies. Ant-Man (2015) directed by: Peyton... Read more
A Toxic Review of Hospital Massacre (1981)
Hospital Massacre (1981*) – USA – Horror – Rated R A.K.A. X-Ray Directed by Boaz Davidson Starring Barbie Benton and nobody else you’ve likely ever hear of. The tagline for this wretched movie should have been “please kill me…kill me now!” A young girl receives a Valentine’s Day card... Read more
DVD/Blu-Ray Releases: 6 – January – 2015
Hey-hey everyone, Happy New Year! Dan here from the SUK. This is the first ever DVD/Blu-Ray release thingy I’m gonna do. Basically, I’ll list the main releases, write some snappy commentary about the release, link up to any reviews/articles on SN about it and you can click on the... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors 4
Hi. A slightly different take on the “Night Terrors”-series this time, as I noticed that I have not yet seen most of the works from director Scott Derrickson, only the 2008 remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, which I actually kinda like(one can easily buy Keanu Reeves... Read more
Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams are at about the same place, professionally, while one has something the other doesn’t. Whedon has several tv shows under his belt and has built a reputation based upon a certain quality. Now, I’m not always fond of his style. His insistence on peppering EVERYTHING... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 1, 2015
Hi there. Hope everybody’s recovered from the New Years. Something of a quieter week in the news front, but there’s some things. Theres always some things…. Also, the title above is the permanent title for this column now, because calling it “week this” and “week that” was a bit–... Read more
StudioHEAD#5: A StudioHEAD Christmas
Nightcrawler (2014)
Ah yes, here it is, a nifty little thriller quietly playing in theaters right now loaded with the soul of a 1970’s expose film- right down to the rather glum ending- it reminds us of many films of that decade that would take a peek inside an industry and... Read more
Christmas week; newsworthy items
Hi there. Gifts opened? Songs sung? Stomach pumping required? Christmas tree on fire? Well, as the crazy of the christmas week is settling down/wearing off, it’s time to again sit back and take a look at some of those most news-worthy entertainment items of the week(these were picked by... Read more
StudioHEAD #3
Week 51 – we lost, they won…
So, what’s there to say about week 51, that hasn’t already been said? Sony pulls the Seth Rogen/James Franco-film “The Interview” before release, because….some hackers told them to…? Because the hackers MAY be North Korean? That just strikes me odd. I guess Sony has no nards. MY only comment... Read more
Review: Little Feet (2014)
Full disclosure here, I contributed to the Kickstarter for Little Feet. Also, the Shut Up Kids had Alex Rockwell on as a guest back in September and he’s a really cool guy. So feel free to consider this review to be completely biased. I won’t be upset with you.... Read more
Review: “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”(2014)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Director: Peter Jackson Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Guillermo Del Toro Okay, the six-film, 16-year(almost – though he did two other movies in between) workload of Peter Jackson is now finished, as the last part of the Hobbit-trilogy... Read more
The Week 50 that was – My 1/2 cents
Okay, the newsworthy items of this week could probably be categorized as “something good, something bad, a bit of both….”. I know it’s a quote from “Guardians of the Galaxy” – gimme a break. That’s the whole point of being a movie geek; spouting well-placed quotes everywhere, and if... Read more
Trailer Analysis – Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
This is the first instalment of an upcoming series of articles that is dedicated to the analysis of trailers of upcoming movies. Expect wild, often unfounded speculations and lot of pics! Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) directed by: George Miller starring: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult,... Read more
StudioHEAD #2
4th of December – Well, that escalated quickly…
It’s probably not a coincidence that soo many different studios decided to unveil their forthcoming stuff on december 4th. We got such an eclectic bunch of reveals in a span of 24 hours that time, that I decided to gather them here under one banner and give my 2... Read more
I Am Better Joins The Supernaughts
StudioHEAD #1
Hi. As my first official article here at the Supernaughts, I decided to make a little web comic. My personal little satiric stab at the sometimes controversial studio decisions, that we all love to rip to shreds at our comments sections all the time. This will be the first... Read more
Dee’s & Mr.Better’s list of Top Femme Fatales
(originally published during “Femme Fatale”-week in Talkbacker on July 25, 2014) Intro (I_am_better): In honor of this week’s theme, the Austrian Detective and I make lists. Because We all LIVE to make... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors, Part III
(originally published in Re/Public on October 31, 2014) Hi there. This third part is void of third title simply because I didn’t have enough time, but still – I made a friday deadline for myself and I keep my word… Wolves and Vampires this time around….sorta. She-Wolf of London(1946)... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors, Part 2
