R.I.P. Sonny Landham
The news reached me that Sonny Landham died. Hollywood is full of pussy lotion boys that are shoved down our throats in roles of tough guys. It is a very disturbing trend. There used to be a time when Hollywood was less pussy lotions boys and more real men.... Read more
Security (2017) Review
There used to be a time in which Antonio Banderas was really cool. Movies like Desperado and Assassins showed that the guy was excellent and a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. Then he suddenly didn’t appear in cool movies, but a lot of crap. I never understood why... Read more
Blood Drive (2017) review
Sometimes tv shows or movies slip past your radar. It can take a while before you catch up. Often it is through recommendation by friends or by tv and movies sites. I was bored out of my mind because all my favorite shows are not running any episodes at... Read more
GLOW The Series (2017) Review
I used to be a big wrestling fan. WWF, WCW and especially ECW. But also GLOW, a.k.a. as the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, entertained me. That show was tacky, but you couldn’t help but watch it, because some of the women were really gorgeous and some of the characters... Read more
The Guardians (2017) review
I have a superhero movie fatique. I really do. When I needed superhero comic movies they were nowhere to be found, but since Hollywood found out that it makes lots of money they sure did their best to ram it down our throats. Now, if they were at least... Read more
R.I.P. Roger Moore
Roger Moore died a few days ago and that is a big bummer. To me he was the ultimate Bond. The way I see it his Bond movies were very colorful and vibrant and it always made me feel like I was on vacation when I watched a Moore... Read more
Netflix’s Iron Fist review
Netflix and me are not always good pals. They started out wonderfully with Daredevil, then dropped the ball with Jessica Jones and then also dropped the ball with Daredevil season 2. Luke Cage I haven’t finished yet and that will need to happen sooner or later. However, after a... Read more
xXx The Return Of Xander Cage review

Bop answers the burning question if XXX Part tres is any good.

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Bop’s Best And Worst Of 2016
Welcome to my review of 2016. Before I continue I have to do 3 special mentions for 3 movies released in 2015 that I didn’t see in 2015, but thoroughly enjoyed and should have been on the list last year. They are: Pixels I am not a fan of... Read more
Suicide Squad? You mean Suicide Squat.

Bop does not like Suicide Squad. At all.

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Hardcore Henry review

Bop claims that “Hardcore Henry” is the movie of the year so far!

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R.I.P. Bud Spencer: An Homage

A tribute to a European movie legend.

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R.I.P. Muhammad Ali
We know the icons. Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali. Of course there are more icons, but when I think of larger than life persons, those 4 come to mind right away. So the big question is, how can you do them justice in an article?... Read more
Bop’s Top 10 German movies

Bop crowns his favourite German movies.

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Bop’s Top 10 Of Dutch Movies

A Dutch crowns the 10 Best Dutch movies.

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Bop’s Top 10 movies from 2000-2015

Bop reveals his Top 10 movies from the time frame of 2000-2015.

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Say it loud! The greatest Black characters of Cinema

Stalks, Dee and Bop crown their favourite black movie characters! #BlackHistoryMonth

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Bop’s Best of 2015

Bop recaps his Best and Worst of TV and movies of 2015.

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Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Review of the 1st episode of Marvel’s and Netflix’ “Jessica Jones” with Krysten Ritter.

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Bop’s Top 10 SNES Games

Bop lists the 10 “Super Nintendo Entertainment System”- games he loved the most.

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Supernatural is Horror

A tribute to the series “Supernatural”, which is now entering its 11th season.

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Braquo TV Show (2009-) Review

Is “Braquo” the French answer to “The Shield” and “The Wire”?

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Retro Review : Bullet In The Face (2012)

An appreciation of a whacky mini-series by “Sledge Hammer!” creator Alan Spencer.

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Classic European Comics
Everyone has read a comic or two in their life. When I grew up there was not much access to American comics. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Hulk were translated, along with the Avengers, X-Men and Defenders. But before I ever got to read Dutch translations of American comics, I had... Read more
Bop’s Top 10 Movie Bad Girls
Everybody loves bad girls, except in their marriages. Bad girls in movies are hard to be found. I think they should be more present in movies. Why? Because it’s about time. In TV there are various bad girls and the actresses playing them do awesome jobs, so why can’t... Read more
Bop’s Top 10 Movie Bad Guys
Top 10s seem to be the fashion these days. People are interested in top 10s of doesn’t matter what. Often it’s click bait, wanting you to click through a whole top 10. I fucking hate that shit. Give it to me all at once or don’t give it to... Read more
Real Girl Power
Note: This article was originally published on the now-defunct Talkbacker.com. It might contain some changes (original idea for a Real Girl Power article was Stalkeye’s). Throughout the years the term girl power has been abused. Lots of women proclaimed to be girl power while they were not. It was... Read more
23 Unforgettable TV characters
Everybody has their favorite TV shows. I sure have mine. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but probably since the 2000s TV shows are kicking movies all over the place and twice on Sunday. The most important reason is that the stories are creative and entertaining and... Read more
Retro TV Review: Keen Eddie (2003)
Note: This was formerly published on the now-defunct Talkbacker.com. It may be edited slightly. Sometimes TV shows appear that are ahead of their time. The public somehow doesn’t know about it or doesn’t connect with it, because the build up is too slow. If the public doesn’t know about it... Read more
Lucifer Pilot (2015) TV Review
I never read the Lucifer comics from DC Vertigo. I was never interested. Part of the reason was that I am not happy with the portrayal of most devils. There have been some good devil portrayals in the past though. Who can forget John Glover as the devil in... Read more
Lucha Underground kicks ass

Lucha Underground started about a year ago with a weekly episode of an hour. I was hooked right away.

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R.I.P. Rowdy One
WWE wrestling is in a rut nowadays. If it hadn’t been for CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Sasha Banks I would have quit on WWE. However, there was a time that WWE wrestling used to be cool. That was when it was still called WWF and it was in... Read more
Retro Review: Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)

A retro review of the Italian comedy “Il Bibetico Domato” (1980) with Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti, that is vaguely inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”.

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Human Target Deserved Better
Note: This article was originally published on Talkbacker. We all know Fox. You know, that TV station that has a bunch of imbeciles in charge, who seem to take big pleasure in axing TV shows with a lot of potential. They axed wonderful shows like Profit, Keen Eddie, Brimstone,... Read more
Rubble Kings (2015) Documentary Review
I stumbled onto Rubble Kings a few days ago. Looking it up on IMDb the description was: “Through archival footage Nicholson tells the story of the real Warriors that walked the streets of New York City in the 1970s and the harsh reality of gang life in a city... Read more
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014) Review

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is a movie about Bad City, a fictional city in Iran. Bad City is a strange place and life is not easy there, but there is a vampire woman roaming the streets at night, who seems to make things better sometimes.

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