Headlines Extra: “Ash vs. Evil Dead”- trailer kicks unholy ass

“Ash vs. Evil Dead”- trailer is goddamn groovy.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 28, 2015

Star Wars-news, Electra & Aunt May casting, X-men-info, Affleck directorial news, X-Files tease, Twin Peaks possibly coming a year later than expected and more.

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IAB’s Favorite Film Composers Vol.1

For your aural entertainment, IAB takes a rainy day as a que to revisit some of his favorite film composers

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Spinning Headlines – Week 27, 2015

Sequel news, remake news, actors leaving Skull Island, new Michael Crichton adaptation, London falling, Rocky returning(sorta), PT Anderson making a surprise move, and a movie made of “Monopoly”(?!). Step right in and read all about it.

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StudioHEAD #17

In this episode, we see the (d)evolution of the StudioHEAD.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 26, 2015

Human casualties, NBC casualties, X-Files peek, Marvel news & rumors, Double Tom Hardy, Independence Day sequel title, resurfaced Kubrick project, Bourne-sequel casting and more.

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IAB’S Shelf – “Used Cars” (1980)

Digging through his shelf, IAB takes a re-watch of a genuine comedy classic, Robert Zemeckis’ “Used Cars”.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 25, 2015

Various Star Wars-news/rumors, Gambit director, Halloween Returns, Peanuts trailer and more in this weeks Headlines.

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StudioHEAD #16

In this episode, StudioHEAD reacts swiftly to current box-office numbers.

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Breaking Headlines: “Jurassic World” had a pretty good weekend

UPDATED!!!! “Jurassic World” just got all the money in the world.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 24, 2015

Stephen King-adaptations, Next summer’s blockbuster(?) synopses and teaser posters, Terry Gilliam, Marvel news, “Scream” TV-series and more.

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Glorious Year 1990: “Arachnophobia”

This time on the “Glorious Year 1990” – IAB re-watches “Arachnophobia”, and finds more in it than he even realized before.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 23, 2015

Sad remake news, DC news, Marvel news, more Fox TV resurrections, Trailers and whatnot in a new, jam-packed edition of Spinning Headlines.

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StudioHEAD #15

This week, Mr.Head tries to persuade a huge star to join his project.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 22, 2015

Rick Baker retiring, “Kung Fury”, surfing Batman, “IT” hits the fan, “Conan”-news, Point Break trailer and more in this weeks Headlines.

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IAB’S Night Terrors – An Avco 1980 Double Feature: “Prom Night” & “The Fog”
In this special episode of “Night Terrors”, I picked two 1980 titles that were produced/distributed by Avco Embassy; an independent studio that had a hand in several genre titles in the turn of the 70’s/80’s. I won’t go into the entire history of the studio here, as we will... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 21, 2015

Fairies, Zombies, Reacher, Mimi Rogers, Star trek, Scream Queens and Roger Deakins are among the headlines this week.

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StudioHEAD #14

This week StudioHEAD meets the press, as he introduces his next project.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 20, 2015

Hulk ALSO in “CIVIL WAR”? French space opera, Crimson Peak trailer, 28 Months Later?, another True Detective S2 tease, X-Files release date, StudioHEAD’s pick of the week and Spit-take of the week are some of this week’s news bits.

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IAB’S Night Terrors 6

In this episode of “Night Terrors”, IAB takes a look at two films based on the novels by Whitley Strieber: “Wolfen” and “The Hunger”.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 19, 2015

In news this week: Hitmen, Avengers, Indiana Jones, Boba Fett, Clowns, mustaches, Vacations and Dolph Lundgren. Sounds good to me.

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StudioHEAD #13

In the new episode, StudioHEAD’s new, dramatic look is revealed to the internet.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 18, 2015

More X-Files returnees, Hannibal S3 spoilers, Death Notes, Robotech, Spit-takes and Andrew Lesnie RIP on this weeks news-round up

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IAB’s Shelf: “Life of Crime” (2013) & “Joe” (2013)

In this edition of “IAB’S Shelf”, he takes a look at two 2013 movies, both based on books. One is bad, one is good.