(originally published in Re/Public on October 29, 2014) So, for the second installment of “Night Terrors”, I once again picked three films of varying horror subgenres. This time the picks are a “killer robot”-film, a ghost story and a “man versus scarily intelligent beast”-film. Enjoy! Chopping Mall(1986) Dir: Jim... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors, Part 1
(originally published in Re/Public on October 27, 2014) In the spirit of the Halloween, I decided to dedicate some evenings solely to watch some genre films that were either certain “hidden gems” recommended to me, or are just titles that have evaded my eyes so far. I’ll report my... Read more
Can You Dig It?!!?, Part 3: Last Man Standing (1996) – Prohibition Yojimbo
(originally published in Re/Public on October 22, 2014) LAST MAN STANDING John Smith: “It’s a funny thing. No matter how low you sink there’s still a right and wrong. You always end up choosing. You go one way so you can try to live with yourself. You go the... Read more
Can you dig it?!!?, Part 2: “The Warriors” (1979)
(originally published in Re/Public on October 5, 2014) The Warriors – “Come out and play-ay….” In 1965, The novel “The Warriors”, written by Sol Yurick was published. The novel, loosely based on the Anabasis by Xenophon, told the tale of a gang, called Coney Island Dominators, and their desperate... Read more
Can you dig it?!!? Part 1: “Streets of Fire” (1984)
(originally published in Re/Public on September 23, 2014) I started to think about doing an entire new series, with some other unifying theme than just the year the film was released. I had some long late-night ruminations, but here it finally is. I’m gonna do a series on Walter... Read more
WarGames (1983) – “How about a nice game of chess?”
(originally published during “Retro Scifi”-week on Talkbacker on August 20, 2014) At the time it came out, in the summer of 1983, “WarGames” surely was considered to be science fiction. With it’s outlandish War Rooms and supercomputers and whatnot. Technology has certainly taken giant leaps in the decades after... Read more
“Psycho 2″(1983) – Norman and the 3 psycho women
(originally published during “Femme Fatale”-week on Talkbacker on July 22, 2014) There be MASSIVE spoilers here for BOTH the original “Psycho” and the sequel, so BEWARE!!! As I was surfing the web and ruminating on possible subjects for the “femme fatale”-week, I was listening to Jerry Goldsmith’s score for... Read more
“A View to a Kill”(1985)
(originally published as part of “Bond Week” on Talkbacker on June 17, 2014) A View to “A View to a Kill” or: How I Worried about Roger Moore Being Too Old for This Shit and Learned to Love the Walken First, a short synopsis of Ian Fleming’s short story... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Blind Fury” – Rutger Hauer goes Zatoichi
(originally published on Talkbacker on May 23, 2014) Legendary Japanese movie characters are aplenty: Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Hattori Hanzo, Lone Wolf Ogami Itto etc. Then there is Zatoichi. The blind swordsman. Created by novelist Kan Shimozava, the character went on to star in one of the longest running franchises in... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “I Come in Peace aka. Dark Angel”
(originally published on Talkbacker on April 24, 2014) In the turn of the 80/90’s, stunt co-ordinator and 2nd unit director Craig R. Baxley had a nice three-picture run of what I call “Baxley’s bad-ass trilogy”. Three action flicks starring three tough guys, lots of stunts, explosions,  mayhem, wreckage and... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Tremors” – welcome to perfection
(originally published on Talkbacker on April 8, 2014) You only need to catch a glimpse of the “Jaws”-parodying poster for “Tremors”, and you’ll know exactly what to expect. These filmmakers aren’t about to throw blood and guts or dark stuff at ya. This is strictly tongue-in-cheek; there ARE underground... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Men at Work” – the best garbagemen film ever made
(originally published on Talkbacker on March 28, 2014) James: This is the last year we throw trash. Carl: You said that last year. James: Yeah, but this year I mean it. Carl: You meant it last year. Stewart Copeland’s propulsive, and very recognizable music opens Men at Work. We... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”
“Glorious year 1990” reverts back to the year that was when I got seriously into movies. In this series, I go back to select releases from that specific year and give them the love they reserve. (Released originally on Talkbacker on March 18, 2014) “They call me Ford Fairlane,... Read more
Nightcrawler (2014) will make your skin crawl
Written and directed by: Dan Gilroy Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton Nightcrawler tells the story of a young man called Louis Bloom who gets caught up in the world of nighttime crime journalism in LA. Louis is not an ordinary man and yet at the same... Read more
Never Say Never Again (1983) – But learn to say “No”
I started writing this review in July 2014 upon revisiting the film after a long while. The review grew and grew and I decided to lay it down. Why waste time slamming a movie that is unanimously despised by most Bond fans anyway? But six months later I suddenly... Read more
Dee’s Asian Horror Treasures: Evil Dead Trap (1988)

From the archives: A review of the seminal Japanese shocker “Evil Dead Trap” (1988).

Read more
Dracula Untold (2014) is not bound to become immortal
I kept this review #### SPOILER-FREE#### Dracula Untold (2014) Directed by: Gary Shore Written by: Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless based on characters from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker Starring: Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Charles Dance and others The Plot: Dracula Untold tells (ha!) us the... Read more
David Fincher on autopilot:  A review of Gone Girl (2014)
This is my review of David Fincher’s latest thriller Gone Girl. I kept my review completely spoiler-free, never going beyond the basic plot synopsis, but I am describing the overall qualities and atmosphere of the movie in detail. As I have not read the novel the film is based... Read more
007 things I want to see in an upcoming Bond movie
The history of Bond movies is already spanning over 50 years now and has thus seen several highs and lows since “Dr. No” graced the silver screens around the world. There has been greatness (Goldfinger’s laser, Blofeld’s lair, Moore’s puns) and not-so-greatness (Bond’s gorilla costume, Brosnan’s invisible car, Moore’s... Read more
“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die” – Best Kills and Death Scenes
This article was originally published on the now defunct “” (tb). “ (…) There is beauty… there is ugliness… and there is death.” – Stromberg Since its inception, the foundation of the Bond franchise has been successfully relying on its main pillar that is the unbeatable combination of “Sex and... Read more
This is Part 2 of an article written by Detective Dee and I am Better, celebrating and dissecting the most famous mediocre movies of the last decades. Part 1 can be found here. These are the positions #6- #1 in the countdown for the “Most Mediocre Movie”. IAB’s choice... Read more
This article is co-written by I_am_better who claims “Ron Howard is my hero” and Detective “Jerry Bruckheimer should make more movies” Dee. Introduction by “I Am Better” (IAB) There are great films, there are good films, there are bad films, and the so-bad-it’s-good-films. But the there are the other... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1982)
Welcome to a new chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Mercenaries from Hong Kong (Lie mo zhe) (1982) Directed by Jing Wong Mercenaries from Hong Kong is one of the Shaw Bros.’ first forays into modern action movie fare, a movie that should serve as a template of... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Watari, the Ninja Boy (1966)
Welcome to a new chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Watari, the Ninja Boy (Daininjutsu eiga Watari) (1966) Directed by Sadao Funatoko Today I will again tackle a movie about Ninjas. But Watari, the Ninja Boy is quite a different beast than “Ninja Hunter”, or any other ninja... Read more
Horror on TV: Bates Motel
Part 1: The movie adaptations – Chapter 2 or “How I stopped worrying and started loving the prequel – Part Deux” This article marks the second entry into an irregular series of articles, “Horror on TV”, that was originally planned for the now defunct site “”,that was intended to... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Ninja Hunter (1987)
This is the newest chapter of my series, which is dedicated to the exploration of the depths of Asian cinema. Ninja Hunter (Ren zhe da jue dou) (1987) directed by Kuo-Ren Wu *Note: This film is best to be enjoyed in the dubbed English version.* Ninjas. Ninjas! It took... Read more
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review
“Edge of Tomorrow” (2014) Directed by Doug Liman Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson The near future: The Earth is at war with aliens, who invaded our planet via a meteor that crashed into the heart of Europe. Soon the old continent is lost, as the... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: My Secret Garden (1997)
This is the third chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Take my hand and follow me into the world of Asian cinema. My Secret Cache aka My Secret Garden (Himitsu no hanazono) (1997) directed by Shinobu Yaguchi Today, I will spare you the sleaze. After two consecutive excursions... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Devil Fetus (1983)
Welcome to the second chapter of my series, in which I will take you on a journey through the depths of Asian cinema. Devil Fetus (Mo Tai)  from 1983 directed by Hung-Chuen Lau Devil Fetus is another almost otherworldly weird effort of the Hong Kong horror film industry. It’s... Read more
Horror on TV: Hannibal (2013)
Part 1: The movie adaptations or “How I stopped worrying and started loving the prequel” This article originally marked the beginning of a planned series, “Horror on TV” on the now defunct site “” for which I intended take a closer look at the recent surge of horror series... Read more
Dee celebrates Black History Month: Laurence Fishburne
This article was originally published to celebrate the “Black History Month” of 2013. Laurence Fishburne is one of those actors that mostly relies on his charisma. That doesn’t mean that he is not a good actor, because he is a very good one, but his magnetic presence, supported by... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Sex Beyond The Grave (1984)
This is the start of an irregular series of mine, where I will delve into the depths of Asian cinema, that has so many sights to offer. In the following article, I will introduce you to an example of a sub-subgenre of Hong Kong horror films, the “sexually charged... Read more
In Defense of Dracula: Frank Langella in Dracula ’79
The following article was intended as the start of a series of articles, each of which was to be  written by a different author and devoted to a different actor who played Dracula in a movie. It was originally published on the (now defunct) site “”. “In defense of... Read more
Update: Twink Review, Wade Radford Interview
  For the first time, Wade Radford’s aacclaimed film, Twink (for which he was nominated for a best acting award), will be available in the UK. Not only that, but it will be a special edition, with a limited run of only 500 copies. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.... Read more
Retro Review: The Fourth Man
There are some films that resonate so deeply, that touch such a core part of who the viewer is, they become ingrained and embedded like celluloid DNA. Paul Verhoeven’s The Fourth Man is one such movie for me. With its heady blend of religious mania, unrepentant sexuality, thoughts about... Read more
Do You Remember Your First?