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Breaking Headlines – The Joker

A special “Breaking Headline” on the Joker reveal.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 17, 2015

Spider-Man, multiple Robin Hoods, Pointless Break, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Wes Craven and the Left Shark are only some of this weeks news headlines.

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StudioHEAD Presents: “Rambunny”

After running out of preparation-time, IAB goes to the well. Or the table drawer.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 16, 2015

All the news of the week that weren’t the new Star Wars-trailer…. There’s Flash Gordon, Dark Tower, Blade Runner, Michael Mann, Wonder Woman, Ant-Man, Ang Lee and much more.

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StudioHEAD just messed up with the wrong guy

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Spinning Headlines – Week 15, 2015

Twin Peaks, Tron, Joker, Avengers, Blofeld and more on this weeks Spinning headlines

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“Can You Dig It?!!?”, Part 5: The Long Riders (1980)

Continuing his “Best of Walter Hill”-series, IAB tackles the Western “The Long Riders” #walterhill #thelongriders

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Spinning Headlines – Week 14, 2015

There’s something spinning out there….in those woods.

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In the new episode of StudioHEAD, things get all artsy.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 13, 2015

The new Spinning Headlines” is out there.

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IAB’s Night Terrors 5

In the new episode of the “Night Terrors”-series, IAB finishes up the spanish [REC] horror saga, with parts 2-4

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Spinning Headlines – Week 12, 2015

This weeks “Spinning Headlines” just wants your gasoline, you can leave freely

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Newest episode of “StudioHEAD” deals with the “Oscar-curse”

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Spinning Headlines – Week 11, 2015

A Hoff-tastic weekly entertainment news round-up

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IAB’s Shelf: “Gone Girl” & “Nightcrawler”

IAB, late in the game as usual, reviews some of last years’ big films, fresh off the DVD-shelf

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Spinning Headlines – Week 10, 2015

There can be only one Spinning Headlines

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New episode of “StudioHEAD”

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Spinning Headlines – Week 9, 2015

This weeks news serving by the tirelessly snarky IAB

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IAB’s Lazy Monday: “Best Picture? 1976-2014”

After a bout of flu, IAB is slumming it and makes lists. Oscar-related lists.

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Spinning Headlines, Week 8, 2015 – The flu edition

Flu-patient IAB yammers about some news of the week

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The NEW episode of “StudioHEAD”!!!

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Spinning Headlines – Week 7, 2015

The weekly news-roundup from IAB, with proper sarcasm included

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Breaking Headlines: Spider-man joins Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Breaking Headlines: Spider-Man joins MCU!

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Glorious year 1990: “Death Warrant” – Van Damme vs. Sandman

I_am_Better continues his “Glorious year 1990”-series with a look to Van Damme’s “Death Warrant”

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Spinning Headlines – (Shark)Week 6, 2015
Happy friday, everybody. Is that Superbowl-hangover starting to wear off finally? Time to wade through the non-superbowl – or left shark(isn’t it the cutest thing?) – related news. There were of course the superbowl-trailers, but they were already covered by my colleague Detective Dee in his article.   MALICK-RELATED... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 5, 2015
Good morning/day/afternoon/evening, depending what timezone you live in. It’s that time of week again, where we take a look back at some news items, that this author has deemed worthy of mentioning. There’s a lot going on this week, so let’s start cracking… “THE CROW” REBOOT “MUSICAL CHAIRS” CONTINUES... Read more
“Can You Dig It?!!?”, Part 4: The Driver(1978)
The Detective: “I really like chasing you.” The Driver: “Sounds like you got a problem.” After his directing debut, the Charles Bronson and James Coburn-starring Great Depression-era bare knuckle-fighting epic “Hard Times”(1975), Walter Hill set his sight into a whole different type of story. Taking the films of Jean-Pierre... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 4, 2015
X-Files, 24, Hunting man, something of a Raid, Dreamworks and Blobs…..this is our setting for this friday’s episode of “Spinning Headlines”. So let’s get to it: THE TRUTH MIGHT BE BACK HERE I guess the first BIG piece of news this week was the rumblings about Fox wants to... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 3, 2015
A little bit of B.O, a little bit of coffee, Escapes, Tooth fairies, poltergeists that no one cares about, and some award nominations. That’s what this weeks “Spinning Headlines” is made of.   WEEKEND BOX OFFICE TAK3N So, as much as everyone seems to claim that January is a... Read more
StudioHEAD: A Statement
Look, anyone who knows me, knows that I always steer clear of any kind of political statements. But watching the sickening events that took place in France in the past week, and seeing on TV the millions of people marching there right now, this felt the only right thing... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 2, 2015
Mornin’ all, time for another biased look at some of the newsworthy items of the past week – the first whole week of 2015(how many still have problems writing that? I’ll probably remember it somewhere around Midsummer…)   “CRIMSON PEAK” DETAILS   It’s no secret, that Guillermo Del Toro’s... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors 4
Hi. A slightly different take on the “Night Terrors”-series this time, as I noticed that I have not yet seen most of the works from director Scott Derrickson, only the 2008 remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, which I actually kinda like(one can easily buy Keanu Reeves... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 1, 2015
Hi there. Hope everybody’s recovered from the New Years. Something of a quieter week in the news front, but there’s some things. Theres always some things…. Also, the title above is the permanent title for this column now, because calling it “week this” and “week that” was a bit–... Read more
StudioHEAD#5: A StudioHEAD Christmas
Christmas week; newsworthy items
Hi there. Gifts opened? Songs sung? Stomach pumping required? Christmas tree on fire? Well, as the crazy of the christmas week is settling down/wearing off, it’s time to again sit back and take a look at some of those most news-worthy entertainment items of the week(these were picked by... Read more
StudioHEAD #3
Week 51 – we lost, they won…
So, what’s there to say about week 51, that hasn’t already been said? Sony pulls the Seth Rogen/James Franco-film “The Interview” before release, because….some hackers told them to…? Because the hackers MAY be North Korean? That just strikes me odd. I guess Sony has no nards. MY only comment... Read more
Review: “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”(2014)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Director: Peter Jackson Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Guillermo Del Toro Okay, the six-film, 16-year(almost – though he did two other movies in between) workload of Peter Jackson is now finished, as the last part of the Hobbit-trilogy... Read more
The Week 50 that was – My 1/2 cents
Okay, the newsworthy items of this week could probably be categorized as “something good, something bad, a bit of both….”. I know it’s a quote from “Guardians of the Galaxy” – gimme a break. That’s the whole point of being a movie geek; spouting well-placed quotes everywhere, and if... Read more
StudioHEAD #2
4th of December – Well, that escalated quickly…
It’s probably not a coincidence that soo many different studios decided to unveil their forthcoming stuff on december 4th. We got such an eclectic bunch of reveals in a span of 24 hours that time, that I decided to gather them here under one banner and give my 2... Read more
I Am Better Joins The Supernaughts
StudioHEAD #1
Hi. As my first official article here at the Supernaughts, I decided to make a little web comic. My personal little satiric stab at the sometimes controversial studio decisions, that we all love to rip to shreds at our comments sections all the time. This will be the first... Read more
Dee’s & Mr.Better’s list of Top Femme Fatales
(originally published during “Femme Fatale”-week in Talkbacker on July 25, 2014) Intro (I_am_better): In honor of this week’s theme, the Austrian Detective and I make lists. Because We all LIVE to make... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors, Part III