Do you remember your first? Movie, I mean! I do. It was the musical Oliver. I don’t remember much of the movie from then, but I do remember it was at the movie theater outside the South Shore Mall, in Bayshore, NY, I was with my Mom, and it... Read more
Retro Review: Fade To Black
Eric Binford like most of us here, loves the movies. What we don’t do, to my knowledge anyway, is dress as our favorite characters and murder those who have done us wrong. That’s the premise of the 1980 horror film, Fade to Black, starring Dennis Christopher. Fresh from his... Read more
Rare Exports Review: Ho Ho Horror
All the best Christmas tales have a dark layer hidden beneath the layers of snow laden treacle. A Christmas Carol has the three ghosts terrorizing a cranky old man; It’s A Wonderful Life has themes of suicide, losing everything, and depression. You can now add to the list, the... Read more
A Tale of Two Maniacs: Spinell Vs Wood
Originally published on November 18, 2013 at 6:38 pm When Maniac was released back in 1980, I missed it. I was 15 at the time, and no one I knew had any interest in seeing it. Not until I ran across it on HBO (or maybe Showtime I forget... Read more
A Feast of Consequences Is a Banquet For The Senses
Originally published on October 16, 2013 at 11:54 pm (While music is not something normally covered here at talkbacker, I decided to write this for a number of reasons. This special edition contains not only the CD, but a making of DVD, a gorgeous 100 page hardcover book, and... Read more
Eric Red Interview: From Vampires to Werewolves
Originally Published on November 7, 2013 at 5:25 pm Eric Red is reponsible for two of the most iconic horror movies of the ’80s (Near Dark and The Hitcher), a greatly underrated crime thriller (Tate and Cohen), plus a damn good horror flick that flew under the radar (100... Read more
Retro Review: Die! Die! My Darling!
on October 19, 2013 at 7:13 pm While channel surfing late last night, I came across this on the Movies! Channel (an OTA channel run by Fox apparently, as I’ve only seen it mentioned there). A 1965 Hammer release, with the U.K. version titled Fanatic, DDMD, may be a... Read more
Retro Review: The Screaming Skull May Leave You Yawning
Originally published on October 24, 2013 at 6:24 pm Go into any 99 cent store and you’ll invariably find a bin with old black and white movies, horribly drawn biblical cartoons, and a collection of Three Stooges shorts. Look closer and one movie that will be there is the... Read more
Carrie Review: Seeing Red
Originally published on October 18, 2013 at 6:27 pm I had no interest in seeing Carrie, being quite content with the original version from 1976. As the film’s release date kept getting pushed up, my interest in it waned even further, and had it not been for a friend... Read more
A Shot of Jack (Ketchum again) Part II: The Girl Next Door Review
Originally published on October 13, 2013 at 6:56 pm In the first part of this article (which can be read here if you missed it, I talked about Offspring and how the horror and scares were initiated by the bottomless buck of blood and gore. In the Girl... Read more
A Shot of Jack (Ketchum that is) Part I: Offspring Review
Originally published on October 8, 2013 at 2:05 am In 1981 my family moved from Islip Terrace, NY to Phoenix, AZ. Shortly after arriving, I wandered into a bookstore (remember those?) and found one of the few constants in my life, Fangoria magazine. In one issue it reviewed a... Read more
T.M. Wright Interview: “Enjoy the Cash, Hope For the Best”
Originally published on October 4, 2013 at 4:02 am   The following interview originally appeared on the Apex Online website, and though no longer available there, I decided to post it here, as I think it gives valuable insight into the creative process as well as detailing a book... Read more
Of Top Hats And Empty Devils: A Doctor Sleep Review
Originally published on September 27, 2013 at 10:47 pm   (Please note, I will attempt to keep this as spoiler free as possible, referring to plot points that are readily available on the dust jacket. However, if you don’t want to know anything, read the book first and then... Read more
They’ve killed Fritz! They’ve killed Fritz!
Originally published on September 22, 2013 at 11:11 am   When I wrote about American Pop I said it was one of those movies I couldn’t be objective about. Wizards is another. There is plenty wrong with it, but it still manages to capture my imagination, and at times... Read more
The Times They Ain’t A Changin’
Originally published on September 17, 2013 at 6:00 am 1975 saw the release of Jaws, Barry Lyndon, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Dog Day Afternoon. It also saw the release of Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin. Before I talk about COONSKIN, let me... Read more
‘Scuse Me, While I Kiss Bakshi
I’ll say this up front; I love this movie as much as I love pizza. And I freaking love pizza. AMERICAN POP is simply one of those movies I cannot be objective about. I first saw AP on HBO in perpetual showings, and from the first viewing I was... Read more
I’m Scott, And I’m A Jediphobe
Originally published September 12, 2013 at 7:45 am There’s no easy way to admit this, so I’ll just get it out and prepare for the hail of stones headed my way. I’m not a fan of Star Wars. I’ll go a step further and say outside of THE EMPIRE STRIKES... Read more
Still Relevant After All These Years
Originally published September 11, 2013 at 10:54 pm If there was ever a heyday for war movies, particularly, WWII, it was the 1940’s.  While many can now be seen as propaganda (which isn’t a slam by the way, it was Hollywood’s part of the war effort, orchestrated at times by... Read more
A Return to the Overlook
  Originally published September 7, 2013 at 8:18 am With the release of Dr. Sleep, Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, in just a couple of weeks, I thought it was time to go back to the Overlook Hotel, check in, and see how it’s held up for the last... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 3
With this installment of The Soul Hole, we’re going to jam to some love songs and tracks about dirty, filthy sex. SWEET, SWEET LOVIN’ Soul music is known for having some of the greatest love songs ever recorded.  With the abundance of vocal groups in the 60’s, there is... Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 2

In part 2 of The Soul Hole we are going to check out some of the Baadassss Women of Soul and some great psychedelic stuff. I hope you get down!

Read more
The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 1
I am a lover of music.  I love nearly something from every genre; it doesn’t matter.  I enjoy hard rock and metal.  Rap and oldies.  Blues and jazz.  Afrobeat and classical.  You get the point.  But there is one style that suits me perfectly.  It is a sound that... Read more
Review: Nymphomaniac Vol. 2 (2014)
Release Date: 4-Apr-2014 (USA); also VOD Rated: NR Length: 145 minutes With: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, and Shia LaBeouf The problem with Nymphomaniac Vol. 2 isn’t that it tries too hard to be as good as Vol. 1. It doesn’t try hard enough. The film looks and sounds beautiful, with those Von... Read more
Review: Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 (2014)
Release Date: 21-Mar-2014 (USA); also VOD Rated: NR Length: 145 minutes With: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, and Shia LaBeouf There is something downright ridiculous about philosophizing about sex. Tear away all of the stigmas and the baggage, the joy and pleasure, the excitement and apprehension and what you are... Read more
Review: Better Living Through Chemistry (2014)
Release Date: 14-Mar-2014 (USA) Rated: NR Length: 91 minutes With: Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Ray Liotta, Jane Fonda and Michelle Monaghan It’s easy to press a reset button on a video game if the CPU starts beating you badly and you just can’t take it anymore. You get a... Read more
Review: The Art of the Steal (2014)
Release Date: 14-Mar-2014 (USA); also VOD Rated: R Length: 90 minutes With: Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon and Jay Baruchel “People are predictable” is a main theme of The Art of the Steal. Sadly, it also represents the plot of this movie. This film adds nothing new to the heist genre... Read more
Review: Veronica Mars (2014)
Release Date: 14-Mar-2014 (USA) Rated: PG-13 Length: 107 minutes With: Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis and Krysten Ritter Many who hail from a seedy, armpit of a hometown have high hopes of moving on to greener pastures. Others acknowledge the bad but see more of the good and plant... Read more
Review: Adult World (2014)
Release Date: 14-Feb-2014 (USA) Rated: R Length: 97 minutes With: Emma Roberts, Evan Peters and John Cusack Kurt Vonnegut was 47 years old when Slaughterhouse Five was published. He had witnessed the horrors of World War II and used his experiences from the bombings at Dresden to craft a masterful story... Read more