(originally published in Re/Public on October 31, 2014) Hi there. This third part is void of third title simply because I didn’t have enough time, but still – I made a friday deadline for myself and I keep my word… Wolves and Vampires this time around….sorta. She-Wolf of London(1946)... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors, Part 2
(originally published in Re/Public on October 29, 2014) So, for the second installment of “Night Terrors”, I once again picked three films of varying horror subgenres. This time the picks are a “killer robot”-film, a ghost story and a “man versus scarily intelligent beast”-film. Enjoy! Chopping Mall(1986) Dir: Jim... Read more
IAB’s Night Terrors, Part 1
(originally published in Re/Public on October 27, 2014) In the spirit of the Halloween, I decided to dedicate some evenings solely to watch some genre films that were either certain “hidden gems” recommended to me, or are just titles that have evaded my eyes so far. I’ll report my... Read more
Can You Dig It?!!?, Part 3: Last Man Standing (1996) – Prohibition Yojimbo
(originally published in Re/Public on October 22, 2014) LAST MAN STANDING John Smith: “It’s a funny thing. No matter how low you sink there’s still a right and wrong. You always end up choosing. You go one way so you can try to live with yourself. You go the... Read more
Can you dig it?!!?, Part 2: “The Warriors” (1979)
(originally published in Re/Public on October 5, 2014) The Warriors – “Come out and play-ay….” In 1965, The novel “The Warriors”, written by Sol Yurick was published. The novel, loosely based on the Anabasis by Xenophon, told the tale of a gang, called Coney Island Dominators, and their desperate... Read more
Can you dig it?!!? Part 1: “Streets of Fire” (1984)
(originally published in Re/Public on September 23, 2014) I started to think about doing an entire new series, with some other unifying theme than just the year the film was released. I had some long late-night ruminations, but here it finally is. I’m gonna do a series on Walter... Read more
WarGames (1983) – “How about a nice game of chess?”
(originally published during “Retro Scifi”-week on Talkbacker on August 20, 2014) At the time it came out, in the summer of 1983, “WarGames” surely was considered to be science fiction. With it’s outlandish War Rooms and supercomputers and whatnot. Technology has certainly taken giant leaps in the decades after... Read more
“Psycho 2″(1983) – Norman and the 3 psycho women
(originally published during “Femme Fatale”-week on Talkbacker on July 22, 2014) There be MASSIVE spoilers here for BOTH the original “Psycho” and the sequel, so BEWARE!!! As I was surfing the web and ruminating on possible subjects for the “femme fatale”-week, I was listening to Jerry Goldsmith’s score for... Read more
“A View to a Kill”(1985)
(originally published as part of “Bond Week” on Talkbacker on June 17, 2014) A View to “A View to a Kill” or: How I Worried about Roger Moore Being Too Old for This Shit and Learned to Love the Walken First, a short synopsis of Ian Fleming’s short story... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Blind Fury” – Rutger Hauer goes Zatoichi
(originally published on Talkbacker on May 23, 2014) Legendary Japanese movie characters are aplenty: Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Hattori Hanzo, Lone Wolf Ogami Itto etc. Then there is Zatoichi. The blind swordsman. Created by novelist Kan Shimozava, the character went on to star in one of the longest running franchises in... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “I Come in Peace aka. Dark Angel”
(originally published on Talkbacker on April 24, 2014) In the turn of the 80/90’s, stunt co-ordinator and 2nd unit director Craig R. Baxley had a nice three-picture run of what I call “Baxley’s bad-ass trilogy”. Three action flicks starring three tough guys, lots of stunts, explosions,  mayhem, wreckage and... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Tremors” – welcome to perfection
(originally published on Talkbacker on April 8, 2014) You only need to catch a glimpse of the “Jaws”-parodying poster for “Tremors”, and you’ll know exactly what to expect. These filmmakers aren’t about to throw blood and guts or dark stuff at ya. This is strictly tongue-in-cheek; there ARE underground... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “Men at Work” – the best garbagemen film ever made
(originally published on Talkbacker on March 28, 2014) James: This is the last year we throw trash. Carl: You said that last year. James: Yeah, but this year I mean it. Carl: You meant it last year. Stewart Copeland’s propulsive, and very recognizable music opens Men at Work. We... Read more
Glorious year 1990: “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”
“Glorious year 1990” reverts back to the year that was when I got seriously into movies. In this series, I go back to select releases from that specific year and give them the love they reserve. (Released originally on Talkbacker on March 18, 2014) “They call me Ford Fairlane,... Read more
This is Part 2 of an article written by Detective Dee and I am Better, celebrating and dissecting the most famous mediocre movies of the last decades. Part 1 can be found here. These are the positions #6- #1 in the countdown for the “Most Mediocre Movie”. IAB’s choice... Read more
This article is co-written by I_am_better who claims “Ron Howard is my hero” and Detective “Jerry Bruckheimer should make more movies” Dee. Introduction by “I Am Better” (IAB) There are great films, there are good films, there are bad films, and the so-bad-it’s-good-films. But the there are the other... Read more